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Yes.  This is a terrible country to live in or even travel to for that matter.  Let me say that I never write posts but I feel so strongly about this and was comforted by hearing the stories of other like-minded people.  Australia truly sucks.

I'm a Canadian who's been living here on and off (mostly off, gratefully) for over ten years.  This time i've been back for just over two years and just when I thought this dump couldn't get any worse, it could.  My wife is Australian (they do create very good looking women) and tight with her family so we've come back.  

The blank stares.  The timid, angry looks people give.  The complete lack of having a decent conversation with one of them, providing you can engage them in the first place.  I could go on forever!  I've become a biggot living here as I now have a real dislike for Australians as a nation; here and abroad.

Australians seem like they're all on Lithium.  They have this vacant look in their eyes and don't seem to listen when spoken to.  Perhaps that's why they're so  unreliable.  No one reads here or strives to better their understanding of the world around them.  I've never been anywhere else like it.  It's like some giant science experiment gone wrong.  They frequently go on about what a great country Australia is but there's no merrit behind.

Australians are viewed by the international community as racist, uncooth and non-consequential, and if they were more open minded towards excepting constructive criticism, they might have a chance of evolving with the rest of us.  Have any of you ever been told defensivley by an Aussie (True Blue!) to 'go home' for voicing you opinion?  I bet you have.  Now, can you think of any other country where you've experienced that?  Can you imagine?  It says alot about the level of intolerance here.  And that in turn says a lot about the Nation.

And, for all of this: the honor of them allowing you to live in their country, you have to pay through the nose!  Australia is really over-priced - from food (wow, are they kidding?), to real estate.  Australians are proud underacheivers and happy to accept the reward for someone elses work.  The stores sell inferior products for outrageous prices and  everyone just blindly pays.  It's crazy!  No one cares about anything here except for themselves which makes for a boring, uncultured, mollified, apathetic place.  Monopolies, Duopolies, super corrupt government; Australia is a willing police state.

Australia awards incompetence and overpays it's population for even the most menial of jobs making goods and services wildly expensive.  It will cost you big for even simple pleasures like going out for coffee ($4) or a cafe meal ($15-$30).  There are no diners or greasy spoons or 24 hr breakfast places or delis where you can grab a cheap bite!  Your only options are disgusting meat pies or nasty freezer to deep fryer chiko rolls or whatever shich are also overpriced and served with a sneer.

I could go on and on.  Let me say that  this is a very general outlook and of course I have close family and freinds here that I respect greatly, but, I have lived in a few countries and travelled to many more and as a whole THIS COUNTRY SUCKS!  And, a country is defined by it's people.  I mean 'whites only' policy into the 70's?  I mean, come on.  What more is there to say?  Get out if you can and if your already out don't come.  

On a lighter note, enjoy the illiterate, grammarically incorrect, spelling error ridden, foul mouthed responses the Aussies give to this post.  I heartily enjoy reading the uneducated Aussie posts.  Even the newspapers here can't spell.  A French friend said to me once when asked what he thought Australia said: "It's a glass of Coke".  I think of it more like a loaf of Wonderbread.


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I think we can all plainly see that the "grammarical" error is a simple typo. This is quite different from the average Aussies inability to distinguish betwixt there, their and they're or any number of other errors that cannot be picked up by a spell checker. Note that he indignant Aussie below, has, true to form, expressed insult and derision in an attempt to discredit the poster who has upset the hypersensitive Aussie by posting an experience which contradicts the "mantras and indoctrination"
In the qwerty keyboard, the r is next to the t.

I'd just like to point out that while I was reading this, I was grimacing at the multiple grammatical errors you made. I think the icing on the cake was when you said you expected "grammarical" errors in replies from Australians. My Australian pinky finger is more literate than your Canadian narrow mind.

An other grammatical genius unable to comprehend anything that isn't dogmatically correct from a closed minded robotic mindset.

I am not a self-proclaimed grammatical genius. As an American who has lived in the UK and Australia as well, I also certainly am not close-minded. There were some valid points raised in this argument, but complaining about illiterate Australians using that standard of English is a massive contradiction.

It is not the poster's English grammar that is sub standard. It is his typing skills and occasionally his spelling. He nevertheless displays a much better grasp of grammatically correct English than do the majority of Aussies who have posted in this forum. Incidentally, close means nearby. Closed means shut. Correct English in this case is closed. But then maybe it is that Aussie pinky finger that is causing all the problems and is typing away all on its own, not listening to anybody, not even the American who has an Australian pinky finger.

It is more the case of the "Stinky finger" Down-Under! :)

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Hi there. I grew up in Toronto and now live in Perth, where I lecture at The University of WA. A few things you have mentioned are true and some others are false. Let's start with some of the fallacies of your argument:
Your final paragraph reads,
"enjoy the illiterate, grammarically incorrect, spelling error ridden, ..."
Here is an expose of your spelling and grammar.
1. "Excepting?" No such a word. You obviously mean "accepting".
2. "Uncouth", not "uncooth".
3. "Bigot", not "biggot".
4. "Merit", not "merrit".
5. "Under-achievers", not "achievers"
6. "Else's", not "elses"
7. "Overpays it's population?" You mean "its". "It's" is a contraction of "it is".
8. "Friends", not "freinds"
9. You keep on writing "it's" instead of "its". Remember, "it's" is a contraction of "it is" , not the possessive of "it".
10. You also write "your" when "you're" is correct. "You're" is a contraction of "you are". "Your", on the other hand, is the possessive of "you", e.g. "your national pride."
The amazing thing is that my spell-checker wouldn't even ALLOW me to make most of these errors.
I think you must realise by now that you made a lot of spelling and grammar errors in a short article. The errors are not just typos.
You consistently make two mistakes typical of children in late primary school and early high school: "it's/its" and "your/you're". I would guess that you probably have the same problem with "there/their/they're".
You have raised some good points about Australia (a lot of Australians are rude and lazy and it's too expensive here), but you ruin it by accusing Australians of having terrible grammar and spelling. Obviously, you come across as an uneducated and ignorant hypocrite. As for the White Australia Policy, it was forty years ago. Australia is not a racist country anymore by international standards. In fact, it's one of the only countries in the world where racial vilification is illegal. Legislation changes behaviour.
Australia is a very stratified country and my concern is that you haven't chosen to live in a nice, middle-class area. I don't see meat pies on the menu in any of the (over-prices) places I eat but they are on the menu in the lunch bars in the industrial areas. I must say that when I was in Toronto in January, the prices were great but after leaving a 20% tip, they worked out the same as Australia.

Thank yooou for tha lekturre!
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Yaou velly velly luckey man, spicka di Engliis perrfeketelly.
Molto bene raggazi!

My god you are pathetic. All your reply is capable of is not picking on somebody's grammar. Its hardly constructive is it? I got bored reading your reply and I'm sure most others did as well, but the little I did read coincided with the suggestion Aussie don't pay attention when spoken to. Somebody is giving criticism about something and all your thinking off is their grammar and spelling. What a useless waste of life you are. Are you a bogan chance?

why does this brilliant article not appear in the main page for "I hate living in Australia". Are they leaving out all the old stories ?

You ******* sook. Go back to Canada.

Another bogan... Its you they're complaining about. Crawl back under your log poofter.

I've lived in Australia my whole life and agree with whole-heartedly with every part of this post. I was born here and have lived here my whole life and in my opinion it's the worst country in the world. I'm still young, but I'm planning to move to America (for good) as soon as possible, and am looking at places in California.

Australians definitely have the lithium look, for the most part they are indeed proud underachievers who have an aversion to hard work. They don't want to achieve anything for themselves but if they see someone else who's made it they'll lose an arm and a leg to try to bring them down.

Also, they're generally quite dumb. Conversations seem to lack substance and they honestly do look like zombies. I hate this ****** country and can't wait til I move to America, land of the free and home of the brave, I'm also going to become a citizen.

Have you been to America??? High crime, bad education system, poverty, GM food, TSA, ignorant and arrogant people, list goes on!!!!! I'm 14 years old and mixed race, born in America and living in Australia (though moving to Singapore soon!), I've never experienced racism and I'm friends with many races, I have Australian (white Australian and Aboriginal), Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, Russian and Middle Eastern friends and no conflict. Really the only racist, homophobic and xenophobic uneducated people are bogans which I'm saying aren't common!! Though xenophobia is common because Australians are worried immigrants are going to take 'our jobs' ignoring the fact that even white people like my dad are also 'taking their jobs'!

Yes food is expensive but at least it's not genetically modified!!!!!!! Real estate is damn expensive!!! Their should be a lot more higher density housing in cities or it's just going to turn into LA. Public transportation also needs whole lot more improvement. If you look at Europe or cities like Hong Kong, Singapore or Tokyo in Asia, because of high density housing, transportation can be more frequent and better unlike in the outer suburbs of big cities in Australia where it can take 30 minutes to an hour for a bus or train.

"Australians seem like they're all on Lithium. They have this vacant look in their eyes and don't seem to listen when spoken to. Perhaps that's why they're so unreliable. No one reads here or strives to better their understanding of the world around them. I've never been anywhere else like it. It's like some giant science experiment gone wrong. They frequently go on about what a great country Australia is but there's no merit behind." I somewhat agree with you though you basically just described America in my opinion, LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!!!

You really can't generalize about a country of over 20 million people like I shouldn't be of a country of over 300 million people (we may not be quite at the same level lol) but I'm really intrigued to know where this occurred cause I haven't really seen this in Canberra or Melbourne.

Haha...well, it's been just under a year since we moved to Oz and I have to say your post is hilarious. One of the things my wife and I did within the first week of arriving here was create our own "things that are annoying about Australia". I admit, a lot of it is fairly superficial, but the list was created in just a matter of minutes. Guess we are spoiled being from the UK... For your enjoyment, had to delete a couple that were a little too mean...
Annoying things about Australia:
1. No customer toilets in city establishments
2. Crappy television and radio programming
3. Insanely overpriced automobiles/crap financing
4. Pricey food with Woolworth's/Cole's duopoly
5. Minimal healthy/organic/locally sourced/regulated fresh eating options
6. **** poor mobile phone coverage
7. Expensive housing market with 1970s house styles
8. Half car/half truck Ford Falcons that look ridiculous
9. Far away/expensive to get to Europe and North America
10. Fashion and cars feel like you are living in the 90s
11. Preponderance of dangerous wildlife
12. Listening to the radio is like going back at least ten years
13. Trademark issues...Target is not really Target...Kmart not Kmart, etc
15. Junk food everywhere
16. Ranked 2nd for quality of life but yet has compulsory voting, Aboriginal issues, brain drain, highest skin cancer rates, one of worlds worst CO2 polluters
18. Christmas in 100 degree heat
22. Mel Gibson born here
23. Tap water tastes like dirt and bottle water extremely expensive
24. Wifi is hit or miss...usually capped or pay out the nose
25. No granola cereal just crap called Sanitarium and baked muesli
26. Schools not as good as other countries unless go private
27. Economy based on non-renueable resources/Chinese investment
28. 20 million people crammed into 3 or 4 major cities
29. World's safest child safety restraint system not "legal" here until 2013
30. No high speed rail
31. Salt, lots and lots of salt
32. Lack of hygienic no soap
33. Utes
34. No good family restaurants or pubs...not very family friendly
35. No
36. $15 for a pint of beer!
37. Roy and HG...didn't know these two existed until we tried to watch live winter Olympic coverage...oh and some show called biggest loser...yeah, I'd much rather watch that than see the world's nations compete live in one of the greatest sporting events of the year...sheesh (okay, we just added that one)

22. No. Mel Gibson was born in the United States. He spent a few years in Australia as a teenager and young man.

23. Tap water, at least in western Sydney tastes like it's come from the swimming pool. Too much chlorine.

8emma, I think your response demonstrates clearly the point made by another poster. The point was that Australians take everything personally. There is a hypersensitivity and readiness to take offence and to leap to the defence when any discussion is raised which does not laud each and every aspect of life in an over regulated, conformist and self centred society. Much of your response above demonstrates conformist thinking in line with the accepted norms for someone of your age who has been educated in Australia. There are politically correct doctrines sprinkled throughout your post, seasoned with a flavour of indignant outrage.

These observations regarding "The blank stares. The timid, angry looks people give." "The complete lack of having a decent conversation with one of them, providing you can engage them in the first place." and "don't seem to listen when spoken to." are exceptionally accurate and apparent to anybody who has lived outside of Australia for any length of time.

I'm Australian, and I spent five years studying to become a dentist. I hope I'm educated enough to never make such offensive remarks as you have done. You're generalizing about the attitudes and intelligence of 21 million people. Need I explain the hypocrisy?

On another note, You misspelled merit. Also in your second last paragraph you used "your" instead of "you're" when advising people not to come to Australia... that quite negates the point of your last paragraph, doesn't it? I suggest you worry about your own literacy.

I think it should be "as you have made" not "as you have done" .......... Anyway, most Australians don't know the difference between their, there and they're, never mind your and you're. So, well spotted ..... mate. However, the minor spelling errors do not negate the points being made by the writer. The remarks may offend one who is sensitive to criticism. To other people, who do not take things personally, they may simply be accurate observations.

Hahaha! That serves me right for writing in anger and not proofreading. It’s probably the same mistake the author made. Well done.

I actually agree with a lot of the points the author made about the political side. His comments about the cost of living, real estate, government corruption, even error-riddled newspapers (now I’m being hypocritical) are views I hold myself. However, I’ve had no formal training in economics or global politics so my opinions on such matters are completely valueless.

Nevertheless, criticising a country’s government and policy is completely different to encouraging prejudice against a population. That is what I find offensive. The Australia part of it is unimportant. You could replace “Australian” with “Asian”, “homosexual”, “deaf”, “Canadian” or “the poor” and it’s equally offensive. Treating or viewing a person with fear, contempt, or disdain based on their national origin is bigotry. I don’t care if you’ve lived in China for ninety years and hated every person you’ve encountered. That is not justification for disliking any other Chinese person you meet in the future, or for making discriminatory remarks about the population as a whole.

The author even suggests that a nation’s people can be defined by the attitudes of previous governments. Is he implying that people can be judged by the actions of their predecessors, years before they were even born? By that reasoning, all Germans hold nationalist socialist ideals, all Americans support the war in Afghanistan, and the Swiss are sexist (Switzerland didn’t grant women’s suffrage until 1977).

I’m not suggesting that Australia is the best place to live or that all of its people are saints. There are racists, xenophobes, sexists, drunks, morons and the obnoxious loud-and-proud-whilst-on-vacation variety. Such people can be found in every country. To say that you have a real dislike for a group of people, where all you know about them is their nationality (or ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, disability, etc.) is offensive.

Am I really too sensitive? Imagine reading a blog where someone wrote that ten years of experience has led him to the conclusion that Latin Americans as a whole are unreliable, lazy, uneducated, uncouth, underachievers, selfish, boring, rude and illiterate. Any decent person would object to such an attitude, and rightly so. Are they too sensitive?

I hope that the author simply wrote this in anger and doesn’t actually use this kind of thinking when he interacts with people. I’m saddened that he’s had such a horrible experience here. I hope he can return to Canada with his wife and children. I mean that in a “live wherever makes you happy” way, not “if you don’t like it, get out!” way.

When the majority of Aussies, have only an embarrassingly limited knowledge of the rest of the world, have nothing but utter disrespect for anything and everything that isn’t a clone and a carbon copy of themselves, your well formulated but inaccurate argumentation is meaningless. Any person with an accent, other than Oiyshtroylian English is considered to be of a lesser intelligent human being by most Australians and open game to ridicule.
Having a truly multi-culti background, it strikes me as utterly unimportant how grammatically correct some persons language is, compared to what they are saying as long as they say it comprehensible to everyone. It has only any meaning in corporate contracts, but that is not what we are here for.
The argument that there is good and bad in every country is just an escape in to “misplaced, misguided bigotry that can’t be excused with any argumentation in the face of reality”. The level of vile character in Australians is totally out of proportion, compared to the rest of the developed world.
The Australian Brainwash is relentless, they never miss an opportunity to teach each other to love their country without any regard and consideration to keep it balanced for the reason of unhealthy Nationalism. The emerging rightwing Nationalism isn’t doing Australia a favour, and this forum is only a very small part of the protest that is taking place an many more levels, there is negative national and international attention to these matters if you like to believe it or not. International students for instance would have had an incredible positive impact on the Australian economy, but Aussies in their idiotic nationalistic (and racist) mindset can’t see past the tip of their noses.
But I am very much the opinion that any well founded reasoning is lost on the mostly average Aussie patriotic clown. You see, I am very much capable of respecting you personally when a conversation is halfway reasonable, but I am very pessimistic and unconvinced of respect by any Aussies to any argument coming from anyone not being a ”fair-dinkum true blue know it all better”.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. Are you asserting that Australians are inherently bad, or that it is the environment in which they are raised that predisposes them to a vile disposition? Or perhaps a combination of both?

What I am trying to say is that Aussies don't get taught. from early age, to live in symbiosis with others to the benefit of everyone, instead they get taught a "I am alright screw you Jack" doctrine, be antagonistic, confrontational and many of them are even proud of it.
Aussies will have to learn to work with the rest of them in a globalized world, instead of trying to dominate when interacting with people. But as it stands, they are going to learn mutual respect of others, the hard way.

Upyours, you can see it, I can see it, but it is very difficult for a true blue Aussie to see it, especially those who have not lived abroad for a considerable number of years and during these years learned to listen and stop being so loud and arrogant.

Thanks for that clarification. You’ll notice I didn’t argue that Australians are good, or that the government is good. You’re preaching to the choir on that one. Australia has massive problems, including racism, in amongst a sea of general xenophobia. It’s undeniable. My argument is that making blanket statements about a population based on nationality is unethical.
What is your opinion; Is it morally acceptable to make judgements about a person based only on their nation of origin?

If it is acceptable, I’d really like to know why. Clearly my ethical system is flawed, or I’m poorly educated, or not worldly enough.

If it is not, then the broad statements you are making about the population are ethically wrong. Isn’t it better to judge a person by the content of his or her character? Instead of judging him when you find out where he was born, why don’t you find out what he believes? If he reveals himself as an ardent follower of archaic nationalistic rubbish, and refuses to listen to any criticism, then you can make a fair judgement of his being an idiot. I can’t assume every North Korean supports the indoctrination of children and the damaging beliefs perpetuated through that police state. I can’t assume that all North Koreans consider themselves the superior “cleanest” race, even though many of them would have been taught that from a young age. I can only assess each person I meet individually. To do otherwise is to presume that all of those people are too stupid to ever think for themselves.

Criticize the system that fosters such abysmal attitudes in its people. That’s the way to make change. Don’t let it affect how you treat an individual who may or may not agree with that system. If there are protests on a national and global scale, that’s great news.

When 50 encounters with Aussies turn sour, number 51 is probably taken just for another idiot; I have to admit to be guilty of that.
It is very refreshing to talk to an Aussie who makes sense for a change, I hope that your character and attitude is going to rub of on as many people as possible in the future. The whole world is getting more and more entwined, economically as well as socially, Australia will have a much easier time adjusting to it by trying to be part of it then having delusional thoughts of superiority. Think East Timor, Indonesia and International students and the rest of it, not to mention western Europeans who come here ill-informed.

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I completely agree with you. As an Australian myself, i have become disillusioned with Australia and its People. Our people suck, we are a fat, lazy, hedonistic, over sexed, over drugged, racist, moronic, government believing, technologically inferior group of people. We dont read, we know nothing about the outside world. Australian people are dumb enough to the believe the governments lies. We are also dumb enough to pay for extremely low quality products at insanely high prices. We pay top dollar for third world quality. Our education system is absolutely ****, our internet is ****, our roads are ****, our hospitals are ****, our cars are ****, we have a non-existent culture, we only speak English, we have absolutely no historical merit. We still haven't abandoned our British roots. We continue to oppress and treat the Indigenous population like ****. Australians are totally ignorant to the way we treat our Native Population. We continue to sell our assets, our farm and residential land, our electricity and water grid to China and our Nations.

I hate this Country so much. Being an Australian, its hard for me to admit this stuff, buts all totally true.

A long list of an honest Australian, and yet not near complete. But only the admission to the truth will make people pull their finger out, and is the way for betterment and not the applause of misleading unfounded propaganda.

First of all I like British Columbia. I can't comment on the rest of Canada as I haven't been to the other provinces) So I will retain a little more class than yourself. I won't be rude. I've been to Canada a few times (last visited in December 2013) where the minimum rate of pay is $10.00 per hour, which accounts for the low cost of food. You conveniently omit the fact that Canadian Middle and lower class are so poorly paid. Aspiring to have a better "rental" property seems to be the goal for the average Canadian. I prefer to pay a price for my goods and services that allows me to be paid appropriately and therefore buy my own place and not have to rent someone else's.Those that complain about the cost of goods have either not travelled abroad or if they have,they walked around with their eyes closed.Yes we have our share of anti social people. Perhaps as a well travelled Canadian you've never been to Surrey in BC(British Columbia) or travelled the sky train! Perhaps you weren't reading the Huffington Post when the low life's featured in the Vancouver riots made headlines. Oh! I forgot, anyone living in Vancouver City will blame it on "others".Rascism to varying degrees is alive and well in Australia as it is elsewhere. Perhaps you and your French counterpart are aware of the rascist views that many Canadians hold against French Canadians and vice versa. I'm aware, as you would be that French Canadians are vocal in their push for a separate State. I'm also aware that other Canadians are sick of it and I've heard many say that they should ship off to France.The Canadian track record with its own Native population is no better than our own with the Australian Aboriginal people. Canadians are more focused on importing rich Chinese and Indians from the sub continent. It's a policy that is killing the dream of home ownership for the next generation of young Canadians. When you get home take a walk through a retail district and count the number of white, sub continent Indians, Chinese, Japanese and Negro workers and then count the number of Native Indian people with jobs. If you want us to be ashamed get ready to join us in apologising.How we are viewed Internationally is of little consequence to those of us who love our country. Having been to the US they have nothing to aspire to . Again an advertised minimum wage of $10 per hour. Though I'm not surprised, if your monument says " Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses..." Do this for long enough and you end up with masses of tired poor people.Surprise! With 20 million illegal immigrants in the US their struggle to free themselves of the mess that they are in is an Everest of a task. I like the US so I wish them well. The need for low product costs, something that you seem to hold dear has given them Detroit City. The first bankrupt city in US history. Japan( been there 3 times) is perhaps one of the greatest over rated countries on the planet. A recession since the early 90's, an unemployment rate that is artificially created( ever been to a Japanese Petrol station and had 6 people race out to you and offer you irrelevant forms of service)The UK and France, well they're on their way to being the new North Africa. Having viewed North Africa on the news for so long they must be truly excited! Day by day having to deal with more and more people who have little education, that distrust the country they have moved to, that possess different values. Spain, Greece etc, their desire to avoid taxes and embrace the afternoon nap has truly paid dividends. The Middle East! Turn on the news and discover the peace, high living standards and freedom for women that exists in Syria, Egypt ,Iraq, Iran and othersSo feel free to voice your opinions, I for one don't mind. Your use of the word hate and the statement "this country sucks" suggest that we are lucky that you will be leaving this country soon. When you do, be sure to travel, open your eyes and don't be afraid to close your books and focus on the realities of life rather than those written by others.Better still, encourage your business associates to employee Native Indian Canadians and prove to yourself that you are not rascist. We in Australia wish you well.

Hi, I'm Brazilian living in the USA for almost 30 years and I went to Australia for the first time about 13 years ago...Fell in love with the country, being from Rio it just fits me perfectly, the beaches, the people etc... We are planning to move this year to a place very close to Byron Bay (Ocean Shores) since my wife's sister married an Aussie and lives in the region...But I have to confess that after reading almost all the posts on this "I hate Australia" thread my heart sunk, my main concern isn't the racism and cost of living but the school system, I have two kids and as any loving father I want the best for them...Another concern is the work situation, I live in LA and work on the animation industry and I wonder if I could make a living and still work on the art field. My experience with Australians is that they are very good, friendly people and the country is gorgeous. I wish for a more free, out doors life style for my children, here they watch TV the whole day and are constantly bored...Well, I wish also that I could write as well as you people do but although I agree with some of the criticisms here my overall feeling is that Australia is wonderful and I feel more "at home"there than the USA. And this is not a tourist view because I lived in Ocean Shores for 9 months in 2003. Cheers.

Hello Marcelo,

You and your family will be just fine. I think what is important for anyone that moves to another country is that they remain positive about their new destination. Australians aren't wanting anyone to forget about who they are or where they have come from, we just want people to embrace the country that they have chosen to move to.

Being Brazilian you are likely to be a soccer fan. Australia's primary sporting code is the Australian Football League or the AFL as it is commonly referred to. The AFL Grand Final attracts a crowd of over 100,000 people! The final is played in Melbourne which is the capital city of Victoria.
Having said that NSW is a strong rugby league state( different to rugby union). Soccer or football as you would call it is a growing sport in Australia and NSW has a couple of teams in the national league. The Central Coast Mariners are probably the closest to where you will be living. There is no American style NFL or Grid Iron competition in Australia, none of any consequence that is. We do have an established National Basketball Competition with most teams having two American imports. Understanding and appreciating Australian AFL is a good idea. If I moved to Canada or the US I would learn to appreciate ice hockey , if I moved to Brazil I would learn to appreciate football(or soccer as I call it). It's a part of adopting ones culture. If one refuses to learn about another's culture then they will never be accepted by that culture.

I'm not aware of the extent of the animation industry in Australia but I suspect the main hubs are in Sydney and Brisbane. Having said that I assume that your industry is able to work remotely due to the role that computers play in animation development.

I don't live on the east coast but I have travelled through the central coast of NSW on my way to QLD and it truly is a beautiful part of Australia. It's also a quick flight to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

The school system is more than adequate. Larger centres have more options of course but the smaller centres have less social pressures. Keep talking to your kids and give them constant support and things will stay on track. Private after school tutors can also make a big difference.

Currently there's over 160,000 Brazilians living in Australia and NSW has the largest population.

Remember that you will encounter good and bad Australians and we as Australians will encounter good and bad people from other countries. What i can say is that the good will far outweigh the bad.

Good Luck!

Ps. You will pay more for your coffee in Australia but you will also receive a much higher hourly rate than North America.

And because you don't know it any better, there is nothing wrong with Australia, isn't it?
Only people having your unrealistic view, have the only legitimate view because you consider yourself educated. You have done well for yourself in Australia and who cares about the rest who have got a gut full of all the deceit, lies and bull. Bull doesn't travel very far unless it is very well hidden by remoteness and hypocrisy, and it start to show by the sharp decline of enterprises that had almost iconic status in the Lucky country. What are you going to live on realistically? Agriculture and Mining? Is that your big dream of a prosperous country? Are they going to support all Australians?
Regarding Marcelo; you are going to suck him in and spit him out like disposables!

You are totally correct. For example name one world class Australian company. A BMW, BP, Shell, HSBC, Apple etc

Thanks for your response. Well I'm that kind of "strange" Brazilian who really never got into soccer ( only the World Cup of course) as you certainly have those Aussies who don't watch Rugby or Cricket but my son ( 12 years old) and I are into martial arts( Judo, UFC etc...) and crazy about SURFING! And that's no shortage of that in Australia. My wife and I have embraced Australia the first time we came, I guess that was love at first sight and in all my trips down under I've never encountered those "awful bogans" that many of the posts on this thread have described maybe that has to do with the area that I usually go which is very multicultural with people from everywhere. Sure I've bumped against one or two *** holes but I've got that in all the places that I've lived in my life. I really appreciate your words but it's a difficult decision... To uproot a family of five and move to another continent requires a lot of courage and I'm no spring chicken anymore(54) but the good thing is that we have family there(my wife's sister, aussie husband and two kids) which are wonderfully helpful and welcoming people. My wife will be applying for the Visa because I'm already too old (the limit is 50 years old) and let's see if we get lucky...All the best mate!

By the way Marcelo, when I say educated Australian I mean that I finished high school! I didn't go to University. I come from a working class family and have made a life of doing the right thing and respecting the rules of society.
Just be wary of those that are filled with bitterness. On this site you can usually identify them by their username. Just don't respond, life is way too short.

It is not bitterness it is contempt and a feeling of European/Canadian superiority towards Australians. Watch out for the ingrained dishonesty and deceit. For example, I was moved here with work. The Australian branch of the company said they would pay air fares for myself, wife and son. Once we got here they simply refused to pay. They admitted they agreed to but said 'it is just what you do mate'. In their moronic minds they had got one over on me. My old boss in Europe was so embarrassed by this he paid the flights out of his budget.

This kind of deceit is the normal way of life here, what is maybe more disturbing is that they have the nerve to call you a liar when you bring it up or tell you that it happens everywhere in the world. They are used to their vile ways to the extent that they can't possibly imagine that there are actually people with integrity and not as anti-social as they are.
When this educated dude is talking about doing the right thing according the rules of society; he is actually telling us that he was doing whatever it took to get what was expected of him, regardless of any ethical or moral standards. And because there aren't any ethical or moral standards to speak of, NOBODY has got to feel guilty about anything that may has offended or done over someone else to elbow your way towards your objectives. They wouldn't have a clue what we are on about. THEY have no standards, weather ethical, moral or social.

Strange. You talk a lot about sport but forgot to tell him about the 13 year old girl on the news recently for racially abusing a coloured player at a football match. Or the man (season ticket holder) who done the same, got to stay in the ground and keep his season ticket. Then there was the racist abuse Monty Panesar got for not been white or the 11 year old boy on the Queensland news abused by middle aged Australian males for wearing a Pakistani cricket top in the park. When you arrive in Australia remember to turn your watch back 20 years. Truly the land that time forgot.

Whether he gets paid more here than in the USA depends on the type of work he does. Not all Americans are on minimum wage. Some jobs (mainly white collar) attract higher rates of pay than they do in Australia.

If you are worried about your kids do not come here. No culture or intellectualism. Education system is simply awful. Levels of violence are through the roof. The white males are a sub species that can turn violent for the smallest reasons. The levels of racism are truly shocking for 2014. A country where their greatest pleasure is delighting in their own ignorance.

Hi Marcelo,

I know that if you read only these blog posts, it would make Australia seem like an awful place to live, but it really is not as bad as some of these posts make out. I worked a long time at a souvenir shop in Melbourne and I met travellers from all over the world, most of whom loved their time here and had great experiences. It was fascinating to share in their tales of adventure.

It does depend on where you live a little though, as some of the more rural locations and some of the more out of the way cities (like Darwin and Brisbane) still hold on to a bit of a bogan mentality left over from the previous generation who weren't as used to people from other countries living here. These areas are also predominently white (with indigenous populations also) so it is more uncommon to have people of other nationalities there. That being said, these places are still fine to travel to and are some of the most beautiful parts of Australia scenically.

My advise would be to live in and around Melbourne or Sydney and just travel to these other parts to see the sites. The younger generations, especially around Melbourne and Sydney have grown up in a multicultural society and are used to people of all nationalities and races living here. At my school we had people of all nationalities studying there (predominantly from Asia) and there were no incidents of racism that went on (and this was 10 years ago). Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, and it seems like some of these people commenting here have had bad times and have branded a whole nation with the actions of a few.

Byron Bay is a beautiful area and especially if you love surfing and the outdoors then this is the place to be. You get a lot of new agers, old hippies and new hippies, hipsters, yuppies, lots of tourists (both interstate and international) and just normal folk in and around this area. As a result of this there are good cafes, restaurants, water sports and good services. Also, a really great arts scene has developed in Byron Bay, so I am sure there should be a number of opportunities to get involved in arts projects. I am not too certain however about animation work around Byron, so you may have to travel to Sydney for that kind of work, unless you can work from home, or run your own business. I know Melbourne has a good scene for animation but I don't know about Sydney. I think it may have been in Sydney where they animated Finding Nemo and Happy Feet (not 100% on that though). I know we do have a lot of great animators but they often move overseas to work in the US. If you were looking for locations in the Melbourne area which are surfing/outdoors appropraite for living then I would suggest Torquay (though Byron will be warmer for more of the year).

I agree with the original post about some of the issues surrounding our politics but it does depend on which way you lean politically. I am a lefty environmentalist, so I am very unhappy with the current government and its policies. The current government represents a very far right view point and I believe this is encouraging racism, biggotry and sexism to come out of the woodwork. There are however a lot of people who are very unhappy about this. The problem is that we are an aging nation, so this government largely represents the view points held by older generations who grew up with these ideals being acceptable. I disagree a lot with the original posters comment that Australian's care about nothing. There are many Australians that care about a lot (myself being one), you just have to go to the state library in Melbourne to see this - there is pretty much a (peaceful) protest going on every other day. There was recently one for refugee rights, and then another against the culling of sharks in Western Australia, and then more recently one with 100,000 people around the country against the current government's policies. The other problem is that the media here is owned mostly by Rupert Murdoch (who now lives in the US and also owns Fox) who is well known for his right-wing view points and he is a known friend of the current prime minister. So the media here have a habit of whipping up a frenzy around racist issues, helping them to blow out of proportion. There are also one or two old dinosaurs kicking about talk-back AM radio that are openly homophobic, racist, xenophobic and sexist and they constantly add fuel to the fire and dish out mis-information especially to the older generation, who are their main audience. So they along with the Murdoch-opoly help create a fear of refugees and immigrants within the older generations and some more of the gullible younger generations. That would be my main critism of Australians - is that they listen too much to the media and don't question them enough. I think it is because once upon a time journalists were credible and people still view them as an authoritarian voice, even though their credibility is now lost.

The other issue is obviously the cost of living and the monopoly/duopoly of several major grocers/retailers. You can get around this though as their are many independent grocers/organic and helth stores/bakeries/community supermarkets etc. and you can easily find majority of your food supplies from these and pretty much avoid the big retailers. The cost of living is high and it is a concern for my generation down but we do have a higher rate of pay than many nations and a welfare system for struggling individuals. I hope that the housing bubble eventually bursts though and housing becomes more affordable. I agree with one of the above posts about needing higher density housing in and around major cities and along public transport networks.

The education system is a perfectly good system here and is covered by a national curriculum to make sure schooling is fairly even across the board. You probably will find better quality teaching at a private school but you will have to pay for it. You can still get a good education at a public school and you can always get extra tutoring to help your children and enrol them in extra curricular activities like music or language lessons to make the most of their education. Unlike what the original poster seem to suggest, there is definitely a culture of intellectualism especially in the main southern cities, where most high school students now continue on into university education. Uni degrees can be pricey BUT they are partially subsidised by the government and then the rest of the payment is deferred until the graduate has found work paying over $40,000 a year (bit by bit payments of the uni loan then come out along with tax every pay). This makes it easy enough to get a degree as you don't need any down payment to get into uni. I have myself completed two degrees and now have continued on to my Masters. I am not certain if the same loan applies for international students (who I think have to be full fee paying) so by then it would probably be helpful for your children to have become citizens so they can make the most of these education loans and subsidies. Universities here are a thriving hub of all different people, from mature aged students, students straight from high school, people with disabilities, international students, LBGT individuals and everyone in between. There are groups to join, protests, sporting competitions and lots of extra activites, meaning many opportunities to meet new and interesting people from all walks of life. In Melbourne and Sydney (especially Melbourne) there are thriving arts and music scenes and lots of people to have interesting discussions with. To say that all Australian's have nothing interesting to say (as the original poster did) is rubbish. There are probably a few under-educated individauls who lack life experience that wouldn't have much to say in conversation out there, but I must stress how vastly varied Australia's population are. There really are people from all walks of life. There are refugees who have made this place home and can tell you amazing stories of their struggles. There are older people who have lived through wars and have fascinating tales to tell. There are young people who have a head for philosophy, art and science that can talk to you on any number of intellectual subjects, there are people who have lost everything in bush fires including their family members and have lived to tell the tale. Like anywhere in the world, everone has a story to tell, you just need to lend them an ear.

Anyway I am sorry for my long post, I just wanted to try and say that Australia, like any country, has its good and bad points, but I think for the most part it is a good country to live and most people are nice folks. Sure you will probably encounter some douches, but for every one of them you will probably encounter 9 friendly, nice people. I think you will love living here especially on the beautiful surf coast and it is probably a great place to raise a family. I hope my post has helped, and if you have any other questions about living here please don't hesitate to message me. All the best Marcelo :)

I had the pleasure of living in the stunningly beautiful, cultured and tolerant city of Vancouver for almost five years. I am now (posted here with work) living in the sh1t hole that is Brisbane.

You say 'Canadian Middle and lower class are so poorly paid. ' The most respected measure of national prosperity is the Legatum prosperity index. Canada is the 3rd most prosperous country on earth. This sh1t hole is seventh (7 of the top ten countries are European). So typical moronic Oz sh1t about poor Canadians. I am white European with English as my first language (as is my wife). I, for no reason other than my accent, have been told to go back to where I came from. My wife, a hospital doctor (you morons are desperately short of her speciality) has twice been called a wog by patients (ffs she is white. Now that is real ignorance). In the late 90's we never one experienced any racism in Canada. Quite the opposite; they were very warm, accepting and interested in my background. Here I pay for health care, medicines, school books/computer for my son. All free (very small limited charge for medicines) in Canada. You fvckers have really perfected health care. I pay the government, private health care, still have to pay the doctor and for most tests and still had to wait 4 months to see an ophthalmologist. Your education system (particularly in Queensland) is beyond a joke. Never ever been anywhere like this place. Ignorant, racist, xenophobic, obnoxious people and the levels of aggression from you knuckle draggers is through the roof. I stay away from white Australians at all costs and try to deal only with Asian people (Dr, dentist, mechanic are all Asian). A country that amounts to nothing and never will.

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You cannucks really do have a massive inferiority complex.

Third most prosperous country on earth. You retards are seventh. Only a moronic bogan would accuse a confident, rich, well educated North American country of having an inferiority complex. Why are you morons so obsessed by the English?Because you are culturally and intellectually inferior and you know it (I am not a 'Pom'). An entire country and people who amount to nothing and never will. Irrelevant to all but those who have to suffer this hell hole.

WELL SAID ! I am completely sick to the guts of the amount of racism and blatant xenophobia in this country. I am British and have been here 9 years, and still I cannot believe I am berated for being English. My grandparents were Irish and I have Scandinavian ancestry, but so what? Who gives, why should it matter where the fck you came from, look like, skin colour etc etc etc Most of the 'Aussies' is Melbourne can only trace their Australian roots back a couple of hundred years and after that they end up at a brothel in Buxton, Lancashire somewhere in the 1800's. Who gives? I am an immigrant, you are an immigrant. I so wish I didn't feel so let down and angry with this place but everywhere it's just jealousy, racism, the good old 'tall poppy syndrome', arrogance, closed mindedness. What the fck is everyone's problem in Oz????? Actually really depressed, it's like treading water in this freaking place.

Hey where are you now?

Honestly... Shut up. Love it, or leave it! Whinge whinge! How could you possibly hate Australia and us Aussies? Laid back, love to drink and we're all attractive.
I will however say, there are some real feral bogans around. Now if we could deport them, Australia would truly be the best country ever!!

Laid back, pfft, obviously you havn't travelled much. "love it or leave it" haha i'll take the second option bitcch. ps learn how to drive you aussie idiot

Hi nosheep

I am an Australian 56 yro born here. My husband and I are looking forward to holidaying next year in Canada Alaska so searching net came across your comment. I hear what your saying and thank you for saying it because as I read it I thought that is so true. Obviously that isn't every Australian and probably depends on which part of the country your living in, but it is probably fair to say that selfishness is increasing and good old fashion manners and consideration is decreasing which probably is world wide. It was nice though to watch youtube video about Canada and the Canadian people who seem so friendly caring and considerate. Love that they live peaceably not living in fear which means their is trust in their fellow man. Anyway I am sorry that you have to live here because of your circumstances and commitment to your wife and family at least they can have those good character traits past onto them by you and your obvious concern for how people live their lives to be as a guide for their future. All the best to you and your family.

Below from Chamberlane we again see a version ( mild ) of the syndrome discussed here in this link

Are you serious?
Even if they were to repsond politely, you're too full of **** to give them credit.
If you don't like it here, just leave. Problem solved.

No country is perfect. All countries have their good and bad points. Australia does have some racist people, but so does every country.

I am always reading on the internet blogs having a go at Australia and Australians, but I am yet to travel to this so called mythical country that is so much better than Australia with no racism, everyone is friendly, a good economy. Bhutan maybe? I don't pretend to have travelled to every country in the world, but through my travels I have learnt that all countries have their good and bad points. Some countries my suit other people more than others, but ultimately 'where you lay your hat is your home' It is up to you to find enjoyment in the place you are living. If you can not, then I put it to you that it is your attitude at is the problem. Unless you are living somewhere war torn like Afghanistan, then most places have something to offer.

Sure Australia does have it problems. The public transport in Sydney is woeful. Treatment of Aboriginals is not the best and there does seem to be a drinking culture. But you overcome these things by looking at the positive. Surround yourself by people who don't go and get drunk every weekend. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors. There are a myriad of national parks and beaches to enjoy the wildlife and scenery.

'but I am yet to travel to this so called mythical country that is so much better than Australia '.
I suggest Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Austria or how about closer to home for you; New Zeland. A warm friendly and open people.
An entire country where ignorance is a virtue.

I like Australia for the most part but I do think we have an issue with the drinking culture (the same culture is in UK, Ireland and US especially in colleges) and I think a lot of our problems stem from this celebration of alcholism. Often it is drunkeness that leads to loudness, brawls, racial slurrs and a plethora of other unpleasant traits and an all out abandonment of manners. If we could stem this drinking culture I think things would be hundreds times better. It is weird to see people who are normal, hard working individuals becoming drunk loons at night and on weekends. It is almost like when people drink they regress back to their cave man beginnings, and unfortunately there is quite a culture of it in Australia. It is why I avoid going to pubs/taverns when I travel anywhere - I really hate drunk culture.

47yrs old first generation Australian from war torn Europe. Loved the place as a kid but hate it with a passion now. So much so I encourage my kids not to make the same mistake I did and let the years pass you by living on a backward island in the middle of an ocean.

i have to choose between moving to Rotterdam or Sydney . your post has been the most influential for some reason . . short, sweet, and experienced . Rotterdam here we go . . .

icegottogetoutofhere, yes, pride! they are proud of everything from being gay to manufacturing dog food bowls ! kidnap the wife and leave ! good luck

Why WOULDN'T we be proud of being gay?

why wouldn't you be proud of being heterosexual ? why would you make a fuss about it one way or the other ? why would any one say that they were proud that the dog food bowl was made in Australia?

You are proud of something you have worked to achieve. Is becoming Gay an achievement?

I can't read this anymore. So much of it rings so true that it makes me desperately sad… I feel I will have to leave my wife of 25 years because i simply can't stand this nation she call home. They simply pride (key word) themselves on being stupid.

You must have been living there during John Howard's reign. He made xenophobia and art form, and even encouraged belief in primitive superstitions like Christianity.

Well, I have not been in Australia or in Canada, but I feel really uncomfortable in my own country so I understand how you feel there.

You really are insane, aren't you???

Well go home to Canada. Aussies love Australia and don't want you dissing **** on us! Go and live in some 3rd world joint where the water makes you sick and the whole country is corrupt and human rights are zero then come back and have a whinge about Australia!! I admit some Aussies get a bit feral sometimes but most of us are friendly and welcoming.. Especially in smaller communities in the countryside. Don't diss Australia.. If you don't love it like Aussies do then leave!! Not that hard!

Where is this irrelevant 3rd world shtt coming from, when this guy is clearly stating to be Canadian?
No way in hell for a rational conversation with Aussies. Stupid like dog turd, we said this many times before on this forum but I just have to say it again.

I've been here 40 years now - came here as a ten pound pom with my family. If I could turn back the clock I would have stayed in the UK!! Even after all this time I have still not assimilated and I doubt very much now that I ever will. This country is boring to say the least, unless you are a lover of the sun, beach, wildlife and the great outdoors then there is very little else for you. I am bored out of my brain with Australia and wish so much that I could move back to the UK. I can't though as all my immediate family are here and my three children were born here. I have never met such an arrogant, uneducated race of people. Australians need to travel more to realise how far behind the rest of the world they are in many, many areas. I was in the UK recently for 6 weeks and was greatly impressed with transportation, shopping, dining, friendliness, politeness, history, beautiful scenery...I could go on and on.

I'm an American so I'm probably considered an outsider in this forum. Here goes anyway... I looked up this thread to gain insight to my neighbor's recent comment "Australians aren't very motivated people", which I interpreted as "lazy". My neighbor is married to an Australian-American woman who is one of the nicest people I know. My only experience with the country was a 5-day visit in Feb '93 when I was in the Navy (USS Truxtun). We were protested by Green Peace activists in boats while transiting the bay prior to liberty-call in Melbourne. I expected animosity but the people of Melbourne that my shipmates and I met were some of the most decent & generous people I've ever met. I've always wanted to return but it seems that some people hate Australia or maybe just those from other Commonwealth nations (and my neighbor).

@ Spankerr
>"waitressing certificates ! ROFPML ! brilliant ! It is so ludicrous."

What rock have you been living under? Waitressing is a real skill... bear with me here...

I was doing some consulting at one place where an Irish lass was in Australia on a working holiday visa. She applied for one job as an assistant on roadworks. Before they would hire her, they required her to do training... and get this... the training was to hold a sign... you think I'm joking, right? Maybe it was called something like "directing traffic" I dunno... or traffic administration... or traffic safety. But seriously... it was training to hold an effing bluddy sign... you know, STOP, SLOW, GO... or whatever. See? I need training too, it would seem that I trivialize the importance of STOP, SLOW, GO, GO SLOWLY, DON'T GO, DON'T, DON'T SPIT, DON'T DRINK, BE GOOD. Holy effing geezus befooking Kristus. Training to hold an effing sign.

So pause next time you criticise waitressing. Just think of the skill required to hold a sign. Soon they'll require you to be trained in flatulence management before you visit one of their non-existent public toilets. Gawd this kuntry is a looney bin.