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I Admit It.

I do. I honestly admit it. Anyone ever asking me about Australia, will be told this. I see no reason to hide it. I may live here, but Australia just doesn't feel like home. It never has and it probably never will. I've tried to be patriotic, really I have. But I'm not. I'm not saying I oppose patriotism, because I love my heritage with every fibre of my being. My grandparents came from Belarus and Poland and I tell anyone that with the biggest amount of pride you'll ever see. I'll never be anything but a Slavic European nationality wise. There is honestly nothing connecting me to Australia. Sometimes I despise where I am so much, that the thought of living somewhere else is the only thing that calms me and the only thing I can feel hopeful about in this country.

I've looked at the stories in this group, about people who clearly dont understand the view of people who identify with this group. Compared to Iraq or Sudan or a similiar place, yes I would rather live in Australia. But let's put modern democracy into practice here and acknowledge that I can go anywhere I want. Logistically speaking, right now I cant, but even so, at some point I will be. And by then, I will be moving to Europe. Most likely Germany or Czechoslovakia.

I'm not saying Australia is a bad country. There's plenty of good things about it. But one person's heaven, is another person's hell. And Australia just happens to be my idea of something close to hell. It's just not home. Sometimes I wish it was. That I could look at someone and with every fibre of my being say that I'm proud to be Australian and mean it. But I'm a fake. I'm not patriotic towards Australia in the slightest. I've tried to be at various times in my life, and I know that I dont feel it within me. I know I dont mean it. I know I'm lying to them and to me. I know I dont feel like that within myself. I know for fact that if I came into a large sum of money, I'd leave the country.

I dont see this as a character flaw. It's something I've dealt with my whole life and something I've accepted by now. I honestly think the people who are like, "If you dont like it, leave.", just maybe with a little more brutality are the flawed ones. They dont really know me. It's not making Australia any less wonderful for them. And when I leave, they wont miss me. Problem solved.

I honestly cant wait to leave.

xxfallxoutxgirlxx xxfallxoutxgirlxx 18-21, F 15 Responses Feb 2, 2010

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Big hug from me. Completely understand you. I was born here but not white and I constantly get 'where are you from?' I say Sydney and that puts a lot of noses out of joint..especially when I tell people I'm 4th gen. Aussie. Apparently to be an Australian one needs to be of British background- basically a displaced Pom. Mind you, there are British people here who can't stand the place either. A special breed of person on this island continent. You're not alone.

<p>Doesn't feel like home? i don't doubt it, being that you are anything other than of Anglo/Saxon descent.<br />
Now I am in NO WAY knocking Anglo/Saxons, however whether you are born here or not, you are constanlty reminded that if you are not of Anglo background, then you are not quite the genuine article, not "True Blue " as they say. Prior to the political correctness epidemic that began in the mid-'80s, it was more overt and you would have been referred to by same racial epithet, usually "wog". These days it's more subtle, but it's there nonetheless. If your name ain't Smith or Jones, you will ALWAYS have people asking about your "background". That gets old very quickly. And this is a constant reminder that in this country there is "us", and "them".<br />
Just one of the numerous aspects of living in The Best Country In The World that have destroyed my soul. : (</p>

So many people hate Australia, Im not surprised. I am a little patriotic when overseas and some **** bags Australia, I will be the first to defend it, if I think it was an unfair comment. But deep in my heart I want to leave and never come back here again. The opportunities it once had it no longer has. We have become a bad download of America. And if you hit your 40's and aren't full of botox, you might as well die..because you become so invisible to employers, and everyone else, and you just don't matter anymore. Make way for the young trollops and stupid gutless males of the next stupid racist generation to come thru.. So much to look forward to, in Europe people still respect age and experience , and not the few wrinkles on your face. There is no real future in this Country today.

I hope you managed to get out...I can't articulate eloquently how I feel right now abd I no longer wish to be angry...just to leave and never return...

I see beauty. I just dont see it here. I'm not asking anybody to agree with me. I just wrote this to express my feelings.<br />
<br />
All my life.

I'd leave anytime when I can, just like you, truthfully I had enough of majority of uneducated peoples here, and the bad things media choose to bring down my country - China. ( 90% of the stories of it are how bad it is), so to educate their own people the "good" way. too bad I have some duties from immigration dept in here. *fingers crossed*

how long have you been in oz.

You actually are. And that's why i think it's pretty sad for you not to see beauty.. That would be horrible to be that shallow. But you know, Australia will be better without you :) Can't wait for you to leave :)

All yours sweetheart!!

Go ahead and laugh. I'm not missing out on anything.

Haha ! That would suck to not be proud of your country.<br />
Just so you know, it's not an accomplishment to want to leave, it's not a good thing. It's you loss.<br />
I love being proud of this amazing country. So haha. I laugh in your face.

These tossers are the only nationality that I know of who are totally utterly ignorant and proud of it like it is worth a fkn "Nobel Prize" (By the way dear slapper: "Do you know what the fkc I am talking about when talking about the Nobel Prize?) And as I know your kind, now you are going to reply some utterly arrogant bullshit and be proud of your arrogance and your bullshit. Right? Yeah I fkn thought so!

A.. Calling anyone a slapper is terrible.. Unless it's your mum.
B.. I do know what a Nobel prize is can I be arrogant and full of bullshit and make a completely ignorant reply to a comment that you have not made? The only thing in your comment was pure vitriol and did not even give one example of 'our apparently horrible behaviour'.
You are showing behaviour that is exactly what you are accusing austalians of.
So now I will say **** off you tool.

I see what you mean, jamalMan. One of the biggest problems I have about Australia, is that the people tend to be ignorant about other cultures. Most people I've met, who claim to be "Australian" nationality wise, dont know what their ancentry is. It's one thing to not be interested, but it's another, in my opinion, to be absolutley clueless. As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as the "Australian" nationality, unless your an Aboriginal, because the country was built by immigrants.

They are ignorant of their own British heritage never mind about other people's culture. Ask the average bogan about their British heritage and they won't be able to tell you a thing about Scottish, Irish, Welsh nor English history, and yet they readily dismiss anyone who doesn't approximate their British ideal.

It has been two years since I came to this country. Being black, most consider me as another refugee who needs help, while I am not. The media is so ignorant, it brings and nourishes Australians with sad and bad stories from around the world esp from Africa. Next day, they see a black man in the streets, they think he came straight from the bush or so, and never take him seriously. Let alone they hire you in a decent work per your qualification. What the heck, I wish I never came here. Australians live in the air bragging their country is the only safe country. Come on, do some research, get education and this is 21st century. Obama is black leading a powerful nation.

i agree totally ......i am so depressed i have had 2 years in the middle east and have been so unhappy since i came back here ....culturally it is a waste land ....i cant express how much i want to get out of here ......if i could afford it i would leave and never return.

Just face the facts American pop culture has destroyed the world we only have aprox 40-60 years of world resources left just don't have kids its to late for us now self centered greed is just about got what it wants human destruction, enjoy it why it lasts look around the signs of the system failing are on the wall

Thanks for the story, i couldn't agree with you any more, your right. for years i have struggled myself to enjoy what this place has to offer, but for some reason i cannot seem to find happiness here. i plan to move out because i have been in this massive island for my whole entire life. i seek adventure and moving to the unknown and one day i plan to move to another country just to start again. and for those people who do say "if you hate it then leave" they don't make it any better to live in Australia, don't get me wrong, its a great place but i plan to go everywhere and not just stay their. i plan to make my horizons bigger and for someone to say that Australia has everything, they must lack interest and diversity because not everything is in Australia. and being dark skinned and living in the rural areas, i get a lot of **** from the bogan townies there. even the girls where i live don't like me and i just want to go somewhere where i can be accepted more into society, but a society that loves diversity and is full of different people. but yeah good story and its a true and valid point about australia. i hope i dont get patriots coming at me for this.

see ya.