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I'm With You

Yes.  This is a terrible country to live in or even travel to for that matter.  Let me say that I never write posts but I feel so strongly about this and was comforted by hearing the stories of other like-minded people.  Australia truly sucks.

I'm a Canadian who's been living here on and off (mostly off, gratefully) for over ten years.  This time i've been back for just over two years and just when I thought this dump couldn't get any worse, it could.  My wife is Australian (they do create very good looking women) and tight with her family so we've come back.  

The blank stares.  The timid, angry looks people give.  The complete lack of having a decent conversation with one of them, providing you can engage them in the first place.  I could go on forever!  I've become a biggot living here as I now have a real dislike for Australians as a nation; here and abroad.

Australians seem like they're all on Lithium.  They have this vacant look in their eyes and don't seem to listen when spoken to.  Perhaps that's why they're so  unreliable.  No one reads here or strives to better their understanding of the world around them.  I've never been anywhere else like it.  It's like some giant science experiment gone wrong.  They frequently go on about what a great country Australia is but there's no merrit behind.

Australians are viewed by the international community as racist, uncooth and non-consequential, and if they were more open minded towards excepting constructive criticism, they might have a chance of evolving with the rest of us.  Have any of you ever been told defensivley by an Aussie (True Blue!) to 'go home' for voicing you opinion?  I bet you have.  Now, can you think of any other country where you've experienced that?  Can you imagine?  It says alot about the level of intolerance here.  And that in turn says a lot about the Nation.

And, for all of this: the honor of them allowing you to live in their country, you have to pay through the nose!  Australia is really over-priced - from food (wow, are they kidding?), to real estate.  Australians are proud underacheivers and happy to accept the reward for someone elses work.  The stores sell inferior products for outrageous prices and  everyone just blindly pays.  It's crazy!  No one cares about anything here except for themselves which makes for a boring, uncultured, mollified, apathetic place.  Monopolies, Duopolies, super corrupt government; Australia is a willing police state.

Australia awards incompetence and overpays it's population for even the most menial of jobs making goods and services wildly expensive.  It will cost you big for even simple pleasures like going out for coffee ($4) or a cafe meal ($15-$30).  There are no diners or greasy spoons or 24 hr breakfast places or delis where you can grab a cheap bite!  Your only options are disgusting meat pies or nasty freezer to deep fryer chiko rolls or whatever shich are also overpriced and served with a sneer.

I could go on and on.  Let me say that  this is a very general outlook and of course I have close family and freinds here that I respect greatly, but, I have lived in a few countries and travelled to many more and as a whole THIS COUNTRY SUCKS!  And, a country is defined by it's people.  I mean 'whites only' policy into the 70's?  I mean, come on.  What more is there to say?  Get out if you can and if your already out don't come.  

On a lighter note, enjoy the illiterate, grammarically incorrect, spelling error ridden, foul mouthed responses the Aussies give to this post.  I heartily enjoy reading the uneducated Aussie posts.  Even the newspapers here can't spell.  A French friend said to me once when asked what he thought Australia said: "It's a glass of Coke".  I think of it more like a loaf of Wonderbread.


nosheep2004 nosheep2004 36-40 100 Responses Jun 2, 2011

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Exchange of ideas ? "Rod DeCurse" and "Gibzor"

The quintessential convict Australian way of bludgeoning nonconformist free thinkers in to submission!
Ruthlessly destroy those who dare to think for themselves with dogmatic fanaticism.
I don't know how someone as young as Gibzor has the mental capacity to work out for himself the factual truth, but how someone at the age of robcurse can be totally and utterly blind to the Australian social and corporate mentality throw his weight around like some self appointed Gestapo candidate?

Hahaha, filthy pommy bastad.
**** off back home you whingeing poofter...I love it that your unhappy here it really makes me happy to know a spastic pommy like you is to useless to return where he came from and your life is nothing more than wasting time Untill you stop being the oxygen thief you are..have a great day pommy , I am ...paid holidays going for a surf , then brekky down the beach ..I love Australia and I love you hate it.

Thanks for the laugh , clown

You didn't plug the holes in your head before going in to the water, did ya?
You are talking rather weird when you've got a gallon of seawater sloshing around between your ears. But take care before flushing it. If something drops out that may look like a jellyfish, that is most probably your brain and you better put it back before your condition get's worse than it already is.

Hahahahaha, that's really clever .
Water was great , girls were beautiful, lunch was amazing , just loving life in Australia. Hope you had a **** day pommy , I was showing all the boys this page and should thank you and the other writers for the entertainment.

I am actually hoping that you leave a link to this page everywhere you go, - make up some business cards if you like and show the world where the filthy poms are on the internet.
I am pleased to work with you! Anymore questions; Don't hold back, just shoot!

I am Australian and I hate it. There is corruption at every level in this society. In the schools, in the workplace, in the government, I know because I know people in these places and have seen and heard about it myself. There is no manufacturing and what we do have is dying off. University/TAFE courses are stupidly over prices and there is little opportunity to pick up a trade these days unless your dad is a tradesmen or you know someone. Most people are nationalistic and fake their way through a banner of ''aussie pride'' when they are so far removed from the ideals, selflessness and heroism that defined those brave ANZACS. There is rampant drug problems, alcohol addiction is common, and criminals run loose and are then let back out onto the street with a slap on the wrist.

The educational system is a failure, so many blind lies are taught to the kids about historical subjects such as WW2, though I suppose that is a problem everywhere.

The government has limited the amount of certificates that a person can train in to two only, and after that they will provide no funding. This limits peoples careers so badly, that they may not be able to afford to pay full training costs if previous employment has not worked out in their favor.

The women as a majority are arrogant and selfish, and materialism is a trait that is glaringly obvious in both sexes.

My gripe with Australia: There is no community. No friendship, no trust, no honesty. Australians as a majority are a pack of users and liars and only pretend to be friendly with the majority of people so they can get what they want out of them. Backstabbing, disloyal, cowards. I was born in this country and have lived here since I was a boy, I've never been out of the country, and I hate it. The people are selfish, they have no personality and will not give young people like myself a go. No one will pass on anything without a price. Well I am sick of these people. Australians are that far behind in terms of culture (no culture), engineering and manufacturing, production and educational/work opportunities that it is not funny. I am not proud to live among people like this.

I wish for a society that promotes, growth, culture, education, advancement, engineering, manufacturing, development, safety, production, understanding, tolerance, compassion for the people around you.

I hope to travel one day and have a taste of real culture. Until then, I will continue to do my best with what I now have.

You have never left Australia so until you do you have nothing to compare it to, the problems you describe are rife in every country .poor baby the government will only pay for two courses for you ..what a ****** sook

For all the rates and taxes that we pay, we shouldn't be so limited by our government when pursuing education, and I still have to pay a considerable amount regardless of what assistance I can receive from the government.

I don't care for your opinion either way.

And by the way, I grew up here, I deal with these people on a daily basis, I have the right to voice my opinion. If you don't like it, then go and do something you do like doing. I'm not interested in you or your attitude.

And for the record you dolt, you don't have to leave this country to compare its people to the people of others. I have Greek, Hungarian, Russian and Indian friends here, and after conversing with them and THEIR family/friends, I know exactly which people are refined and possess a shred of culture. So before you open your big mouth over the internet, have a think about what you are about to say.

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Hello,<br />
<br />
This is nosheep2004. I can't believe the amount of response that this insignificant rant I wrote more than three years ago has received. I'd just like to say in no particular order: I'm still with you, Thank you, Kiss my ***!<br />
It's overwhelming that so many of you out there felt the need to respond with such vitriol to my minor, although heartfelt, tirade. It's wonderful to miss the point, isn't it? <br />
I can spell just fine, and, as a matter of fact, my first language is not English. It seems - I'm sure many of you have found - that the system used by <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> does not allow one to edit one's work once you hit the OK button. So, you've all been reading a rough draft; coupled with the fact that I am no regular blogger - as mentioned in the original article - and I did not deem it necessary to write down the username or password that I had chosen, as I never intended to use it again. That's all I have to say.<br />
Keep up the good work...

No doubt eh.

@ Grammatically correct, as someone who has been living in Canada for over 2 years, I just could not resist submitting a response to your hypocritical post on Australia. The fact of the matter is; ALL of the things you accuse Australians of being, are exactly what you Canadians are too, the ONLY major difference with regards to racism in your country is that you have been socialized not to be overt about it. Hence, most Canadians are a bunch of pretentious, hypocritical, smug, mediocre, ignorant racists!!

Yep, very similar to the Aussie mind set, - thank you for the eloquent formulation!
But I rather sway to the opinion, that you are projecting the Aussie mentality on to the Canadians more than they deserve it.

But then again your from a country where soldiers get run over and hacked to death and where the white supremacist groups blatantly protest and harrass you can't talk . How's your poofter mate going , won't be long until gay marriage is legal here hang in there ******.

You have got no fkcng Idea where I am from, ya fkcng bleeding hemorrhoid.
Just simply make up some shtt in the hope that it may stick.
Hahahaha, you really fkcng hate me hahahaha,..................I read your message, replayed to it, but you can go now and do your mother and little brother in a 3.some.

Filthy ****** pommy, not only can I smell your filth from here but your fetish for ****** must stem from the royal family

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You've got a cheek criticising other people's lack of grammar and education after writing paragraph after paragraph filled with spelling errors. And I'm Scottish, not Australian before you start blaming this on Australians too. Ya fanny!<br />
<br />
uncooth (uncouth) .. merrit (merit) .. excepting constructive criticism (accepting) .. defensivley (defensively) .. underacheivers (underachievers) .. freinds (friends) .. "if your already" (you're) .. grammarically incorrect (grammatically)

yes, but the errors in spelling do not invalidate the points being made in his story.

Hypocrites ? in this Scottish guy.

In 1989 I moved to Australia from New York. Married an Aussie who I met in London (he was unwilling to move to NY so I moved here). We were together for 13 years, it didn't work out (him being lazy and his priorities being his sports, his job, his parents, etc. meant the kids and I were at the bottom of his ladder. He promised me the world, but what I got was a life-time of bad luck stories here. He wouldn't let me move back to the U.S. with the kids, so I continued to live here, waiting patiently until my youngest turns 18 next year so I can take him with me without being charged with international kidnapping or spending $30,000 in court and 3 years to get permission from his dad.

I have worked full-time during my 24 years here, paid my taxes, never was on the dole, I love Footy, meat pies, miss the 24 hour diners, made some great friends, travelled alot, had a lot of misfortunes with some lazy Aussies who were quite happy to take advantage of my kindess. Got ripped off by a con artist, survived two divorces, childhood diabetes with my oldest, autism with my youngest, battling on every day with Crohn's disease, found supportive people, dumb, lazy, mean and unfriendly people, but came across intelligent, wonderful, kind hearted people. Its a mixed bag like everywhere else, you have good people/bad people. The best is when someone outright hates me just because I am American and they don't take 2 mins to get to know me. Happened a few times, not many, but very hurtful.

My biggest frustration is in the workplace. The tally poppy syndrome! I work so hard, I run circles around our team, who come into the workplace everyday to socialise, text, do on-line shopping while I am doing the work of 2 full-timers. The Australians do not like to acknowledge this because I am not one of them. They like to put me down, keep me down, keep me quiet. My boss even told me to take it easy, don't work so hard, relax for 6 months, I have already kicked enough goals. Its okay, I know how to play the game. Every time I visit the USA and come back here I slip right back into my Aussie life, being a listener, not a big mouth, know it all as they think we are. I bite my tongue and tell them what they want to hear. Just being patient and counting down my days here.

I look forward to returning to my home-land next year. I have made a a few great friends here and I will miss them but I had heaps of struggles that I won't miss. I can't wait to be reunited with my family and be surrounded by unconditional love and support.

I will never forget that I cried every day for the first two years of being here simply because I found the majority of people to be so unfriendly when all I wanted was to make 1 friend. Is it so hard to just smile or wave hello.

I am so supportive to people I meet who just moved here, regardless of their background because I will never forget how hard it was for me in the beginning. We are all people, we are all human and it doesn't take too much to be welcoming, friendly, helpful.

Is it so hard to just smile or wave hello. EXACTLY ! why do so many ozzies find that so hard to do ? Lack of eye contact and lack of warmth. As for a normal meaningful conversation .....................

Good luck going back ! I wish you all the best, I am sure it will be fine ! You will be able to breath in again deeply and feel alive ! It's a great feeling ! :)

I'm fifth generation Australian and I actually know what you mean, I've found English, Canadian and French people, who I've met over here, much more friendly and open. Much easier to be with. I grew up in rural Australia and I've always found country Australians much friendlier, the type of people who will smile and greet a stranger. The towns people are another matter though, they can be so gossipy and standoffish....I don't know about other countries but I know that people here can be very mean.
I find some of the posts from other Australians just awful, they seem to be justifying your disappointment in Australia. It may depend on where you go though because I find Brisbane people much nicer and I've been told that Melbourne's immigrant Greek and Italian communities are very warm and welcoming compared to Sydney.
By the way I've been told by my English friends that I'm very well spoken for an Australian and I've been told by my Australian friends that I speak posh, which made them think I was "up myself" :\

Sydney is amazing I've got mates from Lebanon and Vietnam and Greece and Croatia and of course Australians , my problem with the people that hate it here is the predjuctice rhetoric they use to justify there points. I've heard from these fools we are the mist racist country on earth and devoid of culture and the list goes on its the voice of shallow ignorance of the world we live in and an excuse for the horrible reality they created through there mind set and attitude , most of these people wouldnt be happy anywhere that's why they left there perfect countries.

You and your compadres wouldn't know what it missing in this soulless shtthole if it hits ya over the head! :)))

One thing for sure its got one big giant piece of **** in it, its name is upyours01=moron=retard=*****.

Are you hitting on me again?

No way, it was like throwing a sausage up a hall way last time you bent over for me, that spankerr guy that you sleep with really made a mess of your *** huh ?

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Canadian eh ?
I lived there for 4 years and was disgusted by the homeless population ; you couldnt even walk down the street without getting harassed for money, cigarettes etc..just filth but I guess its closely related to the massive drug problem and lackadaisical approach to open drug use and sales.
The greasy spoon diners you refer to are sweat shops paying 8$ an hour for adult employees and expecting the customer to tip the server for bringing your food that you already paid too much for, it seems strange you dislike the greasy food here maybe its the trans fats you miss .
I met a few Canadians that were ok my wife is one and I must say the Canadian guys make it real easy to look good , I was inundated with beaver when they hear my accent and see that I'm not a whinning little b I t c h like all Canadian men ( see above poster) they are all over you.
Speaking of outdated policy how was that jail set up in Vancouver for Japanese immigrants in ww2, also the way the first nation people were and still are treated is abhorrent but you morons that move country and stay and be unhappy are really good at hypocrisy doubt eh

upyours, if you can be bothered to read his posts, it is plain that there is a paranoid delusional disorder.

Good old deleting your posts just like your poofter mate

Hey this is right what i think and yes you are right

Wow. I am Australian and I can see where you are coming from in your post. I sometimes find my neighbours rude and, from time to time, can be shocked by the things I hear on the train. I do not however, think this is not a true reflection of Australia. I am not sure where you stayed when you were in Australia but am assuming, like most travellers, in the Eastern suburbs. If you went out to the Kensingtons and Essendons and Brunswicks of Melbourne you would have found a different story. We have people in Australia who are deep thinkers and pushing for a better world. We have protests against Asylum Seeker Policy and weekly political forums 'question time on abc' where those interested talk about politics on a National and International scale. Victoria has fast forward policy for disability and the City of Melbourne had a majority vote for the Greens in the last federal election. If you Google Adam Brandt Greens you will find that his party have some really forward thinking policy agendas. I think the Australia you saw was a result of having a negative attitude and not venturing and looking for the great in Australia.

Work a full time job living under a bridge the norm in this country come home at the end of a 40 hour week and not even have 40 cents to call your own meanwhile whilst people are selling up their multimillion$ property portfolios built on the foundation of arrogant soulless unconcionable inhumane greed capatalism and corruption and on the grassroot foundations and principals that noone gives a **** about anyone else .So much for your family getting a fair go as this so called lucky country

Two phrases, or mantras, as I prefer to call them, will be repeatedly heard regarding Australians and Australia. The mantras are “laid back and easy going” and “the best country in the world”.

To anybody having spent their formative years in Australia, these mantras take on an almost incomprehensible significance within their psyche. The mantras have been heard so often by the Australian that they create within the individual a sense of self assured certainty and smug confidence that they are indeed ”easy going and laid back people” who are “living the dream” in the “best country in the world”. It becomes part of their very existence and a “given” that Australia is indeed the “best country in the world” and is inhabited by “laid back and easy going” people. The endless indoctrination could even be compared with the unquestioning acceptance of certain “facts” by a religious group.

When any discussion arises which may lead to a questioning of the accuracy of these mantras, then the response from the indoctrinated Australian is quite predictable. They frequently become abusive, aggressive and angry. The response is frequently quite the opposite of “laid back and easy going” and could be compared with the attitude of a religious fanatic who has been presented with a point of view that may question, or, does not coincide with, his religious indoctrination.

In addition, the questioning or invitation to view the mantras from a humourous perspective also invokes rage from the indoctrinated Aussie. This is a similar response to the reactions of extreme religious groups when humour is used to invite discussion of their doctrines.

Again and again in this forum we have seen examples of this type of angry, aggressive, irrational and humourless response to any point of view which may question or invite discussion regarding the mantras that Australians are “laid back and easy going” or that Australia is the “best country in the world”.

Case in point.
You are like the narcissistic egotistical murderer that insists on being cross examined to prove his innocence only to completely convince the jury of your guilt.
Thanks wankerr

Hi there. <br />
<br />
I am Australian (and very proud to be from here) and I have also travelled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Your post was really disappointing to read because it was so rude and quite frankly - not true. Australia IS a wonderful country and we have some incredible people here. I work really hard at my job and at my studies. It is ridiculous to say that we are all under achievers and happy to take the credit for someone else's work. It's fine if you don't like it here but I wish you wouldn't make such cruel, untrue statements. It smacks of arrogance, ignorance, lack of insight and empathy. <br />
<br />
We are not ill educated or thick, as this post makes us out to be. In fact, your own post has many spelling and grammatical mistakes. So perhaps you should address those before you slam other people down. <br />
<br />
Your post is full of harsh generalisations. Australian culture is different to Canadian. It's sad that you couldn't break away from what you know and embrace something different. <br />
<br />
Australia is not defined by its people. It is defined by its landscape as well. It is a rich, beautiful, sparse country. I'm not sure where in Australia you have been but perhaps you need to visit more of it. <br />
<br />
I'm not going to bother writing more but I am truly saddened that you feel this way.

Your wasting your time, these people are the epitome of racism and discrimination traits brought from the homeland that hopefully they will return soon.

Hey don't you think you Australian you are pop Australia doesn't belong to you belongs to Aboriginal Australians,you are just a convict

Hey, get ******* ed....I am aboriginal d I c k h e a d

Wow okiju45. There's an old saying. Better to keep your mouth closed and let everyone think your stupid instead of opening it and removing any doubt.

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Left Australia about a month ago and I feel so relieved. The 3 years I spent there were such a nightmare. Don't want to see that place ever again. All the bs about "the lucky country" and all that is a big, fat lie.

Thankyou so much for leaving, its people like you that fill me with hope that Australia can rid itself of all ungrateful self entitled whinging free loader immigrants.

You are talking a lot about yourself; - kinda funny! :))

I know you are but what am I ?
Your kinda cute :)))

hey, heeeey, pull up ya ******! Are'ya hitting on me now?
Shut up or I'll tell your boyfriend!

Oh a homophobe aswel as racist and prejudice don't act all offended your a filthy pommy of course you love the d I c k, you can't get enough of it, look at your screen name you love it .I hope spankerr knows your flirting with me you could get in big trouble

Hey the only true Australians are Aboriginal. And who build Australia Europeans people while Aussie White people doll badges drink and drugs.

Hahaha it a prerequisite to be an assuming presumptuous racist to not like living in Australia ? At least spankerr pretends to be intelligent you are just pathetic.

Freeloader? Do you have any idea what your country collects from overseas people, whether they are on holiday, come to study, or perhaps apply for other visas? I would not call a student who pays about 13x the study fees as an Australian does (and mind you, there is no extra support or service of any kind in place) a free loader.
If someone wants to apply for a visa (already costing quite a fee), there are plenty of other documents that need be prepared/translated, keeping a whole range of professionals occupied. Ridiculously overpriced, of course. It's a whole economy, that immigration. Pays for a lot of Aussies on the dole/medicare.
And what do they get for it? Apart from beautiful weather and lovely landscape; mainly comments like yours. Jealousy, hatred and so-on. Australians seem to thrive on others mis-fortune, and usually prefer trying to make someone else's life miserable (especially when having a bit of an accent), instead of helping someone. And if someone seems to be coping despite the difficult environment....? He must be a freeloader!

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Also reading through responses people please don't feel the need to correct people's gramma who obviously have taken English as a second language because you just prove this guys point even more and I applaud anyone who voices their opinion.

The worst grammar usually comes from the true blue Ozzie. Semi literate, illogical and garbled responses is the standard usually displayed.

While that may be true you and your ilk that move to a country by choice then complain about it instead of leaving because its not like the s h it hole you came from represent the moronic cockroach of society element that is thankfully a small proportion of immigrants that come to Australia.

My point proven :)

Yes you proved mine.

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I was born in Australia with a Maltese and South African background (white ) and while I admit Australian people can be very racist and pretty much retards I would like to also point out that at least we have opportunities in life it isn't so bad my family migrated for a reason and that was a better life and if they received it that's all that matters. Just give us Aussies that try some credit.

Honestly that's the nicest thing I've ever heard from a south African(white).

wow glad i read others with the same opinion. I just finished 2 months of travelling throughout Australia. I am from Europe and always heard great stories. Well, I realized quickly everything you just said. In my experience and opinion, I found Australia a copy of the United States, and I know Aussies do not like to hear this. Look at the history, mining, the lower class, poor, Europeans, etc. Now look where Australia is today. I have hardly heard any intellectual conversation. It seems they do not like to discuss things that go on around the world, and all live their Australian dream. I found Melbourne and Sydney pretty boring. Melbourne is a pot hole that is too crowded, and Sydney just seems too calm for me. Now, don't get me wrong. I think Australia has a lot to offer, it is beautiful. But I disagree with those who think Australia is HEAVEN or PARADISE. This is also because the divide between the poor and rich is getting bigger. The government does invest enough in infrastructure, and to get a professional job and get sponsored seems almost impossible now for Europeans. Taking in account that they help the Brits, so that many Aussies can work long term back in the UK. I know we have issues with racism in Europe, but Australia is still behind in time, and I 've heard so much negative racism from lots of Aussies, especially towards Abboriginals. Perhaps people don't want to accept, that Abboriginals were first humans on Australian continent, then the Dutch came (I am from Holland), and the Britis like they did in the USA, took over. That's just my 2 cents.

Will be interesting to see how the morons will react to this post!

So completely agree with you.Melbourne is sooo goddam boring, Australians dont discuss what is news or what is going on locally or further afield. Its called being insular.They are only interested in their own little bubble and like to hear themselves talk,usually about themselves. I hate
living here but will hav to wait till my child is grown up before I can go back home. Ive never felt Australia is home even after 16 years .I also hate the way most white Austraians dont give two hoots about the plight of the Aboriginals. I cant wait to leave.

If only we had the drug problems murders and a homeless problem out of control you would of felt more at home, my wife's Canadian and your cuntry ( intended) makes good beaver but we couldn't wait to leave Canada and live in Australia, the only thing I miss is the snow.

I moved in Australia one year ago. I came from Greece and the reason why I returned to Melbourne is because my father is Australian and I thought why not?! Living in Australia is so ******* bad. The place itself feels boring LOTS and there is nothing to do but shopping. No special events, nothing new. The weather is plain nasty. Hate it. Making new friends is impossible. People seem nice but are cold. Finding a good job is IMPOSSIBLE. I wish I had known and never came here. Now I have lost my perfect job I had back in Greece and I am stack in a very boring place. Australia is fun only for Asians because their countries are ****** up. If you live in Europe or USA, stay away by any costs.

Yeah Greece is doing great..lmfao

True,just shop shop shop.Boring as hell. Holidays consist of beach,bush,drinking coffee and eating and not much else.

Everything said is absolutely correct. I'm an Australian citizen with an ethnic background and ethnic sounding name. After living 27 years in Australia I was fed up with the arrogant, unintelligent, racist, foul mouthed, self righteous and ingnorant Aussies (just describing the average Aussie). I realised that in my 27 years I didnt have any Aussie friends. All of my mates were ethnic Aussies.

I moved to the UK on a 2 year visa and my eyes were opened. Immediately I felt accepted in a truly multicultural country (always felt as a second rate citizen in Oz despite being an educated professional). In the UK people treat each other with respect and are polite. They tend to keep their racial opinions to themselves and the place is full of culture and history. I've made so many British friends here in 2 years and have had so many job opportunities.

The sad my visa is now finished I have to return to boganville. I'm devastated (devo). After reading this forum I'm remembering all the reasons why I hated living in Australia so much in the first place (rude bogans with bad hygeine and also the cost of living is crazy).

I've reached out to employment agencies in Oz and they say my experience is great but the clients want someone with local experience. When I tell them I'm an Australian citizen with 6 years professional experience in Aus they say they want someone with "recent" local experience. I've never heard of this phenomenon! I know that it's purely because of my ethnic sounding name. Uk and US strongly value global experience for multinational companies but not little old Oz.

Australia is good in some ways (good weather, beaches, nice house, a few decent Aussies) but overall the average Aussie is a very rude, arrogant, racist, low IQ person who thinks they're superior to every other nationality, but still cant string together a proper sentence.

I think Aussies need to put aside their egos and look at their culture/attitudes critically. And maybe learn a thing or two about other cultures. Also remove the F*** Off We're Full stickers from their cars because Australia is clearly not full. It just lacks infrastructure, but that's another story.

Also, what's with the no shoes thing? I mean seriously, walking around the streets with no shoes? It's like they get dressed in the morning and lose all motivation when they get to their feet.

I feel sorry :( Prepare yourself again for all this boring situation. :(

Its not because your ethnic, I've got more wog mates than Australian mates the reason you have no Australian friends is because your a d I c k h e a d

Nice one Rob!
Lets say I am a d***head for arguements sake. By your logic a d***head can make plenty of good mates of various cultures (european, american, middle eastern, asian) but no Australian mates. But only a non-d***head can make Australian mates? By that logic it sounds like the only d***head in the global community is the Australian. Namely you.

Case in point, d I c k h e a d. Lets just say you are and leave it at that.

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Having lived here a while I find Australians can be a rude and arrogant racist bunch.Also like to some how think they are better than you, , Australia is so far behind the rest of the world. When it comes to sport to they can get quite arrogant but then cry like sore losers when they loose,

Since I was born in Australia it's like the Buddha said: life is a great misfortune, and I would like to move one-way ticket to France. The people in Australia say painful things and they don't leave room for the ideal world. I didn't get any misfortune in Kenya, in fact I act on the Roman virtues, pretending to agree with people but with Australians you shouldn't be talking to anyone. I might be exaggerating but I'd rather live in the bush where suburbians and city-dwellers can't act like ignorant fools. Australians think they're wise people and a few times they called me a fool, that's not hurtful, but it's not like it's a compliment. When I'm courteous it's only my friends that tell me I'm very polite, the rest of the people call me rude. Every time I wear green or wear my hat the wrong way then go outdoors to wear it the right way I get a tad of misfortune, and apparently all the misfortune happened in Australia. This is a Christian country and this religion has ruined my life, they said I was about to go to hell, but I'm not Christian like them. Australians are unfriendly, angry and want to be left alone, I can't communicate with them, you get a lot of anti-intellectuals and they keep calling me stupid, idiot, insane, crazy, dumb, it's not true, sometimes I just want to, I won't go there.

I have been living in Mel for a year now and it is just BAD as you describe. I do hate most australians, so bitchy and losers.

I'm a french Canadian and I agree that Australia is a backward country with so many dumbs people out there. They are just like poors Americans ... located in the Pacific South, uncouths and with no maners ... OZ is really not a powerful country, only 23 000 000 citizens, technologicaly retarded in comparison with Canada (which is a member of the G7 (world economic powerest nations) ALENA, NATO) and the rest of the OECD, there is culture in Canada and we are proud to be what we are (the most envied nation in the world with Germany). Down under, the temperature can be great (for some people) but what about the F****** rest ? I just can't find anything else. I wouldn't change my country for this deep lost whole, I prefer snow with smarts , in shape and educated citizens. Canada ranks among the most prosperous countries in the world and will be part of the three wealthiest countries (PND per capita) by 2020 (currently the 10th). Innovation in OZ sucks so much ! We, Canadians have the canadarm technology (space), Bombardier (Aerospace: trains and planes), BlackBerry, widespread high speed internet available all over the country, etc. In sums we have the feeling to be part of the (real) advanced world, OZ are so isolated down under with others backward countries not too far from there ! BTW: Sorry for grammar mistakes, english is not my first language.

and how do Canadians rank for modesty ? It's not looking good so far.

You have to admit that he is mostly right thou! :)

French Canadian arrogant and superior ? Stereo type personafied even Canadians hate the French canadians

Im a canadian living here too, married to an aussie girl and couldnt agree with you more.

I am always amazed at the way in which Aussies claim to be the only people with 'spirit'. Utter crap. Try watching other countries and their issues with natural disasters and emergencies and the way in which they come together with 'human spirit'. The biggest myth of them all? Anzac Day!! The Aussies were the only ones there apparently in what was a complete military disaster. Reports from Aussie troops on the ground that were hidden from public view so that the population could be 'sold' the 'spirit' with which this day is ridiculously supposed to honor. There were more Brits, French and Indians at that location and for longer with higher casualties. Get over yourselves Australia, realise and accept that your an infant in the worlds eyes, an infant with a bad attitude and who throws its toys out of the pram just because it can't accept that its the western worlds own third world experiment!

Where is their ******* spirit? They are so stupid!

I think we can all plainly see that the "grammarical" error is a simple typo. This is quite different from the average Aussies inability to distinguish betwixt there, their and they're or any number of other errors that cannot be picked up by a spell checker. Note that he indignant Aussie below, has, true to form, expressed insult and derision in an attempt to discredit the poster who has upset the hypersensitive Aussie by posting an experience which contradicts the "mantras and indoctrination"
In the qwerty keyboard, the r is next to the t.

Hahaha. Betwixt trick pony

I'd just like to point out that while I was reading this, I was grimacing at the multiple grammatical errors you made. I think the icing on the cake was when you said you expected "grammarical" errors in replies from Australians. My Australian pinky finger is more literate than your Canadian narrow mind.

An other grammatical genius unable to comprehend anything that isn't dogmatically correct from a closed minded robotic mindset.

I am not a self-proclaimed grammatical genius. As an American who has lived in the UK and Australia as well, I also certainly am not close-minded. There were some valid points raised in this argument, but complaining about illiterate Australians using that standard of English is a massive contradiction.

It is not the poster's English grammar that is sub standard. It is his typing skills and occasionally his spelling. He nevertheless displays a much better grasp of grammatically correct English than do the majority of Aussies who have posted in this forum. Incidentally, close means nearby. Closed means shut. Correct English in this case is closed. But then maybe it is that Aussie pinky finger that is causing all the problems and is typing away all on its own, not listening to anybody, not even the American who has an Australian pinky finger.

It is more the case of the "Stinky finger" Down-Under! :)

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Hi there. I grew up in Toronto and now live in Perth, where I lecture at The University of WA. A few things you have mentioned are true and some others are false. Let's start with some of the fallacies of your argument:
Your final paragraph reads,
"enjoy the illiterate, grammarically incorrect, spelling error ridden, ..."
Here is an expose of your spelling and grammar.
1. "Excepting?" No such a word. You obviously mean "accepting".
2. "Uncouth", not "uncooth".
3. "Bigot", not "biggot".
4. "Merit", not "merrit".
5. "Under-achievers", not "achievers"
6. "Else's", not "elses"
7. "Overpays it's population?" You mean "its". "It's" is a contraction of "it is".
8. "Friends", not "freinds"
9. You keep on writing "it's" instead of "its". Remember, "it's" is a contraction of "it is" , not the possessive of "it".
10. You also write "your" when "you're" is correct. "You're" is a contraction of "you are". "Your", on the other hand, is the possessive of "you", e.g. "your national pride."
The amazing thing is that my spell-checker wouldn't even ALLOW me to make most of these errors.
I think you must realise by now that you made a lot of spelling and grammar errors in a short article. The errors are not just typos.
You consistently make two mistakes typical of children in late primary school and early high school: "it's/its" and "your/you're". I would guess that you probably have the same problem with "there/their/they're".
You have raised some good points about Australia (a lot of Australians are rude and lazy and it's too expensive here), but you ruin it by accusing Australians of having terrible grammar and spelling. Obviously, you come across as an uneducated and ignorant hypocrite. As for the White Australia Policy, it was forty years ago. Australia is not a racist country anymore by international standards. In fact, it's one of the only countries in the world where racial vilification is illegal. Legislation changes behaviour.
Australia is a very stratified country and my concern is that you haven't chosen to live in a nice, middle-class area. I don't see meat pies on the menu in any of the (over-prices) places I eat but they are on the menu in the lunch bars in the industrial areas. I must say that when I was in Toronto in January, the prices were great but after leaving a 20% tip, they worked out the same as Australia.

Thank yooou for tha lekturre!
Aij hope we doonet haffe to paj youei, and Yaou are nod asking fore a 20% tippe aitherr.
Yaou velly velly luckey man, spicka di Engliis perrfeketelly.
Molto bene raggazi!

My god you are pathetic. All your reply is capable of is not picking on somebody's grammar. Its hardly constructive is it? I got bored reading your reply and I'm sure most others did as well, but the little I did read coincided with the suggestion Aussie don't pay attention when spoken to. Somebody is giving criticism about something and all your thinking off is their grammar and spelling. What a useless waste of life you are. Are you a bogan chance?

Awesome!! Good work

why does this brilliant article not appear in the main page for "I hate living in Australia". Are they leaving out all the old stories ?

You ******* sook. Go back to Canada.

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