I Hate Living In My Group Home

hi i live in a group home for disability's people and it sucks... well for today i asked to take my tablets withe me and my carers said no so i went without them. the carers know i staying at a friends place tonight. it bloody sucks living there... plus they said my pension money goes in commaweth but it doesent i checked with commaweth and they have no record of my pesion money going they. my carers a ******* bis lies. it **** me off. and i find out they put my pension in they account.

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Medicare won't pay for diapers, but Medicaid ( a State program) will, usually.

Oh, tablets are meds. Have you asked the other 2 people who wear how they got the carers to provide them, maybe it just requires paperwork?

tablets i live on and no they don't help withe the diapers at all and i have to buy them. and that sux too why there are 2 more peploe that wears them and the carrees buy theres diapers and not more.. you welcome anytime. thanks for the comment.

What kind of tablets did you want to take? I don't understand. <br />
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It sounds like they do let you spend time away from the facilities some days at least, that's good.<br />
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Do they help you with the diaper changes? Or is it all up to you? Do they provide diapers for you or do you have to buy them yourself? If they provide them, are they the cheapest diapers they can find or are they good quality? Are they a name brand I might know? Do you have a private room to change in? lol, sorry so many questions ...<br />
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Thanks for "friending" me by the way.

no the staff are arse holes