The moment we are born we are destined to die. Each and everything any human ever has or ever will do never has and never will matter. All will have an end the moment it begins. If one looks at life as simply meaningless, then perhaps they will realize that all that truly matters is the people that exist alongside you. Perhaps if every individual realized how insignificant he/she is then they would see that it is not yourself that matters, but everyone else. I hate life because of people. People destroy each other, causing a ripple effect hurting many. It disgusts me how something so insignificant can cause such significant damage... Hate yourself. Love others.
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Your post makes no ******* sense, die please.

I will share my thoughts and opinions. In life there are positive and negative experiences, might not like all the lessons but we learn from them all------that is how we gain our wisdom and truth. Life is to short to hate, so don't hate life----just as life is to live, not fear living it. Yes, in life you will posses things but even your most important and most valuable ob<x>ject will be left behind---you will only take your truth. So, do not use or abuse yourself or anyone else, mentally or physically. Respect your mind, body, and soul and the mind, body, and soul of those you know or will know in the future. Do not deceive yourself or anyone. Appreciate yourself and everyone you know dead or living and thank them for letting you share the life experience with them. Apologize for making this a bit long, will end it with this. Google in Fatima the movie and watch it or the clips, true story. ENJOY My Friend