Not long ago, Charlie joined me at a bus stop.  I'd call him an acquaintance, a nice person but not really a friend.  We made small talk as we waited, and he sipped a Pepsi.

When the bus came into view, Charlie bent over and set the Pepsi can on the ground.  It was clear from his actions that he intended to leave it there.

I looked at the can.  I looked at Charlie.  I looked around for handy trash cans.  I looked at the rapidly approaching bus.

"Hey, Charlie," I said, "if you pass me your can I'll put it in the trash bag on the bus."

"Oh, I'd forgot all about that bag!"  Charlie stooped down, grabbed the can, and dumped the last drops of Pepsi into the grass.

We boarded the bus, and Charlie did, indeed, toss the can into the trash bag.

Would I have been happier if the can had been recycled?  Yes.  But at least I kept one piece of litter off of our streets...while gently reminding Charlie that there are better places to park rubbish than under bus stop benches.
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
Jun 18, 2012