Going Into Poetic Shock

should i ask for help?
i'm going into poetic shock,
the feeling where i cant stop
writing, I cant stop hurting inside,

lying to others of the truth, "yes,
i'm 'fine" when you can clearly see,
that i am still the same damn ball
of hell and misery, what do i do?

I dont know where to go, or
who to talk to. i don't know where to go
with my life speaking in the sense of
creativity and occupying activities. I dont know

what to tell the other ear, or how to explain
the distant timeline of fear. help me. please?
i want to write. as i am now. but not of the
hell and dismay, instead teach me of the right way.

please stay, dont go, leaving me
low and drenched in sorrow and misery.
please? i just want a hand of a friend.
that someone who loves me though

the hell and F-you times, when:
i'm lost at a cost to lose sleep over a smile. please?
help keep me from going into a poetic shock
silentmisery silentmisery
18-21, F
2 Responses May 22, 2012

it's all in the magic of misery,<br />
<br />
you say you're fine<br />
but you cant walk the line<br />
spare a dime? or a penny?<br />
smile at me. love, is living skinny

I think i know what your going through.<br />
i have been married for nine years now and feel totally alone.<br />
she is a wonderful person.kind,loving and caring.<br />
i'm not very good and putting my feelings in word.<br />
i wish i had your gift of words.<br />
i get so down i cant function.<br />
as you i wish i had someone to reach out to.<br />
my lips tell others i'm fine but my insides hurts.<br />
why cant they see this?<br />
my heart goes out to you silentmisery. <br />
i wish i had some magic words i could say to help<br />
you but all i can say is hang in there.