Hate It

People here are very judgmental.
They judge one another but not other nationalities.
I hate this culture of Filipinos.

I don't know. But am not same as them.

Now I hate living here.
And today, I think wanna be a Filipino living in another country.
ginnn ginnn 18-21, M 6 Responses Apr 8, 2012

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Typical mindset of a jobless teenage.
That will change when you get a job and meet new people, when you get some time for yourself etc etc.. unless you have an attitude problem

Thank u

eh been there since im part filipino (a quarter on my mother's side), yup they do have a tendency to be very closed minded.......

Yeah. Me too. Most of Filipinos are not very open-minded. If they saw something different about you, they are so quick to judge.

I had similar problem with my culture, even wrote ep story about it. However I have the luxury of living in UK.

Yes some Filipinos can be so raciest but not everyone.

australia would be one country you would adore friendly ppl beautiful country aswell