And I Probably Hate You Too.

I don't know where to begin. Cripple drivers, or just plain dumbasses. Okay, cripple drivers. Do at least the speed limit, preferably four over. Your foot ain't crippled, and if it is, you shouldn't be driving. You slow me down. Maybe you don't have anything going on in your life. I do. Don't put me at your level. I have people to be, and things to do. Just pull over. I'm sick of waiting to pass your ***. No sympathy. Learn how to drive. ZNote: I have pulled over because my car is a shitbox, and given peope a free pass.

And as for dumbasses, let me speak the ways. You could be a dumb cripple Z( Already spoken for) Please don't get in my way at the grocery store. That really ****** me off. You all act like you got special priveledges or something. You got ****, and I'll fight you for it. I am able-bodied, and I pay my taxes. ******' step. I m sick of three-hundred plus ******* clogging up my grocery aisles. Not like I'm ever, and I repeat, ever, in the Chip Aisle. I generally buy produce, dairy, and canned. And I'm very picky about my produce, i.e. fresh veggies.

But, also, I'll ***** about people who park in front of my gasoline pumps, then go serially buy lottery tickets. Or scratch-offs. Look, ******, you bought it, go scratch it off somewhere else. Three feet away. Just somewhere else. I want to pay for my gas, and go to work. You're being unemployed isn't my fault. Let me go please. This is the fourth  round you have bought, that I've seen. I owe money, set me free.

I also hate women. Try as I might, I can't get laid. And, before you comment, no, I do not do children. And I believe children are sacred, and every effort ought to be to educate, and enlighten. I don't know the educational system these days, but if it sucks, like it sucked then, then, so what.

Okay, women. They don't like me. I'm dirt. Better than I ever hoped. I'm a loser. Better than I ever dreamed. Sort of. I get paid what I choose, Money only buys things. I upped my pay, because I learned a specialized skill. Women don't care. They hate me anyway. Until they get to know me. But they never do. Life is fun, I think.

Socklord Socklord
31-35, M
1 Response Mar 15, 2009

Dude it sucks worse than Brian getting past 2nd base on Family Guy or Cleveland Brown staying alive after revenge-seeking elderly ladies beat him senseless with umbrellas and rolling-pins