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I Hate Everything About Australia

I wasn't born in Australia but I had forced to come here, in fact I'm from Iraq and I'm Muslim.
People told me that in Australia I will have a comfortable life and everyone respects each other all I wanted is having a safe life without kidnapping or hear the voice of explosions though, my life was better in my country because I was living with my parents , friends and so many relatives. I came with my family but my father stayed in Iraq and now I have been in Australia since 28 March 2012.
I'm wearing my scarf cause I'm Muslim and I'm taking on my religion but wherever I walk in the street I saw the hates on everyone's eyes and sometimes I hear bad languages on me! but there are some Australian people are friendly with me and I really respect them the worst things here is the police, last time a woman assaulted me and there were some witnesses the witnesses called the police but they haven't come. That woman took me to the court in spite I didn't do anything, she makes some stories and my English was bad and I didn't understand what was really going on, then the court didn't let me to bring the witnesses and now I realize that the law gives the right to the bad people.
I hate living here , everything is so expensive and I searched for so many jobs but the managers asked me to take off my scarf that's not fair. All I want is make my God happy not the people!
and the last thing is not about Australia it's about the people I want to say "white ,black or Asian , Muslim,christian or any religions " We are all same and we have created from same things and we are equal.
An Ep User An EP User 5 Responses Jan 26, 2013

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try wearing a high visibility vest and marching about with a clipboard as if you are employed by some government dept. you will notice that the general population will suddenly have a very respectful attitude to you !

I'm sorry to say that the reason managers would be asking you to take off your scarf, in order to work in their businesses, is because you will NOT be serving God WILL be serving the very people that you are complaining about!!

God, if i am having trouble as a white, atheist englishwoman i cannot imagine the trouble you are having :( go home, they are inherently racist!

I am sorry, I have trouble too. I was born here, but I use a wheelchair. My parents have English as their second language.

Yeah, I know, most people in this country hates different things that they walk past.

they hate everything ! just look at the expressions on peoples faces in the street !