Swat A Litterbug!!! (program)

I despise thieves, liars, and LITTERBUGS. Litterbugs are consistently lazy. I can not understand how someone can carry bottles, food items and containers on a hiking trail, yet leave them behind on the way out. Avid (knowledgeable and appreciate people of the outdoors) know the rule: You carry it in, you carry it out! There are some I know that "claim" to love the outdoors, yet feel free to destroy it by littering. How hypocritical! It's appalling! How would the world look if everyone was as lazy as them? And don't even mention those who throw trash out of cars - I've seen them throw entire food trays. My defense? The SWAT A LITTERBUG program that is sponsored in my state. (North Carolina). Whenever I witness a litterbug, I fill out a Swat-A-Litterbug postcard that includes the person's license plate number, date, and other info. This information is then forwarded to the NCGOV who locates the person's physical address, and sends them information on how throwing trash out is illegal. (I wish it was more of a threat in the event the person is a chronic litterbug).

In any event, many states have the "Swat a Litterbug" program, or something similiar. If you would like "Swat a Litterbug" postcards to have with you in your car (in North Carolina), you can call 1-800-331-5864.
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May 21, 2012