Michigan And Florida

I lived in Plant City Florida for about four years on and off. I've lived up here for most of my life. I consider myself a kind compassionate person....but I do agree,it is very difficult to make friends up here. I am way up north. I've always considered myself a loner up here,although I have family,and a fairly decent job. I have a small work team,and in its self it has its cliques. I've done the church thing too. I believe Michigan is very education orientated. When I lived in Florida.. (I dragged my cousin down there) we both had our associate's degrees,and that constituted us beating out several applicants.Up here an associates mean nothing. The people I work with have about seventeen letters after their names...(not me).I''ve come to realize that ,there are good and bad everywhere. I met some awesome people in Florida,but at one time I was in a car accident. To my relief,several people came out of their homes to help,but to disdain when a couple of them seen my Michigan tags,one said "Stop your crying you baby,get your car out of here,stop crying." I omitted a few explicits.....but the woman were awful,I know up here,that wouldnt have happened. On the other hand,people up here are really good about slamming doors in your face, in public places...so I believe its universal
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I have lived in Michigan my entire life. The bigger cities are more snobbier. The freindliest cities are Kalamazoo and East Lansing. Most all cities are garbage. If you love hunting and living a pure country life, stay up North. The snobbiest cities are Grand Rapids and suburban Detroit areas. Education is a big deal and if you make a lot of money, consider yourself in the in crowd. I am finally moving to Florida and it will be the best descion I have ever made in my life. Michigan is all about business, education and manufacturing, anytihng else, your waisting your time. People stick to their own here, they are as cold as the weather.

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