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Hate It

People here are very judgmental.
They judge one another but not other nationalities.
I hate this culture of Filipinos.

I don't know. But am not same as them.

Now I hate living here.
And today, I think wanna be a Filipino living in another country.
ginnn ginnn 22-25, M 7 Responses Apr 8, 2012

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Hating us won't make us[[filipino]] ugly, it won't make you pretty too

That is what I hate in my countrymen. Ugly attitude. Even more, bonus is face. An ugly truth

Yeah we are. Like what saying said "My personality is who I am and my attitude is who you are". So why they do not like you because you do not like them. The feeling is mutual. You're judgemental too. If you dont, why are you posting a story in a wrong manner? Dont worry those "truths" that you have said is may be your nightmare. Bye

The one fact too, haters gonna hate. We dont care because Im proud.

The facts are proven by the scientist, truth is proven by God. Then, are you a God of your truth?

Yeah we know we are ugly so that many many Americans love us. Ugly attitudes prevail in our country as part of our weapon against the monster. Not all of them are bad as you think but most of all are morally upright than you. You don't know the truth either about Filipino because you're not a God and those truth that you have said is an only a judge to us. But I have a fact about Filipino. Then, are you a people with morality? Then remove this if you are because this post is judgemental in a wrong way.

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Uh I live in bacolod right now.. I want to move out.

Typical mindset of a jobless teenage.
That will change when you get a job and meet new people, when you get some time for yourself etc etc.. unless you have an attitude problem

Thank u

eh been there since im part filipino (a quarter on my mother's side), yup they do have a tendency to be very closed minded.......

Yeah. Me too. Most of Filipinos are not very open-minded. If they saw something different about you, they are so quick to judge.

Yes some Filipinos can be so raciest but not everyone.

australia would be one country you would adore friendly ppl beautiful country aswell