Why I'm Here ... Part 2

The sheer rush of good emotions that befell me while looking upon Jack for the first time FAR outweighted any negative.  I felt at ease, at peace, when his arms wrapped around me for the first time.  Is this what feeling comfortable feels like?  I could so get used to this ...

Funny part ... we were staying at his Parent's house for the week.  And yes, his Parent's were home.  Not only am I meeting him for the first time face to face, I'm stuck meeting the Parent's too.  More emotions.  (I'm going to get this out of the way now ... I wasn't looking forward to meeting his Mom and Dad.  My In-Laws left a bad taste in my mouth, and I thought they were ALL like that out of sheer niavatity.)

I fell in love with his family!  So sweet, so generious, so caring, and loving!  His Mom reminded me alot of my own Mother.  They welcomed me into their home as one of their own.  Again, something else I hadn't expierenced. 

A full week of bliss!  Finding a connection with a man on all levels ... physically AND emotionally.  Sex, for lack of any other way to describe it, was spiritual!  Amazing!  This is what love feels like??  Oh. My. Gawd!  I felt as if I was stagnate water left in a pitcher for far too long, only to be poured out into his seemingly endless sea.  I came alive! .... really ALIVE!  And I loved it.  Every second of it!

Returning home was the worst pain I'd ever felt.  Every mile away from him felt like apart of myself was being ripped away.  The thread of my heart was unravelling along that very lonely stretch of road that seperated us.  I was returning to end a chapter of my life.  I had already written the next chapter without actually ending the other.  And during the drive home I was planning the next few sets of chapters.  Was this a good idea to start planning this soon?  "Time will tell ...... "

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1 Response May 2, 2007

I love this series you are telling! Very interresting, and great writing! Keep talking to us! We LIKE Jack and His Family!!