So Much Fear

well it started two years ago when i found out a had breast cancer and than it had got to me so bad that i couldn't go out side and than i was always afraid to get in the car because when i am driving i feel like somebody is watching me and i still live in fear because i just stay in the house.
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31-35, F
2 Responses Aug 25, 2006

I can relate to your fears, but I just figure that I only have so much time here on earth, and I'm going to live it up as long as I can and get through each day not worrying about when I'm going to die. Don't stay inside, and don't live in fear. Experience what you can while you can.

I am so sorry to here that you have breast cancer. But isnt it best to accept it and GET OUT THERE!? What is the point in staying inside for the rest of your life? Shouldnt you be living it up whilst you still can!? I am sorry to be sounding so harsh but I think if you gradually start to get outside you will overcome your fear. You will see that life is meant to be lived! Instead of running from your fears overcome them! Join a club, loys of people go through the same thing as you. <br />
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Good luck! I wish you well.