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Australia The Stupid Country

I am an emigrant. I am disgusted by this country of bogan sheep minded people...and I am using that word loosely. Tradespeople are not to a price and down to a standard seems to be the ethos. The intelligentsia .... well there isn't any more since Whitlam walked. My fathers generation held optimism of post war modernism with  energy,well he was shafted.

I be-moan the fact that second-rate is good scandinavian ancestors would have a fit!!  

I would be absolutely happy to repatriate. This country was and still is a false promise,  both culturally and economically. Many of us are stuck with the total failure of Multi-Culturalism in this country. Unfortunately I happen to be one of them.  Australia's health, education, housing, manufacturing and cultural systems emulate European, Asian and US failures...Our saving grace is only a small population of people who can actually think for themselves. The rest are a semi-literate, culturally ignorant, cognitively backward population that is easily manipulated and fooled at the voting poll.

This country that continuously goes on about being the "clever country" where the vast majority of kids coming out of schools these days can't even read a  price tag or add up past ten,  teachers that taught them nothing about  world affairs.  No One can argue this fact, this month  JANUARY 2012, Australia was listed 25th on the list of the 32 OECD countries, tested for educational skills.

Take the ascendancy of Julia Gillard for example,  the poms got into the act, but only because she was born in Wales.On the one hand we have Julia d back peddling as fast as she can to appease the racist elements in our country and on the other we have 

that vile little ****** Tony Abbott playing the race card for all its worth.

The ***** is ending every speech and every media interview with comments like.."and we will stop the boats.

The fact is, that the overwhelming majority of foreigners who overstay their visas are tourists who arrived on planes.

Those poor sods who arrive in leaky wooden boats are the ones being targetted by the media and racists of every calibre. 

Another example of why this shithole of a country is totally screwed.

Last year our federal government decided to bolster the economy to avoid a recession by several ways.

One was to offer subsidies for installation of home insulation.

As a result there were botched installations and several cases where installers died either by electrocuting themselves by stapling insulation to electrical wiring or installing insulation wrongly so it caught fire due to heat from downlights etc. The other great idea  of our government was to have a huge spending spree building all sorts of additions to Australian Schools....mmmm a sensible person could see what was coming next......

Sure enough, the rippoff merchants decided to rip the **** out of the Aussie taxpayer by charging  unbelievable prices for rooms as big as a broom cupboard.  Only the stupid Aussie voter would fall for this. Then in 2011 we had the GREAT CARBON TAX. Now I am an environmentalist but boy were the aussies fooled on this one. 

Australia was branded the dumb blonde of the world by the UK Telegraph, and they were not far wrong.

Australia is seen as attractive but one-dimensional as a result of its failure to promote its culture, education and industry overseas. What Australia has is an image of a country that is considered to be very decorative, but not 

very useful, except of course to be a puppet to the USA! Aussies love to bet, the Melbourne Cup the favourite event.  This time all those patriotic gambling Australians who favour this allegiance with the USA  sure have picked  the horse with the broken leg.

Revolutions of the people against government are gaining strength around the world. I don't believe it will ever happen in Australia but I wished it would. People here are just to stupid, and if they are not stupid they are welfare reliant, and therefore devoted supporters of the Labour Party. The Liberal Party is no better.  Get real people! How short a memory you have, particularly of the Howard years in which Abbot participated as a Cabinet member. So who to vote for, perhaps the Man on the Moon! or some other fictitious character.

The last 12 months have been a shameful chapter in the governance of this country’s affairs. It has been a period punctuated by lies, stuff-ups and contempt for the Australian people.

The litany of policy failures since the Ten Pound Pom seized power, most profoundly abuses against the trust of Australian voters  mark this occasion, and will be forever etched in the psyche of the Australian people.

It is regional Australia that will suffer the most.

The ‘new paradigm’ touted by the Independents that handed government to Labor has failed abysmally. Even Independent MP Bob Katter  publicly declared that the Independents have failed to deliver anything for regional Australians.

But the Gillard government’s record speaks for itself.

The mining tax hangs like a sword over the heads of entire regional communities. The uncertainty and the confusion caused by the government’s chopping and changing has already deterred investment and circumvented sound business decision making.

Jobs in regional areas will go. Our international competitiveness will be and is already being diminished

It is a kick in the teeth for regional Australia that the $800 million for regional projects promised under the 2011-12 federal budget  has yet to come through.

Over half of the $800 million provided in Labor’s Regional Fund ($450 million precisely) has been allocated to the roads around Perth Airport – hardly what I would call regional Australia.

Even worse, the Minister for Regional Australia Simon Crean has declared that even more of the money will be spent in the cities.

The  carbon tax will hit regional Australia hardest. Recent research by the Australian Farm Institute exposes that an average grain farm in Western Australia will be up to $37,000-a-year worse off under a carbon price .

Farmers drive $155 billion a year in production and $32 billion in annual exports and support 1.6 million jobs. That is a lot to sacrifice on the altar of a carbon tax.

It confirms what farmers and their communities instinctively know: that even the indirect costs will make many farms unviable. Regional people will carry a bigger burden under the carbon tax simply because they have to travel further and their costs will, therefore, be  much greater.

And did'nt the Prime Minister say ‘There’ll be no carbon tax under a government I lead.’

Those words will live in infamy and will haunt this government to its electoral grave.

Labor’s NBN is another fiasco and setback for regional Australians, with $50 billion being spent with no benefits what so ever to anyone!  

The Australian public did not, as Gillard attempts to claim, vote for a minority government and they most emphatically did not vote for the carbon tax, which she and her minority government partners, the Greens and independents, are now determined to inflict on the economy from July 1, 2012.

So, the public might ask what does it matter if Gillard or Rudd is at the helm if command of the ship is in the hands of  a pack of fools! 

Today I woke up to the headlines=

Welcome, asylum seekers - Chris Bowen and Julia Gillard's ship of fortune:

To fulfil a promise to move an influx of families out of detention, the Gillard Government is now fitting out each home with up to $10,000 worth of furnishings and electronics this includes a television at a minimum size of 53cm.  They are given food hampers upon arrival at rented homes (also free) where they wait for their claims to be processed.  The revelation comes at a time when middle- and high-income families are struggling with cost of living pressures and bracing for cuts to private health rebates and the impact of the carbon tax. Special consideration is given to providing computers, internet access, mobile phones, bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, iPods, games consoles and sewing machines. The assistance is on top of free doctors' visits, dental care, pharmaceuticals, education and payments of up to $433.25 a fortnight to sustain 1 asylum seeker. Now multiply that by a family of 5,that is a pretty sum of $ 2166.25 per fortnight. We have paid taxes all out lives and get nothing, only the knowledge that we have supported masses of lowlife who never wanted to work, they  live in free housing, they get free medical and we face a future of huge price increases.  All because we have had idiots running this country!!

Everyone should realize that we have been hoodwinked, manipulated and ripped off for years now. Believe 10% of what you hear, 50% of what you read and 100% of what you see. What I see is not good. I would not believe a single word uttered by any politician, regardless of which party they represent. We follow the USA on most other issues and trends and our turn is coming quickly. Statistics can be massaged and the result is only as accurate as the datas integrity. My prediction is that 2012 will be  tougher than 2011 and will get worse. Just like the economy of the USA so ours will be sooner than you think.  Finance and Banking industry laying off in 2012 to maintain profits and a 'positive' outlook, more lay offs announced in the industry this year. The government obviously hiding these figures. GREAT FINANCIAL CRISIS will hit the shores of OZ SOON. Politicians are trying to pump the housing profit bubble for all it's worth before the executives and ceo's do exactly what happened in America and walk away with your money. After this bursts. We're going to have a complete break down. The government wont be able to support the amount of welfare recipients and  immigrants that live in this lucky country.   Society will break down and we will reap the result of what Australia has become.  Australia the Stupid Country!! You could move to  one of the most expensive countries in Europe and it's still much  cheaper than the lucky country. Wake up Australia. Oh you did?  Then  get angry and demand change. After all, you have a choice. Or perhaps you don't care, perhaps your beer, your pub, club, the beach, the bingo and the footy are more important. I think this is the case with most Australians. Fortunately I will not be here when the crunch really hits you, but I would love to be a fly on the wall when it all comes tumbling down! I am heading back to Scandinavia!!!!!
criticalthinking criticalthinking 56-60, F 104 Responses Feb 26, 2012

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It's me - IM BACK - the OP - original poster of the topic,
I was having a little chuckle about all the responses on here since my post - several years ago at this stage. it led me to find my old password and comeback to either calm the fire or throw some more fuel on it !

What happened since - plenty
Did i ever go back to Australia - no i never set foot back,
Have i ever any regrets about what i said- to be honest no - but with 6 years or more of maturity since the post it was maybe not my place to rant as much as i did or put everyone in the same boat,
Do i ever consider going back to OZ- no but i will one day probably go back with the wife and re do the road trip to see what has changed and see will they arrest me for my unpaid fines lol
Do i think what i said was true- by in large alot of probably is- Australia has less values than most but what makes it arrogant is the manner in which they shout about it indeed are proud of it, there isnt a perfect country, Australia is long from perfect, i don't think they should be allowed to capitalize on that fact, the rest of the world should say listen - SHUT UP - why should other countries say something instead of letting them get on with it ? well because they are stealing youth with false pretenses and poisoning them. its like Letting a teenager drive around in a Bmw M3 and shout about being a drug dealer, eg very dangerous and tempting for the welfare of your own offspring,

The government out there is probably not as stupid as you ( those that live their think ) they have siphoned off alot of the brains of Europe and indeed the entire world and tricked them into staying, generations of imported brains are now out there, this was essential to australian survival - kind of how alot of America was built using Nazi intelligence i guess,

Am i happy now ? or happier, good question, i recognize with hindsight that i am the sort of person that demands alot from myself and of others, i will look and i will critic, and i still do that today, Iv lived /worked in plenty of places over the last few years, how do they compare to oz? i never saw a country with the same horrible sense of culture, there are no other countries i visited where you will get 'bashed' on Australia day for no sporting thongs and an ozzie flag and being drunk at 8am on strylia day,
there is also something strange in the ozzie people, i dont know how people are able to fight so well, maybe they are taught that in school instead of other stuff, most 'blokes' and even sheilas are cable of and giving a hell of a fist fight, this violence and strength also leads into them winning the rugby world cup recently , you would wonder where that comes from, hardly from the land since no one white really belongs there. the food ? the bad drink ? so where ?
answers on a postcard and a stubby of 4x for the winner.

i guess australia is the blue collar underdog and loves to be that, and will never be anything but that, chinese money is drying out now so the country will probably need to re-invent inself,

Would i say that i have made my peace with oz ? not really, I worked on a project a couple of years ago in UK - the few times i meet ozzie tourists that occupy london swaggering around in their boardy shorts and singlets in London it also annoyed me because there usually drunk and boardering violent too ,
Also worked on the Hallandsas project in sweden too and met a swedish girl with an ozzie bloke in the local bar quite by chance one night , it was a quiet night not many about so of course we were forced talk about what we could, We seemed to clas right away lol, it wasnt long before he was incredibly violent after a few beers, i was smiling more feeling sorry for his girl, basically having seen the place i was not buying into his bull **** spiel and this did not go down well, Ozzies love selling a story and having people that dont know the reality nodding their heads in awe and dreaming of such bliss.

if your bliss is watching the ***** girls down the pinkenba hotel on a firday evening with the blokes after work and doing a burnout up the street in your ute afterwards then please, servez vous,

this swedish girl had sold out to the media, landed herself an ozzie ****** with the attitude and all that for being able to say 'i have an ozzie boyfriend who will one day take me their so we can live in harmony and surf all day lol for me that is 'unnnatural attraction' not long from media forced attraction. before the Tv and mainstream media her cultural values would have probably led her to run a mile from a tosser like that

So what now, well i don't intend to be writing back here every other day as i got a business and a small family now, - some of you will say - my god he has multiplied - i pity the child and the world ! lol You might be right , on the other hand i dont really give a damn what anyone thinks, be your best, there are also few people who will stand up to forced mitigation and mainstream ideas,
il be the one questioning all , why shouldn't i , were being forced fed everything , more tax more- equality

Europe is being forced fed immigrants at the moment, were told its natural, to help this all the music videos portray young white ***** one example that springs to mind - love me harder - aka - **** me harder - a title engineered by the Zionists to be legal - ariana grand dancing around some afro american suggestively , what does that mean ? well i would say the dude could not hammer in a nail with a hammer- i dont know but i would think in terms of being a useful man he would be absolutely useless and i certainly wouldnt be giving him a job - what based on his appearance ? YES - , what does he serve to anything ,nothing in my eyes,basically just feeding of the prohibited fruit of society , Ariana who claims Italian Heritage, ought to be ashamed of herself selling out thousands of years of industrial family history to be ****** literally my the media just in a one hit wonder for a short term gain,

what im trying to say is racism is constructed , that sort of thing there is racism, when your making a point of it in such a way, then its more racist than being disgusted by it

Man seems incapable of self control by in large, we will permit freedom of acts freedom of speech ( for which i am of course in favor of too unfortuanltely ) Whats happening now is that everything NEW needs to be more seedy 'dirty' more shocking more tongue in cheek than what went before it - so that takes us where exactly ? An over 18 Film of the 1990s will soon be acceptable to present to out children and so on , everything is for sale, Francois Holland is selling the top wine Chateau's to the Chinese. Israel controls Germany , the banks control everything, the Media are no longer free

we will permit it until it spirals out of control and we all end up with dictators again, the gears are probably already turning on this movement and you know what, we probably deserve /need it,

Bref - only nature can save us with another ice age !
Peace to all ")

Thank you! Thank you! How validating. And though you are Scandinavian, you speak English better than them! In real life, we would compare such notes! From my perspective, it is a totalitarian dictatorship with no services. The state government wants the ultimate control of whether old people live or die when in hospital. Hospitals are ridiculous. When dehydrated in North Africa, I received IV fluid replacement in 30 minutes! My daughter nearly died in the Australian equivalent of a hospital. She was admitted midnight of one night, and 7 hours later had a BP of 77/39, when they finally gave her fluid replacement therapy... I complained about this to the STATE government body responsible, presumably, for health care complaints. Today, they sent a 6 word reply by email, calling me by the wrong name, and telling me to download and complete some form filled with grammatical atrocities. They never indicated what the use of this form would be.

No one can drive. They are so slow! They stop on orange lights. And stay stopped long after it has turned green again!

Sidewalks are made crooked and thin so if two people meet in crossing directions, they must shimmy past each other breast-to-breast. The weather is either cool or suddenly, violently hot. The news and weather on their regular TV is filled with tired liars.

Schools are stupid. The system is corrupt. And the state politics are jejune and puerile - when leaving a government job they attempted to claim EVERY instance of my applying for leave was "late" and then said the ramifications of such an allegation was that I had to pay back all holiday pay!

Houses are a median price now of 1 million dollars! These are not the mansions of France currently available for half that amount! These are "fiber board" and old, decades old, with the smells and smears of multiple families having lived in them!

The people are extremely violent and all have hair triggers. Just violent for violence's sake. Yet, they have never known the perils and passions and political issues of Europe or the rest of the world.

One better have internet connection to access shows from off of the convict island, because their shows are nothing.

It is a boring, third world nation of dumb chauvinists, all intent on their own small, vague agenda, and they will give arrogant childish hell to anyone who is perceived to thwart their Sisyphian efforts.

I can't believe that someone has written all of this genius thoughts in one article. I am amazed by the level of stupidity of Australians ... surely they rank in the top 10 if not number one stupid nation in the world. You can never win an argument with them, as they connect all the wrong elements together making it impossible to unwind. One Arabic wise man once said " I have never debated anything with a brilliant person without wining the debate, and I have never debated anything with a stupid person without losing the debate" .. I would rather dig a well with my eyelashes than argue with some of them. Being a Palestinian, I wish my country wasn't occupied by the terrorist Zionists otherwise I would go back instantly. You are lucky to have a home so great and ranked in the top 10 smartest countries... seriously writing about this gave me a headache...

Instead of trying to have royal commissions and display dismay at the government, militant action needs to be taken. We need to wipe out every politician in Australia and start anew. I would rather have tradies and the like run our country because most of them know what it is like to have very few dollars and to sometimes find it difficult to afford nutritional food.

We don't need to wipe out every politician in Australia and start anew. We need to wipe out the 95% of the population which are braindead bogans, who vote these politicians into office. You see, Governments are a direct representation of the people. You can't have smart Government without sufficient numbers of smart people. Aussies as a whole are just plain dumb, they even make redneck Americans sound intelligent to a degree.

Also, the last people I'd have run the country are tradies, they are the worst of the worst. This is one of the few nations on the planet where a guy can buy himself a ute, put a staffy dog on the back, throw in a toolbox or two, strap on a ladder and call themselves a tradesman. The quality of workmanship out of trades are so low in this country, they might as well be politicians. Tradies continually break their promises and compromise their ethics, whilst providing minimal levels of service to their customers and charge like a wounded bull, trying to extract as much out of their customers as possible, just like politicians.

Maybe there's hope for this nation in Malcolm Turnbull, because this is the first time in Australian history a successful and wealthy person has become Prime Minister. You see, history has shown that only pathetic losers with no real life experience in running and building a business, have ever become leaders of this nation. Nobody rich, wealthy and successful in their right mind would want to waste years of their life in the public spotlight running a country where the population has the collective IQ of something between a cockroach and a rat, for this I highly respect Malcolm Turnbull, maybe he can make a difference, whether he will is another question, as the people here are so stupid, not even ISIS / ISIL can be bothered to launch a terrorist attack against this country. Maybe that's a good thing, at least the last thing we have to fear is terrorist attack on Australian soil because the nation is so stupid, its not worth attacking.

Understandably this "criticalthinking" will attract hate mail from all quarters but in reality ;; there is a very serious element of truth in what you stated : ... living in Australia...
We have moved on a few years since your article was written & into 2015 ; the auto industry is winding down & about to fold.
I note that in Sweden, the auto industry is in a better position and able to compete on the World stage, despite high wages.
Every Country has good & bad aspects and if we "do not" at least recognise what is WRONG we will perpetuate all that is bad ! Your position in South Australia, was made untenable; by the "Greens" influence ; even today, we see closure of power stations & coal mining ,, irresponsible Governance is the key problem with South Australia,, it is all self inflicted !
You made an issue of the Trades not having the Standards, this however goes through many fields including engineering.
Building the Collins Class Submarines has to be the biggest
technology failing in recorded history ( from all research ). It exemplifies the way all our Manufacturing Industry is today!
Attitude by Companies to sacrifice Quality for profitability or sell out to make in Asia... to generate more profit - costing more Australian jobs ; neither Governments nor Industry stepped in!! The Resources Industry boom ; aside from the money , "was bad" because its given nothing, towards the development of Quality skills - for high end industries!
Real Estate greed with highest rentals & overpriced property
market has made business less competitive & home ownership
increasingly more difficult ; "needed intervention years ago!"
Australia was the lucky Country... but it's been mismanaged.
There are a great many people that could put Australia on the right track ; unfortunately they are not in any Political Office, because they have more sense, than to work with those idiots.
Central to this problem , is the way people tend to vote.

Right wing and left wing - both are the wings of the same bird. All of imperialist politics is geared toward maintaining the status quo.

Add a response...


Ha det bra elskan min !

"As a result there were botched installations and several cases where installers died either by electrocuting themselves by stapling insulation to electrical wiring or installing insulation wrongly so it caught fire due to heat from downlights etc. ". I cant see a problem with that : its natural selection. If youre stupid enought to follow instructions blindly and without question (ergo be a pigshit stupid Australian male) then the universe will seek equilibrium by eliminating you so your worthless life will have some meaning : to feed worms.

I have been an activist for 15 years, the illegal launching of war was dispaicable and unacceptable. Over a million dead, the leaders of this country complicit... barbaric pyschopathic war criminals. For 15 years the wars have gone on and the draconian laws that are in place have been written up over that period, for anyone that had one eye half open. Australians didn't give a damn about the butchering of innocent civilians. Suddenly they are up in arms over Abbott. I have news for you, voting for war criminals because of total lack of decency and principle you get the unprincipled gangster you deserve. You have to deal with the war criminals first, and from what I can tell thats not on the agenda.

Stupid and unprincipled

Australia is and has always been an arse-licking ally puppy of the US and the UK. It's really disgusting to watch.

You know, I may not like my home country too much either but I don't exactly like when people spend two hours labelling it as a shithole, along with all the people living there. I think you'll find a lot of Australian people, whether or not their government and ideals are lies or just plain terrible, are contempt with living here. So please don't go on insulting the lives that many great people I know live, if you would be so kind

contempt with living here ? please explain.

i want to understand this better.

or is this yet another instance of semi-literacy ?

I assume by contempt you meant content you bogan redneck descendant of a transportee

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You are truly the load your mother should have swallowed. Please kill yourself so as not to contaminate the gene pool.

Coming from a troll? Do you losers breed or just multiply

they multiply by sleeping with their horse faced masculine looking women. They breed with their sons.

They're everywhere, from Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and across the top to Darwin, down to Brisbane and everywhere in between. China became famous for its one-child policy, Australia (and Australians) need a no-child policy to prevent the bogans from breeding, spreading around (including overseas), bringing down the IQ's of the people around them.

yes, yet another abusive reaction founded on absolutely nothing. typical straiy'yin bogan.

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Okay, I am just going to point this out to any Americans here; There is 1 murder every 32 minutes in the U.S. There is 1 death every day in Australia, INCLUDING man slaughter. So, I can assure you, Australia may be f***ed up, but we are a lot safer.

The problem with that theory is that the per capita death rate in both locales is comparable, and you don't even have guns! US population was 318.9 million (2014). Australia at the same time was 23.13 million.


and what's the truth suppose to be?People come in Australia thinking they have no chose,as if someone is putting a gun against there head.Then they talk about Aussies being RACIST and being stupid.The stupid and racist person is that who calls stupid a country (whatever country) is giving you a possibility(whatever possibility) and racist there people.Sick and tired of people that can't make in there own country and not even in my country...Losers

That is a STUPID Thing to say.Racist! ur even judging the way i write..oh and don't bother writing're boring

your, you're, their, they're, their....................... they have no idea, they are semi literate in the only language they can attempt to speak !

and i may now add ........... here, hear lol, they are semi literate ! uneducated fools .

Oh so that's it lol you got called out for being a fuckwit and a tool and now you are on this vendetta against all Aussie's. Hahahaha

Yes, brains and a social soul, mate, are alien to us, mate. By the way, do you not think that the Aborigines would say those very same words you used back at you, mate?

"Love it or leave it" is a common response, unfortunately it's next to impossible to have a rational discussion with Aussies, as they're the smartest people on the planet and won't take no for an answer. This is the reason why the smart money is leaving Australia, this is the reason why investment in this nation is plummeting, and why our currency has gone from parity ($1 AUD => $1 USD) to the current low 70c level.

Go back to your bloody country mate - guess what, they are !!!! Engineers, professionals, hard working people, entrepreneurs, they're leaving in droves. Who wants bloody wogs to live in Australia mate? What are we going to be left with without these bloody wogs? The needy, sick, elderly and the lazy dumb-***** living off welfare who jump up and down and tell people to go back to your bloody country mate. Quite sad really when you think about it, the mentality of the people of an otherwise awesomely beautiful, diverse country are dragging it into the abyss.

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Wow... I don't even know where to begin. Have you realized that all of your views on the politics of Australia are just regurgitated ideas of Australian mainstream media, regulated by the government? You have a vague, amateur grasp on the dealings of the Australian economy and the political situations we are in at best and they are clearly all formed from the simple and often incorrect media interpretation which is designed for Australian bogans so they feel intelligent. Do you see the irony? You are exactly the same as the minority of unintelligent Australians, and you share the same views from the same sources as they do! Congratulations, you are a pathetic human being attempting to feel important by going on a racist rant online and essentially bagging yourself out and proving you are unintelligent and as you put it so eloquently, much how a bogan would say "stupid." I hope you feel proud. Hopefully Scandinavia has implemented a policy in which people moving into or returning to the nation must not have a low IQ or people who carry uneducated "bogan" racist views and prejudices that people had 500 years ago. Since Scandinavia is so much more modern and intelligent than Australia. Too bad for you though, I guess you'd fail both those tests. Don't worry though, you'll be right at home here with us 'dumb bogans' you fit right in. You play the part better than we do!
P.S I'm a 14 year old female and i think the Australian public schooling system has educated me quite well, thank you

teenagers: they know everything already.

piece of advice: don't claim something is of a specific standard/quality if you have nothing to compare it against. such claims can only -credibly- be established through standardized methods of measurement. it sound especially strange if you have solely been educated in Australia.

We'll **** off back where you come from then!!!

if ya dont loik it fark off !

fark orf, we're full, lol, luv it or leave, fark orf.

quack quack

lol fark orf we're full

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You're all idiots.. and to the author of this post, you have done nothing more than to show you are worse than any of the "Dumb Australians" you mention in your childish rant. The fact that you took, what I assume to be hours, mostly spent hunched over a thesaurus (spelling and grammar certainly aren't an issue to you) writing this piece, you have displayed just how pathetic and childish your mindset truly is.

they completely fail to comprehend. this is the core of why there is no hope of improvement and why everything this forum is about will remain as it is.

the ozzie is incapable of listening to criticism or any comment which does not laud the falsehoods about the country and the true blue ozzie. the response is always the same

Excuse me? I'm having a hard time telling if you're a troll or a fool, or both. I don't know where you are from and frankly I don't care. Your attitude is worse then most Australians I know, and you pretend to be high and mighty yet come off as a small insecure pretentious child. Not to mention racist, and to Spanker.. you idiots contradicted yourselves the moment you supported this idiotic racist bashing.

Other contributors to this forum have pointed out that the key to understanding Australian conversations and interactions, is that Australians generally take everything personally. I agree with this. Any comment or observation which does not reiterate the standardized praise for anything and everything Aussie, is immediately taken as a personal affront which must be demolished at all costs.

The response frequently comes in some, or all, of the following predictable stages; Firstly , you are contradicted, secondly an attempt is made to insult you, thirdly assumptions are made about you and then these assumptions are stated as fact and used as the basis to attempt to invalidate your observation or opinion. Some of the responses to my posts confirm much of what I have just stated above.

I think I would have an easier time arguing with a brick wall, at least it wont come back with ignorant replies

fark orf we're full ! quack quack, group think, group speak, conformist kunts.

fork orf if yar dont loik it lol

fark orf , quack quack, farking idiots, fark orf were full, love it or leave, fark orf. lol ..

fark orf if yar dont loik it !

luv it or leave, fark orf we're full, fark orf, lol.

how am i "going" ? is my "srtyne" intelligible ?

No, you are just coming off as a pathetic tool, who obviously has no life. You live on a piece of **** continent that will never be as beautiful, rich and friendly as Australia. Enjoy getting rapped by your government and the stupidity of your nation, and may gun violence claim you soon. :)

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I find it interesting that people say our media is stupid and controlled. They are also saying we rely on media hype and take it as gospel and that we rank low in education. Then to make a valid point those said persons use media ie the television and google to justify their point. Wow that made alot of sense? I love the point many have made that WE, "the incredibly stupid country", lured you, very intelligent persons here on false promises. If we are so unintelligent how did we have the intelligence to design such adverts to fool you? Maybe do your research before you come here. Or as you are so fond of quoting: "Google it".
Iam totally disenheartened. We are called racists and biggots and yet here we are, the ones being villified for being a part of our race. :(
I was going to travel and broaden my horizons. I wont be going to the united states, canada, scandinavia e.t.c. From whats been posted it seems because Im australian I must be an uneducated bogan. Wow racism at it's best!

If you had read any of my earlier posts you would have realised I agreed with this articles accurate account of australian's current political state. I am an educated mixed raced (including indigenous) person trying to make a difference im my country. All I am saying is i am intelligent enough not to villify and entire race due to an obviously stressful experience in a different country. I do not go out of my way to use my education to take other people's hard earned gains. I work hard and raise my child and educate her on current world views and different cultures. She is well mannered and compassionate to everyone she meets. A country is only as good as it treats its most vulnerable. To accuse a whole country of having a low IQ then to undermine them for doing so is prejudiced and inhumane. As a carer, I have noted people with the lowest IQ'S are the most hardworking and kindest and humble persons ever. So not only is this article racist it also trys to justify hate against people with low IQ's. Kindness, compassion, love and informed choices will make ours a better nation not racism and prejudice.

Typical immigrant. Bash the country that was kind enough to take them in. If you don't like Australia, then why don't you leave? And by the way, America is still the only world super power and Americans love Australians. So get lost and go back to your 3rd world, fish meatballs country

Yeh you don't like it here then get out you trash.

fark orf if yar dont loik it ! lol

fark orf we're full. fark orf if yah dont loik it. fark orf. lurve it or leave. fark orf. ****.

Why dont you go to the streets and survey every foreign person you meet and ill bet you get the same story from each and every one of them as I do that this country is a 3 dressed up as 9.

Australians live in a beautiful country, with an excellent climate, a whole continent to explore. They have a reasonable standard of living, love a barbecue and a beer, and a dip in their swimming pools. They have no political enemies living on their borders, and would be the country most likely to survive and thrive after a nuclear holocaust. So why are Aussies such racist, ignorant, stupid - genetically thick, close-minded, sport obsessed, soap watching morons. With an Aussie, everything has to come down to the lowest common denominator. They single handedly humiliated, subjugated, and destroyed their indigenous peoples.
They offer nothing to the world in terms of technical or scientific advancement - not even a good sun bloc!! They scream and cry and debate endlessly about the only thing that registers on their political radar, and that's immigration - conveniently forgetting that they serve as one of the best examples of how mass immigration supplants and destroyed an indigenous culture - through numbers and force of arms alone in a few generations. I hope that twenty million Iranian's-Pakistani's, Afghan boat people manage to land in Australia. Payback's a *****. The Yanks are bad enough - but at least they can say "we are the richest country in the world", or " we have the biggest army in the world" or " we run the world". They have some substance to base their arrogance and superiority. Aussies have nothing apart from a sun tan, a few swimmers and a cricket team. A nation, a people, a culture that amounts to nothing and never will. The broadband here is slow as the Aussies dimwits; their public transport dates back to the 70's and begs repair and upgrades; the government spent 240 million on a stupid ticketing system called MyKi but still could not implement it. Singapore had a similar one and is in use island wide since 2002. Even Mexican American Sol Trujillo said Australia is backward. I agree with Critical thinking and don't worry, yes, I am making my plans to leave this destitute cultural wasteland as soon as my job at the University is complete. Australians are generally thick. Per proportion of the population they are quite stupid, and this is obvious by their mass media, even their marginal media. Dull, let's face it, Australians don't have a lot to think about. Mowing the lawn. Washing the car. Watching Sport re-runs. Mimicking Americans. Not much there I am afraid. Australians can't, generally write. Australians lack any history of thought and therefore suffer a lack of any real present of thought. Australians have little vision besides American Television.
Australians are cowards. They can't stand new web technology. It took them years to trust Ebay. Queensland residents refuse to embrace daylight savings because they fear their curtains will fade. Most Australians are terrified of any fresh ideas or alternative ways of living. They still think anything that falls out of their norm as being freakish and weird. Australians at heart are essentially a violent and cruel society that pretends not to be, hiding most of its racism and hate behind closed doors. Another cowardly trait.
Australia has very little beautiful architecture, the landscape is drab, the suburban sprawl depressing and uninviting. The culture lacks any real excitement. Australians are not a passionate or romantic people, they are nasally challenged philistines with still a severe Tall Poppy syndrome.
There, that should do for now. There is plenty more but really in the end the country will settle into a flat uninspiring mass of inertia and just hang that way for evermore. Thank you so much for writing this, I feel completely the same.

well said !

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Maybe before you write an article stating that all young people who leave australian public schools are illiterate and that we are all stupid bogans; maybe check your use of the english langage in a grammatical sense. For example: "People here are just to stupid."
This should be written as: "People here are just too stupid." I do agree with your views on the government though.

You are an idiot, a fool, a simpleton. Australia ain't a bad place at all, compared to rest of the countries around the world. The people are not arrogant, semi-illiterate, gambling, ignorant idiots, you are! Actually, they're even better than you! Yes, I agree the government is inadequate and a bunch of clowns but at least they're not like you. Placing all your anger on Australia through the internet just because of the things you've been through there and things you've heard. You're so bias and ignorant, as well as the other fools who placed negative comments on your 'experience'. Shame on you, you and your country are even worse then Australia! You ****** ignorant *******!

this country is ugly and getting uglier, not place I want to have my eyes in. And let's not forget this countries deranged game called "rugby league' and even AFL to an extent where everyone is encouraged to abort there brains throw common sense into the wind, by jacking up on roids and running into each other for 80 mins. Wow, now who is better off being raised into this game? It is an atrocity, not one of these players would have passed year 10 math let alone get a doctorate for which they depend on, with so many players going to hospital every day from this game. Then we have the countless number of people who want to make there cars noisier!!!! Who do they think wants to listed to needlessly loud car noise? All this is doing is starting trouble, they should all be throw straight in jail. Along with anyone who has ever supported a so called 'sport' rugby league.

If you are so unhappy then do something about it. Go where you will be happy and stop being a little winger!

Well first of all, I was born in Australia and leaving is what I am doing. But I am after some intelligent responses to my question. How on earth can having rugby league and afl forced upon you to accept as "normal" when it goes against the core of what we are? Are we all that low that we like to watch people bash into each other for 90 minutes? - and everyone will play this and we will call it our national sport!!! How on earth can that be right? It teaches you to throw your brain in the drain, and biff. And it is reflected in so many ways in society - so many people are taught to and think that we should screw our brains over, that it is "cool" and socially acceptable. All it is capable of doing is angering. Pretty much all progress has come though intellect, and these people who get get their phones and cars, are out to bash anyone that reads!!! Sorry but I will never work for this nation or do it any favours when all it has intentions of is stabbing me in the back. Australia - a big wrongun.

Will this country ever earn worldwide respect? I sincerely would love to hear the day when someone says to me "Oh you are from Australia, you must be a good person!!"

Why dont you go to Iraq, Isis would love to deal with your sort!

if yar doint loike it leave, fark orf, lurve it or leave.

Wow, you are pathetic. You sound like a rugby league supporting bogan criticizing afl, except you are most likely an unintelligent arrogant person from another country who's a fan of soccer, criticizing Australian sport. The difference is, though, that an Australian bogan will say this to their friends, where as you say it online. This is presumably because nobody wants to be around you or be associated with you because to judge you on this, you seem like a pretentious, arrogant, naive yet pitiful child.

fark orf we're full. lurve it or leave.

Get out you scum.

Hurry up and just leave. Syria is very nice this time of year!

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love it or **** of

fark orf were full. love it or leave. lol.

who are you to judge?

Well said yacketyyack

You sound worse than the whinging poms.As the Aussies would say,''Bugger off''or run for office.

***** hole
*down lights
and all that from a public Australian education

Unfortunately you are wrong in some aspects of this. MOST is incredibly accurate, I come from a regional town in South Australia, and yes, all though we have been hit hard. And most people are leaving this town because of the lack of work due to farms closing. I believe we were better off with Gilard than we EVER will be with Abbot.

And also, we are not all illiterate drunks and gamblers, I myself happen to be training as a nurse, AS WELL as looking after and supporting my disabled husband and our daughter.

BUT in saying that... Kudos on saying what many other Australian people need to wake up and realise!!

Australians suck: they are so ignorant it defies description.

You are just plain offensive.

fark orf if ya dont loik it

lurve it or leave, fark orf, fark orf lol

Oh I should have said "LEAVE you filth!"

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Look, you will never ever ever get any consideration or understanding or empathy from a bogan. A bogan is, by definition, lacking the above. An Aussie-bogan is as near to being a sociopath as you can get within the bounds of "normality".

Elsewhere in the world, bogans are used to collect garbage, sweep the streets, repair roads, drive earth-movers, shovel ****, etc,. and do all the menial tasks that require very little in the way of brains, but needing brawn.

So society needs the bogan type to function. In small doses, bogans are very useful, and are necessary. If they get out of line, they are quickly and literally, "whipped back into shape", as they were when they were known in the past by another name - the convict.

We are now living with and have to deal with, the spawn of those hundreds of thousands of convicts that settled the country, and procreated.

It's a terrible legacy, and one that has no realistic solution.

excellent observation ! :) and so true.

You got that one all wrong boganbait. The real bogans in Australia are those with degree qualifications. They sit in their offices and come up with all kinds of useless bullshit, get paid far too much for what they do and add no real value to anything. Don't generalize about people who do important work like picking up your garbage, sweeping the streets where you drop your junk, making essential repairs and shovel your ****. Anyone can be an arrogant pratt based on some piece of paper they got at some university and using that to look down upon others. Those are the real bogans and also the ones responsible for taking Australia down its current path to nowhere. That we are devoid of national pride or real sense of nationhood has nothing to do with garbos, meatworkers and cleaners. That kind of attitude actually trickles down from the top, namely from our educators, academics, intelligentsia and those that are supposed to represent us in our so-called democracy.

BTW, I know quite a few people with top notch degrees who have opted out of corporate life to drive dump trucks and do manual labor.

Ha Ha well said!

It is never difficult to spot a comment made by a "true blue" bogan. Frequently the comments are barely comprehensible, grammatically flawed, illogical and have a dismissive, disinterested tone to them.

I honestly wish I could disagree with that one.

A lot of what you is , unfortunately, all too true. The bulk of it is patently false and shows that you have been spending far too much time reading and probably forwarding hysterical emails and the daily telegraph. So sorry you didn't enjoy your stay, please close the door behind you.

Are you joking? what Grey said was more or less grammatically correct. You're just an arsehole.

Yes, fudgekin. Interesting. Regarding democracy, I fully agree. It is NOT working in Australia. The first problem is that Australia has compulsory voting. This means that the election results are always skewed to the left by disinterested, uninformed, dependancy minded bogans whose only interest is who will offer them the biggest baby bonus or government handout ! How can any country be successful when the government treats the population like little children that it MUST control and where the population are passive and lap it up ?

Conformity, towing the party line. The debates we have seen on TV etc, none of that is about what is best for the country. It is just a popularity and personality contest. However, the biggest obstacle in my opinion is that everybody HAS to vote. Even those with no knowledge, no insight, no interest in anything - they all vote. In most other western democracies, the people who vote are those who are sufficiently interested in what is happening in the country and in the world to actually bother to go and vote. In other countries, voluntary voting has a good chance of resulting in a government that is elected by people sufficiently interested and motivated and adequately informed. Abolishing compulsory voting would be a good first step to stripping away some of the nonsense that takes place in the selection of a government is Australia.

Conformity, towing the party line. The debates we have seen on TV etc, none of that is about what is best for the country. It is just a popularity and personality contest. However, the biggest obstacle in my opinion is that everybody HAS to vote. Even those with no knowledge, no insight, no interest in anything - they all vote. In most other western democracies, the people who vote are those who are sufficiently interested in what is happening in the country and in the world to actually bother to go and vote. In other countries, voluntary voting has a good chance of resulting in a government that is elected by people sufficiently interested and motivated and adequately informed. Abolishing compulsory voting would be a good first step to stripping away some of the nonsense that takes place in the selection of a government is Australia.

I am an American and I can say that although I have been lucky enough to land a "permanent full-time" job in local government, I see Australia making the same mistakes as what happened in my own country and the reason I left. I refuse to go back and am attempting to get citizenship so I can have some rights to help my Australian brothers put things right. It's too late for America....things are too difficult to fix, but there are still more opportunities for skilled people in Australia to help create a great nation. But first we need to get through the bureaucracy. I love Australia and its people, but do think major change is needed. Hopefully the Crown decides to bring in the mace to lay the smack down to give the clowns in Canberra a pig slice of humble pie. I hope William does it. I don't think democracy works very well any more and think that a good mix of socialism and monarchy should exercise some power to put things back in line and rule very strategically.

Boy, you've got hopes! Sounds like you're on a one man crusade to "put things right" in Australia.
Unless you're the Treasurer of the Reserve Bank or Prime Minister, how in buckley's are you going to put things right?

The most you can probably do if you're working for a local council, is to "put things right" with parking space, parking meters, establish a local library or improve the garbage collection system.

This is the kind of attitude that is going to PREVENT revolution. The people have more power than they could possibly imagine. They just need to wake up. There are no limits when it comes to rebellion.

Bring back the monarchy? Hope the Crown brings in the mace to smack down the clowns in Canberra?

Democracy doesn't work well so bring in socialism and monarchy combined?

Are you sure you're an American? You talk kinda funny for one?

I admire your enthusiasm and *****, but like a said, you've got buckley's turning this country around?

I'm Australian, and all I have to say is; Bravo!

Australian problems mostly stem from the education system. They teach completely irrelevant things (Japanese/French) for their twisted, misguided purposes (Multiculturalism, etc). Australians are completely devoid of common sense (maybe true for people in other countries too, no idea), care little about anything that doesn't concern them (no wonder the country is in a mess), are lazy/overweight like pigs (now 50% overweight!) and generally are in disarray.
Naturally these people then grow up and become the adults. Obviously these people become the parents and teachers of the next generation; and so, the ridiculous system continues on.
I'm born in Australia and I don't even want to be here. It's no longer a matter of "people from other nations". It's people from other nations who love Australia the most. Many of those who are born here are "ungrateful" for completely legitimate purposes.
Australia appeals to the majority simply because the majority are the reason behind the country's ailing state. That's how democracy works, an incompetent people ground the country. Competent people can become incompetent. The reverse almost never happens without a significant amount of assertion, something the country lacks.
The latest generation is comprised of pacifists who cannot/will not defend this country effectively should it be invaded, and continue partaking in the idiotic political system, "bogans" who are counter-productive to any civilised society, opportunistic predators who will vandalize and destroy whenever they can get away with it, and other stereotypes whom I won't bother describing.

The country's priorities are completely wrong. Making jobs and boosting the false economic system. Australia is some kind of twisted joke that is falling behind in the international race.
The country doesn't even know what needs to be fixed. That's how bad it's become. Obviously a nation without any clear direction as to how to advance is incapable of advancing.

I have said this before and I will say it again, that if people from other Nations dont like living here then shut up and get out!

Interesting response. If you are so misserable then why are you putting yourself through what seems to be your own private hell.

If I was to say go and love in France or Spain, then I would either knuckle down and get on with fitting in as best as I possibly could and learn the language and culture. If I was say very unhappy then I would just up and leave and come back home. Life is way too short to be misserable.

I am a proud Aussie and have known many immigrants who have enriched this Nation. They have managed to fit in and have created for themselfs a happy life and developed good friendships. To the ones who are critical and complaining constantly you may as well put yourself out of your missery and go to where you might find some happiness.

might help if you spelt border collies right, otherwise it just makes you out as the ignorant, uneducated dumbfuck that you really are. I'd be happy if your sort were obliterated.

What about people who were born here who don't want to be here? The economy is a mess and I've been unable to find a job, how would you suggest I pick up and move to another country? Maybe you'd like to fund my trip out of this hellhole if you're so determined that should be the solution to someone who's unhappy with the state of things.

This Country is not the old Soviet Union. People are free to come and go as they like. No one is forcing you to stay, or leave. If you don't like what I suggest then think up something different. Be proactive. Just always check travel advisories before you choose a destination. There are many Countries much worse of than here trust me, try being unemployed in the United States!

My bigger point is this, life is way too short to waste time complaining. Try living life to the fullest, and count your blessings. Think of how hard life is for so many others. Homeless people here in Australia who dont always get a meal, or a bed, or a safe house or flat to live in!

Where would you go that has a better standard of living than Australia? Where are there friendlier people than Aussies? Do tell.

Wake up. If you were born here and you do not like it, then do something about it. You are not trapped here you are free to leave. Stop your winging and fix the situation. To remain here and complain and slag off about this country just shows that your the one who has the problem. Get a job, save your money and buy an airline ticket. Get off your *** and do something about it.

Have you taken your medication lately? Whoa!

funny you say that.. I doubt you are aboriginal and you are the exact reason we all look bad. get your head out of your @ss and go pick up your dogs dung lets see if you're half as good at picking it up as you are at spewing it I bet you could get a lazy council job in a park somewhere <3

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I guess that I'm lucky in that I live in Northern NSW, a relatively friendly and freethinking part of the country. If you live there and want to be with bogans, the Gold Coast is your closest hotspot.

I'm not really in a position to comment on politics, as I stopped following the news about a year ago and feel great for it. However, it's true that people get the politicians they deserve, and in this light it''s interesting that Tony Abbott is tipped to win the next election.

It's true that there's a streak of stupidity in Australia, and I'm not just talking about the political arena or the way in which pollies resort to populism, jingoism or the hip pocket when all else fails. Take the issue of vaccination, which arouses such hysterical and extreme feelings among the pro-compulsory vaccination camp. People are obsessed with technology to the extent that it blind them to the bigger picture.

Then consider sycophancy to the rich and powerful, the unwillingness of governments to regulate industry, and the general love of backward reactionary policies that fly in the face of intelligent progressive shifts elsewhere in the world. Drugs? - zero tolerance. Are hemp foods legal everywhere else in the world except for New Zealand? - keep them banned here. Climate change? - fast track as many coal mines and coal seam gas mines as humanly possible. At times I'm sure that the rest of the world looks on and shakes its head in disbelief.

It\'ll be interesting if Abbott does win the next election, he\'s a Rhode Scholar and there\'s a lot more to Abbott than most people realize. Most of them very positive. Rudd on the other hand is a fake. A well articulated fake, speaks fluent mandarin and he was an exceptional foreign minister, but what\'s interesting looking at the polls, is Rudd\'s popularity has shrunk dramatically, more and more Aussies seem to be coming to the realization that the Rudd factor isn\'t what it\'s cracked up to be. There\'s some hope for this place yet. Aussies are slow, or to say it in a different way \'laid back\' but more as in \'extremely laid back\' so that an outside looking can see \'geez these people are sloooooow\' - a consistent pattern in Australian politics to this date have been Governments serving long terms, being re-elected multiple times, despite failings, broken promises and such, especially more so in recent years, gillards no carbon tax promise, bligh\'s no selling of QLD public assets promise in 2009 - people still re-elected them, and re-elected them again, not cliff-hanger close-call elections but with strong mandates, so in this country people accept the fact that politicians lie to them, break their promises, directly affect cost of living and other imposts such as increases in road tolls promised not to happen if you vote for me.

Beattie/Bligh (ALP) over 10 years in government in QLD ;
going way back :
Malcolm Fraser\'s coalition ruled for &gt;10 years before Bob Hawke Came along (ALP), 12 years of labor, ended with Paul Keating as PM, John Howard\'s coalition was elected, again 12 years, mind you economic boom times under howard, so people had an excuse for being complacent. Budget surpluses were Jonny Howard\'s pride and joy, spending on infrastructure? What\'s that? Then Rudd/Gillard/Rudd again and here we are.

I reckon give clive palmer a shot, couldn\'t do any worse than the dimwits running now...

Those of you running around waving your aussie flag, we\'re the best, etc etc, take your blinkers off, not all is rosy down under, dollar\'s dropped, which would have been a good thing if we hadn\'t shifted our focus towards resources whilst screwing over small business, retail and manufacturing with a raft of prosperity-destroying taxes such as the introduction of the GST and then the Carbon Tax, in a time when China was ramping up manufacturing.

Recessions tend to make a few more people wake up, and we\'re getting real close .... 6-12 mths possibly.

( and history has shown that more millionaires are created during period of recession - reason being is when the economy tightens up, people think outside the box, if you got your head in the right place, are a quick thinker, chance are you can find a niche you can profit from, that kind of thing, when things are good, people tend to plod along and get a bit complacent - your average joe blow citizen will get taken to the cleaners, retrenchments, inflation, tax hikes, cost of living up, housing market deflates, mortgages go under water - those of us who have planned ahead, I\'ll be sitting here short-selling the Aussie dollar or a bear put spread option on some stock that\'s having a hard time !! might as well make the most of it lol )

Australia\'s drug laws are pathetic in their enforcement. There\'s no point in having them when drugs are running rampant throughout the latest generation.
As someone in tertiary education drugs are clearly attributed to the vast number of absences and dropouts in education.
Those who are pro-drugs can almost be completely open about it. Unless the police are right in front of you (rarely), you will get away with smoking bongs in public. The public won\'t report you.
If you\'re pro-drugs, the law is as good as not being made. May as well join in the large crowd using them.
If you\'re anti-drugs, just keep living behind the illusion that the enforcement is still there.
Win-win from the government\'s disgusting point of view.

'activerog' who is throwing around profanities, calling people dumb and morons, then saying that the he will be the next terrorist headline because according to him the only Aussie "is a dead one" completely devalues the argument he is trying to make. His attitude is dangerous rather than constructive. As a migrant myself I agree with some of the points made on this topic in this fourm, but some comments seem to be tainted by resentment and personal issues. Using the bad sides of Australia as an excuse to vent this anger and aggression stands in direct contrast to the argument the writers are trying to make.

Ive said it before and Ill say it again that if people do not like this country then go home.

Yes, it\'s so obvious, but the STUPID foreign parasites can\'t seem to see the self evident, instead they accuse their hosts of being stupid because they themselves can\'t do anything for themselves.

a lot, like me, kind of get stuck here.... expensive to live, and the cost of re-settling back home,, it\'s actually harder than most people think, when you move from a modern, civilized western economy to a much lesser one, thinking you\'ll do about the same, or just marginally less than back home...

The same situation confronts many people who retire too early and head off to Ecuador or other Poorer countries and realize it\'s not all it\'s cracked up to be. When you look at places like AU/NZ, they\'re extremely expensive by international standards, most statistical indicators point towards a highly refined consumer economy, Aussies and Kiwis both are as fast as the rest of them world-wide adopting new technologies, TV/Smartphones/Laptops/Internet/Tech etc, there are some intrinsic differences in consumer attidutes and fundamentals, but price sensitivity is extremely low in Australia, people tend to be way too laid back, but maybe not that far laid back, taking into account recent news that Target is struggling...

don\'t worry WAANKR, or was that BAANKR. Everything\'s perfect. There is no bad side to Australia. It\'s the perfect country. You people are just so amazing, you get things done as promised, you don\'t bullshit around, and your nation is destined for greatness. That\'s because you\'re so smart and aware of what\'s happening around you. You have community meetings in all areas every fortnight or month, local representatives and business people show up to debate community issues and concerns, local councillors and state government representatives throw in their 50c\'s worth. Yes we\'ll address that next fortnight or next month. Busy intersections get upgraded, overpass or underpass built. Governments listening to the people, people actually giving a rats ***. Sorry but that\'s not Australia. Screw you and your dumb-*** nation, don\'t change, PLEASE don\'t change, I\'m making $$$ dealing FORES with your dumb country\'s currency and having a ball !

FORE.X that is

I dont like this country, but I was born here and so were my parents. So perhaps you could suggest where I should go?

You need to make that decision for your self. Stop winging and be pro active and do something about it.

And to those who were born here and have done so since the mid 1800's? What do you say to them?

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You need to realize that Australians as a whole have extremely low intelligence, or "IQ" as they call it. I'm from Switzerland myself, and from personal experience I'd guess it would take between 50-100 aussies to make up the intelligence of the average european, Aussies really are the stupidest people on the planet, with possible exception being perhaps Kiwis and Russians. Australia is kind of an oxymoron, on one hand, Aussies are pretty rapid adopters of new technologies and gadgets but in reality are rather un-savvy consumers. Too lazy to lift their lazy, fat ***** to do a decent days work for a decent days' work, and similarly too lazy and inefficient to bother doing a "U-Turn" to get fuel at a service station that's 20% cheaper than the one on the road they were originally driving on. This is an experiment that's been done countless times in various cities and localities. Aussies couldn't be bothered going 2 minutes out of their way to save themselves $5 on tanking up their car, but these braindead cretins will jump up and down if they feel they've been ripped off to the tune of 2c per litre based on some technicality on supermarket fuel discount vouchers.

Aussies are great people until you need to interact with them. Then you'll discover how dumb these people really are. Personally, I've gotten to the point that if I had to deal with these morons for much longer, I'll become the next terrorist attack headline because I truly believe the only good aussie is a dead one, it's so damn hard to find a good one (and I have found one, in business).

and then when you look at the politicians this retarded excuse of a nation elects into power, well I rest my case. Call me euro-trash, I won't take offence to the fact that I have a brain and standards, but try to label any aussie as slow or too laid back and you're likely to get a smack in the teeth.

Then pack up and go home and stop your complaining!

I am Australian and feel like a complete loner in my own country. I don't feel any pride in telling anyone I'm Australian, I'm ashamed to be honest.

Your stupid country is best known for crazy environmentalist and Vegan nut jobs like Paul Watson and Peter Brown Who push your politicians around and brainwash your ignorant poorly educated population. You deserve to be mocked and outcast by the civilized world because you're weak and stupid. Go to hell Australia.

You think your carbon tax is going to save the planet . What a bunch of dumbasses.

So true, how can oz do any good when we are too lazy to change the polititans. They should be accountable for their party's actions and deceit. No carbon tax promise from labour obtained votes fraudulently. Fraud is obtaining benefit by deceit. How is that not electoral fraud? How many people would not have voted for labour knowing that the carbon tax would be improvised? Unfortunately I can see the same tricks this coming election and I won't be surprised if labour get back in due to the overwhelming support from the un intelligent, dole bludging majority of Australians. I am embarrassed to be an Australian and sick of sacrificing my time and efforts to build a successful business and life, only to be continually over taxes to pay for the unintelligent majority. How can Australia change? Because if we don't affluent people won't come here or start businesses here and Australians will leave in droves. Who will be left to pay for the bludgers?

problem is aussies are simply too dumb. By my estimates, there would only be around 50'000 to maybe 200'000 people in this country that would fall into the category of intelligent people. The rest have their lives fixated on what's on TV, quality TV is called "A Current Affair", "Today Tonight" and "Home and Away" or their retarded sports they so proudly proclaim 'aussie supremacy' despite the fact that not much of the rest of the world plays these sports (namely cricket, football)...

With two teenage daughters, I'm astounded that absolutely NOTHING is being taught to our kids in relation to how business works, how the stock market works, how to manage their personal finances and such. They focus on really important things here in retard land to best prepare graduating students for life in the real world by teaching as little as possible about life in the real world, so they're dumb-***** like the rest of the retards that make up this otherwise rather picturesque and beautiful country.

Lucky I work with a brokerage firm, and I'm in a position to teach my kids good money habits and keeping their finances, especially matters relating to debt, under control, because THEY ARE TAUGHT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN HIGH SCHOOL about business, money and personal finances. Everything in Australia is engineered to keep society as dumbed down and backwards thinking as possible. I truly believe that bar a few exceptions, the only good aussie is a dead one.

I agree, and I'm an Australian. 5 generations of us. I wish I had another country to go to.

@ Matt028 I agree that it is fraud when the politicians promise one thing so that they get elected, then renege on the promise. They should be charged with fraud or there should be another election called in the case of something big like the carbon tax and misleading the nation. Re how can Australia change? Well a first step would be to abolish compulsory voting. This would mean that fewer idiots would vote and the election results would reflect the views of the people who actually cared about more than getting an increase in their dole money !

Many curse the NBN, but I really think it will be a game changer. For the first time in history, Australia will have national infrastructure that\'s on-par or better than most of the rest of the world has, more and more people will enjoy the possibilities really fast internet has to offer - for myself, it\'s been the option of almost completely isolating myself from having to lower myself to deal with aussies, and i can do business with anywhere in the world. More and more people will discover that most aussies are really very low intelligence, and there\'s a massive, unprecedented opportunity out there to tap into and profit from big time. Happy days.

lol THAT\'s when you REALLY discover how dumb most aussies are, mind you do their credit, mostly helped by the economic squeeze thanks to the GFC, there\'d be considerably more aussies now against a carbon tax than for it, especially now that the whole thing\'s been exposed as one great big scam, designed primarily not to tax us to death and give more to the rich, but to prevent developing nations from developing and becoming wealthy.

Duuuuh bro the carbon tax is a good thing, going to lower pollution and make the duuuh big polluters going to pay not the consumer duuuh
nooooh duuuh they wouldnt pass these prices on would they duuuh

like trying to wake the dead, communicating with skippys lol

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You forgot to mention those who immigrated here but got no chance at getting a better job who have real degrees from point of origin that are not honoured here , while people who have "friends" in high places are given good jobs even if they really screw it up. qualification here is who you know not what you know. be nice if "the fair go" existed.

right on the button, except for the 20 years behind the western world bit, more like 30 years, give or take a few years

Nailed it there, buddy, that's pretty much what Australia and Australians tend to be like.
Probably worth elaborating here, as well as presenting a different viewpoint :
1. People in Australia ("Australians") as a whole do care who you are, what you know, and more importantly WHO you know. If you're in business, having celebrity endorsement of sorts quite literally ensures your success, regardless of how crappy your business model, product or both.
2. Australia didn't get hit by the GFC anywhere near as much as Europe and other places for two reasons, and they have absolutely nothing to do with intelligence of the Australian people, but because of them mining and resources boom, and the fact that this is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live, so corporate profits and the tax take by the various tiers of government is extremely high.
When the GFC hit, electricity prices suddenly jumped by about 20%, petrol prices rose by an average of 20c per litre over a 6 month period despite crude oil prices falling in the face of the GFC, and the Aussie dollar rising, which should have made fuel cheaper, like other imports which are tied to foreign exchange rates. These increases in prices automatically flowed through with the 10% GST collected rising as people pay more for daily essentials such as electricity, fuel, public transport (when the GFC hit, a bus ticket from Broadbeach went from $4.50 to $6.95 in 2008. So, on each bus fare the government collects 69.5c GST instead of 45c GST. This is why there is never really a need to raise the GST, as prices in Australia always rise faster than those of our major (OECD) trading partners.

So many points written above by criticalthinking . Thing that bugs me about some of her rants is that it seems she has no idea on some of the subjects she is talking about . Please note if you haven't done enough research on a subject don't talk about it .
You have said the NBN is a fiasco with no benefit to people . Working in an IT related industry I can tell you this is utter crap . Yes it is expensive . But with this expence we are future proofing further generations . It is logistically a massive job and cannot be rolled out overnight . Claiming the rollout is a waist of money simply illustrates that you have no insight into the application and benefits of this network . Personally I feel this is one of the triumphs of the labor government and perhaps one of the reasons to keep them in government instead of settling for the liberals adjustment of the network .
My final point is this . People carry on about how bad this country is and how much they hate living here . I agree that as a country we are not perfect .Our land may be kirt by sea . But there was this thing invented called a plane . If you really hate Australia so much and feel there is a better country or there her on a plane and leave

Who would be left to pay your dole cheque? Be careful not to bite the hand that feeds !

Yes I have to agree her rant is stupid and ill thought out. Her decision to leave and return to her home was the best thing she said.

Sorry should have added that the country of your origin is pretty corrupt and has muslim terrorists that the govenment can't control, the Marcos side show need I go on. Go back home and stop whinging!

If you dont like Australia then get out!

That's not going to fix it is it? I think we need more intelligent people here. The majority if simple folk can't afford to leave and let's face it, life's good when very thing is free!

"If you dont like Australia then get out!"
... easier said than done for most. So many people are lured here by false promises and end getting stuck here because it's too expensive to live and get by, even frugally with both partners working 7 days a week, saving up enough money to head back to civilisation and settle back home.

Multiple spelling and grammatical errors undermine your credibility. I too am an Aussie of Scandinavian lineage, and whilst I sympathise with your conclusion, I would contest many of the particulars of your argument. That's all I have time for.

You said whilst lol

I agree that Australia doesn't matter on the world stage, but I don't agree that everyone that lives there is totally crass and stupid. That's a small minority which the writer has probably just been unfortunate enough to come across far too much.

I emigrated from New Zealand in the late '90s and I am so glad I did it. Yes, the government and media is useless and seems to downplay the country's problems, but how lucky are we to be in a country where we can openly criticise our government without fear of imminent death?

On the whole, the people I have met in Australia have been very down-to-Earth and genuine. I have travelled to the U.S. and China and these are the world's 2 most notable countries at the moment. Let me tell you, compared to these two countries, we have it good. (Yes I sometimes gripe at the cost of consumer goods, but that's why there's eBay/ online shopping).

So agree with rubiesrred. Summed it up great. A frustrating Mindless repetition of Macdonald's , KFC, Subway and 4 x 4 car yards from town to town, if they didn't have different names on those towns I would think I was living in one big Texas , USA. The Media in Australia are controlled by The Elite and We are kidding ourselves that we live in a vibrant democracy and that we have a free media. We are retarded. Like a 14 year old with the mind of a poodle. Shttz me to tears as well. A lot of Nast people in Australia, very selfish and apathetic.

Hit the nail right on the head. If you cast a vote on election day in anything other than pencil, then your vote is not counted, and classified as an 'informal' vote. This is what is getting Clive Palmer all riled up.

i keep seeing the word "proud". interesting that the more ppl shout about how proud they are the less mature and secure they are. i once saw "proudly made in australia" on a dog food bowl ............................................. need i say more ...............................

I think national pride in and of it's self is idiotic at best. It's like trying to ride on the accomplishments of your parents. If your father was a doctor you do not by default become a doctor. By contrast I am well aware that studies show that when people who are told from childhood that their nation, ethnicity, tribe etc is nothing it can be very damaging. I know plenty of people who throw around phrases like proud to be American, or proud to be Australian, and they are usually lazy idiots. I myself am proud of things I've actually accomplished, but I've never been proud to be an American, or ashamed. Though I am ashamed and disturbed by an increasing number of things the US government has done. What I have found particularly disturbing during my time in Australia is the number of policies I've seen different Australian governments adopt that the American government did when I was a kid that ended up hurting the people more than anything else. The best example I can think of is the selling off of the production and distribution of electricity. I can remember when it happened in Montana when I was a kid and prices skyrocket, same thing happened here. It's like watching a train wreck.

National Pride is OK if you're representing the country in some form, like in international sport, or if you're running a business that's making its mark on international markets, but for the average person, pride should be more self-pride rather than blindly proclaiming to be proud to be Aussie or whatever.

I do admit calling myself proud to be born in Switzerland for two reasons mainly - firstly, Governments there actually represent the people, instead of pretending, and this is backed up with the many referendums they have back home. Also, regular community meetings in most areas shows people there take much more of an interest in what happens around them than Aussies, who are way too laid back to even give up their TV for a night every fortnight to go to a Progress Association meeting...

Every country has it's problems and we sent you ours... Mrs Gillard!!! lol with love from Wales xxxx

Wow. Wtf ru doing here then? Aussies also invented plastic, indestructible dollar notes & cask wine. The bladder in the box to be precise. Oh & did you mean you are an 'immigrant?' Maybe you should return to the snow?

You've just proven his point. 'Emigrant' is a word, distinct from 'immigrant'. Even if you didn't know this, someone of even moderate intellect would think to Google facts before posting.

Big chip on the shoulder?

Regarding the question of Australia's class system. More to the point is the idea that far from being a classless culture, Australia is actually a single-class culture. Big difference. Those suburbs whose inhabitants are often categorized as upper class... for example, Double Bay or Mosman in NSW, or Toorak in Victoria... don't really qualify, to my way of thinking, as upper class because they continue to defer to Australia's miasma of stoopid and grant it its legimacy. What I mean by this is that, even though they can often be nice enough people, they continue to allow the stoopid to define their lives. Where in other cultures the ignorant are easily dismissed, in Australia they carry legitimacy such that civilized Aussies are easily offended, easily "put in their place" for speaking out of turn. In other countries, civilized people have the confidence to laugh off ignorant insults, which "nice" Aussies do not have the freedom to do. This is a most important point, and it brings us back to the idea that of course there are decent Aussies... it's just that they forfeit a lot of liberties in order to live in this toxic cesspit of secretiveness and hidden agendas. This single-class culture strictly defines their limits.

In other countries, an idiot is, well, an idiot. In Australia, the bogan is a legitimate lifestyle choice and the idiot is king. And the honour of "lovable larrikin" is often bestowed upon even the uppest of upper-class inhabitants, from ex-Prime Minister Bob Hawke and politician Jeff Kennett to businessman Kerry Packer.

Kevin Rudd is no lovable larrikin, though... can any of us recognize what happens to people when they fall outside of the blokey, fun-loving stereotype?

We must be robust and constructive in our criticism of this country and hold ourselves up for continuous review if we are to progress. The refreshing thing about Australia is its still an unwritten story unlike many countries who've written their final chapters and the endings were often tragic .
Many countries become moribund and self deluded . Australians on the scale of 1 to 10 are about average . It is true there are many things here that infuriate . But then you want to try say England or America . Unlike England we don' t have a class system .. many would say Thank God ..but then we don't really get anyone who is extraordinary either . We get the turkeys instead of the eagles , the ordinary instead of the extraordinary .The eagles from Europe or Asia go to America and while they achieve great things there they are usually glad to finally leave because the US is truly a crazy wacky violent country . They're unbalanced .
Australia is still a great country full of promise but we have got to stop dumbing ourselves down . Australians are great in reaction but not proaction. You can rely on an Ozzie in a crisis . But its too late to react when the horse has bolted or when industries have left . This is not a wise nation . I mean who builds 5 rail gauges ? We are not a patient nation . Like spoilt children we want everything by tomorrow and because we can't do that -- we import- because we can . Australians hang their psychology on 'how well we did in attending other peoples wars ' and of course sport . The truth is we are a footnote in military history and these days not too good at sport either. Unlike the lazy bloody Greeks Australians do work hard but only from the neck down . The country depends too much on pushing dirt around and digging big holes like a bunch of cats with diarrhea. The Western world was built by the mind then the back was used to produce the goods that give us a good standard of living otherwise we would be just peasants in the field. Take away everything invented somewhere else and we would be in the nude in a paddock with a victa motormower . Its not good enough is it . The English proved you can't build an modern economy based on pushing paper around .The Irish proved you can't build an economy building nice houses for yourselves with other peoples money .The Greeks proved you can't holiday eternally on German money. You have to export something OR live within your means . We freeload on smarter nations for just about everything including knives and forks and its got to change , otherwise one day we will be like the aborigines-- taken over --until the will of the people is irrelevant and no longer heard. Some just call it evolution.

Unless you are an aboriginal then we are all foreigners . We still have the Union Jack on the flag --the FLAG OF ENGLAND . Aboriginals are the only ones who are 'Australians' the rest of us are foreign blow ins . Being an Australian citizen is not about nonsense like knowing Donald Bradmans cricket score . Clueless? I have two degrees in engineering ,ran a large company . My family has been here over 150 years . My uncle fought with the 2/14 at Kokoda in 1943 . Abuse is not constructive argument.

I am a canadian immigrant, I emigrated here in 1995, so been here for 18 years now. This country by far, is the most respectful country I have even been, I've been around too, I beleive to experience one country you to reside in it, to experience and know the country. I was lucky to lived in Perth for 2 years, before that, I am already a canadian citizen and was accepted as a citizen in Canada, prior to canada, I've lived in Singapore, in Japan, worked in Indonesian and Malaysia. Grew up in the Philippines. by far the worst country I've ever lived in is Australia.

Well . I couldn't read the whole lot, but I will tell you this.
I have lived in a few countries in my life and i have never seen so arrogant , unintelligent , literate stupid and often lack of dignity Nation as Australians. How easy is to control this Nation. Its like a stupid dog - give him a junk food and it stops bark. In over 23 years i met a few people I could use my mind with. The rest I even had to teach spelling of simple words or names.
If not internet and wise books of some ...... and .............. I would be now stupid as well.
Anther example of australian stupidity:
Australian woman -dirty nails , dirty peeling feet, tide thin pants,no shoes, visible panties, tattoo on the neck or something else, but nails and her lips are coloured. All horses would laugh in the stable.haha
That everyday sick being affects now everyone. Even many migrants turn to stupidity after years. What is the most sad is, that this secular Nation without God like without food already dead/rotton. Sad. So sad. Strange that government do not see that. Maybe this is what they really want. Stupid Nation controlled by rules, little rules, midim rules, policies and regulations and of course LAW.. And they even taught them how to dob one onother. Hahaha. Stupied Nation in hidden Communism.

What kind of 'Australian women' have you been in contact with? Sound like the type who take drugs &amp; charge $ for s*x. How revolting you are to say that about all Aussies. My friends &amp; I are very well groomed indeed thank you very much, we eat well, work out, spend money on stylish clothes &amp; would never dream of being seen in public looking like trash. What do you look like anyway? Do you get a regular manicure &amp; pedicure? I guess you dress in designer outfits too? You are a sad individual. I wonder where you live?

That comment was for the ignorant Fiolek62 by the way...

This is so true, and I bet if Aussies heard you say that they'll say" if you don't like it leave!" I'm not
Even sure why they call themselves lucky, I guess it's just the weather. PAthetic, In Perth, you can't even leave you're window open, or someone will try to rob your belonging in broad daylight.

The only thing wrong with Australia is the people's massive egos and attitudes. Everyone thinks they are top ****.

well said sdafjalsk. modesty and deference are qualities seldom seen in Aus.

Mate, at least take into consideration the fact that this country was built on immigration.

The country was build on immigration physically but no intellectually . Government was always pure 's not migrant's.

Well, you are wrong. many leave back home and I go soon too because a few of my neighbors like you "has the balls" to hang their balls (rubber ) at the back of their cars. Disgusting is Australian Nation on everyday basis . You also have to understand that all migrants are people that came to Australia to start new life and build the family on one of the most beautifull ,full of sunshine country in the world and ofcourse for money. And that is a fact. Unfortunately Australian Nation is like an unpleasant worm in a beautiful plate of soup and that makes the migrants to take it away especially from their children. The whole subject is a general opinion of course because we know that even in Arab countries there are also good and inteligent people, but again I have to repeat what I have already said in previous response is that,that I have never been so disgusted with any nation as with Australians although I have lived previously in a few countries. One simple example from thousands: the naked woman(********) invited by parents to their 21st son's birthday + his girlfriend also was there. They told me that it is australian culture. It is really a shame to be an Australian, but when we hold australian passport in in Europe it is a pride and that is because Europians do not know australian Nation only political relationship and economical state of the country and that has got nothing to do with Australian immorality,and stupidity.

Andrew, I can tell you it amazes me the lack of general knowledge and the general education standard people have when I want an employee.

I run a small business and have exported to 30+ countries and our government does not support business. I wish i had left here 15 years ago, but would not have had a relationship with my son who lives with my ex-wife. This country is an export "hole". if you have nay great ideas I think people shoudl plan from day one to leave.

22 months of manufacturing decline, 3000 less businesses than 5 years ago, recored sales of businesses and peak bankruptcy in the last few years says it all.

We think mining can solve it all, and are at a tipping point.

I have left here 84 times , done 5 round the world trips for work and been to 26 countires and we take so much for granted.

I wish today i had worked in the public service and had a holiday my entrie life and would be much happier than busting my gut to do business in a backward thinking nation.

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Hate to break it to you buddy, but that is most of the "developed" world. Everywhere you go people and governments are like that. And in a foreign country it is even easier to notice then where your home is.

It's just the way this world is (ALL OF IT) and b****ing about it on blogs, social media and other websites is not going to change it at all.

And on a final note since Australia is so bad to all of you PACK YOUR F***ING BAGS AND LEAVE!

Australians can not see the difference between freedom and slavery. Between white and black, between moral and immoral between right or wrong and at last what it virtues life and what is not. They lack a hundred years of proper education. All they know is Cd, DVD, mobile, dirty movies, adultery and good fun when watch Mardi grass. And the worst is the refuse to know why it is so, because of ignorance to the truth and pride. They are simply deaf and blind.

And you speak for all Australians do you? Yet more ignorance!

I beg your pardon, I seem to have got my reports mixed up. This is the one:

"Australia perform rather badly, coming in at 27th place out of 45 countries studied internationally." Google it to learn more.

You may want to reconsider the name calling tag in light of the new stats. Thankfully, where I come from the standards aren't nearly as bad, not to say however, things aren't in need of improvement.

Regards, Terry

Haha, you really took the bait on this one! Have a chill pill. At 8th on the rankings you should be smart enough to spot a wind up.
I could google dodgy stats all day long but it was getting boring. Still, made you do your research didn't it?

all of the people that are from across seas only see Australia in the news and as we all should know the media try to find the worst in all countries even their own because without an interesting story the people watching would get bored so they mainly try and find things that are bad in other countries to make theirs look better but in reality Australia is a very good country because why would all these immigrants would be coming to Australia instead of other places. its because Australia is a very good country and is considered to be one of the best countries to live in, just because our leaders are awful people it doesn't mean that the rest of us are plus "its failure to promote its culture, education" in Australia the education isn't as good as some places but that's because of the ****** government not being able to fund the schools properly and if the funding for classroom materials was better more people would be more educated. also i must state that the areas that the media and the rest of the world target of Australia are the worse off areas of the country that millions of people love to be. when all you ignorant people cant get it that no country is better than another no matter your ******* opinion.

I may be young but even I can see how dumb, racist, and down right ignorant people of this country are. Australians generally don't care for anybody except themselves, have a lack of respect for culture, and seem to turn a blind eye to the problems of not only this country but the problems of the world.This country's culture consists of alcohol, football, partying, and being rude and ignorant.

For me attending school is hard, especially when I am surrounded by countless teenagers who don't want to learn, and are there on a strict mission to disrupt others learning and progress. I attend a school which in my opinion doesn't seem to value education at all. The teachers have a careless attitude and the kids from what I have seen don't think about anything except how well their social life is progressing. Sure you can say kids should be care free, but when this behaviour continues well into their 20's, 40's, and beyond, it gets scary. When these kids really don't aspire to be anything when they grow up, its very sad. I hang around many people at school but I have a hard time relating to any of them, most are just to stupid to carry an intellectual conversation with or on anything for that matter, except how drunk they got on the weekends or what pills they swallowed. The large amount of new kids coming to my school are NOT refugees from "the boats", but are English people coming from planes, who seem to share a similar interest in our alcohol-loving, materialistic, and lack of respect for education society.

The majority of people in Australia only care for what they have, and get depressed when it isn't as much as the next person. I wish I could say that I love this country but I can't, and the more I live here the more I dislike these "bogans" surrounding me. I think my dad finds it hard to watch this country become worse and worse as the years pass. We are so far up America's backside, its frighting. Australia seems to embrace being uneducated, and care-free. In Australia we have this attitude, well if its not affecting me, who cares? We've sold-out nearly all our businesses to foreign countries, we have let America drag us around like a helpless puppy, and let the media pollute our minds through manipulative lies. Whats worse is that this country is again going to take a step backwards by voting in the despicable Tony Abbott, and whilst I don't particularly like Julia Gillard, she is better than Abbott. Now don't get me wrong there are many wonderful Australians who care for others, are educated, smart, creative and admirable, but they are not the majority. However, the majority seem to follow like "sheep" to whatever it trending.

The day that Australia actually stands up and acknowledges the problems in this country, is a day that sadly probably won't come. As long as the ignorant, small minded, racist, and obnoxious keep breeding, this is how it is. I have to agree Australia is alongside America, "The Stupid Country".

'Downright' is one word. There are more errors but I have limited time. You are right on many points, however!

UPDATE: It's official; Australia ranked 25th out of 28 advanced economies for standard of education. I heard it on the news today.
Regards, Terry

Yeah, I read that too. Absolutely pathetic.

Many valid points raised in this rant. It's now 2013 and the chickens are slowly but surely coming home to roost; unemployment up, big business and manufacturing closures up, cost of living pressures up, the list goes on. Anyone with half a brain or more could see the China bow-wave that Australia's been surfing on would reduce to a ripple on a pond. Try surfing that, dude. Real estate is exhibiting all the signs of a death rattle, new paradigm? Wait and see about that. Seeing that materialism (oh ok, and beer & footie) is the fabric holding society together, the fabled real estate bubble pop will jolt even the most "hear no, speak no, see no" types into paying attention. All in all, a challenging time requiring great leadership, that said, you just know how things could go down. How's Scandanavia?

I really agree with the writer when she said that australia is a stupid country by the way we scandinavian are more cleaver than those people by example we are not sheep.Thanks mom and best wishes from Europe. Peter Josef Boere

I've lived in Australia all my life and I'm approaching forty. I've
travelled to most continents but only on holidays, not for work, so that only adds up to about three months total. I'm white, female and completely agree with everything negative posted here about Australia.

The people are stupid, so unbelievably stupid that it should be a crime to be so ignorant. They are rude, uncouth, arrogant and extremely emotionally immature. Their socialisation skills are particularly sub-standard.

50% of all employees are employed by the government, not including private contractors. This means there are rules and regulations for everything you could possily think of. Thought crimes are also a crime in Australia, so be careful what you think.

As Australians and the world now knows, it is one giant rip-off.

There are no values in Australia other than materialism, drinking and sport.
The education system, including universities, is extremely poor and massively overpriced.

The F word is practically learned in kindergarten and is the most commonly heard word in any conversation. Men and women don't approach each other unless they are drunk and then the conversation is only ever about putting the F word into action.
Australia is essentially a large prison continent still. Many of the people may not have descended from convicts but they are still prisoners of the government. It is like Big Brother, or Robocop without the technology.

Unless you want to do nothing but lie on the beach all day and you are self-funded to do that, do not stay in Australia, nor migrate here. There is no other pleasure to be found in Australia but that, which appears to be something the Aborigines have known all along.

Well said. I totally agree. What is surprising is that you are Australian and can see this so clearly. Most people brought up in Australia do not see things as clearly as you do. I have posted some stories here.

Wow, yet another person who hangs out with utter morons. Yeah, we all just get drunk &amp; **** in Australia. That's the culture. Hahahaha. Grow a brain.

This is very true. Australians are dumb, racist and arrogant. The doctors in hospitals , mining engineers are IT professionals are all foreigners, not Aussies. They are too stupid to do it. There are CEO of companies who cannot barely read a financial statement. But CEO, because Aussie. I will be out from here soon

Yeah you say that because you are Indian! (the most racist in the world-true, look it up)

I totaly agree with the article, I have immigrated to Australia from Germany and after 6 years I can see that this country is disappointment , the system is unfair, takes from hard working people and gives to lazy bogans, government spends huge tax payer's money on doubtful projects with no clear results, this might be similar to some countries in Easter Europe, well, but these have at least good education system. Australia's education, mainly the VET sector is a joke, certificates are produced as hot breads in bakery, without any skills, so this country is and became more stupid, private schools charge high prices, but the quality what theay provide to students is not enough, I am lucky to get quality education in Germany and free of charge!!!! My kids will study in Europe, the living costs are really expensive,to own a house (just a wooden box quality without proper heating) is almost unachievable, sometimes I have a feeling that the working environment is more flustrated and stressful than in some countries in Easter Europe. The Aussie businesses are absolutely unorganized and unefficient (according to what I am used to from Germany) There are no skills to learn, just to learn, how things should not to be done. Authorities, mainly councils people are arrogant and not helpful, just money collectors, such a high fines for wrong parking you will never find in Western Europe!!! The ordinary citizen is rip off on every steps and the check list could go on. And government, well every nation get such a goverment thats deserves. But I do not complain , is just a flustration what I do experience in this country, which drives me mad, although I am Australian citizen, during this 6 years I relised that my real home is Germany and thank you Australia to show me what I lost by leaving Germany, and these who say I should be grateful to live in such a lucky country as Australia is, I have to aswer, I paid for my visa thousands of Euros and the skills and education what I brought with me were paid by German government, so I do not owe anything to Australia, I learnt to value my home country and sooner or later it will come the day when I will be able to say farewell Australia and return back home.

The Australian people are scum, their children are scum and are even worse than they are, all throughout my life I've endured endless bullying due to weight or being short and you know what, there was NEVER A BREAK FROM IT there was NEVER A RESPITE FROM IT, I COULD NOT BE EDUCATED because the OTHER kids in class were complete and total ASSH0LES.

So its not necesserially the Australian people's fault that they are dumb, its that their education system is totally and completely flawed from the ground up, even in the lowest years it is fundamentally flawed because it allows disruptive children to mingle with and interfere with the other kids, even abuse them and in some cases bash them up and kill them.

or throw petrol on them and set them on fire.

I actually experienced this occuring to a friend that I knew, he died from his injuries.

You would still be bullied for your weight in any country mate. Not just Australia. You neeed to grow some balls.

dont forget about australia economic - high dollar, high interest rate , high inflation.. high tax. is hard to have a saving in australia the only way is to get a loan and get a house and hope the price will shoot up the roof and u will be rich .

high dollar -> result in less student enrolled in australia education, less agriculture export as is too expensive because dollr is too high. and the only thing that support australia economy is australia mineral. where is about to hit the peak. and australia is not a strong manufacturing country as all the manufacturing company is closing down due to high labour cost ,ultra-strong union and high dollar. these manufacturing company wont come back even when dollar is low because is just to cheap to do it oversea

next few years you will see usa, and europe coming back. while australia will be going to fall into recession. because the government dont have foresight and more than willing to fall into the global currency trap. where every country in the world try to devalue their currency to stay competitive while australia dollar rise and rise. and the government is proud of that saying there a sign of how strong our economy is

I'm Australian born with a physical disability and a high, creative intellect. I agree with these observations.

i know its a clique but why are you here ,its your attitude that all your complaints are there and there is a lot of your thinking unfortunatley

I have lived in Australia my whole life, and have also travelled extensively from a young age. Australia is certainly a giant black hole where bogans thrive and the rest of us seek refuge in scattered pockets throughout the country where people do not aspire to mediocrity and idiotic behaviour. There are some very genuine, charming, intelligent and creative people in Australia. There are brilliant and amazing individuals out there doing good things for the planet. However these people are a minority that are not breeding at the rate of the bogans! The wrong people are breeding!

I have been consistently trying to escape from aggressive, unbelievably stupid, narrow minded, disrespectful and even cruel Australians anywhere that I have chosen to live, and I have mostly lived in very nice parts of Sydney and surrounds. I suppose what I have come to realise is that there are just so many 'ordinary' people in Australia, that they encroach everywhere. Apparently somehow being 'ordinary' in Australia is synonymous with being an acceptable person, after all we should all just strive to 'fit in'. Australians even take pride in being an 'ordinary Australian'. No prizes for trying to do something really special, something that can instigate change, actual progress or have a profound positive impact. Look at what is happening to courses at university....I personally do not play a musical instrument. However, I do want to live in a country that values music as part of the culture...and we are shutting down music departments! Cuts to public education in general are being made increasingly. It is the nature of Australia, it is becoming dumber, and the only relief is to leave.

Don't think that I over romanticise other countries, because I am open minded and enquiring and do find fault with, and disappointment in other countries. There are parts of the world where I have been and found myself grateful that I was born in Australia because of the terrible crimes I have witnessed against the animal world, humanity and the planet in general. These are places that I would NEVER trade for Australia, and even though it is not perfect in these aspects either, it is paradise by comparison.

However, when we compare Australia with other so called developed nations, it is simply offensive to say that Australia is the "best country in the world". Ridiculous...who are we to say that other people could not and do not have the quality of life that we do, if not far better! It is simply stupid and demonstrates how uneducated Australians are about other nationalities/cultures.

This year I visited some of my family in France to be so taken by the simplicity and richness of their lives. Their values are not dominated by investment properties, four wheel drives, and how many gadgets they posses. No, theirs is a modest life actually, where they DO own their homes (not banks), and they are concerned about the quality of food they consume and the impact they have on the world around them...including the old lady that lives next door! Being educated is very high on their list of priorities and much energy is dedicated to learning. That life is far more enriching than what most Australians can imagine and aspire to. What is notable to me is that when I travel to Europe it is easy to have a interesting conversation with people of all ages. People in their late teens and early twenties are far more knowledgeable than Australians of the same age, and aware. My own cousins are very articulate and have an excellent grasp of politics, and are seemingly mature. Although when you meet their friends it is apparent that this is just how many young Europeans are.

By the way....I am not French. I am one of those square peg in a round hole Australians who thinks that the Sydney new years fireworks display is absolutely boring, unnecessary and demonstrative of a culture that is delusional and needs to grow up if it is ever to compete on the world stage. I am always longing to find a way a feasible way out....yes I freely admit to that.

A dying breed...

so true rubiesred



my name is Mark Webb from sydney, im gay and proud woohoo!! gay sydney 2013 wooohoo!!

Australia needs to be in the thick of a war on its home turf, or some kind of invasion. The anglo natives are too soft, blinkered, willfully ignorant and have absolutely no comprehension of the privilege of making educated and informed decisions. Apparently, being behind everyone else in the world by five years (in terms of technology, business, etc.), being politically irrelevant in the global arena and making prank calls to hospitals is something to cheer and laud. As Jack Nicholson once said, "this town needs an enema." Or a fist.

I've thought about this myself, but you know what, it doesn't even need to come to that, all Australia needs inorder to make it wisen up is a damn good economic collapse, a MASSIVE one. And it WILL happen as soon as the mining resources run out, but it will be a long time before it occurs.

Good article.... but is too kind in my opinion. I saw some replies below blaming the Government. Come on the Government is just the reflection of the constituency. Someone else just said "There may be a touch of jealousy in the author’s original post." That was hilarious! Anyone jealous of that cancer patient? Anyway I don't think is much hope for this place. Thanks for this good article and I hope you enjoy it being back in Scandinavia.

I came in a little late. I was a little shocked by the comments made by the original author, but even more so by the comments posted below. I am Australian, but have lived abroad for over 20 years. I frequently visit, and I have always considered Australians to be racists, albeit on a variety of levels. Still, I’ve never seen such an aggressive stance against a nation for what seems to be a mix of bad luck, poor choice of friends/location/lifestyle etc, a touch of jealousy and maybe a little racism on the author’s behalf.

With regards to bogans, they are everywhere. The names are different (rednecks, wankers, East-enders, cholos, yobbos, hooligans, torcidas etc). This is not particular to Australia. Now, if you find that you are mixing with bogans, it’s time to change areas. No one can take you serious when you say the nation is full of bogans. There are some highly educated, charming, intellectual Australians. You may have been unlucky in your choice of friends, or unable to find the right group. But they are not all bogans. I too dislike bogans, so I avoid them like the plague. Suggestion: look elsewhere for friends.

Yes, the nation is obsessed with sports. But there are people who do not care about it. I now live in a country also obsessed with a particular sport. I hate the sport, but managed to find people who are not obsessed. Once again, it is up to you to make your circles liveable and likeable.

Australians are naturally careless, carefree, overly confident, rude and uncouth. That said, they are also reliable, bitterly honest, and, once you’re a recognized friend, generous and open-hearted. Yes, this is not everyone’s cup o tea, but “there lies the rub”. That’s why we travel: to experience different cultures. Australians are like this for a number of reasons: they’ve never really had it rough (compared to most countries), they are not a traveled bunch (a couple of weeks on Bali is not travelling in my books), the government has pampered them (and shafted them at the same time), the have never really understood their heritage (rape, pillage, plunder of Aborigines), and I could go on forever. Still, the country is what it is. But it is going too far when you classify the nation a shithole. There are many a shithole in Australia, and it seems you have found (one of) them. Suggestion: move on to a better place. Seek and yee shall find.

There may be a touch of jealousy in the author’s original post. Maybe, the Scandinavian part of you is too strong to live with such a bunch of careless, carefree, overly confident, rude and uncouth people. That’s fine, but you need to recognize your European stance on this. Is it possible that you are a tad jealous that are not that carefree and confident? I know many people who have criticized my carefree attitude to life. It could be cultural (my guess is that it really is), but maybe the Scandinavian in you can’t accept the Aussie culture.

Racism is, essentially, the non-acceptance of the other, the different. As a foreigner, you too come across as a racist. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know you, nor do I have any idea of the intensity of the racism you endured (I do not doubt that you in fact endured racism), but as an outsider, your words echo many a racist’s.

In sum, the cultural mismatch you have experienced is sad, but not all together shocking. This happens everywhere. I could never live in the WASP-ridden cities in the US’ southern states, so why would I move there? This may be a case of being mislead or misinterpretation of cultural markers. Either way, Australia, despite all these problems, is no different to any other country when it comes to cultural glitches. The racists are everywhere, even in Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki. But maybe you are on a wavelength that is in synch with theirs. Say “Australia wasn’t for me”, not “Australia was a shithole”. It just seems so much more becoming…..for a European/Scandinavian.

Spoken like true out-of-touch expat who's "lived abroad for more than 20 years". You're FIFO experience of Australia doesn't translate into real world terms. Be more objective and honest with everyone about your 'experience'.

Vsakic, ko sem prebral komentar od tebe, sem postal bolj sram moje dediscine. Vi ste najbolj rasisticnega, hinavski, nespametna oseba, kar sem jih kdaj slisal. Odrasti.

This all makes me utterly saddened for the entire human race.

I do agree with many of the Author's well articulated points. It pains me to read such ridiculous replies.

Australians should, and deserve to be angry. Our so called 'Government' treats its citizens and guests alike, with contempt and complete disdain. I have been to many countries, along with many other Aussies, and the ideas employed by Governments and police elsewhere are far superior, but alas, not everywhere.
This country is in need of a revolution.
Our home needs tending to and the weeds must be sorted from the roses and tossed aside.
Our Politicians are a joke, the 'working poor' cannot make ends meet, whilst our Government showers new comers with gifts. Charity must always begin at home.
Our transport system and infrastructure can only be described as inadequate, and constantly under strain, thanks to over population in new estates in the outer suburbs, and ill planning.
Those considering voting for the Greens should think twice if they are not in favour of Gillard.
And to those who call this place that we call home a '**** hole', I hope your new land welcomes you with open arms, and that you feel free to pray to the god of your choice, speak your mind like this in an open forum and slander your fellow neighbours.
I have seen some events here that have left me with little faith in humanity at times, but I've also seen things that have restored that faith entirely. The same goes for the other places around the world that I've been lucky enough to visit.

I really feel pain for this country, and for the many of us living here with so much hatred in our hearts - no matter whom it may be directed towards; the "dumb Australian" or the "****** government".

I am 26 and a 5th generation white Australian - proud of our indigenous roots and our colonial past that cannot be altered. I'm thankful for the ANZAC and all servicemen who fought to protect our people. Not to mention the original European migrants whose hands built so much of what we see today.

I'm glad that many of these old men and women have since passed, because it would disgust me to see them living in a country so different to the one they fought for all those years ago, not to mention those still serving now, and for what for?

We're losing the fight at a great speed and doing well to fuel the fire. If you are proud to be an Australian, and you are hurting for your country, then get angry.

We are sitting back while the world is laughing. I feel sorry for those of you, longing for some other promised land that you left behind so many golden years ago. God speed - hope you have a safe journey home.

Hopefully all of us dumb Australians will be fine without your selfless advice and generous contribution.

Bad things happen everywhere. Only we can change ourselves to change the course of our inevitable demise. Hate is never the answer.

I love this country, warts and all. Time will tell if we can heal.

Its just the fuckwits from parliament are to blame. They are the one creating Australia a bad country.

I have to say that I also agree with the author on a lot of aspects of Australians and lifestyle. I was born here and have lived here all my life. I feel ashamed at some of the "if you dont like it then **** off!" attitudes of my fellow aussies and i hate to say there is a large proponent of people in this country akin to this thinking and general bogan behaviour.
We pay through the nose for almost everything, we have no rights to really speak of and we sit back and do nothing. We have woeful government (i dont vote) and the carbon tax is a joke for a population such as ours. Go out to one of our major cities in the evening you will most likely get yelled at by a drunk or worse. Police don't help as they actually would have to work. The costs of parking fines is deplorable and we get taxed to the point that the standard of living decreases.
If you are different from the normal white Australian you will most likely get some form of intolerance or xenophobia when you get here as a lot of bogan aussies think "giving ****" is normal. I cant say much here except i agree with you there.
Education - it used to be better in this country, as when i was growing up (im 36) the statistics were comparative to the U.S/ U.K and some Scandanavian countries, however that being said i find that more and more people cannot read/write/calculate simple things like getting the correct change for a coffee without resorting to a calculator.
I do not believe much will change over the next 10 years - it may get worse as education dips. We do have the most diverse multicultural backgrounds of a country in the world yet we still whinge about boat people (they are 1% of total immigrants) coming here.
I hope your experiences of Australians and Australia have not been all negative. There are Aussies like me who certainly do not fit into any of the negative stereotypes you have outlined in this article. Maybe I am just in a minority. As much as love it here, I also hate it here for a lot of what has been described. But please dont think we are all the same.

And how Aussies have added to already bad rep overseas in recent times. A couple of weeks ago when that poor French girl was attacked for SINGING! Seriously though, the guys attacking her looked like such lower class pond scum, so ugly, in personality and on outside, who the hell cares what they have to say anyway!?

And now the 2day FM stunt that allegedly led to suicide of nurse. I don't want go into a debate whether that was the cause or not, but even if it wasn't it's still a disgusting and childish and not that interesting prank. Trying to trick someone into giving out private info. Makes Aussies look so stupid. Again.

Australia is a great place, no doubting that. And it's good to be proud of the country. But does anyone else feel that sometimes Aussies go a bit over the top when they are talking about how this is the best place on earth to live etc etc. It is one of the best places in a lots of regards, yes, others, no. Almost like we are overcompensating and trying to prove something to ourselves and rest of the world. Almost seems a bit like we are insecure, I don't know just my thoughts.

Firstly I am Australian and lived there for 30 years before leaving for an extended working holiday in 97. Although I had a bit of a negative opinion of the stereotypical aussie, most of my experiences during school and later were positive and I liked a lot of aspects of Australian life, especially the music and art and the laid back attitude of a lot of people. I had the opportunity to enjoy living in some of the bigger cities and also spend time in rural and outback areas as well. However when I first travelled outside of Australia I started to gain a different perspective and gradually lost any desire to go back and live there. I am not interested in attacking Australians or Australian culture, but after working with Australian travellers for a few years in Chile, it is hard to ignore the stark difference between their attitudes and behaviour compared to Europeans. I have read a few of these blogs and it seems that things have generally gotten worse in the 15 years I have been away. Personally I think the main problem is isolation and the common desire of people to conform and be accepted by others. Hopefully some of the thousands of Australians who are going overseas will open their eyes to a more progressive and mentally expansive way of life and influence the next generation in a positive way.

I have travelled extensively and seen the other side of the fence. Australia is definitely the better pasture. Why do we have so many seeking to come and live here? What we should ask is, should we let them in? I don't care if we are considered stupid, uncultured etc. I find Europeans and Americans rude and obnoxious, oops I wrote it, and we would really prefer if you stayed away while we enjoy better education standards, better health care, better infrastructure, better futures, better beer....let's face it, better everything. And in true Aussie cultural style, go **** yourselves.

Baah, Baah, good to see an intelligent ozzie who knows how to open his mouth and go baaah baaah.

better health care - ok fine.. how much it cost to do dental treatment. ya u can say you have private health insurance. but how much u paying,
better infrastructure - public transport that not running on time, train that not working in summer because rail budge.
better education - high school student that cant count, and ranked 27 out of 31 in the developed world ranking
better future - no way, australia could be heading into recession. see how many companies shutting down and sacking ppl.

australia government need to have better skill in manage country,

You're all complaining so much! Come and Visit Tasmania, it's much nicer on our Island :) Despite the stories you would have heard, reading these posts, comparatively, i'd say the people over here are going to be alot nicer to talk to... That seems to be the main trend in this topic..

In the end you descended into a TEA PARTY style climate buggery rant. Australian mining is the to China what Canada's Tar Sands is to the USA. To feed your bigger master you are destroying Mother Earth on a vast scale. Hello seems you too are a dumb Aussie. Your giant rock or planet of a sun drenched country could produce enough solar energy to power ten countries via ocean pipeline and battery export.

<p>Australians are just stupid poms anyhow... over 200 years we seem to have forgotten that. Renounced my aussie heritage at the age of 25... only work there like a numb idiot, don't try to intergrate with bogan minded aussie society anymore (people from other countries are far better in general)... great place has everything, best rainforest, reef and landscapes... it's just a shame the majority of aussies are racist, bogan, redneck dumb sheep who gain worldly knowledge from watching mtv, big brother and neighbours... I would rather live in the Torres Straits with the aboriginal and islanders rather than on mainland aus with the bogan retards but its a shame fat *** rich whites are buying out the land there and kicking out the original inhabitants too... <br />
No wonder the rest of the world thinks we're a complete joke.<br />
Ashamed and revolted by the country I was born in, thank god its possible to gain citizenship elsewhere.<br />
I prefer referring to my fellow countrymen as australiens because they're shallow minded drunk freaks and they look like it, because the amount of bogan mothers who drink during pregnancy is alarming. Now there is that many bogan aussie children with fetal alchol syndrome... protruding foreheads, sunken nasal bridges, small jaw ... look like aliens to me.... <br />
But really what can one expect from a country founded by misfit convicts and inbred ancestory... Agree with the person who says all ex-brit colonised countries are crap...Regards and deepest sympathy for anyone who isnt brilliant white and speak with a bogan aussie accent living in australia... </p>

Lol you people are immigrants. Australia is the best place on Earth even to a well travelled ground dwelling being. YOLO so as if you wouldn't be self-centered about your own country. Stop complaining if you hate this ******* **** hole of a country! Stfu leave it and stop winging, this is why we hate others that aren't Aussie. Go take yor Nordisk Ra^d and **** off!

**** off with this convict **** mate! 3 quarters of us aren't even descendants! And btw I'm a blue not a maron lol. Btw our Australian army is far better than the useless americans and many others around the world sure Americans and other countries have the better equipment but we are far better and SMARTER soldiers.

Sigh.... another stuck up idiot Australian. I have lived in Australia for 2 years and I have not met one Australian that I actually enjoyed interacting with. Every Australian I have ever met has annoyed me to the point were I wanted to kill them at least once. I am very glad leaving this rat hole of a country behind in two weeks because I cant handle another idiot Australian bragging about how great there army is blah blah blah. This country is full of racists and soulless husks of people.

What army are you talking about? The two dogs and three cats of australia's?
Please, catch a beer and go watching the footy

totally agree that this is a false oppertunity, i'm a tradesman from the uk and the standard of work here is the worst i've ever seen in 30 years since i left school,(consistantly the worst), Australians are the worst tossers, timewasters and buffoons i've ever had the misery of meeting, I hate the Tory party back in the uk, but these klingons are even worse, can't wait to leave and go back to civilisation !!!!!!!!!

Been in this shithole for 5 years, and can't agree more with what I read.I'm European, and cam here with big hopes about people, lifestyle, etc... This country has been magnificently marketed to attract workers, students, travelers. Once here reality is other. Let's start from the beginning :<br />
<br />
Customs :<br />
<br />
Most unfriendly customs you will ever met, if you look different to a WASP you will be fully body checked with your luggages. You can lost 1h in there.<br />
Public Transport : Where I live in Brisbane, it is the 3rd most expensive in the world. Seriously there are 4 lines, always issues, never in time, incredibly slow (might go at 20kmh). There was a 20% fare increase and nobody said anything.<br />
<br />
People : <br />
<br />
Sheeps, uncultured, bigoted,rude, shallow, intolerant, xenophobics, and racists. Forget about having a decent conversation if it does not include beer, footy, or sex. There is absolutely no culture here. You might find a few old buldings (100 years max) nothing interesting to say. The only culture was aborigine, but whites destroyed everything. Everyone look sad, don't smile and unfriendly. They confuse confidence with arrogance. THe girls look like men, full mouthed, tatoos, high maintenance princesses, think they are the kings of the world and are awesome. Yes Australians think they are awesome, but they're not, they have been brainwashed thinking they are living in the best country of the world, so all other countries are under. What disgusts me the most in the workplace is the tall poppy syndrome. That affect people from 20 to 50yo. They just behave like kids, I never saw so much immaturity. And the touching point, now. Aussies pretend to live in a multicultural society, but it's not. Having 2 kebabs and 3 chinese restaurants, doesn't mean your live in a multicultural society, if other cultures are not embraced. It is extremely rare to see whites, black and Asian together. I am brown, and have been bullied since day 1 at work. I have been given nicknames, have fun of my accent, by employees and General Manager. I made no Aussie friends here. Aussies pretend to have visited Europe, but sorry being in contiki tour, getting pissed and staying between Australians, I don't see the point to go overseas. Their only past time is getting drunk, laid and watch sports. If yo don't fit, you will be called poofta, gay, small ****, etc... Australians won'r say they ar intolerant, and racists, but it's much more submersive than that. They will chat to you, but if you scratch a bit you will see racism and xenophobia in a big majority of them. Aussies are friendly but they're not your friend.<br />
Everyone is greedy and obsessed with dollars, materialistic, lazy, incompetent.<br />
<br />
Life :<br />
It's a beautiful place. Nice countryside, beautiful weather, stunning sunsets, wildlife. Good for a few months, but after a while, it's always the same and mono dimensional. Australia is good on a day to day basis, but in a lifetime, Australia doesn't bring anything.<br />
There is no street life, it is a country where cars are kings. People here just want to make fast cash, go to work, and go home. End of story. Past 5pm, it's already night and nobody is in the street. This shithole is boring as hell. Australians have teh longest working hours in teh Western world.<br />
Everything here is 2x 3x the prices you would pay in London or America. It is absolutely ridiculous, And quality, service, variety is not here. <br />
Freedom is non existent, there are rules everywhere, Governemt is controling people, media, Internet. There are rules for everything, and it all starts at customs. I have the feeling sometimes to be in 1984, the novel. THere is no novelty or originality. People here don't like very much people who thinks outside of the box.Aussies are scared of difference, or originality. Again that explains why Australia has the biggest rate of franchised business in the world. You will find the same shops, the same restaurants everywhere in Australia. I found NZ their close sister far more richer in variety.<br />
Australia is a constant race about who has teh biggest car, house, TV, materialistic country, nothing spiritual.<br />
<br />
Economy :<br />
OZ is doing well at the moment, but not because of their brains or innovation, but thanks to the resources they have stolen from the aborigenes. Again, no innovation here, it's just by force they are making cash, and surviving, which is good example of how Australia works. It is a tough country.<br />
Due to high costs in salaries, exorbitants taxes, strong AU$, isolation, low skilled people (skilled foreigners are in high demand, they can't find locals for clever jobs), Australia is becoming less and less competitive in the global market. Adding this to a downturn in China economy, and you can read lately in the newspaper, some mining projects being cancelled (moving towards Russia, Kazakhstan, Africa), and some studies saying Australia will be hardly hit by GFC next year, evern foecasts for the end of the year are quite alarming.<br />
<br />
I have Italian background, a MBA, and been working in few different countries (England, Canada, US), and now Australia for my job. Been here for 5 years, and planning to leave in two months time. I had teh worst experience of my life here, with Australians, and didn't expect this at all. Even working in a big global organisation, I met intolerance, xenophobia. I have made friends all around which I am still in contact, but haven't been able to make any Aussie friends here, they are all foreigners. It's not only me. I have been on Internet see if poeple where sharing my point of view and there are quite some people who have been through teh same treatments, and share the same point of view, so glad I am not paranoid. Because that's how Australia is starting to make me feel : paranoid, low esteem, where your self is adapting in this environment by becoming one of them.<br />
To survive here you need to look WASP, arrogant, dollars driven, don't give a **** to anyone, and interested in nothing else but cash, beer and sports.<br />
If you're not, don't come here, waste your time, leave like I am doing. Life is short, you only have one, so don't waste your time.In my opinion, Australia has nothing to offer, and is not for me.

You are right, I've been living here since 1 year and I can't wait to leave this people to their poorness.
But as I said in my comment below, it's not their fault, they just cannot understand.

Thank you for writing this in such detail, you are totally right. I moved here 18 months ago full of hope and so excited about the life ahead of me, so eager to meet new people, make friends, have great experiences and enjoy that true 'Aussie' lifestyle.

It still kills me to admit it because I so want to believe it is just bad luck on my part but it has been such a huge mistake to hang on, hoping things will get better. This country is a dump, plain and simple, full of the dregs of society and about 20 years behind the rest of the world. I have wasted 18 months of my life trying to make things work thinking 'it must be me - what is wrong with me??'. Like you, Australia has made me lose my self esteem, paranoid that I was the problem in work/social situations (where in other countries I thrived) and I did at times find myself becoming a bit depressed.

I think it's very sad that Australia is attracting talented people from all over the world due to economic situations beyond their control, and then they are stuck in this absolute ****** place to live and work, working with sub par people. I would guess talented intelligent people need some other stimulus in the form of media, culture, museums, theatre, at least conversation...and this country offers none of that. No wonder ex-pats stick together.

I can't really add anything further to what you have stated above but you have crystallised in mind what I need to do - get the hell out of here! Thank you for that.

Back to the future!

There is much mre in life than beer and beaches, and deal with rednecks everyday.
I can tell you it's not you. It's just you have to be one of them to be accepted : tattoos, foul mouthed, uncultured, binge drink, excessive amounts of beer, cash oriented, and careless about other human beings.
It is a very tough country. The insulation has made Australians crazy. The few good aussies I met, have the ones that have lived extensively overseas, and they are very few.

Same here,I thought the long flight here must have scrambled my brain because I could not make ANY friends and I was ALWAYS bored…then I realised I wasn't the only one …what a relief ! Can wait to for this place to be a distant unpleasant memory!

You just about summarized my deepest thoughts about this shithole!

I have lived in Melbourne for almost 20 yrs old since I was 8.
I can't agree more on what @pulsar78 said.
It is meant to be multi cultural but I feel so lonely and isolated. There is no connection between people in the workplaces I have been at ( I have worked from international corporate offices to boutique Aussie accounting firms in Melbourne). The intelligence level is so low it's not funny. New ideas are not embraced and expect the head shake like you are from Mars.

Fruit for thought- updated as of Feb13
1) cigarettes ban
2) thinking of proposing a March start for school children cos Jan &amp; Feb are both too hot for education.

I'll continue this sad list soon

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