Liars Are The Worst

If you can't be honest with someone whats the point in carrying on any kind of relationship with them, whether it be friendship,marital,family,ect. I would rather hear the honest ugly truth then a sugar coated lie.I've been lied to so many times it's not even funny.I can't stand when people are fake & pretend to be good honest people.Being a good is not hard.I hate that people make up so many excuses when they could just tell the truth.I just can't stand liars.
zar13 zar13
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 24, 2012

Me too! My partner of 24 years lies about absolutely everything but has recently started to trip him self up but then tries to cover up with another lie. I have questioned my sanity over the years and my levels of mistrust and how I am probably being over suspicious. The truth however ugly it is, is easier to get over. But you cant move on from lies.