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Where To Begin...

Disclaimer: I am aware living in Australia is probably preferable to living in Iraq/Haiti/Sudan/Syria etc; I am also aware that if I don't like it, I can f*** off. I plan to.

First off, Australia is not all doom and gloom - I am really grateful for the opportunities it has afforded me in the way of education. And ignoring the Cronulla riots, the beaches aren't bad at all.

As with any country, there are great people and there are ********.

Unfortunately, the latter outnumber the former.

The poster which referred to Australians as 'suspicious, not curious' - you couldn't have put it better.

Making friends here is difficult. As another poster noted, most Australians have a chip/s on there shoulder/s. We are a country of sheep, and tall poppy syndrome prevails.

From what I've gathered, the vast majority of Australians are more interested in the Kardashians/their car/drinking and eating themselves to an early death than they are in art, history, politics, science, nature etc.

Even among more likeable Australians, there is an insidious undercurrent of sexism, racism, xenephobia and general suspicion towards anyone who does not go with the flow on the stream of mediocrity that defines this country.

Politics - where to begin. I would describe our politicians as pigs, but pigs are intelligent. For the most part they're pork barrelling egomaniacs.

Theoretically we're a democracy, but owing to gutless politicians and our political structures incorporating of the worst aspects of the Westminster system and American federalism, it's always a choice between the devil you know and the devil you don't.

The situation isn't helped by the media, who (for the most part) subject to the financial interests and political whims of the fat cats who run the organisations, serve to reinforce the mediocrity and quasi-corporate pork barrel-ocracy that is Australia.

The enormous hole in the ozone layer above our sunburnt country continues to grow unabated at the hands of our mining kleptocrats.

Public transport is fairly dismal.

Australia has deluded itself into thinking we are the lucky country because of the state of our economy; however money clearly cannot by sense.

We are a nation of apathetic, consumeristic, alcoholic slobs.

It's no surprise so many freethinkers, academics and otherwise creative leave this hellhole.

When will people wake up and realise there's more to life than money, flat screens, cars, beer and watching sport?

Here's to leaving this hell hole in 2013.
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About sums it up

About sums it up

Wow. Well said.

Mate I've been here 9years and three months and 27 days and I agree with every thing you
Say and I'm a nz who has lived in Aussie more than my own country the country is amazing
It's just a pity about the Australians living here!!!!!

Can someone please translate the post by EthanJ into English ?

I believe it is written in "Strine". Thank you.

And please hurry up That is just a bunch of racist grumbles. I notice you don't mention your ethnicity, as I assume returning would be muddied withing a second. It's easy to show up somewhere that has attained one of the highest standard of living in the world and have a *****.
Cronulla was ridiculous but it was in response to some Lebanese thugs severely bashing an innocent lifeguard.

So how bout instead of telling Australians your mostly racist sexist,,xenephobia, Pigs (although I guarantee your are) apathetic, consumeristic, alcoholic slobs. You say hey Thanks for paying high tax to house, feed, clothe, educate employ tens of thousands of immigrants brought into the country every year. I pay that, every aussie pays that mate,. Racist pigs forking out more money then most western nations to help wnar torn people settle in. Every single ethnic group that has come to Australia has succeeded beyond there dreams, Indian Orphan Captain of Oz female cricket team, and FIRST women (not indian women) to become Cricket board member, Korean and Chinese CEO"S.

Your failures are not Australias, and I dont know who stand being so bitter and hateful. I think I have a good idea.

On your bike mate, we'll do just fine. By the way like every nation I totally get Aus has things to work at, but that was just a nasty xenophobic rant. But if your one of those that calls racist for having a Chinese accountant I wouldn't of even bothered.

suspicious but not curious - ref the expressionless, emotionless, apparently hostile, definitely disinterested, ambience emanating from the ugly faces. take a look at the faces and the expressions as you walk the street or the mall, or take a look at the faces of the drivers in the cars. what a sour miserable bunch. expressionless and uncommunicative and disinterested. thank god i have found an escape route !! :)

it was me who said they were suspicious but not curious ! :) well, i am pleased to announce i will be leaving this year ! :) it will be nice to be amongst people who listen to what you have to say and do not interrupt and have a sense of humour which is cheeky but without childish malice. what amazes me is how well they manage to market themselves to the rest of the world.

"sour miserable bunch" TO always "have a sense of humour"

You just contradicted yourself. Please leave.

what ?

Where are you off to? Go to England, we are nice! Cannot wait to go home to england! X

Funnily enough England is where I hope to go! Never met a Brit I haven't liked so hopefully it shall be a good fit..! :)

Pity more English choose to immigrate to Australia then anywhere else. I'm sure your opinion means more though.

There are over 400,000 Australians living in the UK. A lot of British emigrants in Australia are leaving:

Wow, it sounds really bad.

The poster which referred to Australians as 'suspicious, not curious' - you couldn't have put it better.

its like that here in the US also. So dont frustrate yourself too much. As a whole human race I think it is like that everywhere.

yes, I told myself that for the first 10 years, But then, I had to face the elephant in the room. As an American, I know know what it feels like to be black in the wrong place. It's a silent social cancer...invisible too, but you eventually realise that like's real and it's happening. I have pretty much realised that to live here inoffensively, I need to know my place...even after 13 years. I was more than happy to pay dues...but this won't end in my lifetime.

it wil never end in any of our life's. Until the end is in our face, but then it will be too late.

Sorry to hear about that experience,.

Sadly, I am a citizen with a disability and can't afford to go. I regretfully agree with every point here. My birth place wounds me.

Mate - so sorry to hear that - I'm Australian but disgusted by our dumb, aggressive and selfish culture. Hope you find a way out