A Life Threatening Situation To You Or A Family Member...

I, like many others, hate life threatening situations. On the 2nd day that school was re-opened two years ago, my 14 year old brother met into a terrible accident. He was a passenger, along with five other kids and the driver. One kid was brutally damaged, and is crippled for life. Others got minor injuries and a couple broken bones. My brother was unconscious on the spot, and the first call we got was that he died. He however revived later on at the hospital.

We were told that he would loose both of his legs because they were both badly broken. To really see the reactions of such a tragedy, u would have to be there. He is a strong boy, and to really see him crying like a baby would tear any human heart. I cried my heart out. His face was swollen, he had cuts all over and he was in a state of shock. My family was torn by this mishap. And what really made us mad was that it was the driver's fault because of his carelessness, and nothing happened to him, nor did he pay anyone a dime! Until this day, we got nothing from him in court.

But I am here today to let u all know that miracles do happen. My brother is alive and well today. He never had to loose any of his legs, like the doctors said. His legs are in great health now, and if u saw him u would never guess he was in an accident. (Apart from his now bowed shaped legs which he never had before the accident.) Its amazing how time flies because it still feel as if it happened just last year. It took months for his recovery, and I must give thanks to God. I'm just glad he didnt die.

Let my story be an inspiration to all those who think that there is no god, and that miracles can't happen. All u have to do sometimes is to believe...and have faith. Thanks for reading. 
ordinarygirl18 ordinarygirl18
18-21, F
Aug 13, 2010