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I Gave Up On Socializing With Australians!

Yes it's not my style to anti socialize...but unfortunately i did gave up on it to make friends! mmhhh...

it is not the right thing to do i know......but i rather hang out on my own, than drinking with them. everywhere you go they catch up with others and drink! drink drink drink...after work, at the beach, BBQ....everywhere and all the time! they also watch to much TV/Movies and spend to much on Fakebook! the next day they talk about the film they saw on TV or at the Movies....i don't get it! i find it stupid to talk about one actor who's in this movie and also in this other movie where he's playing the bad guy and in the other one the good guy....totally stupid!
also find it totally dumb to talk about beer.

they might be some smart people out there i do believe there are but where i live in the north west there aren't . drunks and workaholics everywhere!

i don't know how to describe my feeling very well and write it down but what i want to say is...

i do can survive very well here in Australia with me little family but socializing wise it is an absolute in AUS!

sad but this is only my experience i made up here and still make everyday here in AUS....if your an migrant in will be lonely!

i also experienced a lot of unprofessionalism here! everyone can be a manager or supervisor if you know how to suck up and drink a lot.......

thanks for reading

i just had this on my chest!

Robby0815 Robby0815 31-35, M 5 Responses Jan 15, 2013

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don't worry robby, it's how it is here unfortunately, you either deal with it or go home, and I only say this because you can be like me and moan about it every day or you'll have to deal with it because nothig will change. I'm leaving becuase of some of the things you pin pointed out, it's not how i was riased (to kiss arse) and i know it can be much better else where, than here.

I'll be your friend :) I live in west Melb :)

From MEL!? We were thinking of relocating to Melbourne hoping getting accepted a bit more than here in the north west. But I'm also thinking to not bother and go home to were we come from. What's the point keep living lonely in AUS if I'm not into drinking Fat BBQ's and being accepted coz of my accent?...etc. grrrrr help :/

I don't know what to tell you, I only have lived in melbourne, no other part of Australia, so i dont know if melb would be any better for you. It would be easier for you if you can find a group of people who come from where you come from originally :) if I were you I'd go home, cause no matter where you go in OZ it's still OZ.

I also don't really drink at all...maybe a cider every couple years, lol. I'm not into going to clubs. I just like people I can have a nice dinner with and have interesting conversations.

this is so true.

Where are you from? i'm from england but living in brisbane and have wanted out for years.

I'm from a very well known country with a very bad history on this planet earth...unfortunately! And well known for his national sport "soccer". ;)

Did you emigrate from another country?

Sponsored migration coz the ossis are to lazy to work in extreme condition like in the north west and I also was naive and thought I'm welcome here as the way i'am... But I'm not and don't know why! I guess because I'm a bit more open minded due to the adjustment living in a new country/new life. up here the public is very small minded! Cheers...

I hear you, friend. I live in the north west too. It's mighty depressing.