If You Hate It Here Then ******* Off!

if you do not like my proud nation of Australia then f u c k off because we don't want you here. go and live somewhere else. anywhere else, except maybe New Zealand.

AngrySnuffPuppet AngrySnuffPuppet 31-35, M 6 Responses Nov 16, 2009

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Thanks to all the Racist comments, some too stupid to even comment on, that I now agree with AngrySnuffPuppet. Instead of thanking your lucky stars that you live in a country that isn't bombed every day and night and where people believe in equality for all and a fair go, all you people do is ***** ***** *****. No one said Australia has all the answers, but at least we try to better ourselves and do the right thing. And you forget we are only a young country still learning as we go. So to all the haters what can I say except GO HOME. Straight home, and let people in, that are dying to come here and that will appreciate it. Some people are never happy......

You make all Australians look like **** heads.
I have a disability and am excluded due to lack of night support and adequate access for wheelchairs, I have my reasons.

That's impossible, I just want some access to my world.

The Australian language is very bad with grammar, punctation and spelling compare with the England's english. The England's english as the real grammar, punctation and spelling while Australian version lost lots of it's grammar, punctation and spelling. Convict's language how they speak it's like ****'s language, don't F***ck the Aboriginal land and leave them alone because they are the most important people in this world. As Titianam said before, it's was rights of her speech, that Australia has no freedom of speech, but I accept Titianam's freedom of speech.

The Australian language is very bad with PUNCTUATION and spelling COMPARED TO ENGLANDS'( apostrophe after for possession - because your computer changes it, it does not make it right.) English. ENGLANDS English is THE proper grammar, punctuation and spelling while THE Australian version lost ALOT of its ( no apostrophe - you are not saying it is) grammar, punctuation and spelling. CONVICTS language IS how they speak.

Don't make an argument about spelling and punctuation that you have no idea about. It makes you look uneducated and completely undermines any point that you may be trying to make. Muppet.

You off White Australian! Go back to where you from! This land is belong to aboriginal people. Ask you mom, where came you from? You just born here and used Aboriginal land.

your right Titianam, all Australians with their convicts to go back to England and get them self lock up in jail !!! This country used to be Aboriginals where they got the most important place Uluru known as Ayers rock.

I feel shame on my own countrymen who left for a life Australia at their call for experienced persons,

Australia Advertised on National Tv in my Country- and we let them do it,

Come for the mining salarys they said - we need you.

And thousands of my countrymen left, and most will never return.

This is simply another government project or genetic modification, its not dissimilar to the stolen generation a couple of hundred years ago wherby they tried to 'dilute' out the aboriginals via genetics,

These days the government also knows they have a country full of white thrash, Sorry white thrash with money, which in my books is still white thrash.

You can have an M5 and drink Moet Chandon but as soon as the G-day mate and a the bullish ozzie pride attitude shines through your still white thrash .

And there trying to dilute that white thrash out again with educated Europeans.

Im also tired of reading that the Aboriginal - gave nothing to the country and there would be nothing here if they were left to their own devices

let me put this in black and white - no pun intended, the Aboriginals should be respected for what THEY DID'NT DO OR DID'NT BUILD OR DID'NT MINE OR DID'NT INVENT IN Australia - not for what they did do . Does that make sense??

All they did was live, I worked with a few in mines - ( mines were forced to emply a certain number in order to retain rights to mine the site )

And i found those lads very dependable, they were on a higher level as people than some of the white thrash,

Im sounding like im on a high horse here but thats how i saw it.

yeah Guru, screw her, nothin but an unpatriotic mongrel. Better off without the likes of her, and i would not wish her upon our 'ANZAC' neighbours.

Come on "mates", don't be upset.
In one hour it will start the footy, take a beer and turn on the big gas stove that you call "bbq" in the garden.
Don't show us your poorness, we already know that!