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I'm With You

Yes.  This is a terrible country to live in or even travel to for that matter.  Let me say that I never write posts but I feel so strongly about this and was comforted by hearing the stories of other like-minded people.  Australia truly sucks.

I'm a Canadian who's been living here on and off (mostly off, gratefully) for over ten years.  This time i've been back for just over two years and just when I thought this dump couldn't get any worse, it could.  My wife is Australian (they do create very good looking women) and tight with her family so we've come back.  

The blank stares.  The timid, angry looks people give.  The complete lack of having a decent conversation with one of them, providing you can engage them in the first place.  I could go on forever!  I've become a biggot living here as I now have a real dislike for Australians as a nation; here and abroad.

Australians seem like they're all on Lithium.  They have this vacant look in their eyes and don't seem to listen when spoken to.  Perhaps that's why they're so  unreliable.  No one reads here or strives to better their understanding of the world around them.  I've never been anywhere else like it.  It's like some giant science experiment gone wrong.  They frequently go on about what a great country Australia is but there's no merrit behind.

Australians are viewed by the international community as racist, uncooth and non-consequential, and if they were more open minded towards excepting constructive criticism, they might have a chance of evolving with the rest of us.  Have any of you ever been told defensivley by an Aussie (True Blue!) to 'go home' for voicing you opinion?  I bet you have.  Now, can you think of any other country where you've experienced that?  Can you imagine?  It says alot about the level of intolerance here.  And that in turn says a lot about the Nation.

And, for all of this: the honor of them allowing you to live in their country, you have to pay through the nose!  Australia is really over-priced - from food (wow, are they kidding?), to real estate.  Australians are proud underacheivers and happy to accept the reward for someone elses work.  The stores sell inferior products for outrageous prices and  everyone just blindly pays.  It's crazy!  No one cares about anything here except for themselves which makes for a boring, uncultured, mollified, apathetic place.  Monopolies, Duopolies, super corrupt government; Australia is a willing police state.

Australia awards incompetence and overpays it's population for even the most menial of jobs making goods and services wildly expensive.  It will cost you big for even simple pleasures like going out for coffee ($4) or a cafe meal ($15-$30).  There are no diners or greasy spoons or 24 hr breakfast places or delis where you can grab a cheap bite!  Your only options are disgusting meat pies or nasty freezer to deep fryer chiko rolls or whatever shich are also overpriced and served with a sneer.

I could go on and on.  Let me say that  this is a very general outlook and of course I have close family and freinds here that I respect greatly, but, I have lived in a few countries and travelled to many more and as a whole THIS COUNTRY SUCKS!  And, a country is defined by it's people.  I mean 'whites only' policy into the 70's?  I mean, come on.  What more is there to say?  Get out if you can and if your already out don't come.  

On a lighter note, enjoy the illiterate, grammarically incorrect, spelling error ridden, foul mouthed responses the Aussies give to this post.  I heartily enjoy reading the uneducated Aussie posts.  Even the newspapers here can't spell.  A French friend said to me once when asked what he thought Australia said: "It's a glass of Coke".  I think of it more like a loaf of Wonderbread.


nosheep2004 nosheep2004 36-40 113 Responses Jun 2, 2011

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"Enjoy the illiterate, GRAMMARICALLY incorrect, spelling error ridden"

Can't spell easy words in a rant against other peoples spelling and grammar. Case closed, you truly are a complete and total spastic.

The funny part is your slandering a country rated higher in the Human Development Index and basically every quality of life measurement then canada is ahahahaha. How stupid do you feel. Glad you prefer your frozen wasteland, sadly you're the 1% and the rest of the world disagrees with you so its no problem. Ironically you insult peoples intelligence with a load of braindead baseless ****. All canadians must be as retarded as you.

We know your level of development first hand. And knowing the reality, makes me really wonder how your mob of loudmouth dilettantish bullshtters got the position.

The reality is you're just a miserable old ***** that cant be happy in what is widely ranked as one of the best countries on earth. Maybe you should try a war torn or third world country and see how you like that, with any luck you'll catch a terminal disease or be blown up and wont have to suffer it for long. Or just outright kill yourself and save everyone your bitching and ****** opinions.

You Do represent the guild of the fully blown, blah bla bloop Aussie arseholes, ay moiyete?

Says the person complaining about living in first world countries. Sadly you're the pathetic arsehole not me. Love to hear what kids working in factories think about how bad your life is. you're a joke and a waste of a human being.

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been here for six months.... my stay here sums up all you said and more...they are ignorant about other countries cultures. They feel that they are superior among all country in the world. Traveling other places around the world is the another form of good education. Most of Australians I met have never ever travelled out of this country and they think they know a lot.

You are very polite!
Because they think that there is nobody and nothing possibly better than that substandard garbage that they come up with.

I found this thread a few nights ago. In a secret state of decrepitude due to not experiencing any exchange of humanity for a very long time, I typed into Google "I hate living in Australia." I couldn't believe when I started reading through your posts and some tears, that there were actually people out there who made sense, spoke the truth and refused to be victims of deception, in a world corresponding with some disturbed make-believe story.

I have come to one simple conclusion after 22 long years in this country. The truth is shut out. Every time.That is the unspoken matrix of Australian society. Whether truth involves, happiness, sadness, justice or injustice, harmony or hate, it is futile trying to elucidate it. I say this with utmost confidence, because to talk about the truth, one must be willing to exercise jaw muscles, which enable humans to talk and communicate. Here, we have the problem. Whether it is the lithium, nosheep2004 talks about, or some secret mass lobotomy performed in the dark tunnels of underground Frankenstein laboratories, hiding somewhere in the Nullarbor Plain, the average Aussie scoffs at the prospect of having any type of humanlike dialogue.

Australia is a very repressed society. I find this strange as its landscape is often vast, open and liberating and sometimes, perhaps if we dare to imagine, landscape can influence human behaviour. Sadly, even remotely emotive people should never consider living here. Australians love being deluded and they snarl at anyone who tries to demonstrate the opposite of what they blindly accept as reality.

Australians are destructively argumentative.They love bickering and debating and in order to win the argument at all cost, they will resort to taking even brain steroids to prove their stubborn point. Furthermore, I have found them to be greatly dishonest and phoney friends. They laugh at people's kindness and regularly confuse it with stupidity. They believe one should work smarter and not harder, but when it comes to explaining what exactly does that mean, they become impenetrable. All of those who might be miffed by my comments, will hopefully be revived and prove that they are still capable responding to a human, even if it is in a form of abuse. I say this because one thing Aussies are really good at, is ignoring people. Particularly those who through their speech, reveal an ethnic origin. They also ignore each other, but for some strange reason, they accept this behaviour as normal.

To me, it seems that the culture lacks values. The importance of human connection is never reinforced or highlighted. What disturbs me, is that the so called progressive, civilised, the most harmonious society in the world, as it is often perceived, readily tolerates the abuse of human relationships. Australians think that giving the cold shoulder to their fellow human beings certifies their independence and superiority. The characteristic of civilised society surely must involve acceptance and respect, which transpires in the behaviour of people.

It took me a long time to learn not to show what's inside, but I'm paying the price, as I feel I have lost an integral part of myself. What sustains me is the thought of change, the anticipation of better, restoring experiences.

I wish you all encouraging and healing journeys ahead!

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I applaud you. I always thought I was the only one that felt this way, as everyone I know just LOVES Australia - can't seem to get enough of it. Sure they do. As soon as they can they leave the place for more this, that or the other. I think the best thing would have been if it had never been discovered. You're right about the ignorance, racism and just overall
small-mindededness of the place.

An American told me once that Australia reminds him of America in the 1950s. I think that's being far too kind. It really is the arse-end of the world. Internationally, Australia has no voice - never has had.

Saying it's better than a war ravaged country or the third world is no argument whatsoever. That's really rather sad.
You can't compare it to Europe. Within many European countries people care and really talk about things that matter. Here, there's not much to say. As long as you shut up and do as your told, you'll be fine. Empty and miserable, but fine. No doubt I'll be verbally vilified for my views, as having an opinion or saying how you feel (you must believe and feel like everyone else here) is usually met with disdain and abuse. Once a penal colony - always a penal colony.

Young Man
As a much older man who was also born in this godforsaken dump, I hear you loud and clear. I was in my late 30's by the time I had an opportunity to travel overseas (to Europe). I've since been over again a few times and absolutely love the place.
Australia to me is the same as you see it through your eyes...devoid of culture, only concerned about the here and now, too hot, the people lack any will to improve (in life and in the workplace).

I hope someday you find where you belong, as I am currently arranging for my entire family to move to Germany. We will never be back.
The entire system here is setup for culture-less sheep who don't think for themselves...naturally there are exceptions however they are few and far between. I know every country has its issues and idiosyncrasies, it is just that Australia is so backward it is embarrassing.
The idea of culture for many of them is BBQ's, sport and football. I hate to break it to the bogans but sport and BBQ's are a favourite past time for many other nations as well and are not confined to Australia.
We are also one of the only so called first world nations who fluoridate water which would have a lot to do with the vagueness of so many people here. Another enforced law here is for all bread bakers to include folic acid in their flour products - all done without any debate or referendum because Australians simply don't give a ****, they are too busy watching tv or getting plastered down the pub.

i do agree. i was born here,
but i do hate the society. Mainly the government and the police.
police in australia do not serve to protect. Infact they serve to the sole purpose scam and take hard earned money from honest people.
There once was a time where police were once looked up to, time is long gone, we all see them as pigs trying to get higher revenue for the police. Most are cocky basterds as well.

I never know what to say to these posts. It's offensive and heartbreaking to Australians to hear how apparently hateful we are. At the same time, is it really fair to tar us all with the same brush? I'm tired of being labelled uneducated just because I happen to be Australian - I have a PhD! People seem to mistake the views and policies of the government (which has had appalling, racist and cruel policies for some time) for the views of every person. This is simply untrue. If you look deeper you'll see the contribution that Australians have made to the world - cervical cancer vaccination, wifi, spray on skin for burns victims...there are many. But by all means continue your own narrow minded critique of australia, ignoring the well meaning citizens that are atriving against racism and narrow-mindedness.

Your narrow mindedness is such that you are just incapable of digesting any critique on your self-gratifying Australian ways of life. The rest of the world, just can't teach you and your lot anything that you don't know already, isn't it?

I am a 21 year old Australian who has lived in Canada and I have to agree that the new generation of Australians are ruining the way foreigners perceive our country. We have taken the light hearted tall poppy syndrome and turned it into a very belligerent attack on everyone we meet even our friends. It was only until my Canadian friend said "why are you hating me on all the time?" And I realised what I thought was me being an Australian Larrikin was in fact me being a obnoxious ******. And then I started practicing adopting the Canadian vernacular and upon return to Australia had a cathartic moment. Australia was once a truly desirable country where our nationals were once celebrated in overseas bars. But no more.

We need to make a change in our personalities as a whole.

YOU have no right to speek that way about a country no matter what it is or the circumstances. You may not like it but that was rude and stupid to say that you should be ashamed of yourself if you hate it as much as you explain LEAVE then no one is making you stay your a disgrace shame on you ! Mind you Australians work extremely hard, my mum and dad are both Australians and are so kind and work long hours to support my family with a beautiful lifestyle the same goes to everyone we know !

I was born in Australia and have lived here my whole life. I have traveled abroad to poorer countries and i agree with OP Australia is a hole we're rude we're mostly dumb Labourers the continent is 10 years behind every other country and is ridiculously over priced on everything. I can't wait till i can get out of this hole of a country

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Perhaps, dear tiamaria, nosheep does have the right to speek ( sic ) that way. You may not like what was writen, but that does not mean that the writer had no right to write what was written. ( I hope I am not confusing things for you by writing "right" and "write" and "written" all in the same sentence. ) In any case you need to think a little about punctuation. The "sentence" you have written is grammatical garbage and full of the usual TBABS advice. It also demonstrates the usual Aussie inability to distinguish when to use "your" and "you're". So many TBABs truly are verging in semi literacy. A product of the wonderful Aussie education system perhaps ?
Great to hear that your Mum and Dad are working hard. No doubt you are all "living the dream" in a MacMansion with a massive TV and a 4x4 or two and a few jetskis and so on. But do any of you ever listen to each other, do you really know how you feel ?
Also for the benefit of those who are not accustomed to Stryne , would you like to attempt to translate your garbled sentence into coherent English and chuck in some punctuation ? "You may not like it but that was rude and stupid to say that you should be ashamed of yourself if you hate it as much as you explain LEAVE then no one is making you stay your a disgrace shame on you ! "

I've been in Australia all my life and couldn't agree more with this post.
Here's another post elsewhere that I found on this topic:

While I'm a white Australian, most of my friends are actually ethnic Australians, and I couldn't be happier or luckier to have such a circle. I went to a selective high school in Sydney and that's where I met most of my current circle of friends, who all started off with very little, and are now dominating their fields at a very young age. Couldn't be prouder!
White Aussies at work often whinge to me about how Asians (East and South) are taking over their jobs, have no life, are retarded etc. When I let them know that I actually don't have a problem with Asians, guess what? I didn't fit the norm so they turn on me!!
There is an expectation that if you're white, you must only speak Aussie English, stay away from ethnics, indulge in an aimless life of getting drunk, getting laid, burning your wallet to "have a good time" and be "easy going". To me, those are the very acts that define stupidity and are the reasons that Australia is failing today.
I am so lucky to have friends from a multitude of backgrounds, as I get to experience different cultures, foods, perspectives and gain wisdom from their parents who harbour different spiritual beliefs which are all based on different experiences from different countries and different walks of life. Wow! Would I have such an opportunity if I was in a monocultural country? Or if I was in a multicultural country but only stuck with fellow Aussies? Most fellow Aussies don't realise that they're following an Anglo culture - that of the lowest class of Anglos. When I visited the UK, I was suprised to see that educated Anglos don't act like Aussies at all. The lower class ones are the exact same as Aussies, but with a British accent.

Sadly, everything the OP mentioned about Australians is true. This is coming from a fellow white Australian. People here react with anger and hostility when they don't hear the music to their ears. If you're an ethnic, sorry to say, but you will never be accepted by the mainstream. If you are fresh off the boat, I'm sure you've heard "go back to where you came from" or "f off, we're full". If you grew up in Australia, I'm sure you've noticed that you won't be invited to parties, nor will your invites be accepted. I'm sure you know that local Aussies are saying "he's never going to be one of us..f uckin asian c unt". I'm sure you've been frustrated at not even getting a job at Woolies because you don't possess years of experience pushing the trolley, but when you ask the white bloke working at the store how he got the job, he'll say he just had to apply and he got it. Yep..your surname makes a huge's the proof from a recruiter himself:
Go to 8:00

Australia attracts the low class people from Earth. country where tradiea can make quick bucks and intellectual people are discarded from society

Please spread your seed as much as possible, because your kind is the only hope Australia has got!

Have grown up in Perth my entire life, what I love about this place? The Beaches, the Swan River and some other natural stuff - and not a great deal else. Essentially Perth is still a 'small town' compared to the rest of Australia but has none of the charms that you would normally expect to find in out. Here are my main torments:1st - The insane economy as mentioned before; the cost of housing is so severe that a young family (or anyone from the Lower-Middle Class for that matter) would struggle to afford a home that isn't in a run-down, out of the way crime-ridden suburb over 45 minutes away from town. This has to be one of the ONLY places in the world where high-property prices are positively-correlated to high rates of crime. Housing prices have been adjusted highly in areas that are perceived to have 'potential' long-term benefits - in that they will one-day be good suburbs as soon as they can get around to developing the shops, roads, parks, schools and public transport (which is pathetic and almost non-existant in many suburbs) - the prices reflect that this has already happened and of course when (and if) it does actually happen they will skyrocket again. Only a minimal amount of people actually earn high wages here - and that minority holds a monopoly of the housing market. The worst thing about the housing market is that is essentially a complete LIE - our homes are the most overvalued in the world and stupid Perth citizens just keep sucking it up. You also have no chance if you don't want to drive, and the CBD and surrounds typically resemble a car-park on most days (and even weekends) due to the ****-poor planning by previous governments in years past.Finally - apart from the housing market the cost of everything else is pure insanity. $14 for a pint of average beer? $250+ to take the kids to a footy/cricket match? Only in Perth/Australia. Everyone is over here to make as much money as possible by ripping everybody off.2nd - The people. My lord, for a smaller city you'd think you'd see a few more smiles, openness and honestly - the only people you get this from are recent immigrants desperately searching for new friends - which is almost impossible with Perthites. The Western cliquishness reaches dizzying heights not possible anywhere else; unless you've been friends with them since High School don't expect many opportunities to form new friendships... and if you expect to wait months before they can fit you into their 'busy' schedules to actually catch up. I agree with all the previous posts about the zombie/lithium-look - you get this almost everywhere from baby boomers to Gen-X'ers - 9/10 people avoid your gaze and just about jump out of their skins when you stop to ask them something. Just about every suburb feels like a 'dead zone' - Australians at experts at making it look like they don't live in their own Home, everything is extremely quiet at night (unless there's a drunken, drug-binged party going on somewhere) - there is little-to-no community feeling whatsoever. Again - there may be some areas where this is different but these will always be 7-figures for the cheapest home. The stench of arrogance, superiority and egomania is on such a level in this country it makes Pop celebrities look like street buskers - the Bogan class is riddled with ****** Holden Commodores, aggro dogs, Tatoo's and wifebeaters. Enjoy driving on the road with these people as they try to ram you off the road for failing to indicate, or better yet bump into one of them on Australia Day (one of nation's many excuses to get as pissed as humanly possible) and get your head-kicked in for looking anything unlike them. The Hipsters (the super wealthy Gen Y's) are also riddled with tats, skinny jeans, thick-framed glasses, buddy-holly comb-over and smug sense of superior-entitlement. These clowns prowl the streets spending their baby-boomer parents cash, talk in a hybrid-version of English stuck somewhere across the Atlantic between London and New York. A huge portion of young Anglo Australians inherit wealth and property from their parents, snort every kind of drug available so that they can have 'an experience' in full public viewing. These people are almost more eye-gouging than the Bogans. Also, if you ever want to go to a Music concert here, imagine paying well over $150 for the cheapest tickets... and worst of all there is almost a 'no-dancing' policy just about everyone you go to. I've been at concerts here where you look around and witness a sea of zombie-like faces all sitting down, all clapping methodically whilst the security guards kick-out anybody for trying to dance in the aisles - it's like something out of North Korea. Anybody who tries to dance will be slaughtered by the crowd and subsequently booted from the venue. It doesn't take much to get kicked out of anywhere in Perth - you could accidentally spill a bit of $10 watered-down mid-strength beer or somebody's foot at a Cricket game and be ejected or... believe this... for being 'too festive' (trying to start a Mexican wave).

I've also forgotten the Workplace - as previously mentioned, hard-work and efficiency is often viewed negatively (especially in the Public Sector) and any kind of differences are mercilessly bullied out of them by the Men and bitched about by the Women. I've never witnessed such a scale of backstabbing, miserable employees in my entire life.

Now that all that bitching is over, I feel I've purged... and can say I love this place. The duality of the confused Aussie in motion.


Sounds like a "Love / Hate" relationship. :)

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It is hilarious to see some of the bigoted Aussie replies, typical of their kind and being. Unable to engage diplomatically before reducing themselves to a foul repertoire and show the world how angry they are. Australia IS the angry country. Very intolerant, rude and uncaring. Not really bothered about the rest of the world and what it is doing and very adverse to change. It's no wonder stress and anxiety is biggest illness in this country! Have you ever seen an Aussie fresh off of the plane in London - it's hilarious I assure you. Wide-eyed, backward capped and rock/surfer wearing people feeling out of place with the busy streets and public transport of civilisation. Aussies are made for Australia and Europeans are not meant to become Aussies. Australia is great for an expensive holiday to get some sunshine, see some beaches, drink some wine and see some nature - take in surfing if you like but that's about it. I am happy to say that I hate Australia, dislike the majority of Australian people and still think London as a City is better than all of urban Australia put together.

Hello, I'm Australian and I don't think it's all that bad. I've lived here my whole life, so I admit, I have very little experience of other countries. I also admit things are expensive here. No country is perfect. But I don't think many of your comments about the people are completely true. I know plenty of great people here. I've never heard anyone tell someone to 'go home' and usually everyone is really nice. There's always bastards, but they're in every country. You can't escape them. Like I said, I can't say I have experience of other countries, but I really love living here. Though I want to travel the world someday, I will always call Australia home.

Hello, I have lived in Australia for more than 20 years, and I don't like the country. I have encounter Aussies told me to go back to my country. I have suffered from mental break down, because I don't often feel being accepted here as being an Asian. They often have culture shock with us, and not tolerate the culture difference. Very sad, that I think my heart is so broken every day living in here. A little misunderstanding between Australians and us, we probably don't deserve for giving any explanation.

But I should say there are some nice Australians, but very rare!

Exchange of ideas ? "Rod DeCurse" and "Gibzor"

The quintessential convict Australian way of bludgeoning nonconformist free thinkers in to submission!
Ruthlessly destroy those who dare to think for themselves with dogmatic fanaticism.
I don't know how someone as young as Gibzor has the mental capacity to work out for himself the factual truth, but how someone at the age of robcurse can be totally and utterly blind to the Australian social and corporate mentality throw his weight around like some self appointed Gestapo candidate?

You didn't plug the holes in your head before going in to the water, did ya?
You are talking rather weird when you've got a gallon of seawater sloshing around between your ears. But take care before flushing it. If something drops out that may look like a jellyfish, that is most probably your brain and you better put it back before your condition get's worse than it already is.

It's sort of like you missed the entire point, this person clearly said in their experience we are rude and angry. Your response is being rude and angry. It is better to engage by discussing it and asking what can we actively do to change this, so that people do feel welcome. It is obviously a problem if so many people feel this way. By ignoring it, we get nowhere and we all look like easily offended bigots. Do not say to go away, or leave. Why should somebody have to go away if they admit that they experienced racism and rudeness. Shouldn't we be concerned that not only do guests to this country feel offended and attacked, but immigrant families feel it as well every day. Hurling abuse makes us look like children who cannot accept that we have racist people. Every country does, it isn't just us but refusing to address it and yelling at those who dare to complain about how they were treated, to get out is childish.

I am Australian and I hate it. There is corruption at every level in this society. In the schools, in the workplace, in the government, I know because I know people in these places and have seen and heard about it myself. There is no manufacturing and what we do have is dying off. University/TAFE courses are stupidly over prices and there is little opportunity to pick up a trade these days unless your dad is a tradesmen or you know someone. Most people are nationalistic and fake their way through a banner of ''aussie pride'' when they are so far removed from the ideals, selflessness and heroism that defined those brave ANZACS. There is rampant drug problems, alcohol addiction is common, and criminals run loose and are then let back out onto the street with a slap on the wrist.

The educational system is a failure, so many blind lies are taught to the kids about historical subjects such as WW2, though I suppose that is a problem everywhere.

The government has limited the amount of certificates that a person can train in to two only, and after that they will provide no funding. This limits peoples careers so badly, that they may not be able to afford to pay full training costs if previous employment has not worked out in their favor.

The women as a majority are arrogant and selfish, and materialism is a trait that is glaringly obvious in both sexes.

My gripe with Australia: There is no community. No friendship, no trust, no honesty. Australians as a majority are a pack of users and liars and only pretend to be friendly with the majority of people so they can get what they want out of them. Backstabbing, disloyal, cowards. I was born in this country and have lived here since I was a boy, I've never been out of the country, and I hate it. The people are selfish, they have no personality and will not give young people like myself a go. No one will pass on anything without a price. Well I am sick of these people. Australians are that far behind in terms of culture (no culture), engineering and manufacturing, production and educational/work opportunities that it is not funny. I am not proud to live among people like this.

I wish for a society that promotes, growth, culture, education, advancement, engineering, manufacturing, development, safety, production, understanding, tolerance, compassion for the people around you.

I hope to travel one day and have a taste of real culture. Until then, I will continue to do my best with what I now have.

For all the rates and taxes that we pay, we shouldn't be so limited by our government when pursuing education, and I still have to pay a considerable amount regardless of what assistance I can receive from the government.

I don't care for your opinion either way.

And by the way, I grew up here, I deal with these people on a daily basis, I have the right to voice my opinion. If you don't like it, then go and do something you do like doing. I'm not interested in you or your attitude.

And for the record you dolt, you don't have to leave this country to compare its people to the people of others. I have Greek, Hungarian, Russian and Indian friends here, and after conversing with them and THEIR family/friends, I know exactly which people are refined and possess a shred of culture. So before you open your big mouth over the internet, have a think about what you are about to say.

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Hello,<br />
<br />
This is nosheep2004. I can't believe the amount of response that this insignificant rant I wrote more than three years ago has received. I'd just like to say in no particular order: I'm still with you, Thank you, Kiss my ***!<br />
It's overwhelming that so many of you out there felt the need to respond with such vitriol to my minor, although heartfelt, tirade. It's wonderful to miss the point, isn't it? <br />
I can spell just fine, and, as a matter of fact, my first language is not English. It seems - I'm sure many of you have found - that the system used by <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a> does not allow one to edit one's work once you hit the OK button. So, you've all been reading a rough draft; coupled with the fact that I am no regular blogger - as mentioned in the original article - and I did not deem it necessary to write down the username or password that I had chosen, as I never intended to use it again. That's all I have to say.<br />
Keep up the good work...

@ Grammatically correct, as someone who has been living in Canada for over 2 years, I just could not resist submitting a response to your hypocritical post on Australia. The fact of the matter is; ALL of the things you accuse Australians of being, are exactly what you Canadians are too, the ONLY major difference with regards to racism in your country is that you have been socialized not to be overt about it. Hence, most Canadians are a bunch of pretentious, hypocritical, smug, mediocre, ignorant racists!!

Yep, very similar to the Aussie mind set, - thank you for the eloquent formulation!
But I rather sway to the opinion, that you are projecting the Aussie mentality on to the Canadians more than they deserve it.

You have got no fkcng Idea where I am from, ya fkcng bleeding hemorrhoid.
Just simply make up some shtt in the hope that it may stick.
Hahahaha, you really fkcng hate me hahahaha,..................I read your message, replayed to it, but you can go now and do your mother and little brother in a 3.some.

You've got a cheek criticising other people's lack of grammar and education after writing paragraph after paragraph filled with spelling errors. And I'm Scottish, not Australian before you start blaming this on Australians too. Ya fanny!<br />
<br />
uncooth (uncouth) .. merrit (merit) .. excepting constructive criticism (accepting) .. defensivley (defensively) .. underacheivers (underachievers) .. freinds (friends) .. "if your already" (you're) .. grammarically incorrect (grammatically)

yes, but the errors in spelling do not invalidate the points being made in his story.

In 1989 I moved to Australia from New York. Married an Aussie who I met in London (he was unwilling to move to NY so I moved here). We were together for 13 years, it didn't work out (him being lazy and his priorities being his sports, his job, his parents, etc. meant the kids and I were at the bottom of his ladder. He promised me the world, but what I got was a life-time of bad luck stories here. He wouldn't let me move back to the U.S. with the kids, so I continued to live here, waiting patiently until my youngest turns 18 next year so I can take him with me without being charged with international kidnapping or spending $30,000 in court and 3 years to get permission from his dad.

I have worked full-time during my 24 years here, paid my taxes, never was on the dole, I love Footy, meat pies, miss the 24 hour diners, made some great friends, travelled alot, had a lot of misfortunes with some lazy Aussies who were quite happy to take advantage of my kindess. Got ripped off by a con artist, survived two divorces, childhood diabetes with my oldest, autism with my youngest, battling on every day with Crohn's disease, found supportive people, dumb, lazy, mean and unfriendly people, but came across intelligent, wonderful, kind hearted people. Its a mixed bag like everywhere else, you have good people/bad people. The best is when someone outright hates me just because I am American and they don't take 2 mins to get to know me. Happened a few times, not many, but very hurtful.

My biggest frustration is in the workplace. The tally poppy syndrome! I work so hard, I run circles around our team, who come into the workplace everyday to socialise, text, do on-line shopping while I am doing the work of 2 full-timers. The Australians do not like to acknowledge this because I am not one of them. They like to put me down, keep me down, keep me quiet. My boss even told me to take it easy, don't work so hard, relax for 6 months, I have already kicked enough goals. Its okay, I know how to play the game. Every time I visit the USA and come back here I slip right back into my Aussie life, being a listener, not a big mouth, know it all as they think we are. I bite my tongue and tell them what they want to hear. Just being patient and counting down my days here.

I look forward to returning to my home-land next year. I have made a a few great friends here and I will miss them but I had heaps of struggles that I won't miss. I can't wait to be reunited with my family and be surrounded by unconditional love and support.

I will never forget that I cried every day for the first two years of being here simply because I found the majority of people to be so unfriendly when all I wanted was to make 1 friend. Is it so hard to just smile or wave hello.

I am so supportive to people I meet who just moved here, regardless of their background because I will never forget how hard it was for me in the beginning. We are all people, we are all human and it doesn't take too much to be welcoming, friendly, helpful.

Is it so hard to just smile or wave hello. EXACTLY ! why do so many ozzies find that so hard to do ? Lack of eye contact and lack of warmth. As for a normal meaningful conversation .....................

Good luck going back ! I wish you all the best, I am sure it will be fine ! You will be able to breath in again deeply and feel alive ! It's a great feeling ! :)

I'm fifth generation Australian and I actually know what you mean, I've found English, Canadian and French people, who I've met over here, much more friendly and open. Much easier to be with. I grew up in rural Australia and I've always found country Australians much friendlier, the type of people who will smile and greet a stranger. The towns people are another matter though, they can be so gossipy and standoffish....I don't know about other countries but I know that people here can be very mean.
I find some of the posts from other Australians just awful, they seem to be justifying your disappointment in Australia. It may depend on where you go though because I find Brisbane people much nicer and I've been told that Melbourne's immigrant Greek and Italian communities are very warm and welcoming compared to Sydney.
By the way I've been told by my English friends that I'm very well spoken for an Australian and I've been told by my Australian friends that I speak posh, which made them think I was "up myself" :\

You and your compadres wouldn't know what it missing in this soulless shtthole if it hits ya over the head! :)))

Are you hitting on me again?

sorry to hear your story!
I have been living in Australia for more than 20 years, and I feel the same as you feel.
I feel like crying everyday too. I have suffered mental break down while living here, because I find it's hard to make friends with Australians although I am willing to be friend with them, they don't seem like to. I have to hold a teddy bear to fall asleep every night.
wish you the best when going back!

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Hey this is right what i think and yes you are right

Wow. I am Australian and I can see where you are coming from in your post. I sometimes find my neighbours rude and, from time to time, can be shocked by the things I hear on the train. I do not however, think this is not a true reflection of Australia. I am not sure where you stayed when you were in Australia but am assuming, like most travellers, in the Eastern suburbs. If you went out to the Kensingtons and Essendons and Brunswicks of Melbourne you would have found a different story. We have people in Australia who are deep thinkers and pushing for a better world. We have protests against Asylum Seeker Policy and weekly political forums 'question time on abc' where those interested talk about politics on a National and International scale. Victoria has fast forward policy for disability and the City of Melbourne had a majority vote for the Greens in the last federal election. If you Google Adam Brandt Greens you will find that his party have some really forward thinking policy agendas. I think the Australia you saw was a result of having a negative attitude and not venturing and looking for the great in Australia.

Work a full time job living under a bridge the norm in this country come home at the end of a 40 hour week and not even have 40 cents to call your own meanwhile whilst people are selling up their multimillion$ property portfolios built on the foundation of arrogant soulless unconcionable inhumane greed capatalism and corruption and on the grassroot foundations and principals that noone gives a **** about anyone else .So much for your family getting a fair go as this so called lucky country

Two phrases, or mantras, as I prefer to call them, will be repeatedly heard regarding Australians and Australia. The mantras are “laid back and easy going” and “the best country in the world”.

To anybody having spent their formative years in Australia, these mantras take on an almost incomprehensible significance within their psyche. The mantras have been heard so often by the Australian that they create within the individual a sense of self assured certainty and smug confidence that they are indeed ”easy going and laid back people” who are “living the dream” in the “best country in the world”. It becomes part of their very existence and a “given” that Australia is indeed the “best country in the world” and is inhabited by “laid back and easy going” people. The endless indoctrination could even be compared with the unquestioning acceptance of certain “facts” by a religious group.

When any discussion arises which may lead to a questioning of the accuracy of these mantras, then the response from the indoctrinated Australian is quite predictable. They frequently become abusive, aggressive and angry. The response is frequently quite the opposite of “laid back and easy going” and could be compared with the attitude of a religious fanatic who has been presented with a point of view that may question, or, does not coincide with, his religious indoctrination.

In addition, the questioning or invitation to view the mantras from a humourous perspective also invokes rage from the indoctrinated Aussie. This is a similar response to the reactions of extreme religious groups when humour is used to invite discussion of their doctrines.

Again and again in this forum we have seen examples of this type of angry, aggressive, irrational and humourless response to any point of view which may question or invite discussion regarding the mantras that Australians are “laid back and easy going” or that Australia is the “best country in the world”.

Hi there. <br />
<br />
I am Australian (and very proud to be from here) and I have also travelled extensively throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Your post was really disappointing to read because it was so rude and quite frankly - not true. Australia IS a wonderful country and we have some incredible people here. I work really hard at my job and at my studies. It is ridiculous to say that we are all under achievers and happy to take the credit for someone else's work. It's fine if you don't like it here but I wish you wouldn't make such cruel, untrue statements. It smacks of arrogance, ignorance, lack of insight and empathy. <br />
<br />
We are not ill educated or thick, as this post makes us out to be. In fact, your own post has many spelling and grammatical mistakes. So perhaps you should address those before you slam other people down. <br />
<br />
Your post is full of harsh generalisations. Australian culture is different to Canadian. It's sad that you couldn't break away from what you know and embrace something different. <br />
<br />
Australia is not defined by its people. It is defined by its landscape as well. It is a rich, beautiful, sparse country. I'm not sure where in Australia you have been but perhaps you need to visit more of it. <br />
<br />
I'm not going to bother writing more but I am truly saddened that you feel this way.

Hey don't you think you Australian you are pop Australia doesn't belong to you belongs to Aboriginal Australians,you are just a convict

Wow okiju45. There's an old saying. Better to keep your mouth closed and let everyone think your stupid instead of opening it and removing any doubt.

Left Australia about a month ago and I feel so relieved. The 3 years I spent there were such a nightmare. Don't want to see that place ever again. All the bs about "the lucky country" and all that is a big, fat lie.

You are talking a lot about yourself; - kinda funny! :))

hey, heeeey, pull up ya ******! Are'ya hitting on me now?
Shut up or I'll tell your boyfriend!

Hey the only true Australians are Aboriginal. And who build Australia Europeans people while Aussie White people doll badges drink and drugs.

Freeloader? Do you have any idea what your country collects from overseas people, whether they are on holiday, come to study, or perhaps apply for other visas? I would not call a student who pays about 13x the study fees as an Australian does (and mind you, there is no extra support or service of any kind in place) a free loader.
If someone wants to apply for a visa (already costing quite a fee), there are plenty of other documents that need be prepared/translated, keeping a whole range of professionals occupied. Ridiculously overpriced, of course. It's a whole economy, that immigration. Pays for a lot of Aussies on the dole/medicare.
And what do they get for it? Apart from beautiful weather and lovely landscape; mainly comments like yours. Jealousy, hatred and so-on. Australians seem to thrive on others mis-fortune, and usually prefer trying to make someone else's life miserable (especially when having a bit of an accent), instead of helping someone. And if someone seems to be coping despite the difficult environment....? He must be a freeloader!

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Also reading through responses people please don't feel the need to correct people's gramma who obviously have taken English as a second language because you just prove this guys point even more and I applaud anyone who voices their opinion.

The worst grammar usually comes from the true blue Ozzie. Semi literate, illogical and garbled responses is the standard usually displayed.

My point proven :)