I hate when people lie and are not faithful, I find it disgusting. The thing is that these people don't realise how much they make others suffer. When we are facing such people, we realise that they are not saying the truth and not being faithful to us. I think these people are cowards. I prefer saying the truth even though it hurts
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Interesting. I do understand what you are saying ... although, I think often, the TRUTH hurts unnecessarily and one who is unfaithful may not always be the one in total fault.

Not aware or too selfish to care, either way you're right. :)

I agree. It takes a similar strong person to be emotionally open and trusting. Those who are not, are insecure and weak.

What is the using of telling lies. Eventually it does not serve any purpose. I agree with you that it is a Cowardice work

It's all in the karma. Give lies and receive lies.

never waste your beautiful moment of life by doing normal things...snd find something to entertain yourself. ..you msy have 100 reasons to cry but make 1000 reasons to smile...

Most of all liars, cheaters and fake people always think that others are like them!