Nisska Comb, Baking Soda And Pantene.

My daughter has had lice on and off since she started attending school. I have tried everything from Rid to Kerosene. Nothing is a quick cure. I finally found that it takes about a week or two of work. The very very best comb to get is called Nisska it is German made and you have to order it online. Once you have the comb you want to get some Pantene and mix it with baking soda I would say about 80% Pantene and 20% baking soda. The Pantene because it is white will make the lice stand out and the baking soda stuns them. The conditioner softens the nits so they come out easy. You will need a normal comb some hair clips and some paper towels. Drench the hair with the mixture. You will want to part the hair into small even sections and pin the rest back. This is a very tedious process especially if long or thick hair is involved or both, But it is the only way to insure that you get everything. Nothing kills eggs! You have to comb them out. After you are done with the initial combing you will need to repeat this process every other day for the next week or two. It works 100% but you need to keep on it. Back in the 70's and 80's when people used to use lice medication it worked to kill everything, but lice have evolved and have become stronger. So putting chemicals in your kids or your hair is useless and potentially dangerous.
Good Luck!
Licehater Licehater
Oct 1, 2010