Anarchy Without Reason, Chaos Without Restraint

First off I would like to say I don't actually mind Limp Bizkit's music. They wrote some pretty good tunes. And I ain't gonna bag the whole Jessica Michalik death (which you can't blame them for). And this is just my take on them,

The reason I hate Limp Bizkit is what they stood for. They came out of the whole punk, grunge, new age punk scene, labelled as a "Nu Metal" band. But Limp Bizkit didn't stand for any of the things they should have. They stood for "anarchy without reason", and "chaos without restraint", which was just asking for trouble.

And I know, it is my punk and grunge soul speaking here, but anarchy is ok when there is emotion fueling it (not mindless destruction), chaos is ok when there is feelings behind it. Limp Bizkit stood for the ethics which cause too many problems in the world, and ones which in the end I think they never really wanted.

TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
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Amen! I like your style, and you deff know good music.