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Australia Sucks

To me, Australia is a shithole. I was born here, in Brisbane.
The only thing I love about living here is the big city, but other than that, I'd rather live in England or America, anywhere away from this.
EVERYONE is annoying, they nag you second after second, and everyone are practical *****.
The teachers are ******* and they expect more than you can give, they don't even know how to teach. The politics around here is useless, it's like they try to look high-ranked or some ****.
It's just so stupid here. I can't wait till I get away from all of it.
RedardationShizz RedardationShizz 16-17 40 Responses Aug 5, 2011

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u think Brisbane is bad? come to Perth, literally most boring and isolated place in the world...also the infrastructure here is by far the worst in australia

Totally agree will all you guys from overseas.
I was born her of english parents,and in the 50,s then australians could be trusted,and we had a mateship type thing going.
Now the country is full of Bogans and white trash,all australians not imports.
All mostly racist,and all dobbers and bludgers.
If you live on the gold coast as I do,its hard to find anyone honest.
My opinion,as I spend most of my time overseas now,as its affordable and I can live like a king on my australian pension,,is that the only good thing about the country,is the medical service,mostly free and the price of wine,gotta be the cheapest in the world at from $2.80 a bottle.
What sucks is the price of everything ,Beer is so expensive,hotels are dearer than New York,a ****** motel here cost A$100 or so.What a joke!
And the big joke,is the dumb *** aussies that think this is paradise,and knock everyone that complains.

Well from what I've heard, Brisbane is ****, so is Adelaide. I live in Perth, it's pretty good.

I hope you crash into a lamp post on the way to hell/airport

How could Australia be THAT racist? Quite a bit of Australias population are people from different races. Australia is a wonderful multi-national country and I personally respect other races as a white boy, I even like the aboriginies as they are kind, but sadly, they need more attention. Every country has their own opinion and people like you don't respect that. Good riddens...

I tell you what I hate about Australia, most musicians and bands never come here to perform. I want a Harry Potter world and a disneyworld but no, Australia gets nothing but a bloody giant rock in the middle of a desert.

You want Disney World?

You don't seem to be close to the Gold Coast. It's one fake Theme Park after the other. No real Disney World can be as phony, kitschy and crappy with food on top of that.

I'm afraid I don't have as "high" standards as missing bands and some wizard story. I'd be already happy if daily life was a little bit less annoying. But then again I'm no teenager, yet again when I was I did not care for Harry Potter. Heck, leave the rock alone, it's probably among the absolute highlights of this country. It's the only thing that's not annoying, commercialized (at least I think) and urbanized and ultimately destroyed by the Australian values.

Oh, all you want is some ****** amusement park based on characters from movies made by sadistic (people who like watching people suffer/be sad) people. WELL GO TO CALIFORNIA, The gold coast has better amusement parks and good weather to go along with it. Plus, the "bloody giant rock" is a symbol of this country.

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my friends room was sneaked in by thief, they couldn't do much, my relative house was sneaked in, they couldn't do much, but they try hard to get profit by checking vehicle speed and other drivers who broke road rules.

WTF, I can't even read this, learn grammar before typing about how your friend got robbed. At least your friend wasn't murdered or raped.

die in a hole you should be happy you live in this country you big headed douche please leave and by the way if you don't got nothing nice to say don't say anything

so what does not carry your approval cannot be said? too bad, last time I checked people can voice discontent, like it or not.

if u cant tolerate others talk **** about your country, then u cant talk **** about other country as well. i dont think any human being can do that. opinion is a *****, deal with it.. and what he said is so true anyway

I myself think that Australia is the best country in the world, I was born in the US and moved to AU, but I have to say it is WAY better than the us, the people are alwayse nice in AU, the government is a god loving government and they treat the people right, and a beautiful country, I remember trying to get to AU for many years, I don't regret going there, be glad of what you have because it doesn't get better than that..

good for you but I'm sorry to say that I cannot accept a statement such as "it doesn't get better than that" as an absolute truth:

For one it's an opinion, for another reason it's a pretty implausible in terms of probabilities and regardless of what we are talking of. In essence we cannot quickly claim that something couldn't get better than something else. We require too much of further specification and restriction to get to a level where we could attempt to make such a statement.

For a quick example, from my years in the US it appears to me (personally) that you are wrong. They have been more enjoyable by a long shot. But then again I would not claim that it doesn't get any better than that time. I think there is plenty of room for improvement ...

Least someone who isn't born here ACTUALLY said something POSITIVE About this COUNTRY

I just think it's bullcrap how immigrants move here and get more rights than us real (born in Australia) Aussies, I feel sorry for the people who suffered in their old country, but why not move to another country, most people just move here to bludge the dole and take our jobs and buy up our homes. No offence.

Maybe if you stopped guzzling so much beer and being in a stupdor your whole life, you would realize that immigrants keeps this country and many in the world running properly by paying taxes and voting you bogan.

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i would disagree with you if i hadnt ever been to brisbane before but ive been to school in nz and brisbane both so i totally agree that the teachers in brisbane/ australia suck

Your opinion, least our schools don't have idiots with guns killing other students, look at the pearl jam song, Jeremy, the kid gets bullied and then kills himself. And the highschool massacare from 1982, two idiots who got addicted to Doom and wolfenstien 3D killed themselves and a bunch of students.

Open the doors.
And **** off, Australia is a wonderful place!

>> Open the doors.

But then I'd let the hot air into my air-conditioned house, or worse that darn possum would crawl in and eat my $50 Tasmanian blue cheese. Besides I could not hear my own word for the noise from either the road nearby or the birds in the tree. In a way the place is open enough for the rain to come in and the ants.

Note to myself: Get industrial extermination gear for spraying vermin and helmet for myself in case protected wildlife comes swooping down to crush my skull.

The possum wants to be your friend :D

full of convicts and descendents of convicts ;)

So is your homeland, full of prisoners from foreign countries, Just cause we are descendants of convicts doesn't mean we are ALL thieves.

Are you qualified to get a job? Not all Aussies are racist ******, some are real good people who are willing to help others out of kindness

If you are a moron it is paradise!!!!!

EVERY POLITICIAN IN THE WORLD LIES, they are all untrustworthy.

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Just look at AustraliaForLife, you can get a small idea how horrible Australians can be. I would hate to say all Australians are like that, however having lived here for 22 years, I found most local people here although friendly on the surface, are not very genuine inside, many are even mean and cruel. According to the recent statistics, mental health is becoming an increasingly serious issue here, well I am not surprised although I feel this country need to have a major overhaul of its culture and morals. I think being 16-17, you are quite observant and insightful, perhaps it is because your perceptiveness is not yet obscured by the culture, hope you keep this way.

Suck **** you ******* drug addict. I have lived in Australia for the past 70 years and i have not once seen a bogan or a racist. I am 94 years old and i will personally ******* kill you if you dont stop your shannanigans. I will wreck you're weak pathetic bone structure you ******* ****.

you show people exactly why everyone hates australians ;D

And you are an idiot ;D

Haha...I agree 100%

94 years old and wrecking bone structures still, lol.

Reason, logic and simple math have a solution for your case *g*:
You retired early at the age of 24 in a remote place with the irrational belief of living in Australia still. Either that or you haven't left your retirement home in 70 years lol.

Aussie pride for life.

A shining example of how angry we get when someone is being racist to Aussies.

Another crack head going down the tubes...meatball

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Yep Lived here for 7 years. This place is dead and just not fun. If your a teen well your ******. If your middle aged ur ****** unless ur rich and if your old well goodluck with that.
Getting work here is just impossible and people are so rude. Cant wait to leave this shithole someday.

****** ****.

Same with me, I want to also get out of Australia because the rules are too f***ing tight, guys are just ******* and girls are just ********. I was born in nsw and I got pissed by everyone I know. I rather live in England or America too

Oi, ****. Suck my dog's ****.

Why, have you tried it before and liked it??

Australia is a bad place, racismn, hate, and retarded people! Never think of going there.. EVER

I agree with you, Sophie1232 because I got screw over in Australia many times in my life even my parents too

Probably because you pissed them off.

America is notorious for that, and most people are poor because it's people like you who move to this country and take away houses from families who deserve them and then you take our jobs from people who need them.

But we create ALL of your jobs mobydick!!

Shut the **** up.

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:-( I'm sad you feel that way about us. :(

Then tell your government about all u bad bois

Great place to live. The only problem is the bogan:non-bogan ratio, and the superiority complex Australians have about living in the best country in the world. Get off your high horse, buy a round-the-world ticket, travel for a year and then come home. God forbid, you may even broaden your horizons.


Australians are being banned from certain places in Europe, no one else, what does that tell you? Aussies are seen as undisciplined, racist, prejudiced and ill behaved even when in public. And you are correct, they claimed Australia as there was no more space in the jails over in England, and they desperately needed somewhere to place the 'social-rejects', criminals that they had no more space for. Australians claim that they have a culture, but if you compare it to the likes of Europe, Asia, Africa, and some parts of the Americas, there is none. Standards are falling everywhere, and there is no real democracy. What kind of democracy forces people to vote? We are 1 of only 2 'democratic' countries to do so, and the people who come to power, don't really do much anyway. Taxes are too high, and Gov are too soft on the unemployed. Aus gov & society in general, is very behind.

Which countries would those be? And would it have more to do with our unconditional support for the US?

As for undisciplined, racist, prejudiced and ill behaved in public - yeah, the worst tourists I've seen have all been young British people behaving like drunken louts. Throw in football and you have a recipe for disaster.

Not all of Australia started as criminal colonies by the way, your education has let you down there. South Australia in particular was never a convict colony.

Further those 'social-rejects' tended to be simply poor people in a chronically unjust England that made being poor a crime and stealing of food to support a family a crime punishable by death or transport to the wilds of untamed Australia. Lords and ladies could basically accuse anyone from lower social and economic situations of a crime and with no further supporting evidence they'd be found guilty - something that was wildly abused. Further more than 200 crimes commanded capital punishment and their legal system was corrupt.

As for having a culture... well firstly there is far older continuous culture from indigenous Australians than any of these places you mention save perhaps Africa. Secondly though, most of these countries have only achieved (where they indeed have) the kind of society worth living in over hundreds or thousands of years of brutality and theft of resources from other nations. Australia has done a lot less of that with the obvious exception of the indigenous people, the worst of that being done under British rule, and has matured far more quickly than ANY of those places you mention.

Standards are falling everywhere? Yes but people have been saying that since the Aristotle was a lad. No evidence to back it up since in fact things have generally been improving that whole time - not without steps backwards but the fact that we even see racism as a bad thing is a very modern conception. So is opposing slavery. Further violence has been steadily dropping for decades and literacy and numeracy rates are very high, particularly for such a young nation.

As for the democracy bit - here is the thing noone is actually forced to vote. You obviously don't know what you're talking about. It IS compulsory to show up and get your name signed off at a voting booth but you can cast a blank or donkey vote if you don't want to support any party. That small requirement is what we call a responsibility of citizenship - it doesn't just come with rights and entitlements you see. Your view is typical of what the the very people who invented democracy would call 'idiota' - people obsessed with private concerns and matters who take no part in improving public society.

Taxes are not high here on a worldwide basis - that is pure propaganda from the right wing. The government is hardly soft on the unemployed - indeed even the business groups and right wing think tanks admit that the fact that the dole hasn't kept pace with the cost of living for over 20 years is actually reducing the ability of the unemployed to find work since they can't make investments like new clothing or afford transport easily. Further the introduction of welfare systems, like everywhere else they've been introduced, has massively reduced poverty. Given the huge negative effect chronic poverty has on a society and economy, it more than pays for itself from the perspective of people that know the actual value of things rather than just the costs.

Our government actually functions FAR better than that of the UK or the US, the two systems it was originally drawn from. We don't have massive government shutdowns, religious wackos running the place or constant extreme partisan politics that prevent anything getting done like the US. Nor do we have social stratification and emphasis on class that Britain has, nor the acceptance of government waste and mismanagement common to both of those countries. Here, since just about everyone votes, that kind of behavior tends to get a party kicked out in one or at most two terms.

Australia has a number of problems but it's neither the greatest nation that ever existed or anywhere near the worst. It's pretty bloody good on balance though far from perfect. That being the case your complaints sound more like whinging than reality.

And convicts "migrate" to other states with their descendants mate...yes, even to Adelaide.

What makes you think you DISCOVERED Australia. Were you unaware that Australia had been populated for AT LEAST 40, 000 years before Captain Crook landed at Botany Bay? No country is perfect, I do agree with you there. BUT... Australia does have an undeniably discriminatory and racist history.

Touché !!

Yeah, this is pretty dumb mate. The all capital letters make you look crazy and Australia certainly wasn't discovered by the Brits - they weren't even the first Europeans to come here. Thing is that Australia is actually a pretty great country, with many, many flaws and a tendency to feel insular and threatened. Because of that it's often hard to address the problems here without people getting defensive or reverting to jingoistic nationalism to justify bad behaviour.


ONE WORD, ABORIGINALS WERE ALWAYS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!POOPSY

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Nothing wrong with Australia. Only thing is after you've lived there for the first 23 years of your life it gets boring. Living in Oz as a child and teen years is fun. From 23 to 60 its rather monotonous. Australia is a good place to live after 60 and your retired. The remarkable thing is people who think Australia is the best place on earth haven't visited other parts of the world. London New York Tokyo for eg are simply more interesting places versus Sydney Melbourne and the gold coast.

Australia is more than just Sydney, Melbourne and the gold coast... if you want to live in a big city and that's all you think life is then of course it'd be boring, none of our large cities compare to places like London or New York or Tokyo - we simply don't have that kind of population numbers.

If you're interested in actual living and enjoy wildlife, fishing, hunting, diving, exploring or just having clean air and water then yeah - it's one of the best places in the world. That said we do have a lot of cultural activities and intellectual culture - it's just a matter of looking for it rather than waiting for it to come to you. Oh and for science - we have some of the world's best and brightest here, again got to look for it but we have many of the world's top researchers in fields ranging from biology thru medical science all the way to astronomy.

I think the problem is that people take Australia at face value, look a bit deeper and you'll be richly rewarded.

Thing is not only are Australia cities mind numbingly bland, dreary and monotonous so is the countryside. It's the same same same no matter where you go in this country. I live in Melbourne and by the standards of every city I have been to in Canada and the USA, Melbourne is a total hole.

Have you ever been to Luna Park? How about the Melbourne Market, or Federation Square, or ever been to the Eureka Skydeck, ever watched a footy game at the MCG or Yetihad Stadium. Melbourne is not a total hole, a total hole is the crack in your arse.

Aint that where you stick yer head mate?

Whatcha going hunt with, blowgun mate?

I grew up in one of those places. It comes at the expense of being surrounded by complete cockstains at all times. Australian country people are cliquey, stuck up, pretentious arseholes, who maintain their superiority despite the fact they're nothing but insignificant rednecks. Bullying, exclusion, stingyness and downright arrogance are the hallmarks of the "outback" culture.

I know this because people thought my brother was gay, and they made MY life a living hell for it.

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Australia sucks they don't look after companies born in Australia like Spc they import fruit from other countries tax free so government can line their pockets with money.

Australia is a wonderful place! I was born and raised in that country, and I can assure all of you narrow minded fools, to not categorise or label the country on YOUR bad experiences! Every country, has there ups and downs! Don't be so prejudice!

The thing i hate most about australia is the education system. Me and my sister came to australia and were pushed two years forward because apperantly we are smart but reality is that every other student is just plainly dumb. I now work in a school and omg. 18 yr olds thats still cannot spell or do plus and minus... education here is ****
Over in my country if you cant spell at 18 youre probably put in a mental institute.

Really? Maybe they just wanted rid of you earlier - I mean you make spelling and grammar mistakes in your comments above to the point it reads like something a child would write. From run on sentences to misused expressions (plain dumb not plainly dumb) to referring to maths as "plus and minus" to missed apostrophes, you really don't say good things about your earlier education. At the same time if your country locks people up in mental institutes for being illiterate then (a) you'd better not go back there and (b) what a terrible country you came from.

someone should nuke the **** out of Australia they are an evil and hateful country ran by a hateful nazi policical party named LNP and they need to be destroyed NOW

I don't like the Government either but when you say "they are an evil and hateful country" it imples we are all evil and hateful. I'm sure if you stopped sitting in front of your computer, went outside and met some more people here, you'd see the flaw in your massive generalisation. I'm not hateful... :( or evil :-/

You are evil and hateful, a poor excuse for a human being. Also your comparison of the LNP with the Nazi's is shameful - I don't like the LNP and think they're a step backwards but your comparison is like spitting on the graves of every victim of the Holocaust. Please go and kill yourself, do the world a favour.

Hey **** you! You are just being a nazi by judging us by other people's opinions, If you nuke us, you kill millions of innocent children, and guess what, IT'S ALL YOU'RE ******* FAULT!

Born in Australia I was gang bashed and left to die as a 17 yo uni student by 5 drunken cops kids. ID'd them only to be threatened with 'a lifetime of repercussions' if they were pursued, BY THEIR COP FATHERS. Many attempts for justice resulted in intimidation and even an approach to Feds achieved nothing. They all became cops and QLd public servants. Justice was never served...I have a lifetime Post Traumatic Stress Disorder / Psychological Distress and never had a job in Australia ..I'm now 64. These thugs get off..and I'm white.

You got beaten up at 17 by the kind of thugs that you could find anywhere - in most parts of the world far worse. In the US they'd have shot you, in the UK they'd have finished the job and gone and watched some football, in India they'd have raped you too (no offense intended, but since we're stereotyping Aussies it's fair game). You have never worked in your life as a result, looked after by Australian's ever since and you have the gall to complain about this country? And what does your being white have to do with anything? Why should that get you special treatment?

I don't want special treatment...I want JUSTICE and recompense for the loss of a lifetime of earnings. My father and grandfather forught in 2 world wars for Au..for their son/grandson could be bashed by these thugs and denied justice! Don't get me started on the thuglike belligerant mindset in Australia or the tattood freak show citizens.

Australia is beautiful and the people are just fantastic! But it gets boring after about 3 months. There is not much to do, everywhere shuts down at 5pm. If you are young, single and male you will be very bored. Conclusion, a great vacation spot, not so great to settle permanently in.

Oh I laugh at the people on this site knocking Australia. My experience with those who knock it, tourist working here for example is that they harbor deep resentment for what we have and they don't. I had one eastern european get very emotional trying to tell me what is wrong with Aust. We're this and we are that but her biggest gripe the one thing that upset her most was how good we have it. Yes she actually said that. "You have no idea how hard it is where I am from" she proclaimed. Yes I do honey and that's why I love OZ you poor thing!!!!

You've hit the nail right on the head.
It's so obvious - the jealousy and resentment.

haha. I love the self-delusion that possesses Australians. Most of them having never lived anywhere better, they compare it to the likes of third world countries or their flawed media-projected image of what Europe/America is like.
You are well advised doing so because if you don't you'll inevitable fall into a deep depression.

Yep - that's why America and Western Europe regularly are considered the best places to live in the world.... oh wait, they're not even close and in fact Australia and Northern Europe out rank them every time and in every way on every single study of it done. Whoops.

These rankings are easily explicable. The actual stream of immigration supports them accurately, true. I experience it first hand every day, sitting in the region of Australia, that gets the most new people according to the numbers and seeing/talking to those people I know why they emigrated. Frankly I don't mind "losing" in those rankings.

Having lived on all three continent mentioned, I can without a doubt in my mind say that nowhere I felt more hopeless than in Australia. Sure all of them have their short-comings; if one is rich one can lead a grand life anywhere, if one is poor, North America (even Canada) is problematic but on average, most middle class will be better off on either one of them compared to Australia.
While North America does not have Europe's history they have mastered to point with innovation and entrepreneurship. They may have expensive higher education but at least it is good education. Any openly available course has more to offer than the majority of university classes in Australian Institutions. I should know since I spend my work days there. America is pretty bad with health-care but hell my private insurance was actually cheaper and offered more things than the half-assed solution in Australia called medicare. And Europe, well, I use my card for major dental, walking out paying nothing while in Australia you can take out a loan for a root-canal. And so I could go on but suffice it to say, shocking as it may be, the people who come here mention sunshine and barbecues first when you ask them for their opinion ....

haha. I love it when people like you believe in your own bull****!

I dont think its jelousy. I am American and have lived in Aussie for 2 years now. PROS-The best thing about Oz is the people. I have been round the world and you couldn't find a better hearted set of people. Very laid back but extremely honest and friendly too. Health system is OK, security is not a worry if you mind your business, Not over-policed like America CONS- Every thing shuts down at 5pm, weekends are boring, if you are single you will be very bored, things are very expensive, The tax rate is criminally high!!!, most houses are old and lack good insulation, local TV sucks, internet is criminally slow

It's just we feel that a "high tax rate" (it's not actually high by international standards, America's is criminally low for the well paid is all) we can actually pay our own way in the world rather than doing what the US has done and getting into huge level of unsustainable debt. We do have some debt currently but it's quite a low level, provided we finally kick our addiction to middle to upper class and corporate welfare it's very easily paid off.

Health system just OK? Be honest, it's way better than that in America, the UK or Canada. Pharmaceuticals are too expensive but that is mostly thanks to a poor trade deal we made with the US that sees them charging us crazy prices. Legacy of John Howard I'm afraid.

Not over policed like America or in a security state with camera's everywhere like Britain is a pretty damn good thing - you can feel secure here without all that garbage even if, like every country, there are rougher parts.

Agreed about the internet - unfortunately the LNP won't be doing much to improve that. Hopefully when Labor is next in they'll fully implement their fibre optic plan but by that stage it may well end up costing us more.

As for the TV - who cares, TV is garbage anyway - read a good book or go outside instead, where I live (on the outskirts of suburbia) we get a huge amount of wildlife that is far more interesting to watch than TV. Koalas, possums (ring tails and brush tails), owls, bats, the odd echidna, brown snakes, the odd tiger snake, foxes, geckos, spiders... I could go on but really, I'd gladly trade in TV for getting to see all that while still being within close range of a capital city.

Oh and the fishing and diving are great, if you're bored then you're not getting out there and doing stuff!

I agree, but at least our country has fun stuff to do on weekends, the local TV sucks, yes it does, but get foxtel and your set, slow internet, NEVER GET TELSTRA, the are the worst company in this country. If your lonely, there are people outside to talk to.

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I moved to Oz 12 years ago, I think it has a lot going for it. My only worry is the reactive response in stead of the proactive approach like most successful countries or businesses. I fear that Oz will slowly become a has been like an African country. Sad but the people and the politicians are too laid back for their own good.

This I somewhat agree with, not so much the African country bit since they're actually growing pretty fast and trying to modernise. But yeah, Australian's can be apathetic and disinterested as well as insular... that's why we tend to go through cycles of politicians like Tony Abbott, John Howard, Pauline Hanson, Wilson 'Ironbar' Tuckey (the human foghorn), etc, etc, etc. However it's important to note that Aussies do get sick of it themselves and then put in reformers - people like Gough Whitlam or better yet Paul Keating. When that happens Australia tends to leap ahead - not surprising given it was ahead of both Britain and the US by decades on issues like giving women the vote and allowing them into parliament.

You're all very soft aren't you.

I've moved around many countries and......Austrailia was my worst experience e.v.e.r.
Especially I could not bear their TV shows and movies, also the trashy(and geeky at the same time, how weird) teens and rude, cocky people. Just hilarious. Yeah, just my personal experience :)

Like I said, get Foxtel, teens are rude, so are teens around the world, cocky people, don't **** them off then.

dear autor you are young and you haven't lived in other countries to compare australia with :) You're right, get out of here go to uk or america and in a few years you will run away from there thinking how wonderful australia actually is. I was born in russia and i can tell you this is the real s*it hole and after i moved here i couldn't believe how is it possible that everybody has car everybody can afford to buy a house and go on holidays etc etc. Really, be proud of your country it's not bad at all.

Russian JellyFish,

don't judge everything by the ****** standards of Russia. I come from Europe and the standard of living I enjoyed there was words above that of Australia. I have lived in America also and I yearn to go back to either one of the two. Sure they have some issues as well but compared to here, where I got stranded sadly , they are paradise. There is progress there, intellectual capacity, technological advance, arts, etc whereas here in Australia there is litteraly "Mayte, put another beef sausage on the barby" attitude.

If that's all that you've seen of Australia then I feel sorry for you but your malaise is self inflicted. We have one of the largest arts festivals in the world, and many, many working artists including those given grants by the states. We also punch far above our weight in terms of technology and scientific advance - we came up with the technology that allowed wifi (US companies now having to pay money back for trying to steal it without acknowlegement I note), with X-ray crystallography that allowed study of molecular structures and spawned whole new areas of science (including allowing the discovery of DNA), ultrasound, bionic ears, plastic spectacle lenses, electronic pacemakers, black box flight recorders, spray on artificial skin, multi-focus contact lenses, the electric drill... the list goes on and on. We were also fundamental in the discover of penicillin's medical uses - something that fundamentally changed the modern world.

This isn't all past glories - we're set to be the first to bring out working bionic eyes this year. Further we're the first to have got working q bits for quantum computing.

I suggest you actually get out of your house and go and find some of this stuff - go visit the RiOz or some of our art galleries, go out and see some things rather than sitting on your backside and complaining about other countries.

And if you still hate everywhere but western Europe and America then p*ss off back there then rather than b*tching and whinging.

Please speak for yourself deadlyjellyfish, my dads family moved to australia from england when he was a kid and my family here we are suffering in paying rent and internet, we get 12GB a month, 12!!! That's nothing. And we can barely watch good soccer one of my favorite things to do. The houses and everything look better in england admit that

Also we have only been to two international holidays in my whole lige

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Wow.. Retards, retards everywhere.. 100% of the **** you just said is completely wrong, Teachers in Australia are better than America and England... Nagging? Maybe just beacause you're a stuck up one eyed piece of worthless ****... **** off freak!

lol you can tell yourself that if it helps you with your delusions.

America's public schooling system may not be so great in some places but the level of academic education is worlds beyond that of Australia. And I have seen and worked within both.

University system yes, they have a lot more money put into it. Relative to dollars though we outclass them massively.

Schooling system - hell no, half of them are taught by religious maniacs.

True, Australia is a pretty ****** up and that has everything to do with the goverment. They should be charged with treason especially the greens and labor for what they have done to the country. 20 years or so ago I would have fought and died for that country BUT NOW, who ever wants it can have it. What Australia needs is a civil war or some occupantion for awhile just so those mother ******* will wake up to what is really happening in the real world.

So what you're saying is that you're a traitor and that if you don't get everything the way you want, you'll betray Australia at the first chance you get as well as preaching sedition.

Think I prefer greens and Labor to your kind of people.

Oh btw - if it weren't for Labor we'd still be living in a socialist, protectionist country like your hero John Howard fought so long to preserve. When he wasn't insulting Asian people that is.

Your all idiots!

**** ya

Your right, all Aussie ones are so stupid because they think they finished university but they act like they didn't finished it, the prime ministers in this country are suck and their politics are F**in* lowlifes they just keep the aboriginals angry all the time. I can't to f****ing leave this stupid country and move to Usa or england.

We won't miss you mate.

Been in Brisbane for 4 years, coming from Italy. F&%k me, don't know how you have spent all your life in such society, be very thankful to your parents. Be surrounded by such retarded people, I mean it's well known Qld is teh racist state of Australia, hence the world! Tolerance zero here, if you look different or don't have waterfront house, you are completely out. Such a shallow shithole

you live in brisbane, that's your first problem.

australia sucks big time they can not speak the queens english and they are thick as ****

that because Australian are rude to the queens

Ha! Mate, almost no British person in the world speaks the Queen's English - you're so tribal you need to invent a new dialect for every postcode. Go talk to some Cockneys and then come back and tell me that.

Oh and your Queen is from German stock anyway, get over yourself mate.

Oh the innocence of youth, pretty similar words came out of my mouth about England, but then I moved to Australia for 4 years and now flying the flags of home, more British than ever. Its not always greener on the other side, you don't always know what you have got till its gone, blah blah.....

Hey you sad nuf nuf, before you go off to live in England or the US (have you ever actually been to either place?) maybe you should learn to speak English.Your grammar is appalling.Maybe you should pay attention to those teachers you hate so much.Do you really think teachers are different anywhere else in the world or do you think what you see on TV is reality.You deserve pity I suppose but your level of stupidity makes it hard to muster any sympathy for you.Hopefully you'll grow up in time and be profoundly embarrassed by that opinion.Good luck.

People like you must be exactly the reason why RedardationShizz hates Australia. People like you only allows people to express positive comments but unfortunately most 'people' living in this world have a larger emotional range than you will ever know, 'mate'

Hi look, I have lived in the UK for the last Ten years and actually most things you've said are incorrect. The teachers DO care more in the UK. It IS cheaper to live. I'm a single mum of two and I'm desperate to get back. Its just that it's so hard to live here that it's making it quite difficult to make the move. I fully intend on giving up my "Occer-ism" to be a full Brit. The TV is rediculous here and they rip you off with everything. I had 140 FREE channels and the mobile phone co's don't lock you in. when you own your own mobile, you really do own it and can put iin whatever sim with whatever company you like..Schooling REALLY IS FREE there, no book lists that cost hundreds of dollars and my teenager even enjoys free school dinners (lunch). I was an IDIOT to come back here.

So you're teaching your kid to... what... run away if they don't like what's happening in a country rather than trying to improve it?

I agree with ssushi.

I have a post-graduate education. You demonstrate little emotional intelligence with your abusive verbal comments, although you obviously feel superior and more educated or intelligent than the individual. You are probably older than the individual too I expect. Maybe you need to be the one to grow up by showing some sensitivity for an individual who is obviously distressed. By the way any fool can use a spell and grammar check on Word.

Gruffnut, my Fiancé is a teacher, and he has researched teaching systems in other countries. Regrettably the children here in Aus, are known to be extremely undisciplined, at home & discipline is restricted further at schools. In the UK, and the rest of the world, stronger disciplinary actions are allowed. Without discipline there is chaos. Australians are even being banned from certain places in Europe, because they become violent drunks and are extremely ill behaved in public. We are making plans to emigrate, as we are concerned about the falling & outdated educational & living standards in this country.

Ha! You're kidding right? Australia has far less problems stemming from unruly youngsters than the UK. Or have you forgotten those massive riots so soon?

As for violent drunks... yeah, try going to other countries and playing spot the British lout. Have seen them climbing drunkenly on ancient statues and temples, yelling racist abuse at citizens of those countries, etc, etc, etc... try taking them beam out of your eye before you attend to the splinter in ours.

Oh and as for education - most Brits I've met that have come over here during schooling age need to be taught basic literacy and numeracy because the British school system has utterly failed them. The US is even worse for it. Better tertiary education systems but on a dollar for dollar basis we still outclass both of these countries in that regard too.

But if your response to concerns with the society you're living in is to run away like a coward, go, we don't need you here.

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