I Hate Living At Home

i love my family to death but to be HONEST i just hate living at home! My family
always acuse me of lying about everything. i wish i could be treated like a young adult
like i am. my sister is such an instigator and she act like she's my mom. she always questioning me
and is the main one who's always accusing me, && i absolutely hate it. most sisters are cool with thier sister and
has a tight bond and is able to tell secrets to eachother but she's not a cool sister at all, && i love her to death
but i really wish she was a cool down to earth nice sister like other sisters in the world.she s always stirring
up a problem and she always turns nothing into somethin! i love my brother but i hate him in a lovely way,
he just think hes bad and better than other people and thinks he can beat EVERYBODY! just a little too confident,
weve never really got along with eachother bc he has a  terrible attitude problem and hes not a cool brother just like my sister. i dont do anything to anybody...im as nice as they come && im a down to earth type person, im easy to get along with and have a great since of humor...i dont
understand why thier this way to me and i just hate staying at home with them...i guess its just because im the youngest...but it isnt fair...i hate staying at home...ever since my father died its like my life has just been pure hell..my step dads a n alcoholic and smokes cigaretts like thier vitamins, my mom suffers from depression and recently loss her job for different reasons...i recieve ss checks for my dads death.
i wish i could just leave and live off the checks but my mom seriously needs extra help with bills...i just absolutely hate living at home...i really dont have anyone to express my feelings to but the netwrk...it kinda helps, but just for the time being and also knowing that i may not be the only one
in this type of situation.....&& FOR THE RECORD....I HATE LIVING AT HOME...although theres no place like home..!!!
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

story of my life...expect that I don't care about contrubiting to the household..i'm a leave..

that's y i joined the network too