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1. racism- eg cronulla riots/ indian student violence/ they Hey hey sketch--- 70%aussies thought it wasnt racist!!! are they joking? we live in global village people!! the argument was "its not racist in australia" google the word blackface and get an education! and other parts of Au history: "White Australia Policy" no joke, that was the name of the policy.

2. the arts- why are there so many great aussie actors/actresses in hollywood? because there is NO WORK in aust. film industry gets no support.

3. indigenous australians- healthcare, housing, education. we use them to sell tourism, yet i am ashamed to admit i have never met an aboriginal or torres strait islander. (i live in sydney)


there are a thousand more reasons, but here are my main 3.

lillypad123 lillypad123 22-25, F 22 Responses Oct 16, 2009

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The above three are you MAIN REASONS for leaving the country??? You've got to be kidding us sweetie. The fact that there's not much work for Aussie actors here so they have to go to Hollywood you list as MAIN reason No. 2 to want to leave. If these are your MAIN REASONS I would be very amused to read your other thousand reasons." What could reason number 837 be? Can't find your particular brand of toothpaste?

Tightskins, are you an adult? You write like a child. Please tell me you are, because then you'll have a good excuse for what you've written and will be forgiven. However, if you are an adult, please oh please go back to school and learn how to write correctly. Really, how old are you?

Problem with this country is three fold, racism, agism and sexism.

OK at least here we have more sensible reasons than tightskins above.

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OK, Like any foriegner living in a foriegn country you feel the racism but adjust acordingly and except it. Australia however is a diffent story, it advertises itself as a muticultirism society and no discrimination. In fact it differntiates a against ,age, gender, religeon and every thing else it can, this is through the Human Resources and not to even start on unions. So if you are lucky enough to get recognized for ability you will get hampered by race.

If you people hate Australia leave and stop waisting our time[we certainly won't stop you leaving,we certainly won't be changing much just to make u happy]- go and live in some poor country with no clean water or no good quality food.
Or go and live in Europe or the US which are struggling to get past the global financial crisis. The US is also have a pretty bad drought I hear- never good, I have also heard the EU government is about to or has started to break down- not good in my opinion.

Australia in januarary 2013 in my opinion is in very good shape compaired to the rest of the developed world regarding the financial crisis, how many people are in work and the amount of food and water we have.

I admit australia doesn't have everything- High speed rail, and a Brisbane to Melbourne inland freightrail route are on the top of my national infrastructure list, soon to be followed by better public transport in all big cities- find me a country that does have everything it wants.

While regarding the arts in the original story- Australia is drastically short of doctors and rail workers and farming graduates- I personally don't think the arts will ever see a drastic increase in funding unless there are major changes at some point in the near future. unfortunately we have worked our selves into the location we are in and it will take serious, long term work to get out of it. I understand we have doctors working a full week in New Zearland and then flying over here for the weekend and working in some hospital then flying back on sunday night and doing another full weeks work there.

There are plenty of aboriginals about in australia but like most things you have to go and look for them, it won't just turn up at your feet. We certainly don't look after them very well at all, and its a tough subject- some of them could try harder to look after themselves better.

The bit that gets some Australians down is the amount of international people roaming on our land- I know I turned up in my local decent country town one sunday after a 10 hour car trip and thought that some international person ahead of me was going to take the last squirts of soap out of the soap dispenser in the toliets- I had direa and a lack of soap is not good. I am also pretty sure he was in the toilet [not the trough] but the actual, only toilet when I entered- in this town I beleive its unusual for someone to be a-head of you in the toliet line and thus its annoying[if it was standard I may expect it or more toilets may be installed].

I only made it back out to the car just as we were leaving, with shopping to continue onto home- the family wasn't happy but I was thankful for the toliet.

Some of us also find that international people do not join in on our way of life even for just a short period of time, they just come here and do there education and leave, they never go and see our country or experience any of our culture. this includes in the closer connected areas such as the east coast.

When they do join our way of life its basically a pain such as a couple in a car next to our farm cottage that we are doing up and will eventually rent out to someone. they have a pregnant laddy in the car- who needs a break from the traveling- well I would be out of the car stretching but anyway [I don't understand how a break from travelling is sitting on the side of the road still on a car seat]. they were not parked in the best location in my opinion yet there was plenty of better locations just 10 and 15 meters in front of them- this was all at 7.30- 8 pm at night after a long day hard work, with some long boards, sheets of metal on my vehical. I still decided that I had better go and check if they are alright for their's and my benifit [we suspect people have pulled up on the side of the road may be flicking our electric fence wire up, and over another wire and shorting it out, reducing the power out beyond that point, creating work for us- why I don't know but it has happened before and it had major implications to our business- so thus its just easier to check and see whats going on].

I think it would have been less of an issue for me if they were parked in a better spot.

While I have a freind on exchange to swizterland at least somewhere in the UK at the moment and he is seeing the culture and meeting the people, seeing the country side- which many international people never seem to do here even in the civilsided close regions like the east coast. I get photos and posts from him on facebook- its always out somewhere that looks like a social outing with some people [probably new freinds from the area he is living in].

Some of us also find that understanding international people is hard work at times especially when we have so many different races in this country- keeping up with them all is hard. I know when on the train platform of our local decent sized town that there is often a large group of international people who are speaking some different language and for all I know they could be planning a terrorist attack [unlikely, but how would I know any different because I certainly can't understand them, I know if the conversation is relevant to me some times I will join in- impossible when you can't understand it]. This train platform is the closest station to get any decent yet cheap public transport out of the region and off toward the big city.

Some international people also smoke cigarettes A LOT- I, many other Austrailans [thats why our laws are so tough on smoking] hate the smell, health effects, the adds by GVT which I am expected to watch yet I don't smoke, when all I want to do is watch my tv program, there are enough adds on- I don't need a couple on smoking as well,the litter and all the rest regarding ciggarettes. Normally there would be 5 anglo- saxon people smoking on the train platform, while the international people bring it up to about 15, and they probably don't even watch the adds or listen to the health warnings at all anyway- yet it is true- who has heard of smokers cough- that must be the start of some sort of cancer- which our health service has to deal with- which receives funding through my taxes.

Meanwhile of any anglo- saxson people I know who smoke I can safely say they are all good people, will have a yack to me- gosh a man has to do something while standing around doing nothing on a train platform. I also think they are always just in their circle taking up most of width of the platform- they never seem to be a-lert as to people coming towards them and wanting to get past to leave the station.

One example of struggling to understand them that I have personally had is at my university, there is a large group of international people in the university, some in my course and some in my tutorials where we discuss using a 2 way conversation- preferably students explaining to the teacher, as then we know it a bit of the course work- sometimes I beleive I am expected to come up with, say all the infomation, while they sit there and say nothing- absolutely zip- then get up and present there paper a couple weeks latter and i can barely understand a word this person says and I think to myself- no wonder as i have never heard him speak. yes of course I try to let any/ everyone else put in there 2 bobs worth before I give my answer- I have done this unit before as i failed it last time and find I know it better this time- yet still only get 55/ 100- thats what I am saying I am look for P's for degrees.

How am I supposed to understand what he is saying & ask questions from what he has said [which the tutorial teacher really encourages us to do] or take any decent notes on what he has said if I can't understand him? - impossible in my opinion.

This basically puts me behind in my course work- not good as I am certainly no nerd more a guy to use my hands and think creatively. unfortunatley this subject is required to get the degree- without it no degree.

I also once went into a shop in the big city trying to buy a pen and could barely understand the shop keeper and ended up just leaving with no pen- not happy.

Following our national tradditions would also be of benifit to all in the long term. for example eating lamb on Australia day- sheep being small, short in height like short feed and Australia is pretty hot and dry and thus short feed is normal here, when its hot and dry diseases are reduced for sheep beleive it or not. Cattle are a bit taller in height and are larger in general so they prefer longer feed- its a long way from the ground up to there mouth- long feed is Normal in a decent season but its not always a decent season. Thus eating lamb on Australia day means they support our farmers [which everyone in this country should do more of- including those who call themselves 100 % Australian and follow tradditons this country has held dear since the dorn of time- our national song is all about sheep and bags of food- not spicey chicken wings.

These things stop us from doing what we want to do, being where we want to be.

I am not sure of the exact stats but I reckon its easy for each international person to change a bit to mould with this country for a short period than to change a who country to mould with that one person. Yet I, many othe aussies I suspect also think we are being over- run by international people they are everywhere we go and with them we see the listed netagives. I also can say having been at home, then in the big city for school, in the NT for a year off, now in a regional country town for uni- I have never seen a international person doing community service- maybe I don't see them or maybe I don't notice them- but most decent aussies do some form of community service during there life.

I think if more international people could assimilate better to our way of life- even if its only speaking more, listening to how we speak [i am reffering to our Australian slang] and trying to speak in a similar fashion [more aussie slang] then there may well be less issues surrounding racism. However dressing in a similar fashion to how we dress would also be appreciated, so would following our national traditions such as eating lamb on Australia day.

Meanwhile on the food side, I beleive our pollies will eventually start encouraging farmers to seriously produce a lot more food, and materials such as cotton and wool- so we should always have such items- unlike certain other countries in the world.

I suspect that for some reason we will always in my life time at any rate manage our money in a reasonable way so we should always be near the top of the list of countries after a financial crisis- they seem to come around 1 every 10 odd years or so having studyed some basic economics and remotely interested in polatics [i am a big infrastructure fan].

I would expect that if I went to asia I either ate with chop sticks or my fingers as no knife and fork would be in sight however there is no way in hell I would go without food.

Beleive it or not I do love some indian butter chicken at times- however it needs to be decent stuff not trash [i know 2 places to get decent butter chicken when in the big city].

Australian society seriously needs help or else in 50 years time there will be only Australians and political/economic refugees.

There so many different of types of Aussies can be rude or rough sometimes when you go outside, If you make them angry or pissed, they will be angry with you so better leave them on thier own ways.

I believe that everyone in Australia has a different experience. I am a seventh generation Australian as well, however I have experienced discrimination ba<x>sed upon the area of Sydney that I live in. As a resident of the Western Suburbs I can say that I have met Aboriginals and people of many other nationalities. I believe that the people who profess themselves to be above others, such as those in the easternmost suburbs of Sydney are the most prejudiced, whereas those who are perceived as 'bogan' are more open to people of other nationalities.

for all you people who think this is a bad country go to some of the poorer countries in the world and try to live the live we live here there. where you can be killed for walking down the street, <br />
<br />
where you drink water out of the tap and get some disease <br />
<br />
where many children get killed or where women don't even get an education <br />
<br />
and then return here and try and live where yes I admit we don't have everything but answer me this what country does have everything they want in life? <br />
<br />
yes there are many projects of local, state and federal and international importance that need to be completed asap but at least we have the money and the ability to even want those projects. <br />
<br />
yes governments at local, state and federal do not always make the best decisions- but at least we can comment on what should happen cos I am certain there are still countries in the world where the average jo would be shot and killed for commenting - now tell me this is a bad country. there are plenty of bad examples like how they spent 20 billion or some stupid amount on doing a corner in the hunter valley, the pink bats program [at least most people had and still have a house to live in as plenty of people don't- that can include white people in the NT- I spent a few weeks sleeping out up there, doing day light til dusk working in stinking hot sun but it makes me think how Lucky I am] and the workers who were supposed to coment on there own work [at least they have a job and thus a minumum wage to put food on the table for there family] <br />
<br />
Yes living at the top of the hunter valley in NSW, I don't like having people who are not of anglo saxon herritage in my country town but that is for the following reasons <br />
1. they rarely can speak a word of english- yet they live in a country town- how are you supposed to commicate even the most basic things in live if they don't speak english [answer me that] <br />
2. 9 out of 10 times they will be smoking something- well at times who isn't no matter where you go <br />
3. they are certainly not country but then again who is the hunter valley of NSW- yet we have the 7th biggest sale yards in NSW, we have some of the best land in NSW if not the world, you look at any direction in the area and sooner or latter you will see a hill that is not covered in houses or office blocks, we are really close to sydney so transport costs to sydney and thus the world are low - yet we don'y use this to our advantage - i.e. sending large amount of products to sydney and or the world for sale <br />
<br />
yet we have a world food shortage coming in by 2050 and they say the year 2020 could be a big one in regards to the shakes and knocks for the food shortage. when I say food shortage I mean a father not eating because his son/ daughter/ wife or what ever else is and it is too expensive to feed both. <br />
<br />
Now explain to me how on an international baisis we as a area, state, country and world can afford to have the hunter valley cover with hobby farms, horse studs, weeds, wild dogs and pigs, coal mines and god knows what else - in my veiw we can't but we do. <br />
<br />
oh and wait until febuary this year when the Australian government is supposedly producing some sort of a guide as to how many jobs will be in agriculture in the years to come due to yes you guessed it the food shortage. <br />
<br />
In the end I just return to my farm where there are no people of non angleo saxin background but I do get a big shock when I go down the valley and see what's going on down there. <br />
<br />
to the statement that we australians are illiterate if you are refering to short hand or IM speak such as OMG, LOL, U, u're, FML and a few others then that's the internet and thats what happens when we have a busy live which we get from having the money from jobs, being able to take holidays,being able to eat and drink within reason what we like when we like and many other things to be blunt if you don't want to use short hand then I expect you want use things like NSW and Aust - cos its basically the same thing just for us from the younger generations also if you don't want to use short hand then you have what I call too much time disease or TMT [do I have to explain that for you]. you are too well organsied and don't have what I call a life [thats being polite- because I could make it a lot worse]. <br />
<br />
we may be illiterate suposedly but chances are when you talk to someone here in Australia depending on the area- you won't see a person missing most teeth in there mouth. <br />
<br />
If you go to the far out back and injure your self if its bad enough you can have the royal flying doctor service [although I have never used them I have spent a year in the outback- how is 6 hours driving at 130 kms an hour- thats the speed limit out there, west from Mount Isa in western QLD for you- I think these people are great and should receive more than what they currently get] come in to pick you up, look after you and get you to a hostpital- where as when you go to the far out back in some countries if you injure yourself chances are you are basically dead- I know where I would be. <br />
<br />
In summery we have a stable government, enough food, water, we can comment on what we like within reason and most people have a house, job, you all have access to a computer and internet- [or how did u coment on this page then] with julia's broadband internet plan you will have high speed internet as well and live a pretty good life and there would be plenty of people from around the world who would love to live here- just look at the boat people- whats to complain about really. <br />
<br />
you go to a hospital where young children have a disease and will only live to 10-15 if that and tell me you live a tough life. <br />
<br />
you go to the NT and have a holiday on an NT station where work starts at the latest at 6am, cook starts at 4.30 am, the first ringers enter at 5am area- cook gets warning the night before, they work till 9am and maybe have morning tea for 30 minutes then return to work till 12 for lunch till 1pm and then return to work till 5pm and tell me you live a tough life- up there ringers return often covered in dust, dirt and sweat- that is a niece life try this <br />
<br />
up at 5am ish- out of breakfast by 5.30, working before the sun is up about 5.45- 6am, work till 11.30 and head to lunch, for 30-40 minutes return to work till sun set at 6 pm then have a cold shower- in winter it can get down to about 0 degrees in the nt- add the win blowing through the cracks of the external shower- which other people are waiting for and have dinner and be sound asleep in bed by 9pm- they have the technology to poduce hot showers but they don't, you have a camp generator which runs for a few hours a day to keep the fridge cool, toleits- what a tree, thats laddies as well. <br />
<br />
Children do this life as well - they do school of the air over radio, or on big stations they have a school teacher, but there is often under 5-10 kids in the school room- they did not make the decision to live out there, <br />
<br />
oh and if the kids are not in the school room then they are walking behind a mob of like 2000 head of steers doing 50 kms in 2 days over saturday sunday and that includes the managers son, the manager has about a 80 % say of what happens in the company but his son still sits behind cattle. or the son of one of the mechanics who comes home to process cattle doing 150 odd head a day in crap yards and when everyone else starts drinking for the end of year christmas party he is not supposed to unless he is 18. <br />
<br />
oh and the station can be cut off from the outside world and I mean cut off- no road no air access- nothing zip - the world could go to war in december and they would have absolutly no clue what is going on- most people would be frightened by this. these northern people would often be happy as it means its raining which equals feed which equals money. <br />
<br />
some laddies return to this live as well during uni holdiays or practical periods. <br />
<br />
this all happens in AUstralia- mainly in WA, NT, SA, QLD and sort of in NSW. <br />
<br />
Basically there has to be someone in another country who has less than us and who has everything that they want- I know I do not- cos if I did I would have more precious Hunter valley land, a better tractor and newer fences- I could go on forever,

I wrote the above a few days ago and well exactly no one has the balls or the gutts to reply because they know Australia is a great place

That's because anyone reading your comment follows the advice of Oscar Wilde...."never get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man".

I am certainly not unarmed so I guess they are - i.e. I win and Australia is a perfectly good country to live in and some people just don't realise it

I guess i couldn't stand living in a big city such as sydney or melbourne and to some extent the other capital cities- to much congestion, no fresh air, no fredom, no life no nothing really in my opinion.

Also having been born into a farming family- one eventually puts a few points togeather and realises- I am probs in the best position in the country if not the world right now- assuming the coal minning companies stay away- I don't know and don't wanna know the value of coal under our land.

I guess to many people are too used to the busy traffic from Sydney/ melbourne- when used to something it rarely gets changed

AHAHAHAHAH, DevelopednowDeclining, how right you are!!!
Tightskins do you know why no one replied? Because you are too poor.
Oh, and yes, you won!!! gne gne gne gne gneeeeee

Obviously it has become socially uncool and even illegal to value ones money in society in 2012. They also tell me that heaps and heaps of money doesn't buy one happiness- but rather one just stops or slows the working rate [I hate inefficiency which in my opinion can come from a reduced working speed].

I also think that without jobs to do each day I would live a quiet, controlled and boring life which would very quickly become very stale and old. Having errands and jobs to do each day means my life is creative, interesting, out their, it stimulates the mind and reduces the chance of health problems such as cancer in latter life in my opinion anyway.

All this work has got and continues to get australia to good positions finaincially and socially- look at the recent global financial crisis- which country currently is very well off in comparison to most if not all the rest- australia of course- I don't even call that thing people reffer to as the GFC a big thing- look at the depression of the 1930's - that was big, in comparison the recent global turmoil was only a small pothole in the road to the future of ever increased wealth and stature.

I live in west africa, thats where I'm from. I used to live in the U.K and I've seen Australia. It's a racism-infested country filled with too many ignorant people. I'd pick my country any day over Australia, the "great" country. it isn't the place to live. It's not a nice country.

well I would take nothing else- how is west africa going after the global financial crisis- Australia is going great guns and in my opinion in regional Australia we didn't even feel it- [1930's - that was a global finalcial crisis

sorry I would have posted this in the previous comment but I barely had time to write that letter lone this- my national anthem was playing and I felt a requirement to stand, sing and enjoy

West Africa was barely hit by the global financial crisis. My country is doing fine, thanks for asking.

year so is Australia and what standard of living do you have by the way- soon I will be required to get a account skype or similar account to have a chat with my family [they will actually be able to see me its scary]- as one lives in Sydney, one lives in canberra, mum and dad live in a regional area and I am 2 hours away from them, I have 2 mobile phones, have high quality access to high speed broadband at home and university so I can find out anything I want to know in seconds- and that is before our federal government finishes it network that its building to increase the speed, the landline mobile phone that replaced the college supplied phone that I have just isn't good enough, I have spent the last 3 nights dressed in black tie dress, a suit and people said I was looking really well dressed and I felt so too or black tie and accademic gown. last night someone thought the coat I was wearing was a real old one of my fathers that he gave me- I laughed and told him it was an el- cheapo from a cheap shop.
I go out and get drunk at college far to often, but have a heap of fun doing so,
if I could be bothered I would change my internet connection from the landline back bone to the wall and then the cord to my computer to wires to the wall and then wireless to the computer on my private system, I went to one of the most prestegious schools in Australia where they can afford to spend 10 million on rugby union grandstand and print the school crest into the grass of the oval along with the opposition school crest [un-required in my opinion but anyway].
I got a printer out of the college box room which was about to be tossed into the dump so I took it and it works fine- I have another one at home.
I cook my own steak and pasta when I could eat the meal on the meal plan in the College Dinning room

is your country so well off as this or is it a poor country

Yes everyone knows that Australia is the best place but only for Australians...
There will be every 9 out of 10 Australians while talking to a foreigner out of nowhere they always say Australia is the best... Racism is a traditional culture of the Australians....

No one replied because what you wrote was such an assault of mind blowing conjecture that no one knew where to start! Australia is still a shithole though.

That comment was for 'tightskins' by the way.

And Aussies love comparing how good their country is to as they like to say, 'third world countries' - because it makes them feel better about themselves. They always use extremes to compare lifestyle standards too. So they will compare Australia to a country with Sharia law, absolute poverty or where there is some issue of civil unrest going on.

Im Australian/Greek, and I can tell you, your anglo saxon ways are killing this country. Your racism and hatred known as zenophobia is disgusting. Your ancesters must have immigrated to Australia sometime ago, so how can you dis other races for wanting the same thing your grandparents etc wanted. You people disgust my sensibilities. As long as your right mate, who cares about other people right. You anglo saxons killed off the orginal owners of this country. And still today you cover up your crimes. FO

No its not a case of as long as I am right and who cares about everyone else- why do u think I am so concerned about the world food crisis that will come somewhere between 2020 and 2050 ish that our current pollies couldn't care less about, yet I have attempted, continue to do some pretty hard thinking about such a problem. predictions say that the world will consist of 9 billion people by then- that is a bloody lot of people in my opinion but anyway.

I like being able to look in the fridge and eat basically what ever I want

I hate the feeling my stomach produces when I am hungry

these 2 things which I imagine most if not everyone hates to some extent only encourage me to produce more food.

If Australia doesn't start producing more food then some say it won't be 300 boat people coming to this country in search of a better life but 300 000 boat people and then it will be wars specifically over farming lands and systems [of which australian farmers know the australian farmlands better than anyone else in the world- how can the chineese suddenly be expected to manage such in-fertile, dry, hot, rough country with no experience- they have no hope [yes things may change between now and this food crisis but we aussie farmers move with the times eventually- money, or lack there of and the long list of jobs on the "Huge to do list" is what holds us back]. I certainly have big plans for this property and would struggle to get most of them done for under a million aussie dollars, then there is my broad acrea crops property that I want to own to provide lupins for my sheep and cotton seed for my cattle- sell any extra, plus an NT cattle station [i have to many connections and it ****** me off at times, in a wet summer in the N. territory some of those cattle stations can be completely shut off from the world for weeks at a time- from late december through to late febuary [I was up there in 2009- they said it started raining on X-mas day and it was still soakin wet when I arrived on the 28th of feb].

Plus any old family properties- of which my ansestors had country around North western NSW, and a sheep property near the freesing armidale NSW- I do uni in armidale and by jees it gets cold [I prefer winter over summer- easy to chuck on more clothes but staying cool in 40 degrees can be an issue].

I beleive it will be hard to produce more food on less land- most dairy country in Australia is already taken by houses- and the coles/ woolies price wars on milk only make it worse- $1/ litre must be below the cost of production in my opinion.

I beleive things will be interesting in the future when china is as wealthy as Australia [with all the products, and any services [such as IT phone support services] they produce for us in time there wealth has to increase] and the same with asia which has a middle class with increasing wealth.
I am told there diets are changing and they want rice plus beef and lamb and veggies and all the rest- well Australia can produce it if we want to, and at dam high standards as well.

If its only about me and not about anyone else why do I rarely get out of work at the moment until 8pm at the earliest and start at 7.30 - 8- thats a 12 hr day and often includes weekends [who the hell doesn't work weekends in my opinion].

If its only about me and not about anyone else- why have I considered if I am ever a multi- millionare or somethin, I may build small office blocks in large regional centres with houses in the towns for employees to stay in while they either find/ build a house for there family or for just during the week and return to the big cities on some weekends- in my opinion Sydney, probably melbourne are dying in there glut of congestion and brisbane isn't far behind them now letta lone in another 30 years with god knows how many extra people in the cities- meanwhile plenty of country towns are dying out and could easily take more people.

if its all about me when I am set up and making bulk money through farming and the government is like- "ok either spend it on your local community or we will tax the hell out of you then i would
build or pay to have a club house built onto the back of the current grandstand for our local league football team. [with no club house, after games they can freese in our cool winter weather with -6, snow not unheard of, so they go straight to the pubs after games- which can encourage alcoholics= not good at all]. I would also buy and donate a video recorder and gear so they can record games and revist them at the next training to see where they can do better.
buy/ make a pool table for our local rugby union club and if they are getting large numbers of people to games give them free use of temporary grandstands on trailers.
[this footy club put the primer on the guys toliets and never got to the first coat of paint but no one would know any different].
put sensiors in our local swimming pool to increase the accuracy of the swimming carnival for both cheaters touching the bottom and false starters ectra.
build our local rodeo area into something decent- power is an issue in the grounds, I would hope to up-grade that so it doesn't go out mid way through the rodeo as the demand is above supply.
improve our local tennis club
deffinatley up grade our local golf club- personally its a hole the last time I was in there, I would renovate it- with a free grant to them to make it look niece and deccent not old and tattie with little holes in the floor and old lino on the floor.
I would love to give some grants to my local public school which I and my 2 brothers attended, hopefully my kids will go there as well- I know they have a back shed that has the tables and chairs stored in it most of the time. However we use them on speech night [days in summer at late december are close to 40 degrees and warm- I always hated speech night as a child because it was still so hot when it started. When its eventually over about 9.30 pm everyone lends a hand to put the chairs and tables away in the back shed but its well dark and no- one can see anything. the shed is full of junk and easy to stubb toes, walk into BBQ's ect. I would provide funding and or machinery to connect this shed up to have powered lights installed so we can see when in there at night time- rare but deffinatley benifcal.

I want to provide funding for a sign, car park for the enterance to a small community [it only got a local hall, tennis courts, rodeo ground, fire shed a heap of farms of varying size and thats it] out in the hills to east of us- of where these icons and the caves, other communities, big properties are located- I wouldn't benifit much but vistitors to the area would benifit.

I also know that certain jobs need to be done at my high school- [these guys certainly have the money to do the jobs, its more the will power] - however I know that I enjoyed top class facilities when I was at the school- such as when does a 2nd four in rowing get a brand new [never rowed in, just made boat]- normally the 1st 4 would get it and each boat would slide down the crews, but not that year. this was the first and only time I rowed in a brand new boat worth $30 000. there is a sleeping area at the boat shed [all just temporary bunk beds], with a 1 brick thick wall that stops short of the ceiling, over the wall is a JNRS change room- the JNRS come into the shed on a saturday, making a heap of noise and have to take the SNRS change room [not good for the young kids understanding, following] morning when older boys are trying to sleep, are physically exusted and tired and on short teathers for noise. I would pay to brick up the wall to the ceiling and then pay for an extra wall with noise insulation between. so if JNRS go in there they don't disturb the SNR boys who are trying to sleep [its a long week between school attendance, homework and rowing for 5 hrs a dayand all the rest]. it won't be long and the extra wall space will be needed for photo memorbilia.

I plan on only having 2 kids- 1 to replace me and one to replace my wife when we die at some point in the future. However I do intend on trying to adopt a child- from where ever I can get hold of one.

In between all that I would also take 16 and 17 year old children of my city freinds on there approval and my brothers during some of there school holidays- rather than spending the time gaming and god knows what else. They can spend it learning how to work, out seeing some natural stuff- by then farming will be mainly done by sensors and GPS tracking and management of stock.

All these sporting clubs, the schools, the community and of course the people and my adoption child would receive these grants and benifits free if I have the money to spend- I wouldn't benifit from it, bar being taxed at a lower rate, but they would most likely be over the moon.

This all depends on weather all my money goes into machinery, land, stock and technology or do I actually end up making a decent profit at some point - its scary just how expensive something that is only basic steel welding with a couple blades and a mechnical power supply can cost in 2013- somewhere around the 59 000 mark [expensive as hell in my opinion- there is nothing in it, decent tractors with a front and loader start at about 110 000 these days] - letta lone the future- on a farming pay rate in 2013 thats a bloody lot of money thats why our main tractor was built in the 1990 - I was born in 1990.

I understand what your saying really I do, its not just happening in Australia it is happening on a global scale. I love this country, all Im saying is give others a chance to better themselves aswell. Esp when there already here. And I understand this means sacrifices for all of us. I admire your passion for this country, but we need to walk carefully, for its a fine line between love of country to racism. And I don't like how everyone is bagging Australia on here. I mean is America, Africa, Europe etc doing any better. No. So whereever you go today in the world, people will experience similar problems.

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How can any intelligent human being call Australia a "Lucky Country" if none of it's population can see it's own continents issues. HOW ABOUT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT WHAT YOU SEE, CHANGE IT!!! DON'T LIKE RASCISM, CHANGE IT!!! MAKE AUSTRALIA A GREAT PLACE FOR ALL!!!

I leave australia !! its deffinetly a racist country and i hate it !!and as a immigrant they try to screw you over every time then when you go mad at them they cant cant take the beating they go to the cops straight away! ****** racist greedy ******* are they!! its such a rich country and stil sooo greedy for **** money!! the relax easy going australian dont exist! Kiwis are what ossies claim to be. **** australia

good for you; wish I was leaving this hell hole. the problem with australia is australians...arrogant lazy drunk or drugged up racists

I leave australia !! its deffinetly a racist country and i hate it !!and as a immigrant they try to screw you over every time then when you go mad at them they cant cant take the beating they go to the cops straight away! ****** racist greedy ******* are they!! its such a rich country and stil sooo greedy for **** money!! the relax easy going australian dont exist! Kiwis are what ossies claim to be. **** australia

so why did you come here then and did you have access to a computer in your old country

please do leave, we have no need of those who can't even spell enough to provide some credibility to their arguments.

With no passport and no plans of going no where get stuffed

Australia has always had australian slang- are all those words "spelt correctly" with I's dotted and T's crossed

I don't think so- get a life

how can i describe these mother ******* racist sons of *******!oops...i just did

It's not at all surprising that a bunch of people come out with the whole "If you don't love it, leave" thing. Wake up, you idiots. Everything that was said is true. The intolerance and racism seems to be getting more and more out of hand (don't believe me, you can go to My brother tells me that the White Australia Policy was only abolished in the 70s. Not sure if that's true or not, but if it is, then it's disappointing. <br />
p.s. to the inevitable "then leave this country!" comments... As soon as I find a way, I'm off this sinking ship

Same. If only I had the means!

every country has its problems but i think you should be thankful to live in a safe country with a stable government enough food and water

"Deepchill" I think you need to learn something...anything...

exactly - I completely aggree

imagelessgod you need to go to a place like africa or iraq or some poor country and try and live the life we live here and then try and tell us we have a bad life style

You are sooo dead on!!

tightskins is 1 good description of a typical smartazz racist aussie... so looseskin u think life is better in Australia only becoz u have enough food, water, money...What about the society?

I am trying to help feed society by producing lamb and beef to sell to those who want it [even tho many greenies, hobby farmers, weekenders and god knows what else- such as local council would love to see us shut down- if I have anything todo with it- it would never happen.

I know I would prefer to be here in Australia where there are only minor problems compared to the rest of the world where there are some young kids not going to school, barely eating or drinking clean water, and who may get killed by people blowing up buildings, or big movie style shoot outs.

A lot less of which happens in Australia

I don't see a country in the america's or Europe or any where else having everything it wants and needs and neither does Australia.

thus life in Australia isn't perfect but its a lot better than in many other parts of the world.

Just because Australia has high living standards, is 'safe', that we aren't going through wars etc doesn't mean that someone is going to be happy living there. Sure, we're not getting bombs dropped on us etc. but there are people who take their own lives because they cannot cope with life anymore. If we have it so good in Australia, then why does it have one of the highest suicide rates in the world?

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Lol. This is so funny. You know what lillypad123 and alicebee, why don't you leave then? Australia is the best country in the world, and you can obviously see that with all the hundreds or thousands of people who are trying to come here each year, illegally even. So why don't you leave? You say Australia is racist? Go to iraq. Some countries actually kill people for no reason. You're a disgrace.

No one is a "disgrace" for voicing there opinions about a country that they live in..."Ladybird240" could be thought of as a disgrace for stating that fascist comment. FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!

we live a very lucky life here- most people have a house, a job and a reasonable income, we get an education. we can walk down the street depending on the area and not get killed - what else do you want- yes we don't have everything but answer me this
which country in the world does have everything they want and need

They come here because the laws are so lax and they don't have to assimilate. They don't come here to be "Australian" they bring their own cultures and problems with them and then force it on people that are unfortunate enough to live around them. I grew up in Box Hill in Melbourne and 25 years later, today, you cannot see a white person in the suburb. It has been COMPLETELY taken over by chinese. So you see people that immigrate do not come here to intergrate but to just have more space to have more children and take over. This isn't Australia anymore, it's just one big mess of people who didn't want to stay in their homelands. And yes Australia is racist because Australians have no clear cut identity of their own. There is no culture or history here, unless you're black. It was colonised by Italians and the Irish mainly. The English that were here in the begining for all the initial reasons didn't like the people they were here for to start with. Where can you go from there. Its not a good begining and it's never going to get any better because they just keep letting more people in that will not be part of anything except their own culture.
This, in my opinion as being born here, is a rubbish country with no identity and no history except the meat pie and Ned Kelly (Irish anyway). I would do anything to get home (UK) Its just too expensive to live here. I hate it.

Ladybird is too idiot to deserve a reply

Tightskins, I have read a lot of your comments... all I can say is I totally agree with you. I would also like to add that if you are an Australian citizen you are an Australian it doesn't matter which country you are originally from you are Australian!

thanks for that- I don't know why I didn't reply earlier and I do aggree

Sorry if i got u a bit confused earlier on.

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Hi lillypad123<br />
I was surprised to see this group as I hear Australia is called The Lucky Country. Still I had a friend who emigrated there and did not like it and returned. I do not know why. Not sure he did. Maybe it was the heat? I would like to visit one day though.<br />
In America there are different cultures like East and West Coast - perhaps there is the same thing in Australia and so moving around to find where you feel at home is one way of looking at it? I guess Alice Springs is different to Victoria?<br />

What a positive way of thinking...cudos Koyptakh.

having been to alice springs and been as far south as the ski feilds in the ACT [not really that far south in my veiw] I can safely say Alice is different to victoria.
Australia is the lucky country however we do have a long way to go- I beleive in America you only pay someone on the dole for a set amount of time like 3 months and then they have to have a job, here in AUstralia on the other hand for some stupid reason we just keep paying them.

Australia is kind of a racist country.

I completely agree with everything you've said<br />
I hate everything australia has to offer<br />
and believe me if i could leave I'd by outer hear quick smart <br />
most australian are just a bunch of bogans <br />
that cant spell, can't read and can't talk<br />
The Australian government should be going back to funding the arts like in the 70's<br />
instead of funding the illiterate, they should be funding people how actual have dreams and want to make something of they lives.<br />
<br />
The racism is so bad here I'm a 7th generation australian (that's from when the convicts got here btw) all all through my schooling and now when Im just walking down the street I get haggled and bullied, and the only thing that makes me different from "normal aussies" is that i have red hair, i have even been told to 'go bad to the zoo ranga' in that awful australian twang. i just hope that going to a grammar school that i do not have that awful accent.<br />
<br />
as soon as i can Im heading to paris<br />

If you live in Sydney and have never met an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, open your damn eyes and get involved in your community!!! Oh and Cronulla, lets not mention the whole attacks on life savers, DOING THEIR JOBS TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE that initially sparked it, or the young (lebanese Australian) who burnt our flag. Oh yes only the white Australians are racist. You must be a fool to believe that. <br />
And I would love for you to be able to justify to me your comments regarding Aboriginals not getting health care. Do you mean those in remote communities who need to travel for specialist health care? Like the people living and working the remote outback stations, they are required to travel. They get free healthcare (medicare) just the same as any other Australian, oh except for the extra immunisations they are offered for conditions more predominant in their genetics? I believe you to be unbelievably ignorant. I have met too many Aboriginals and TSI to count, so if you haven't, how would you know about their healthcare? People like you ruin this wonderful country we have. I agree with Guru4u. Dont dawdle on your way to the airport...

I believe that lillypad123 was talking about the "White Australia Policy" as a political movement. Not that "only the white Australians are racist"...

I 've lived in Queensland for 4 years now, I can count on my hands how many times I have seen an Aboriginal. Most of the time they are homeless. Watch Samson and Delilah... a movie that rednecks avoid watching...

You do not realise how lucky you are living here. Those insidents were ISOLATED cases (the rasism I talk about). <br />
I cannot believe this group even exists. Go to another country if you do not like it here, but I GUARENTEE you will be suprised how great this lang is once you see how **** the rest of the world is..........

How can you intelligently have a discussion about "Rasism" (sic), if you can't even spell it?

Probably because English is not everyone first language. Do you speak another language? Seems like you don't!