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Leaving For Good.

I am with this, and all the stories 100%
I am beyond ashamed and humiliated to be a citizen of such a pitiful nation.
I'm applying for a visa which I fully meet the criteria to, and I cannot wait to leave.
That's the most of a statement this pathetic country deserves from me.
Goodbye "*****". Farewell forever.
(*I HATE that word)
Stargirl24 Stargirl24 16-17, F 6 Responses Jan 22, 2013

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wish you luck any country is better than australia seriously including asian countries. im not even trying to be bias that is my true opinion i get along and can relate to asians better than the stupid australians. im a new zealander btw and i cant wait to go back home

I wish you all the luck and happiness in your new better life

Aye, go and be free, away from the rude ignorance. enjoy. i will be leaving this year also ! good luck and enjoy ! :)

wait, take me with you!

good luck

Bon voyage, young lady.