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My Two Pennies

I never like to see someone hating on the country they live in. Australia sure does have it's downs, but I suppose it's the same as any country. I suppose I heavily believe that there's an upside to every downside and if you can't find it, you haven't looked hard enough.

I'd like to begin by saying that it's perfectly fine if you have a different opinion to my own, I don't mean to hurt or offend anyone in anything I say. I'd also like to hear your thoughts on what I have to say.

I was born here and live in a small town in WA. some of the people are a bit nasty sometimes, but the same goes everywhere. I'm not a patriot but I love where I live and there is some beautiful scenery on our humble continent.

I've read that some people have trouble communicating with other Australians. That I can agree on. Some people just like their own space in public. I get weirded out by people who spontaneously combust into conversation on my daily commute to work because i just enjoy the ride. It's my relaxing time. Whilst there are the fair share of stupid in Australia, there are some incredibly intelligent too. Saying that ALL Australians are dumb drunkards is just as rude as a nasty remark made about any other culture or country. There are intelligent people here, and there is some truly gorgeous scenery. Add that to the crazy array of weather we get all around the country and you have almost every single type of terrain in the world all wrapped up into one continent! Isn't that cool?

I guess what I'm trying to make you get out of this is that Australia isn't such a bad place to be. You could be living in a much worse condition than you are now, doing something a lot worse with people who are a lot worse than us. Just enjoy what you have.
Arregen Arregen 18-21 2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

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The "there are worse places" is exactly what is wrong.

Australians accept substandard. Sure, Somalia is worse. But what comfort is that? This is the problem with Australia, it doesn't try.

Are we the worst country in the world? No. So does that means we just sit back? No! Great countries exist because people wanted better. Australia doesn't want better. If anyone DOES want to make this a better place, they are cut down. If anyone points out how it COULD be better, they are cut down, or if comparing to overseas, told to "F**$ off back home".

How can you enjoy what you have, when what there is is going downhill? The insanely high house prices which make raising a family in a secure residence (housing is a human right!) impossible? The government is actively working AGAINST Australian's in this regard! What do Australians do? Nothing. They just accept it and look with suspicion anyone who says there is a housing affordability crisis and we should take action.

I was born here, and Australia is going downhill fast. 25 years of a fake economic boom has made this country mad and complacent. We are growing well beyond capacity, so spivs can profit from property and a self induced housing shortage at the cost of everyone else. Our infrastructure is falling behind. Our government is a joke and our councils dens of corruption. Education standards are falling.

Doesn't anyone CARE about leaving a viable future for our children? Australian's just don't. They couldn't care, as long as the promise of more easy profits from selling their future remains.

I've travelled to Europe, and they have their problems, but at least they care about their country to demand something which works for them.

Australia is heading towards recession and a drop in living standards through apathy and the 'she'll be right' mentality.

Watch out. Australia could be the next Greece.

What about the quiet separation of nationalities.

What about it?

You are basically in a nation of devotion to separation course 6 to 7 down on that list be to what includes the Korea(which is less silent) an the still promote white portion of Africa.

I have no clue, not a single clue, as to what you're trying to put forward to me.

Your nations social growth is so backwards its frightening.

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