Hate Life

 I ahte my life soo much it absolutly sucks and no one cares An=bout me sometimes i would like to kill myself like today but sont have the guts to do it soo i wish someone would just come and shoot me in the head like this i die quickly wit no pain but go away from life .what i hate about my life is how i nver have guys intrested in me and i trie soooooooooooooooooooooooooo har and how i see those girls with all this boys or girls with great relentionships and i just wishi had that god if ur there pleeeassse can i have a boyfriend someoneone who takes my worries away and make me laugh and id handsome but the thing is u dnt exist  and ur just  a **** fake guy and i hat u god cuss u never make wishes come true no matter what i do u just dnt make my wishes come true so **** u god

godsucks972 godsucks972
May 23, 2012