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Australia The Stupid Country

I am an emigrant. I am disgusted by this country of bogan sheep minded people...and I am using that word loosely. Tradespeople are not to a price and down to a standard seems to be the ethos. The intelligentsia .... well there isn't any more since Whitlam walked. My fathers generation held optimism of post war modernism with  energy,well he was shafted.

I be-moan the fact that second-rate is good scandinavian ancestors would have a fit!!  

I would be absolutely happy to repatriate. This country was and still is a false promise,  both culturally and economically. Many of us are stuck with the total failure of Multi-Culturalism in this country. Unfortunately I happen to be one of them.  Australia's health, education, housing, manufacturing and cultural systems emulate European, Asian and US failures...Our saving grace is only a small population of people who can actually think for themselves. The rest are a semi-literate, culturally ignorant, cognitively backward population that is easily manipulated and fooled at the voting poll.

This country that continuously goes on about being the "clever country" where the vast majority of kids coming out of schools these days can't even read a  price tag or add up past ten,  teachers that taught them nothing about  world affairs.  No One can argue this fact, this month  JANUARY 2012, Australia was listed 25th on the list of the 32 OECD countries, tested for educational skills.

Take the ascendancy of Julia Gillard for example,  the poms got into the act, but only because she was born in Wales.On the one hand we have Julia d back peddling as fast as she can to appease the racist elements in our country and on the other we have 

that vile little ****** Tony Abbott playing the race card for all its worth.

The ***** is ending every speech and every media interview with comments like.."and we will stop the boats.

The fact is, that the overwhelming majority of foreigners who overstay their visas are tourists who arrived on planes.

Those poor sods who arrive in leaky wooden boats are the ones being targetted by the media and racists of every calibre. 

Another example of why this shithole of a country is totally screwed.

Last year our federal government decided to bolster the economy to avoid a recession by several ways.

One was to offer subsidies for installation of home insulation.

As a result there were botched installations and several cases where installers died either by electrocuting themselves by stapling insulation to electrical wiring or installing insulation wrongly so it caught fire due to heat from downlights etc. The other great idea  of our government was to have a huge spending spree building all sorts of additions to Australian Schools....mmmm a sensible person could see what was coming next......

Sure enough, the rippoff merchants decided to rip the **** out of the Aussie taxpayer by charging  unbelievable prices for rooms as big as a broom cupboard.  Only the stupid Aussie voter would fall for this. Then in 2011 we had the GREAT CARBON TAX. Now I am an environmentalist but boy were the aussies fooled on this one. 

Australia was branded the dumb blonde of the world by the UK Telegraph, and they were not far wrong.

Australia is seen as attractive but one-dimensional as a result of its failure to promote its culture, education and industry overseas. What Australia has is an image of a country that is considered to be very decorative, but not 

very useful, except of course to be a puppet to the USA! Aussies love to bet, the Melbourne Cup the favourite event.  This time all those patriotic gambling Australians who favour this allegiance with the USA  sure have picked  the horse with the broken leg.

Revolutions of the people against government are gaining strength around the world. I don't believe it will ever happen in Australia but I wished it would. People here are just to stupid, and if they are not stupid they are welfare reliant, and therefore devoted supporters of the Labour Party. The Liberal Party is no better.  Get real people! How short a memory you have, particularly of the Howard years in which Abbot participated as a Cabinet member. So who to vote for, perhaps the Man on the Moon! or some other fictitious character.

The last 12 months have been a shameful chapter in the governance of this country’s affairs. It has been a period punctuated by lies, stuff-ups and contempt for the Australian people.

The litany of policy failures since the Ten Pound Pom seized power, most profoundly abuses against the trust of Australian voters  mark this occasion, and will be forever etched in the psyche of the Australian people.

It is regional Australia that will suffer the most.

The ‘new paradigm’ touted by the Independents that handed government to Labor has failed abysmally. Even Independent MP Bob Katter  publicly declared that the Independents have failed to deliver anything for regional Australians.

But the Gillard government’s record speaks for itself.

The mining tax hangs like a sword over the heads of entire regional communities. The uncertainty and the confusion caused by the government’s chopping and changing has already deterred investment and circumvented sound business decision making.

Jobs in regional areas will go. Our international competitiveness will be and is already being diminished

It is a kick in the teeth for regional Australia that the $800 million for regional projects promised under the 2011-12 federal budget  has yet to come through.

Over half of the $800 million provided in Labor’s Regional Fund ($450 million precisely) has been allocated to the roads around Perth Airport – hardly what I would call regional Australia.

Even worse, the Minister for Regional Australia Simon Crean has declared that even more of the money will be spent in the cities.

The  carbon tax will hit regional Australia hardest. Recent research by the Australian Farm Institute exposes that an average grain farm in Western Australia will be up to $37,000-a-year worse off under a carbon price .

Farmers drive $155 billion a year in production and $32 billion in annual exports and support 1.6 million jobs. That is a lot to sacrifice on the altar of a carbon tax.

It confirms what farmers and their communities instinctively know: that even the indirect costs will make many farms unviable. Regional people will carry a bigger burden under the carbon tax simply because they have to travel further and their costs will, therefore, be  much greater.

And did'nt the Prime Minister say ‘There’ll be no carbon tax under a government I lead.’

Those words will live in infamy and will haunt this government to its electoral grave.

Labor’s NBN is another fiasco and setback for regional Australians, with $50 billion being spent with no benefits what so ever to anyone!  

The Australian public did not, as Gillard attempts to claim, vote for a minority government and they most emphatically did not vote for the carbon tax, which she and her minority government partners, the Greens and independents, are now determined to inflict on the economy from July 1, 2012.

So, the public might ask what does it matter if Gillard or Rudd is at the helm if command of the ship is in the hands of  a pack of fools! 

Today I woke up to the headlines=

Welcome, asylum seekers - Chris Bowen and Julia Gillard's ship of fortune:

To fulfil a promise to move an influx of families out of detention, the Gillard Government is now fitting out each home with up to $10,000 worth of furnishings and electronics this includes a television at a minimum size of 53cm.  They are given food hampers upon arrival at rented homes (also free) where they wait for their claims to be processed.  The revelation comes at a time when middle- and high-income families are struggling with cost of living pressures and bracing for cuts to private health rebates and the impact of the carbon tax. Special consideration is given to providing computers, internet access, mobile phones, bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, iPods, games consoles and sewing machines. The assistance is on top of free doctors' visits, dental care, pharmaceuticals, education and payments of up to $433.25 a fortnight to sustain 1 asylum seeker. Now multiply that by a family of 5,that is a pretty sum of $ 2166.25 per fortnight. We have paid taxes all out lives and get nothing, only the knowledge that we have supported masses of lowlife who never wanted to work, they  live in free housing, they get free medical and we face a future of huge price increases.  All because we have had idiots running this country!!

Everyone should realize that we have been hoodwinked, manipulated and ripped off for years now. Believe 10% of what you hear, 50% of what you read and 100% of what you see. What I see is not good. I would not believe a single word uttered by any politician, regardless of which party they represent. We follow the USA on most other issues and trends and our turn is coming quickly. Statistics can be massaged and the result is only as accurate as the datas integrity. My prediction is that 2012 will be  tougher than 2011 and will get worse. Just like the economy of the USA so ours will be sooner than you think.  Finance and Banking industry laying off in 2012 to maintain profits and a 'positive' outlook, more lay offs announced in the industry this year. The government obviously hiding these figures. GREAT FINANCIAL CRISIS will hit the shores of OZ SOON. Politicians are trying to pump the housing profit bubble for all it's worth before the executives and ceo's do exactly what happened in America and walk away with your money. After this bursts. We're going to have a complete break down. The government wont be able to support the amount of welfare recipients and  immigrants that live in this lucky country.   Society will break down and we will reap the result of what Australia has become.  Australia the Stupid Country!! You could move to  one of the most expensive countries in Europe and it's still much  cheaper than the lucky country. Wake up Australia. Oh you did?  Then  get angry and demand change. After all, you have a choice. Or perhaps you don't care, perhaps your beer, your pub, club, the beach, the bingo and the footy are more important. I think this is the case with most Australians. Fortunately I will not be here when the crunch really hits you, but I would love to be a fly on the wall when it all comes tumbling down! I am heading back to Scandinavia!!!!!
criticalthinking criticalthinking 56-60, F 104 Responses Feb 26, 2012

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Ha det bra elskan min !

"As a result there were botched installations and several cases where installers died either by electrocuting themselves by stapling insulation to electrical wiring or installing insulation wrongly so it caught fire due to heat from downlights etc. ". I cant see a problem with that : its natural selection. If youre stupid enought to follow instructions blindly and without question (ergo be a pigshit stupid Australian male) then the universe will seek equilibrium by eliminating you so your worthless life will have some meaning : to feed worms.

I have been an activist for 15 years, the illegal launching of war was dispaicable and unacceptable. Over a million dead, the leaders of this country complicit... barbaric pyschopathic war criminals. For 15 years the wars have gone on and the draconian laws that are in place have been written up over that period, for anyone that had one eye half open. Australians didn't give a damn about the butchering of innocent civilians. Suddenly they are up in arms over Abbott. I have news for you, voting for war criminals because of total lack of decency and principle you get the unprincipled gangster you deserve. You have to deal with the war criminals first, and from what I can tell thats not on the agenda.

Stupid and unprincipled

You know, I may not like my home country too much either but I don't exactly like when people spend two hours labelling it as a shithole, along with all the people living there. I think you'll find a lot of Australian people, whether or not their government and ideals are lies or just plain terrible, are contempt with living here. So please don't go on insulting the lives that many great people I know live, if you would be so kind

contempt with living here ? please explain.

i want to understand this better.

or is this yet another instance of semi-literacy ?

I assume by contempt you meant content you bogan redneck descendant of a transportee

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You are truly the load your mother should have swallowed. Please kill yourself so as not to contaminate the gene pool.

Another well explained, rational and unbelievably witty objection, coming from the superior gene pool.

Coming from a troll? Do you losers breed or just multiply

they multiply by sleeping with their horse faced masculine looking women. They breed with their sons.

yes, yet another abusive reaction founded on absolutely nothing. typical straiy'yin bogan.

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I am sick of people being hear in my country making sweeping generalisation, being narrow minded, being a racist against Australia. If you hate this place so much please leave.

People who are negative against my country are part of the problem not the solution. It is always some elses problem

You always focus on the negative never the positive. So if Scandinavia is so good why did you leave.

hear, rofpml ! lolol

Okay, I am just going to point this out to any Americans here; There is 1 murder every 32 minutes in the U.S. There is 1 death every day in Australia, INCLUDING man slaughter. So, I can assure you, Australia may be f***ed up, but we are a lot safer.


Auuuch, the truth does hurt, doesn't it? Makes us wonder what the difference is between the towel heads and your kind of pashmerger clowns.

and what's the truth suppose to be?People come in Australia thinking they have no chose,as if someone is putting a gun against there head.Then they talk about Aussies being RACIST and being stupid.The stupid and racist person is that who calls stupid a country (whatever country) is giving you a possibility(whatever possibility) and racist there people.Sick and tired of people that can't make in there own country and not even in my country...Losers

Is that English that you use to respond to me?

That is a STUPID Thing to say.Racist! ur even judging the way i write..oh and don't bother writing're boring

your, you're, their, they're, their....................... they have no idea, they are semi literate in the only language they can attempt to speak !

If I spoke my own language as Lukretianight does, I would enroll in preschool again, just to get at least the basics right. I mean, bloody hell they are to stupid or arrogant or both, to learn any other language, but what hope is there when they can't even speak and write their own mother tongue with half way decent grammar and punctuation? :) It really gave me the giggles when reading these peoples job applications but they found my accent to hard to understand. lolol

Oh so that's it lol you got called out for being a fuckwit and a tool and now you are on this vendetta against all Aussie's. Hahahaha

Everyone with an accent is a fkcwit to the Australian of the self proclaimed superior gene pool?
Is that it?
......................................ya don't have to answer this one!!
Any foreigner with half a brain will know who the fkcwits are, after a very short time of getting to know the criminal convict dump of the planet.

and i may now add ........... here, hear lol, they are semi literate ! uneducated fools .

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Wow... I don't even know where to begin. Have you realized that all of your views on the politics of Australia are just regurgitated ideas of Australian mainstream media, regulated by the government? You have a vague, amateur grasp on the dealings of the Australian economy and the political situations we are in at best and they are clearly all formed from the simple and often incorrect media interpretation which is designed for Australian bogans so they feel intelligent. Do you see the irony? You are exactly the same as the minority of unintelligent Australians, and you share the same views from the same sources as they do! Congratulations, you are a pathetic human being attempting to feel important by going on a racist rant online and essentially bagging yourself out and proving you are unintelligent and as you put it so eloquently, much how a bogan would say "stupid." I hope you feel proud. Hopefully Scandinavia has implemented a policy in which people moving into or returning to the nation must not have a low IQ or people who carry uneducated "bogan" racist views and prejudices that people had 500 years ago. Since Scandinavia is so much more modern and intelligent than Australia. Too bad for you though, I guess you'd fail both those tests. Don't worry though, you'll be right at home here with us 'dumb bogans' you fit right in. You play the part better than we do!
P.S I'm a 14 year old female and i think the Australian public schooling system has educated me quite well, thank you

We'll **** off back where you come from then!!!

if ya dont loik it fark off !

fark orf, we're full, lol, luv it or leave, fark orf.

quack quack

Wooff. wooff

lol fark orf we're full


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You're all idiots.. and to the author of this post, you have done nothing more than to show you are worse than any of the "Dumb Australians" you mention in your childish rant. The fact that you took, what I assume to be hours, mostly spent hunched over a thesaurus (spelling and grammar certainly aren't an issue to you) writing this piece, you have displayed just how pathetic and childish your mindset truly is.

Have you noticed that this forum is all about your Aussie-typical attitude?

they completely fail to comprehend. this is the core of why there is no hope of improvement and why everything this forum is about will remain as it is.

the ozzie is incapable of listening to criticism or any comment which does not laud the falsehoods about the country and the true blue ozzie. the response is always the same

Excuse me? I'm having a hard time telling if you're a troll or a fool, or both. I don't know where you are from and frankly I don't care. Your attitude is worse then most Australians I know, and you pretend to be high and mighty yet come off as a small insecure pretentious child. Not to mention racist, and to Spanker.. you idiots contradicted yourselves the moment you supported this idiotic racist bashing.

Other contributors to this forum have pointed out that the key to understanding Australian conversations and interactions, is that Australians generally take everything personally. I agree with this. Any comment or observation which does not reiterate the standardized praise for anything and everything Aussie, is immediately taken as a personal affront which must be demolished at all costs.

The response frequently comes in some, or all, of the following predictable stages; Firstly , you are contradicted, secondly an attempt is made to insult you, thirdly assumptions are made about you and then these assumptions are stated as fact and used as the basis to attempt to invalidate your observation or opinion. Some of the responses to my posts confirm much of what I have just stated above.

I think I would have an easier time arguing with a brick wall, at least it wont come back with ignorant replies

And yet, your responses are of a person with the intellect, as thick as bricks.
Your comments are exactly the one of a "small insecure pretentious child" in utterly unreasonable rage, having a fit while shopping and not getting his lollypop.

fark orf we're full ! quack quack, group think, group speak, conformist kunts.

fork orf if yar dont loik it lol

fark orf , quack quack, farking idiots, fark orf were full, love it or leave, fark orf. lol ..

fark orf if yar dont loik it !

luv it or leave, fark orf we're full, fark orf, lol.

how am i "going" ? is my "srtyne" intelligible ?


No, you are just coming off as a pathetic tool, who obviously has no life. You live on a piece of **** continent that will never be as beautiful, rich and friendly as Australia. Enjoy getting rapped by your government and the stupidity of your nation, and may gun violence claim you soon. :)

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I find it interesting that people say our media is stupid and controlled. They are also saying we rely on media hype and take it as gospel and that we rank low in education. Then to make a valid point those said persons use media ie the television and google to justify their point. Wow that made alot of sense? I love the point many have made that WE, "the incredibly stupid country", lured you, very intelligent persons here on false promises. If we are so unintelligent how did we have the intelligence to design such adverts to fool you? Maybe do your research before you come here. Or as you are so fond of quoting: "Google it".
Iam totally disenheartened. We are called racists and biggots and yet here we are, the ones being villified for being a part of our race. :(
I was going to travel and broaden my horizons. I wont be going to the united states, canada, scandinavia e.t.c. From whats been posted it seems because Im australian I must be an uneducated bogan. Wow racism at it's best!

WE, "the incredibly stupid country", lured you, very intelligent persons here on false promises. If we are so unintelligent how did we have the intelligence to design such adverts to fool you?
The only education attractive to the average Aussie and what they take serious is how to do everyone else over most effectively. That is as true as the daily sunrise coming from the east of the planet, but if it suits their argumentation for the purpose of doing you over, they will not hesitate and try to make you believe different. Be honest to yourself, this once in your life and stop pretending that it isn't happening.

If you had read any of my earlier posts you would have realised I agreed with this articles accurate account of australian's current political state. I am an educated mixed raced (including indigenous) person trying to make a difference im my country. All I am saying is i am intelligent enough not to villify and entire race due to an obviously stressful experience in a different country. I do not go out of my way to use my education to take other people's hard earned gains. I work hard and raise my child and educate her on current world views and different cultures. She is well mannered and compassionate to everyone she meets. A country is only as good as it treats its most vulnerable. To accuse a whole country of having a low IQ then to undermine them for doing so is prejudiced and inhumane. As a carer, I have noted people with the lowest IQ'S are the most hardworking and kindest and humble persons ever. So not only is this article racist it also trys to justify hate against people with low IQ's. Kindness, compassion, love and informed choices will make ours a better nation not racism and prejudice.

Typical immigrant. Bash the country that was kind enough to take them in. If you don't like Australia, then why don't you leave? And by the way, America is still the only world super power and Americans love Australians. So get lost and go back to your 3rd world, fish meatballs country

Typical convict stock, complaining when the truth and their true character is exposed.

Yeh you don't like it here then get out you trash.

Talking about trash? You should have left years ago, instead of showing of how tough you are, sculling another beer and urinate next to the BBQ!

fark orf if yar dont loik it ! lol

fark orf we're full. fark orf if yah dont loik it. fark orf. lurve it or leave. fark orf. ****.

Why dont you go to the streets and survey every foreign person you meet and ill bet you get the same story from each and every one of them as I do that this country is a 3 dressed up as 9.

---------------"is a 3 dressed up as 9"-------------

Australians live in a beautiful country, with an excellent climate, a whole continent to explore. They have a reasonable standard of living, love a barbecue and a beer, and a dip in their swimming pools. They have no political enemies living on their borders, and would be the country most likely to survive and thrive after a nuclear holocaust. So why are Aussies such racist, ignorant, stupid - genetically thick, close-minded, sport obsessed, soap watching morons. With an Aussie, everything has to come down to the lowest common denominator. They single handedly humiliated, subjugated, and destroyed their indigenous peoples.
They offer nothing to the world in terms of technical or scientific advancement - not even a good sun bloc!! They scream and cry and debate endlessly about the only thing that registers on their political radar, and that's immigration - conveniently forgetting that they serve as one of the best examples of how mass immigration supplants and destroyed an indigenous culture - through numbers and force of arms alone in a few generations. I hope that twenty million Iranian's-Pakistani's, Afghan boat people manage to land in Australia. Payback's a *****. The Yanks are bad enough - but at least they can say "we are the richest country in the world", or " we have the biggest army in the world" or " we run the world". They have some substance to base their arrogance and superiority. Aussies have nothing apart from a sun tan, a few swimmers and a cricket team. A nation, a people, a culture that amounts to nothing and never will. The broadband here is slow as the Aussies dimwits; their public transport dates back to the 70's and begs repair and upgrades; the government spent 240 million on a stupid ticketing system called MyKi but still could not implement it. Singapore had a similar one and is in use island wide since 2002. Even Mexican American Sol Trujillo said Australia is backward. I agree with Critical thinking and don't worry, yes, I am making my plans to leave this destitute cultural wasteland as soon as my job at the University is complete. Australians are generally thick. Per proportion of the population they are quite stupid, and this is obvious by their mass media, even their marginal media. Dull, let's face it, Australians don't have a lot to think about. Mowing the lawn. Washing the car. Watching Sport re-runs. Mimicking Americans. Not much there I am afraid. Australians can't, generally write. Australians lack any history of thought and therefore suffer a lack of any real present of thought. Australians have little vision besides American Television.
Australians are cowards. They can't stand new web technology. It took them years to trust Ebay. Queensland residents refuse to embrace daylight savings because they fear their curtains will fade. Most Australians are terrified of any fresh ideas or alternative ways of living. They still think anything that falls out of their norm as being freakish and weird. Australians at heart are essentially a violent and cruel society that pretends not to be, hiding most of its racism and hate behind closed doors. Another cowardly trait.
Australia has very little beautiful architecture, the landscape is drab, the suburban sprawl depressing and uninviting. The culture lacks any real excitement. Australians are not a passionate or romantic people, they are nasally challenged philistines with still a severe Tall Poppy syndrome.
There, that should do for now. There is plenty more but really in the end the country will settle into a flat uninspiring mass of inertia and just hang that way for evermore. Thank you so much for writing this, I feel completely the same.

well said !

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Maybe before you write an article stating that all young people who leave australian public schools are illiterate and that we are all stupid bogans; maybe check your use of the english langage in a grammatical sense. For example: "People here are just to stupid."
This should be written as: "People here are just too stupid." I do agree with your views on the government though.

You are an idiot, a fool, a simpleton. Australia ain't a bad place at all, compared to rest of the countries around the world. The people are not arrogant, semi-illiterate, gambling, ignorant idiots, you are! Actually, they're even better than you! Yes, I agree the government is inadequate and a bunch of clowns but at least they're not like you. Placing all your anger on Australia through the internet just because of the things you've been through there and things you've heard. You're so bias and ignorant, as well as the other fools who placed negative comments on your 'experience'. Shame on you, you and your country are even worse then Australia! You ****** ignorant *******!

this country is ugly and getting uglier, not place I want to have my eyes in. And let's not forget this countries deranged game called "rugby league' and even AFL to an extent where everyone is encouraged to abort there brains throw common sense into the wind, by jacking up on roids and running into each other for 80 mins. Wow, now who is better off being raised into this game? It is an atrocity, not one of these players would have passed year 10 math let alone get a doctorate for which they depend on, with so many players going to hospital every day from this game. Then we have the countless number of people who want to make there cars noisier!!!! Who do they think wants to listed to needlessly loud car noise? All this is doing is starting trouble, they should all be throw straight in jail. Along with anyone who has ever supported a so called 'sport' rugby league.

If you are so unhappy then do something about it. Go where you will be happy and stop being a little winger!

Well first of all, I was born in Australia and leaving is what I am doing. But I am after some intelligent responses to my question. How on earth can having rugby league and afl forced upon you to accept as "normal" when it goes against the core of what we are? Are we all that low that we like to watch people bash into each other for 90 minutes? - and everyone will play this and we will call it our national sport!!! How on earth can that be right? It teaches you to throw your brain in the drain, and biff. And it is reflected in so many ways in society - so many people are taught to and think that we should screw our brains over, that it is "cool" and socially acceptable. All it is capable of doing is angering. Pretty much all progress has come though intellect, and these people who get get their phones and cars, are out to bash anyone that reads!!! Sorry but I will never work for this nation or do it any favours when all it has intentions of is stabbing me in the back. Australia - a big wrongun.

Will this country ever earn worldwide respect? I sincerely would love to hear the day when someone says to me "Oh you are from Australia, you must be a good person!!"

Why dont you go to Iraq, Isis would love to deal with your sort!

if yar doint loike it leave, fark orf, lurve it or leave.

Wow, you are pathetic. You sound like a rugby league supporting bogan criticizing afl, except you are most likely an unintelligent arrogant person from another country who's a fan of soccer, criticizing Australian sport. The difference is, though, that an Australian bogan will say this to their friends, where as you say it online. This is presumably because nobody wants to be around you or be associated with you because to judge you on this, you seem like a pretentious, arrogant, naive yet pitiful child.

fark orf we're full. lurve it or leave.

Get out you scum.

Hurry up and just leave. Syria is very nice this time of year!

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love it or **** of

fark orf were full. love it or leave. lol.

who are you to judge?

Well said yacketyyack

You sound worse than the whinging poms.As the Aussies would say,''Bugger off''or run for office.

***** hole
*down lights
and all that from a public Australian education

Unfortunately you are wrong in some aspects of this. MOST is incredibly accurate, I come from a regional town in South Australia, and yes, all though we have been hit hard. And most people are leaving this town because of the lack of work due to farms closing. I believe we were better off with Gilard than we EVER will be with Abbot.

And also, we are not all illiterate drunks and gamblers, I myself happen to be training as a nurse, AS WELL as looking after and supporting my disabled husband and our daughter.

BUT in saying that... Kudos on saying what many other Australian people need to wake up and realise!!

Australians suck: they are so ignorant it defies description.

You are just plain offensive.

fark orf if ya dont loik it

lurve it or leave, fark orf, fark orf lol

Oh I should have said "LEAVE you filth!"

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Those who sacrifice even a little liberty for security deserve neither. Australia needs to lose its totalitarian authoritarian nanny state gun laws.

Yeh thats right. Just so that some gun tott'n fool with a criminal mind like you can go into a school and shoot at little school kids. You must be proud of your self. People who want guns only want to kill. Just like people who want drugs only want to get out of it!

Your opinion is quite biased. I have a gun licence at 17, I don't shoot to kill. I shoot paper targets. Going into a school and shooting kids is the last thing any sane person would do. Don't make the assumption that every person that owns a gun wants to kill ****, because you couldn't look more moronic if you tried..

You don't like Australia then leave!

lurve it or leave fark orf fark orf quack quack

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Look, you will never ever ever get any consideration or understanding or empathy from a bogan. A bogan is, by definition, lacking the above. An Aussie-bogan is as near to being a sociopath as you can get within the bounds of "normality".

Elsewhere in the world, bogans are used to collect garbage, sweep the streets, repair roads, drive earth-movers, shovel ****, etc,. and do all the menial tasks that require very little in the way of brains, but needing brawn.

So society needs the bogan type to function. In small doses, bogans are very useful, and are necessary. If they get out of line, they are quickly and literally, "whipped back into shape", as they were when they were known in the past by another name - the convict.

We are now living with and have to deal with, the spawn of those hundreds of thousands of convicts that settled the country, and procreated.

It's a terrible legacy, and one that has no realistic solution.

excellent observation ! :) and so true.

You got that one all wrong boganbait. The real bogans in Australia are those with degree qualifications. They sit in their offices and come up with all kinds of useless bullshit, get paid far too much for what they do and add no real value to anything. Don't generalize about people who do important work like picking up your garbage, sweeping the streets where you drop your junk, making essential repairs and shovel your ****. Anyone can be an arrogant pratt based on some piece of paper they got at some university and using that to look down upon others. Those are the real bogans and also the ones responsible for taking Australia down its current path to nowhere. That we are devoid of national pride or real sense of nationhood has nothing to do with garbos, meatworkers and cleaners. That kind of attitude actually trickles down from the top, namely from our educators, academics, intelligentsia and those that are supposed to represent us in our so-called democracy.

BTW, I know quite a few people with top notch degrees who have opted out of corporate life to drive dump trucks and do manual labor.

Ha Ha well said!

It is never difficult to spot a comment made by a "true blue" bogan. Frequently the comments are barely comprehensible, grammatically flawed, illogical and have a dismissive, disinterested tone to them.

I honestly wish I could disagree with that one.

A lot of what you is , unfortunately, all too true. The bulk of it is patently false and shows that you have been spending far too much time reading and probably forwarding hysterical emails and the daily telegraph. So sorry you didn't enjoy your stay, please close the door behind you.

Gee, moiyete!
My English isn\'t the best but I have got an excuse, for being my fourth language, what is your excuse?
Maybe you are pulling your bishop to much instead of learning how to read and write your mothers tongue properly.

Are you joking? what Grey said was more or less grammatically correct. You're just an arsehole.

Yes, fudgekin. Interesting. Regarding democracy, I fully agree. It is NOT working in Australia. The first problem is that Australia has compulsory voting. This means that the election results are always skewed to the left by disinterested, uninformed, dependancy minded bogans whose only interest is who will offer them the biggest baby bonus or government handout ! How can any country be successful when the government treats the population like little children that it MUST control and where the population are passive and lap it up ?

Coming from a former communist country, I\'ll have to say that the best policies are coming from people who are genuinely interested to serve the Nation and it\'s future and not to hung up with political ideologies like Rudd on the left or Abbot on the far right . And they are mainly found in the political center.
To much power either way, and it is very much a dictate of interest groups that are only interested in immediate gains for their agendas.
I don\'t want to be ruled by Rupert and his camp followers and I would despise a dictate of the proletariat equally!!!!!!!!
But that is exactly where Australian politics fails, one side is to far right and the other is to far left.
And politicians are not given the democratic right to have a conscience vote every time they choose. They are elected by the constituency after all, and not their party. They are elected on a falls promise, when they have to tow the line of interest groups which don\'t reflect the interests of the immediate constituency who gave the MP their vote in the first place.
There, the psychotic obsession with conformity is blowing right in the face of Democracy where it is almost counterproductive for the country as a whole in my way of thinking.
ps; I really like to take your thoughts on what I just wrote, thanks!

Conformity, towing the party line. The debates we have seen on TV etc, none of that is about what is best for the country. It is just a popularity and personality contest. However, the biggest obstacle in my opinion is that everybody HAS to vote. Even those with no knowledge, no insight, no interest in anything - they all vote. In most other western democracies, the people who vote are those who are sufficiently interested in what is happening in the country and in the world to actually bother to go and vote. In other countries, voluntary voting has a good chance of resulting in a government that is elected by people sufficiently interested and motivated and adequately informed. Abolishing compulsory voting would be a good first step to stripping away some of the nonsense that takes place in the selection of a government is Australia.

Conformity, towing the party line. The debates we have seen on TV etc, none of that is about what is best for the country. It is just a popularity and personality contest. However, the biggest obstacle in my opinion is that everybody HAS to vote. Even those with no knowledge, no insight, no interest in anything - they all vote. In most other western democracies, the people who vote are those who are sufficiently interested in what is happening in the country and in the world to actually bother to go and vote. In other countries, voluntary voting has a good chance of resulting in a government that is elected by people sufficiently interested and motivated and adequately informed. Abolishing compulsory voting would be a good first step to stripping away some of the nonsense that takes place in the selection of a government is Australia.

I am an American and I can say that although I have been lucky enough to land a "permanent full-time" job in local government, I see Australia making the same mistakes as what happened in my own country and the reason I left. I refuse to go back and am attempting to get citizenship so I can have some rights to help my Australian brothers put things right. It's too late for America....things are too difficult to fix, but there are still more opportunities for skilled people in Australia to help create a great nation. But first we need to get through the bureaucracy. I love Australia and its people, but do think major change is needed. Hopefully the Crown decides to bring in the mace to lay the smack down to give the clowns in Canberra a pig slice of humble pie. I hope William does it. I don't think democracy works very well any more and think that a good mix of socialism and monarchy should exercise some power to put things back in line and rule very strategically.

Boy, you've got hopes! Sounds like you're on a one man crusade to "put things right" in Australia.
Unless you're the Treasurer of the Reserve Bank or Prime Minister, how in buckley's are you going to put things right?

The most you can probably do if you're working for a local council, is to "put things right" with parking space, parking meters, establish a local library or improve the garbage collection system.

This is the kind of attitude that is going to PREVENT revolution. The people have more power than they could possibly imagine. They just need to wake up. There are no limits when it comes to rebellion.

Bring back the monarchy? Hope the Crown brings in the mace to smack down the clowns in Canberra?

Democracy doesn't work well so bring in socialism and monarchy combined?

Are you sure you're an American? You talk kinda funny for one?

I admire your enthusiasm and *****, but like a said, you've got buckley's turning this country around?

I'm Australian, and all I have to say is; Bravo!

Australian problems mostly stem from the education system. They teach completely irrelevant things (Japanese/French) for their twisted, misguided purposes (Multiculturalism, etc). Australians are completely devoid of common sense (maybe true for people in other countries too, no idea), care little about anything that doesn't concern them (no wonder the country is in a mess), are lazy/overweight like pigs (now 50% overweight!) and generally are in disarray.
Naturally these people then grow up and become the adults. Obviously these people become the parents and teachers of the next generation; and so, the ridiculous system continues on.
I'm born in Australia and I don't even want to be here. It's no longer a matter of "people from other nations". It's people from other nations who love Australia the most. Many of those who are born here are "ungrateful" for completely legitimate purposes.
Australia appeals to the majority simply because the majority are the reason behind the country's ailing state. That's how democracy works, an incompetent people ground the country. Competent people can become incompetent. The reverse almost never happens without a significant amount of assertion, something the country lacks.
The latest generation is comprised of pacifists who cannot/will not defend this country effectively should it be invaded, and continue partaking in the idiotic political system, "bogans" who are counter-productive to any civilised society, opportunistic predators who will vandalize and destroy whenever they can get away with it, and other stereotypes whom I won't bother describing.

The country's priorities are completely wrong. Making jobs and boosting the false economic system. Australia is some kind of twisted joke that is falling behind in the international race.
The country doesn't even know what needs to be fixed. That's how bad it's become. Obviously a nation without any clear direction as to how to advance is incapable of advancing.