I Just.... Dont Like Them. Especially My Boyfriend's...

So, my boyfriend moved in with me.... and so did his Pikipom (Peekipom? Peekapom? Pekapom? I hate those stupid cross breed names.) and his cat. I already had two cats of my own, which I love dearly. His cat? Adorable. Great personality, loving, doesnt get into too much trouble, you know- a good addition to the family. Now his dog, thats a different story. By definition, he freaking cute as hell for a Pikipom. I dont personally think hes cute at all with his stupid-looking underbite, smooshed nose, and his poofy hair all over the place. Besides all of that, hes not a dog to me- hes just something to clean up after, feed, and just keep around. 

I get absolutely NO joy out of playing fetch with him, having him in my lap, seeing him play, nothing. I have no idea why. Ive never really liked small dogs at all and this just pretty much makes it very clear that I really hate them.

Give me a german shephard, a collie, a husky... something i can wrap my arms around... I still cry sometimes thinking of the husky I had when i was growing up because I miss her so much. But this dog?  I could care less about it...


I feel like I need help. My boyfriend doesnt know I hate his dog so much- because frankly I dont really have many reasons to. Its totally not justified. He doesnt yap or mess in the house, and my boyfriend doesnt love it more than he loves me. In fact he treats the dog how I would want him to treat a dog. I just.. dont like it. I do have to clean up his crate fairly often and it really ****** me off to do it, but outside of that I actually just try to avoid the dog as much as possible.


So if any of you fellow little-dog-haters (sounds awful) have any advice, I would gladly take it.



nagamacella nagamacella
22-25, F
Feb 26, 2009