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In Australia Hate and Racism is NORMAL

You are considered a good bloke if you make everyone else in the world look like Hill Billiy's.
“**** Off We’re Full”, “Speak English or **** Off!!!” – Australian hate-groups, viral expansion loops & Facebook  

A seemingly intellectual justification is just another sign of arrogant watering down of fundamental ethical and moral issues in Australian society. There is an undeniable, destructive movement that effects the moral and ethical fiber of the Australian population. The deeply engrained Australian habit of denial and ignore till it goes away, ridicule anyone who doesn’t think the same as Aussies, is going to blow up in Australia’s faces in the very near future. Anyone serious enough about a cohesive Australian society with a serious dose of integrity should be compelled to search the internet for the fast growing opposition towards Australia and Australians in general. The slogans or keywords like “I hate Australia”, “F_ck Australia”, “I hate f__king Australians” are more than proof that Aussies ran out of BS which they used to deceive the rest of the world. If anyone in Australia thinks that it is best to ignore these slurs because they are above it all, then they should take a humble five minute in humility and think it over if there is maybe, just maybe something wrong with Aussie attitudes or the way they are interacting with people from other ethical and cultural backgrounds. Australia is more and more exposed to the rest of the world thru globalization, media and internet. Australia has to become part of the globe and not some Nation that thinks that everyone else has to tow the line according to Australian ideas. The sometimes utterly out there twisted ideas of 20 Million people in the midst of a 7 Billion world population is ridiculous to say the least.
Some utterly twisted Aussie idea for instance is:
We are in Oshtraylia, so speak English; Am I supposed to shame myself because I speak another three languages? WTF? Are you serious? F_kcoff you Ozzy clown!

There is evidence of radical right wing propaganda, coming from Australia all over the Internet.
This link will take you to the most toxic racial slur since Hitlers book "Mein Kampf" has been written by the second Anti-Christ.
And DO YOU THINK that it gets any sort of condemnation by the main stream political parties in Australia? NO, they all ignore it, in the hope that these  Neo-Nazis disappear in a puff of smoke. Or doesn't it get attention and condemnation because the majority of Australians agree with it in silence?

The thought that the "Third Reich" is history and can't possibly happen again is questionable, after reading this web page!
Australia the most tolerant, friendly ,...........................pffft, an utter.....F_kcng JOKE

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Australia is racist? Where do I start?

Why, oh why, is Pauline Hanson not shunned by the media? She often is a guest on morning news shows and is on the cover of magazines. Why is this racist woman given the time of day?

Then there's Golliwog dolls. No one seems bothered by them. Do Aussies not realise that the dolls are dressed as slaves and minstrel show characters? Do they not know the racist history behind the dolls, or do they not care?

I'm told that '******' is an American term, so it's ok to use it here. But why should white Australians get to decide whether or not a term is offensive? Does that mean that if Obama came to Australia you'd call him a ******? I actually know Aussies who name their dogs ****** and call their kids ******. And is anyone aware that there was a stand in Australia named "ES ****** Brown Stand." ? (Named after a famous athlete) When an Aboriginal man tried to get the name removed, he received death threats. He had to take his complaint to the United Nations and won. It wasn't until 2008 (when the stand was demolished) that the name was dropped.

I am also appalled at how refugees are treated in Australia. It has been shown that the vast majority are genuine refugees, yet they continue to be treated like prisoners. Other countries take in far more refugees (per capita) than Australia does, yet all I hear is whinging about the 'huge' amount of boat people we take in.

I long for the day when I can get the hell out of here. It's true that racism exists everywhere, but here, it seems more acceptable to be openly racist.

That's bullshit. Racism is everywhere. You cannot generalise an entire population as racist. Isn't that racial stereotyping? Take India for example. Indian people love to go on about how racist Australia is yet they are racist in the most abhorrent way towards their own kind. They have a caste system within which if you are born to a lower caste you literally have no hope ever of doing anything with your life besides clean filthy public toilets and if you think public toilets are bad in western countries you ain't seen nothing. If your skin is not of a certain shade in India you are ostracised and scorned. Then there is Asian countries. Let's look at South Korea. These people are absolutely racist in the extreme. South Korea is a mono culture and outsiders of any kind are not wanted. People there will completely ignore you in restaurants and shops if you are not Korean. They also hate black people and fat people and are very open about their hatred of such people. All over Asia anyone with skin darker than a certain colour are rejected and ostracised. Now let's look at the UK. Home of the the Chav, land of the lager lout, birthplace of the race riot. Over in the US of A they still have the klu klux klan and gay hating evangelists. Yep I'm pretty sure narrow mindedness, ignorance, and hatred is universal. Just so sad that humans are like this. And now you want to have a fight about who is the most racist. Get real.

Australia is a country that has high living standards but unfortunately it does not mean it is the best country to live. This is why MOST OUTSTANDING PEOPLE WANT TO LEAVE AUSTRALIA, they rather contribute their expertise some place else that value and give them the sense of belonging. Australia is viewed as a peaceful country today because theres no war. BUT you know what ? the continuation of this will destroy the country itself and let see if the white Australians can protect AUSTRALIA. Asylum seekers are being prejudice and discriminate everyday. Not only that, Aboriginal people are ranked as a low class citizen. why? They are the native people of this land. WHITE AUSTRALIANS WELCOMED THE IDEAS OF MULTICULTURAL SO THEY CAN EXPLOIT THESE MIGRANTS. ITS A COUNTRY WHERE YOU CAN GET EDUCATION FOR CHEAP PRICE BUT NOT A PLACE TO LIVE AND ENJOY. I ENCOURAGED STUDENTS AROUND THE WORLD TO COME AND STUDY IN AUSTRALIA, AS THE FEES COST IS WAY WAY CHEAPER THAN UK AND US. AT THE SAME TIME, DO NOT DO NOT STAY HERE FOREVA.

By the looks of your spelling and grammar the education isn't doing that much to help you

i was about to create a similar post to this. Thank you very much and totally agreed with you

I'm with you, you can read few of my comments around this website, and yes, poeple here can't think by themselves, they have to be guided through life.
In Brisbane you go the museum, and for each paintings you have a small explanation on how you have to feel, seeing the paintings. Coming from Europe, never saw that before, usually, you have the painting, the year, and a bio, so you can refer to what steps in life he was painting it. Here it look like everything has to think th same way. Otherwise Australians will marginalise you. Had teh same feeling at work, everyone I have been dealing with, had to be guided from A to Z, even for the most elementary things like they were scared to do something by themselves, they need to be re-assured constantly like kids. I even saw people intheir 50s becaus ethey were not invited by such company function! Seriously WTF!! Kids, thats all Australians are! Level of immaturity by most of the population is astonishing! Mum of young kids partying, blind drunk, having tatts while drunks, getting laid with randoms. Seriousy this place is going to hell, Loks like the only pastime here is getting drunk, pathetic nation of drunks, dumbs.
Tolerance zero in this hole, nobody pretends to be racist, but you can smell it on a daily basis. I hav ebeen given nicknames, made fun of my accent, nd been living in different anglo speaking countries around the worl, and nverd faced that.
This place is a hole, you can't have proper discussion, and you are far away from everything. They hate Americans too, but they are miles far more advanced, socially and culturally than this blackhole called Australia. Such a shame becaus eit is a nice country, but the mentality of his inbreeds have ruined it.

yes it is very true they are just masking the fact that this country is totall failure in all spheres of life so they make useless rules and regulations and bring racism to cover their ***.