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Still Can'T Call Australia Home

no matter how long I have lived here I am treated as an outsider.Its the eve before australia day.
For some this is the day where its celebrated and parioticalled accepted and expected that drunk or white male supremists get together and bully,intimidate anybody that doesn’t sound or look like an local ‘aussie’. The alcohol fuelled racism has begun early the night before. You are minding your own business and it seems around this time everyone’s free license allows them to be as racist and as non-inclusive as possible. The chanting or the slurs about color as you walk past. The intimidation and aggression of those wrapped in the aussie flag calling out racist obscenities on a PA system. The constant stares of intolerance and being looked up and down and assessed. The blokes mentality of how the opposite sex should look like and behave and dress and if you are not like this then you need to be singled out and harassed. Silly comments that women are taking over everything and that somehow having black skin means you are a threat. It gets to you and you feel like going on a payback rampage yourself. You know you have done everything to fit in but the skin color always sets you apart like a disease with spots. The constant harrasment and assumption too that being brown means you speak with an indian or foreign accent and are a muslim from the west. The comments freely made that just coz your skin is a different colour then you must blow things up for a living like all terorrists. The fact that you have to equate your plans around how long you cdan stay out before hiding or weather you can indeed go out and face the day of onslaughts.
beller4 beller4 36-40 3 Responses Jan 25, 2013

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Australia is a sad country. Stay for a few years and try to leave. It would be a mistake to establish roots here.Yes you are right about how many migrants have lost their dignity. I was once in a restaurant five days ago with a bunch of Anglo bogans. I didn't want to go but there was no way out.Well, an Indian waiter came to serve us and I could see in his eyes and manner that he hated them but had to pretend otherwise. How else can you survive? You have to go through life pretending to like them or at least, to be indifferent to them. But being indifferent takes energy as well. This Indian waiter, I could tell he had lost his dignity because he was trying to laugh at their stupid jokes, smile at their behavior, and pretend to be a part of the proceedings.But I am sure that at the end of the night, after counting the takings and his "cut", he must have had a good smoke, looked at his pay packet and wondered: "Who am I? Is it worth it?"

If it makes you feel any better...I am a caucasion American...and I get discriminated against. But it would be harder to not even have to open your mouth.....just get it on sight. But yeah... I now have an idea of what it is like to be a minority. Silent discrimination. The grey areas are all they need to quietly but effectively put you in your place.

I'm also outsider, I really hate Australia because the people just don't really care what you are. Some of my friends really hates Australia because all the rude people in the world. they just make and create trouble, they are called troublemakers. The government force different countries to come to Australia to live. This is called the Australia is a jail country. I really want to leave this s*&t Australia and never coming back forever.