Mummy I miss you so much I cant forget your face when I was mourning over your dead body and tears were not droppping but I was mourning.i wish I could find that lap where I could drop my tears.i know now why I couldnt cry cuz I knew that only person who cared is gone .you are gone I needed you I hate this life more was me who wanted to die but you left before me ......I hate you life I dont want to live you but am so helpless .helpless I am so helpless .....
jeeney jeeney
31-35, F
2 Responses Sep 1, 2014

Living is hard to do but dying is easy

I wish words could help you now. I wish you peace. Your mummy will always be with you.

Nothing is helping me I am drowning n its so hard to go on when I have a kid to look doesnt make sense to me to strive for life when we cant win.when I would depart leaving my heart behind .I am torn between two worlds.

What would your mum say to you right now?