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Australia Is Hard For Families

I have lived here for 22 years; I have never wanted to move overseas than now; I always love Australia as a country but the living cost here is a big joke. If you a stereotype Aussie and never been anywhere; then you may find this as a lucky country; but if you have travelled overseas; then we will call Australia "Super Rip Off Country".

We work so hard each year as a business owner; then taxman comes along and takes 50% of them to feed those lazy idiots - that's the problem for Australia. Success do not get admired or rewarded; there is no incentive to work hard here.

Education here is very back-dated; living cost in Australia had soared by 40% in last 3 years! Not withstanding the currency difference; but compare Living Cost vs Household Income; Australia is so expensive.

A guy on $100,000 salary in US will only pay around 25% tax, he takes home $75,000 home; and cost there is around 30% less (clothes / cars / electronics will be 50% less). In Australia; your tax bill will add up to more than $40,000.

School Fees here is a joke; private schools are about 2 times more expensive than Canada and US! Yet; did you see the income level overseas? No free lunches for childern at elementary school. US is now charging $2.40 for lunch for kids and get bombarded by its citizens: $2.40 lunch includes (Spaghetti, Fruits, Salad and Milk) for their kids; and if your household income is less than $60,000, you get free lunch for your kids..where is our benefit? We paid tax for what??? Council workers who work 2 hours a week??

If you have ambitions and aspirations; don't stay here; if you just want to layback and don't care about what's happening outside your backyard; then you can stay here and rink your expensive beer (about 2 x more expensive) and eat your BBQ (about twice more expensive for meats)...seriously, not a place for family.

moneycat moneycat 31-35, M 7 Responses Nov 26, 2009

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you are so true, and I feel people are so stupid and doesn't realize how much they're getting ripped off by stores, the consumer protection in this country is a big joke. I guess people doesn't really care if they get ripped off by anyoone that owns a business. Australia is so proud that they don't tip anyone but the service they're getting from any service oriented businesses is unreal. makes you feel like you don't earn the money you are spending. so STUPID!!

Oh yeah and paying 4x-5x more than they do in Canada or the USA for electricity is yet another reason why this country sucks donkey nuts!

I had ambitions, I had dreams, I wanted to become a scientist, but because of the intense bullying that I experienced on all fronts both at home and at school I ended up nearly blowing my brains out on several occasions.

So again, **** you!

Don't worry your not the only gets this problems in Australia. There is lots of bullying around rough and rude ones in this country.

I don't like being called lazy, I'm on welfare not because I'm lazy but because you tight arses won't give me a job, I can't even get a toilet cleaning job and you call me lazy? I'm a computer engineer who has gone to tafe for many years doing the Cisco CCNA courses and you call me lazy?

**** you!

Its amazing that I know so many people emigrating from the UK to Aus / NZ. I did try to tell all of them that grass isnt always greener !

i couldn't agree more. I'm 31 years old and australian by birth, to english parents. I am married to a canadian whom I brought over here around 10 years ago. I just got back from my first holiday out of the country in that time, which confirmed to me what i have been feeling for the last 10 years. Opression, stupidity, over taxation, and everything being stupidly expensive. Add that to moron australians who are blindly patriotic to the government that shafts them and country that offers less than just about anywhere else in the world, and why should I be happy to be australian?<br />
<br />
I can't wait to leave this country, and I could not honestly recommend coming here to anyone. Canada, Japan, USA are all far superior places to be. We are treated like criminals and children in this country, and all the ignorant bogans lap it up like VB swill that is our most popular beer. Anyway, i could rant endlessly about how much I hate this country and the ignoramuses that make up its population of sheep. Can't wait to get out and stop funding welfare bludgers and overgovernance. Some freedom would be nice for a change.

You are lucky, because you have realised all of these things; the 90% of the goats living in australia, they will never realise how poor they are.

Australia is a backward country because their manners are to ***** rude to other people, the language is poor compare to USA english and England english. I wish i spoke England english because their language is way more efficient version of english and spoken in correct way that other people can understand it, manners are clean also there are more important and independent than aussies

well said , moneycat!! im suprised the organised idiots havent tried to shut down your opinion yet .