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I cant stand the cold open atheism, I mean, "I dont go and shove my beliefs down your throat so dont openly disrespect mine". Instead the overall mentality is that "God is a joke, the church is laughable and if you belive in either of them youre an idiot". Each to their own! Let people believe in peace. I remember working in the US and people left you alone to your vices in privacy with respect and tolerance. There was even a Chapel where Christians and Muslims would pray together. Its sad to go to work here in OZ (a country that so claims its as good as America or if not better) and then see a grown man get made fun of for reading the bible on his lunch break followed by Jesus jokes.

Let the man be. Hes not hurting nobody. Whats with that? Its discusting. And whats even more of a joke is that these same "Top Blokes" are the same ones claiming that the "Towel heads" are taking over. Well if you have no belief system, theres nothing to defend. If theres nothing to defend, then faith will endure where there is none. Dont complain about the muslims "taking over" when you choosingly have no faith of your own. People are people, let them be.

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It's yet another type of bullying and harassment. The right response will be to tell them to leave you alone or you will lodge a complaint with management and the labour office for workplace harassment. That should shut them up.

It's no good expecting them to modify their behavior by themselves. If they feel they can get away with it, they'll try it again and again.

Most decent people around the world, would quickly get the hint.Not so the Aussie. He and she are pretty thick and their "value system" is so far out and off the scales, that one has to take the bull by the horns. It's the only way.

I wish we could put electrical dog collars on many of them and when they say and act stupidly, we could simply press a remote control and zap them with an electrical shock . They are like Pavlov's dog: they need external "stimuli" to be adequately trained.

Couldn't agree more, I was raised religious and I was torn to shreds in primary and high school for my beliefs, every single day I was bullied.

Your really great :) what you said is so right if only everyone left each other religions alone