Liar Boyfriend

I have been dating a man, who has been my best friend for a while, for about 5 months. Before we started dating we were closer than I ever thought I could be with someone. For the first several weeks we dated, it got even better! I'm only 18, and I've dated several people but nothing like this... he's not my first love but I could definetely spend a long time with him. He's funny, awesomely nerdy, quirky, and usually works very hard to please me. Lately though, I've been discovering that he's been lying to me for a very long time. I keep finding out about things he's either done or is doing and I've never heard about them until a month or so later. He hangs out with other chicks late at night and doesn't tell me about it. I cant tell if he's cheating or not, becuase its usually good mutual friends of ours. He's lied to me about his whereabouts when all i wanted to know was if I could come say hey at his workplace several times. He once told me he took a day off of work to spend time with me when in actuality he was hung over.
I don't know what to do anymore. I love him to death but I can't trust anything he says or does.
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2 Responses Sep 30, 2010

I agree with Whiteangle - although it can't be proven, there is something suspect about the situation. You might want to call him out on it - plus, why isn't he spending those nights with you?!

Its hard to say if he is cheating,but i do suspect some thing isnt right,my ex couldnt tell the truth to save his life,but relationships are ba<x>sed on trust,if you dont have that i think you have nothing,maybe you should think about whats right for you and do you really want a man like this in your life.hugs