Tn Is The Worst State In The Us

Tn. people are the rudest people I have ever encountered. To make a long story short, my family and I  lived most of our lives in Ga. where southern values and mutual respect for others was just a way of life. Then we moved to PA due to my husband's job transfer. Pa was AWESOME, people were so nice and caring, polite and friendly to us southerners. It was an awesomely beautiful state. We loved it. Then, wanting to get closer to family in Ga. because my Dad was ill, my husband took a job in TN. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!! These are the rudest people I have ever encountered. I work as an RN and the people I work with are gossipy,
 mean and hateful. They talk about  everyone behind their back but are their best friend to their face. I hate it here. This is the most backwark state, nothing to do unless you like country music, tatoos, drinking and brawling (women included), screwing someone elses partner (no one's married, just having kids together, maybe their brother's or father"s) Oh, and everyone has a pierced lip, tongue, eyebrow, nipple, whatever. Disgusting.
People here will cut you off in traffic, give you the "bird" if you are going the speed limit and cut in front of you if you're waiting for someone to pull out of a parking space, then cuss you and call you names when you confront them in a polite manner.
I'm getting out of this AWFUL, BACKWARD ,HATEFUL state as soon as I can!!!
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My family came to Tennessee in the 1790's. Revolutionary land grant, long history. I have long tried to understand why the general population here is so paranoid. Why the celebration of being uneducated and ignorant. The boiling anger, the covetousness for what other people have, the unbelievable self-righteousness. Thick headed stubborn inbred lowlife. I don't know why but, somehow I knew it from an early age and hated it. I was only about 11 or 12 when I was on a coon hunt with my dad and one of his friends. That man (I never liked) became so mad at one of his dogs for not performing that he beat it to death right in front of his own two small sons and me. I never forgave him. I never when on another hunt of that kind again. My dad did not like what the man had done but, really did nothing about it. Later in life that man became a country preacher. He couldn't pass a Bible quiz if his life depended on it. As soon as I was old enough and could make it happen I left to see the world and meet people who were real. I came back later out of loyalty to my parents to care for them when they were old. About ready to go again. Sadly, I like the country, the seasons but, the people are cardboard cutouts. Just no depth. New Zealand is looking pretty good. Before I finish, stay out of Petersburg Tennessee. It is the worst of the worst. The capitol of the land that time forgot...

I agree too! I am here from the BUCKEYE state and I have experienced and feel everything you have written here. There's no 'Southern Hospitality" in this state. None. People think they know your business better than you do! Cost of living here is NOT cheaper; the education system is mediocre at best and the pay at any job SUCKS in my profession. I wish we could move back but my husband likes his job. I don't know how to deal with unfriendly, cut you off the road, horrible drivers and no one is really friendly, UNLESS they're from a different state. I definitely hate it here.

These people can't drive in Knoxville and are ignorant to traffic laws. They also drift around on the road aimlessly and if you look around while driving, 90% of these yuppie hicks are distracted on their cell phone. They will pull out in front of you or cut you off then flip you the bird. I have heard all the propaganda about how friendly they are here. Not true. I believe the majority of people here have very limited perspective on life outside of Knoxville, so they are just parroting about the being friendly thing. The local news here is like a propaganda campaign to forcefully try to make a big deal out of what should be a very humble place. Like a small man complex.

I really agree with you I had to move to collierville from Michigan and let me tell you if you move from the north to Tennessee everyone treats you like dirt. I hope you can move home soon.

If you have money, Knoxville people will suck up to you thinking they can get something out of you. If you don't have money or are different or an individual in any sort of way, you will not fit in. They are very bigoted and would never in a million years admit that but it is the truth. They hate anything different than what they are used to. The social structure here is ridiculous. The social order is run by cliques of yuppies who all look and act the same and think they are cool but they are so lame. The ignorant minimum wage people love and support their oppressors and will defend them. The politicians are not impressive and only protect the interests of the rich. Every law in Tennessee is to punish the poor and give the rich all the breaks without regard for protecting the environment. Knoxville people are fake and behind the phony smiles and church clothes and that annoying orange are mean spirited bigots.

As someone who lived here for 18 years and then ran to Florida. .. I can honestly say Tennesseans are the rudest, most backbiting pieces of white trash I've ever encountered. .I was born in Philadelphia, so I can attest with authority this place is full of ********. I was called a damn Yankee for 18 years.. well Tennessee, if you were the frontline in the civil war no wonder you lost.. because you're frankly a bunch of losers.
Your churches are full of triple divorced hypocrites. You're too cowardly to be honest and too rude not to stab people in the back.
I don't wish you well. **** you all... I hope you all get cancer.. seeing as you have the most radioactive waste of any state that's a good possibility. .

Seriously. Go to hell

That last statement is a bit hypocritical, don't you think? Maybe next time you decide to call out an entire state of people, calling them the "rudest people you have ever encountered", you should do it in a more "polite manner" as this seems "gossipy, mean*, and hateful".
A person living in TN attempting to be polite and not stoop to your level.
PS. If you were in Nashville, there's more to see than just lower Broadway, but you were probably too busy being judgmental to find anything better to do.(Even though I would think you would feel at home there)

Attempting? well nice failed attempt. You couldn't rise to my level if you wanted to.. now go back to your trailer and fry something while the titans lose.

Insults are definitely the way to back yourself up in an argument. Who needs viable points when they can spit out useless and stereotypical slurs?

okay.. KKK founded in pulaski tennessee... Your state is number one in temp agency abuse ... its 49th in education. 3rd in obesity. One of the highest welfare rates in the nation yet you all vote red... number one in radioactive waste.. named most violent state in the nation according to the fbi for 4 years... 2011 onward.. so... where's your counter argument? Oh yeah facts are tricky things aren't they.
Again. I didn't feel at home at all. I was never gossiped about in a church until i went to one of your hallmark houses of hypocrisy. Your churches are latrines of morality,Oh yeah tbn is headquartered right off of briley parkway in nashville in all its pink haired thieving deepfried lardass glory... It was only when i moved away did i think how horrible that place is. Sanity, clarity, and common sense didn't make it east of appalachia or south of kentucky.. it kinda just hugged the coast. in summation, screw you all, but chances are your cousin already is.

Which US state has the highest ****** rate?
Statistically, Alaska has the second highest rate. The state with the highest rate is Florida.

Just saying!

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Okay, can I just say for the record that this is super offensive to me. I myself hail from the state and I must say that the people from around here are extremely nice and probably THE nicest I've ever met. Just because you lived in bad part of the state (and I am even willing to guess where) does not mean the rest of us are like that. Most people I know do not flip the bird, nor do they have tattoos, fight,drink,sleep with anyone but their wife, or have any piercings other than an ear piercing. I will admit that I have seen some better drivers, but WAAAAAAYYYY more often than not, there are excellent drivers. Nor are they hateful, two faced rednecks as you claim. Frankly, I am inclined to believe that YOU are the ******* and that you can leave our amazing home whenever you want. Just don't expect us to sit here and take your **** after you've lived here for only like a month or two, asshat. If you don't like it, just pack your bags and leave and don't say a word.

I couldn't agree with you more! I'm from Philadelphia, Pa, and I moved here because of my husband's (now ex-husband) job. I feel like this city is 20 years behind the rest of the US! People here keep to themselves snd gossip like nothing I've ever seen!! I feel like I'm back in high school! The only friends I've made here are with people who moved here from other states! People from Knoxville are, by far, the rudest drivers and the unfriendliest people I've ever met!

Honestly in order to know the real Tennessee you have to live here for a while! You can't just move here and suddenly attack every one in the state! That's just not how it works. No city is perfect! However Nashville comes pretty close at times. An yes there is towns around tn that are full of mean people but you can't base the state as a whole off of one town! It's not fair! Also not everyone has tats and piercings. Another thing the people with the tats and piercings are generally the first people that will help you when you need it most. All I can say is you had a bad expirence with ONE place. So don't punish every one in TN for that. Next time live in Nashville. You'll love it!

OMG YES. These people are horrible. Very unfriendly. Hard to make any friends or anything like that. Very closed off people.

The cost of housing is horrible. Renting or buying. The job market is low wages with limited if any opportunity for advancement. Theres drug problems here so wide spead you trip over it every time you walk out your door. Much of the churches and religious people here would make a die hard believer turn into a card carrying atheist. Harassment, stalking and worst is almost a socially accepted past-time here. Which is by low i.q and mentally ill people carrying on about either jesus, superman or people as dogs. Its worst in some areas than others with regard to how often you are subjected to being around these people and thier BS. There a huge immigrant population in nashville which is good except unfortunantly theres a portion with the same mental probs, drugs ( CRACK, METH, OXY addicts) low intelligent levels that produce jesus/superman/ and dog shows but itstead you get praise allah, or a hale mary. leaving the area for a few days, weeks or months will do wonders for a persons mental health!

The cost of housing is horrible. Renting or buying. The job market is low wages with limited if any opportunity for advancement. Theres drug problems here so wide spead you trip over it every time you walk out your door. Much of the churches and religious people here would make a die hard believer turn into a card carrying atheist. Harassment, stalking and worst is almost a socially accepted past-time here. Which is by low i.q and mentally ill people carrying on about either jesus, superman or people as dogs. Its worst in some areas than others with regard to how often you are subjected to being around these people and thier BS. There a huge immigrant population in nashville which is good except unfortunantly theres a portion with the same mental probs, drugs ( CRACK, METH, OXY addicts) low intelligent levels that produce jesus/superman/ and dog shows but itstead you get praise allah, or a hale mary. leaving the area for a few days, weeks or months will do wonders for a persons mental health!

Tennessee is a horrible place to live. I'd rather be locked in a dungeon in North Korea than have to live here any longer. Needless to say, I'm moving asap


Tennessee is one of the best states! Maybe you lived in a bad part of town or something. I lived in Tennessee almost all my life. It's an amazing state. I miss it lots!

Not all my life. When I was born-17 years old.

As someone who moved here after losing my home in 2007, I was excited about coming back to a place that I visited many times as a child. What I've found is that visiting here and living here are not the same. I also have found the majority of the people to be fake, frauds and phony. I can deal with and understand an *******. I know how to interact with that. What boggles my mind and dances a two-step on my last nerve I how anyone form the south has the nerve to say that southerners are nicer than where I'm from. I've never said that Midwesterners are nicer. I've heard nearly everyday I've lived here how much nicer they( southerners) are than us " yankees" . Listen, if you've got to tell me how much nicer you are than I am or your fellow southerners are than Midwesterners are, then the likelihood of that being true is slight.

Well guess what ***** Tennessee has been my home for years and every body is great . You have no Freakin experience in TENNESSEE so get some *****

Go bang a goat, redneck.

Your state is the quadriplegic of America.

Thats sad.I hope you go to move.Maybe it was just the town you lived in.I was born in GA raised in MS but I've always heard nice things about TN.

This thread properly explains why some people feel isolated in the state. Every day you wake up go to work come home possibly go to the gym and you realize at the end of the day but nobody has smiled at you. It is a very isolating feeling. No one in this thread has taken the time to say I'm sorry you felt that way about Tennessee, here are some places I've been that have had a lot of great fine memories for myself. I personally feel that Tennessee is "quick to judge, slow to help." And I wish that more often than not you will find people who are able to relate to yourself and create nice new memories but I haven't found that here.

The Great Depression II had a massive effect on this chigger infested part of the country. it wasn't such a backward depressed hole 25 years ago. People forget, they lose there frame of reference and thus devolve; "tennessee".

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Seriously? This is the stupidest crap I've ever read. First of all, go to any state and you'll find the same thing. Just because you have some bad experiences, doesn't mean everyone is like that. You want idiots? Come up here to Ohio, I'll give you idiots. There is nothing fake about their religion, hospitality or anything. I love Tennessee and I would love to live there. Also to the comment below me, you're an idiot. Tennessee isn't the south? Wow, even stupider than this garbage article I just read. Maybe you should get away from the CITY. City life is crap. Live in the country. I honestly can't believe what I just read. Leave. Get out of the beautiful state and move on with your life. I've heard many great things about the state and just because you see some negative things, which you see everywhere, doesn't mean it's a bad state. Now, west Tennessee, I could probably agree is bad. But I don't really care about west Tennessee. People like you **** me off so much, just jumping to conclusions. "Oh wow, 2 people were rude to me and seemed fake. that means all of them are." No. Basically what you just described happens here in Ohio. I've been to Tennessee numerous times and the people were amazing. You do realize everyone, including you I'm sure, talk behind people's backs? Don't act all high and mighty and perfect there. Also, who really gives a crap if they have tattoos or piercings? Who cares? It's their life. They can do what they want. But most people I've seen in Tennessee don't have that, soo...whatever. Just leave. People like you are ignorant.

Many people don't understand that Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia and Mississippi are the south. This is redneck cousin bumping hillbillies up here. Totally different. I mean, seriously, compare Nashville to Atlanta or Charleston. Puleeeeze!

I can compare Dyer county of Western Tennessee to Oconnee County, South Carolina. (My hometown.) Dyer is a place of the muddy Forked Deer River, with dangerous gray clay banks and slow dirty water. Folks that fish here annoyingly say, "I caught a Croppie!". Hospitality, was mostly from old women that wonder why any one would move 500+ plus miles to quote "This God forsaken place ." Flat land, dirty water, and significantly less hospitable. Police are comparitively lazy. I saw a truck ordering at Taco Bell without a tag, and an uncle of mine has suspended driving licence, meanwhile running an ensured tree service. Police don't take adequate evidence at a "Domestic" violence case involving an uncle hitting his nephew(me, 17) with a metal bat at an exon. On camera, angrily swinging a metal "object", just not seen hitting anyone. He said "I didn't have a metal bat", and still no arrest. Still to this day unpunnished. The same uncle with suspended driving licence and an ensured tree service. IN Oconnee, the water is clear (Chatooga River), even Lake Heartwell is cleaner than Forked Deer River. Our fishermen say "I caught a Crappie!" I hate hearing southern people say "Croppie" AND "Gerage" We say "Garage" and "Crappie". The police here will pull you over for a faulty tail light. Ain't gonna get away with a piece of blank metal. Cops stalk Highway 123 for seatbelts. I think in Dyer, the po po is corrupt and paid off by local bank owners. (my uncle, same one, has a millionaire boss bank owner.) The economy here is worse, but screw that, this is the Blue Ridge mountains, the foothills, the upstate, and the Golden corner of the palmetto state. hospitable teachers and old Gammas/nannies that say "Haaaweere y'aall dooowinn!?" Shout out to Claton, Georgia. The nicest teacher I ever had payed $300+ for my 8th grade Washington D.C trip. She came from Alabama. There are also some nice folks from Michigan I know. Kentucky has some nice folks on Facebook. Hot springs, Virginia is beautiful.

I respect your opinion but I will say not everyone in TN is bad I'm from a small town in MO and moved on and I couldn't be happier and I'm one of the nicest people in the world, sure some people are rude but that's everywhere, and why are tattoos and piercings disgusting, now I will admit a lot of tattoos and stuff are but just a few come on now just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's gross or whatever, get out and enjoy life while you get the chance. You are too picky about life as long as you have food, water and a roof over your head and your family is healthy then why complain. Just be thankful you have a home not many people do. Just my opinion


I've been living in Florida for decades. Before that, I lived in Europe, NY, LA, and the Midwest traveling for my job. I thought I could move back here. I can live anywhere, right? WRONG! Everyday it's like walking on eggshells just to be here. The poorest are often the nicest ones and the ones like us, of course, who don't fit in. They fear us, you know. Wee tawk foony

You are full of crap. You're rant is nothing but a bunch of lies. Please, please get the heck out of our wonderful state and move as far away as you can.

I live in Kingston Tennessee it is awesome and I was born in Knoxville Tennessee and I think Tennessee is the best state in the world!!!!!

Uh, did any of you, you know, try and leave the cities? I was (regrettably) born in Knoxville, but I have lived most of my life in Maryville, a small town about 15 miles south of there, nestled right between the tennessee valley and the appalachian mountains, and all I can say is I love it here. I have traveled all over the country, and have visited almost all seven continents, but something always draws me back here....the primal beauty of the landscape, the hospitality of the people, there really is nothing to not like about the eastern part of the state, other than the open festering wound that is knoxville. Come here and see, it's beautiful. the people are beautiful. I think you just had a bad experience.

toomanyregos: Sounds to me like 2 states: Eastern Tennessee, and Western Tennessee. Say, I am a South Carolinian, Do y'all Eastern Tennessians say "I caught a crappie fish!", or, like Dyersbergians from Western Tennessee, do y'all say "I caught a croppie fish!"

Not at all I love being redneck maybe y'all should leave us people from Tennessee alone!!!!

I live in Kingston Tennessee do you live close to kingston

Jan: I am a realist-positivist (meaning i explain reality just how it is) and you are a realist as well, because what you said about the behaviour patterns of most Tennessee citizens is 100% correct. I don't hate the people here of Knoxville, TN i just pitty them. Because they are their worst enemies, that behaviour pattern of most Tennesseans is what sociologists called "The poverty trap" or "The viscious circle of poverty". My friend we won't be able to change the negative pessimist hateful behaviour patterns of most Tennesseans without a left-wing revolution. Because those ultra-individualist, racist, fascist, hateful behaviour patterns of most Tennesseans are 100% fascistic ultra-right wing in nature of both parties Democratic Party and the republican party (2 fascist, racist, classist ultra-right wing political parties), just like the fascists who overthrew the Ukranian government. And again: The people of Tennessee will continue using tattoos, acting stupid, hating people as long as The Democratic Party and The Republican Party continue in political power. Only a left-wing political revolution can change Tennessee people into loving people like John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Mandela and really loving humans !!

Exactly correct. They are steeped in FAKE. If I could use one word to describe this entire state from Memphis to Bristol, it would be fake. They pretend to be happy, friendly, contented, informed, educated, and kindhearted. Scratch the surface just a teeny tiny bit and you will get enraged, bigoted, dumbed down, redneck anger and age and education are no barrier either.

Absolutely. I couldn't agree more.

Hey people if you live in Tennessee, join the Green Party and do not vote for Democrats and Republicans. All changes in our lives must be done thru politics, we are political animals like Aristotle said and without a revolutionary political change, Tennessee and the people of Tennessee will be the same. Obama and Republicans are oligarchic parties, what we need is a workers party like the green party that would change the philosophy of life of the whole USA, which is a narcissisist "You are on your own" philosophy of life. And what we need is a philosophy of life in America ba<x>sed on love, mutualism, cooperativism, solidarity and unity. Not this damn evil system of living where people hate each other

It's deeper than that but it's a start, I grant you that. These people are mean spirited to their core. That whole mountaineer rage is barely under the surface with most of them. It will take a miracle from a God they don't serve in their churches. One who didn't like the Pharisees.

All I can say is that Tennessee needs a political revolution. Only a radical change can destroy all the negative behaviour patterns of the state of Tennessee and of the whole USA. We have to be scientific folks. Karl Marx said that the oppressed tend to emulate the behaviour patterns of the oppressor ruling classes

Bravo, Truly stated.

Clearly you've never been to California....

Dude you are drunk as crap every thing you said here is false

Sounds like NY, haha

Nashville is an uncultured overpriced wanna-be city. I moved here in early 2013. The months that followed were shocking. There are so many monopolies (electric company, cable--Comcast, landlord rights that defy law), and the families that own the liquor stores which prevent major stores from coming into Nashville, which would create thousands of jobs and more sales taxes for the city, is stifling the economy.The politics are shockingly backwards, especially for the prices you have to pay in order to live in a decent clean apartment. The apartments are generally VERY old, ghetto, and in disrepair. It is a real problem.I was shocked when I moved here. The city does not even try to hide its corruptness--politicians are clearly getting paid off to keep the old policies in effect which prevent any new and better ways of doing things. The locals are either backwards, and or snobby. Even the wealthy are shockingly stupid for the most part.Likewise, I have never lived in a city with so many down-trodden depressed people. The middle class is effectively dead in this city. Incidentally, Tennessee has taken the crown from Oklahoma as the meth capital (2013) and it is also the "pain pill capital". Much to be proud of considering the snobbiness and arrogance of the city.The cost of living is literally higher than the national average on rents, food, veterinarian services, dry cleaning, and so on. But what do you get in return for the high prices? Humidity. Bugs. Ignorance. Uncultured snobs, no real culture other than Southern, and so on. I moved here from Los Angeles looking for a lower cost of living in a smaller pleasant city. I am paying only 200 dollars less for my apartment, and about $100 dollars a month more in utilities. I am ONLY saving $100 a month and this is because I got rid of cable after Comcast kept padding my bills. So I save $100 a month for leaving LA, and I was just 3 miles from the beach with rent control. Sickening. The old apartments here are in decay. They are disgraceful, and they fill the Nashville market. It is ridiculously overpriced for the ghetto-style housing that you get. Am I saving money for my costly move across country? Hardly? Is the traffic better than Los Angeles? Somewhat, but it is getting bad now, as Nashville is the number one growing city in the nation of its size. Nashville stole that crown from Austin. Even the wealthy tend to be ignorant and small-minded unless they are the handful that are in the film industry, which seem to have some savviness. Others, including the wealthy (who have no excuse to be so ignorant) seem to think all black people are "ghetto", which is most certainly not the case. One only needs to step foot out of their own prejudices to realize this. Or travel. There are brilliant smart black people all over the country, the world. I recently heard that Nashville was voted the 3rd snobbiest city in the nation in 2013. I can attest to this. Ignorance and arrogance go hand and hand here, no matter what walk of life Nashvilians come from. But to be snobby one should at least have some actual superiority to support it. Not the case.I came here SO excited, and I actually grew to hate Nashville within the first five months of living here. My Canadian neighbor (dual citizenship) is super cool--she also hates Nashville. Once she finishes her residency, she will also be leaving the state. Ironically, I grew up in Tennessee, so if anything, I should be partial to the city. I tried to love it. There are not many good, really good restaurants, just a lot of corporate chains. There are NO great restaurants, a virtual lack of ethnic restaurants. Nashville has an overall lack of culture other than Southern. Where are the great museums and galleries, the excellent restaurants? They simply do not exist. The one contemporary art museum is the Frist, and it is tiny. You can "do it" in an hour, two at the most. A real joke. There is simply a deficit in worldliness here. Junker fast food joints which are EVERYWHERE. Churches are everywhere. Quick loan places are everywhere (the real sign of a depressed economic population. The humidity is another drawback. It is atrocious. Nashville is fine to visit if you are into the country music scene downtown. And there are plenty of cool (wilderness and historical) areas to visit which surround the city. Chattanooga seems nice, but it is also a depressed area once you leave the downtown region, which is tiny and EXPENSIVE. Nashville is stuck up and yet it has not grown up to compete with the big boys. Austin is not this way. Nor is Los Angeles (which has its own set of problems), nor is New York City or Portland or Atlanta. They are all vibrant places full of culture and progressive living. Nashville is just plain backwards and it is way way behind the rest of the country in terms of healthy variety. The reviews I read, and I read MANY, prior to moving here, made it sound like paradise. But other than housing prices (which ARE rising) and the historical surrounding areas, there is nothing else good I can say about the place. Folks are NUTS about guns. MANY survivalists and "preppers" are ready for revolution and the end of the world. And the politics are ULTRA conservative. I don't trust any radicals on either side of that fence. I am an independent. But the Rush Limbaugh followers are everywhere. It is frightening and simply ignorance. The majority of Nashvilians are too blinded and short-sided (even the wealthy) to realize that the Rush show is nothing more than entertainment and money making hype, the money going to HIM. Yet it touts a cult-like following. This is the same Rush that was addicted to Oxycontin, and had his poor maid illegally getting his drugs so his name would not get busted. Good guy? Hardly. This is a man to worship? Just like Nashville, Rush makes a point to DIVIDE people and not bring them together. Radicals are scary. So, there you have it. I could go on, but you get the gist. And if you disagree with me, good for you. You clearly grew up here and you know no better. Or your expectations are so low you are blinded by your own short vision and lack of experiencing worlds outside of your tiny one. I do want to add that there is a beautiful park in the middle of the city, my very favorite place to be when I am not working. But similar to Detroit and Tiajuana and other mean cities, you will often see stray animals wandering the streets aimlessly. I have rescued a number of them, but honestly, it seems like NOBODY gives a damn about life, other than their own selfish wants and needs. That is VERY backwards and NOT very humanitarian. I am ashamed to say I grew up in this state, which was once beautiful and at least politically divided almost evenly. The Repubs have taken over, and being an independent, I do not like either party, but the Repubs are vicious in their practices and cult-like following. Scary. They remind me of the radical muslims--our way or NO way. Screw that. I hate such pompousness in any human, much less a political party. And if you are not like "them", there is no room for you. Other cultures that move here are clearly not welcome. BEWARE. Sophisticated cosmopolitan worldly types should also not come here. You will not be welcome. As an aside, when I give the European kiss as a greeting, which is a quick kiss on each cheek of the recipient, I have literally been chastised as to "why do you do that"? WOW. Who complains about that, a friendly greeting. And the disgruntled protest came from a VERY wealthy older Jewish woman, who clearly should be more worldly and open-minded, especially considering she is a HUGE minority here. There are supposedly only 9000 Jews in the whole state. That also shocked me. But it makes sense. But again, WHO complains about a friendly greeting? A snobby arrogant Southern woman does, despite her being a minority that is surely would not accept if not for her money... Maybe in another 30 years Nashville will "get it", but by then, America will have pretty much eaten itself alive. So who even knows what will be out there once the dollar is no longer the currency of the world. I now hate Nashville and all that it represents, and it is not because I wanted to. Cie la vie.

At least your in the city. I live in a small little town called Smithville and believe me there is not one damn thing in it. Living in the south sucks (excluding Florida). Floridians aren't even considered by a good majority of southern people to be southerners. They say it's the southern most northern state, I suppose it's because there's allot of people from the north that have moved there over the years. Many moons ago I was assigned to Seymour Johnson AFB in Goldsboro NC while I did an enlistment in the Air Force and you know that should have taught me that I don't like living in the south (again excluding Florida). Not every darn sole but a again a good majority don't care for anyone outside there local group. Dear lord there's a lot of them that still relate to the rebs and those darn yankees, believe me I'm not kidding you a bit. I've lived in three southern states and a good percentage of the so called southern fried country foke feel this way. Anyway what can I say, no one made me move here, I did it myself. Hey does anyone want to buy a house.

I don't think this was meant as an opportunity for you to write a book of fiction.

You're a typical Tennessee toad who searches the internet for people who don't like Tennessee. I think that says it all. Now donchew go n gitcher gun and shoot me er nuthin.

This state was voted the most corrupt state in America by a Reuters poll in 2013. I lived in Nashville 30 years ago. It was the same and nothing will change them. Even Memphis says that.

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I don't understand why so many people are downing Tennessee. Yes just like any other state we have crime. Other states have areas that are bad, with bad schools, and fake people. Its not just the way of Tennesseans its the way of America. I was born and raised here in Middle Tennessee, and why I see its quirks, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Southern Hospitality is at its finest in middle tn. Everyone says hi to everyone whether you know them or not. You hold doors for others, you respect your elders, and your parents. IN many other states, you a hold a door and they look at you like your stupid. You see kids walking around talking about how insane their parents are you get on social media and see kids posting about going off on their parents and how their ****** people and everything else. Here most kids would be smacked if they ever did any of that. At least where I'm at. And the driving??? Compared to a lot of other states the driving here is great. I have been to Chicago, and many other places around the US and in those states I have been too I have seen so many people just cutting people off, people getting over with maybe half a foot between them and the car their cutting off. if you ask me the driving here is superb. The schools, are all pretty decent, now there are those select schools that I wouldn't dare place my child in but that's not any different in any other state. So before you all try to judge a place, after being here for only a couple of years, why don't you give it a chance, and look at the positive sides. Trust me there are more positive sides to Tennessee then there are negative. Just saying..

You know there's more to being kind to someone than just saying hello, or holding the door open for an individual. That's fantastic being polite like that and I tip my hat to those who do that. But now let's take it alittle further and and establish a friendship with someone that wasn't born and raised in this local. I could give you many examples but this one has always reminded me of how many southern people treat the so called outsider......this person and his wife own and operate a buisness in town that involves always being around the public and you know he said I've never once been asked to come over to someone's place for any kind of social event, ya know like maybe a damn cookout. Again it's not everyone but it is the feeling of the majority.

I WAS born and raised in Bristol but committed the horrible sin of moving away for 30 years. Oh no! Now they treat me like a Yankee. But they still run to Florida every chance they get, when they aren't sunning themselves in that Mediterranean city known as Myrtle Beach! I have been robbed blind by these Rocky Top terds for 4 years. I am plotting my escape as we speak.

I once drove through Tennessee en route to Alabama from Virginia, so you can say I was there for three hours or so. In that length of time - while driving on US81, I got the finger, dirty looks and all from other drivers who were doing probably 90mph. We stopped at a gas station and Everyone there stared at us fiercely (This is NO exageration!!). The people pumping gas and the people working in the store. (Yes we are black). It was a slave-looking black chick working in the store. I couldn't believe it!It was eery and scary. Then we stopped at a convenience store and this redneck slim guy stared at me from a distance like I had robbed his mother. That was 7 years ago and other than the beautiful scenery -- the rolling hills and the beautiful storybook countrysides-- an awesome sight I must say, these people whom I never forgot, gave a lasting impression on me. These stories just confirm that that was just the tip of the iceberg. It's sad that the US has pockets of people still stuck in time. To all of you haters-- aint nobody going nowhere so get over it.

i am being cyber bullied by the people here and they are not letting me work for more than a month and in some cases, a week.
i cant escape.
people that i have never seen before yell terrible things from their cars when they see me and honk loudly. i never did anything to these people.

Get a lawyer. All they understand is force. Sue their butts off. For all their big bragging talk, they are scared kerappless of the police and the law.

I moved to Nashville in January 2007, to work for a company downtown Nashville (tallest building downtown) hint hint, and let's just say, IT WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! Not only was I in an abusive relationship at home, which is another story I will explain. But at my job, females (mainly supervisors) hated me so much (BECAUSE I DIDN'T MINGLE IN THEIR FAKE CROWD) they all talked about each other telling each others business, yet they were best friends..... and were so nosey, they were reading my text messages and emails from my PERSONAL CELLPHONE. They would have other co-workers walk by my desk and repeat things that were on my cellphone. So when this was being done, I was texting everything I could think of under the moon to make someone mad enough to want to come up and say something to me. Of course when I asked different people what was going on, and why were people reading my text messages and emails, their response was "I don't know what you are talking about" , then when I went to my supervisor, his response was "maybe someone is trying to find out something about you" WOOOW!!!!!!! For real??? Then I went to my floor manager and her response was, "I think you are low maintenance" and then said "do I know you?" I told her "I'm sorry I dont come in to work wearing Gucci shoes everyday", so where our conversation was going was no where.... later that day my ex-boyfriend calls me, and tells me he is going to the mall and buying some Gucci shoes....I'm now thinking what is going on? Yet no one will say anything. After transferring to another floor (ahhhh away from the haters), and away from my abusive ex-boyfriend, it's like things were perfect in my life for once. But it's like the floor I originally came from, had put some sort of spell or voodoo on me (having evil spirits following me. I started hearing these voices in my head, and on my personal cellphone. Now two years later, I'm still hearing my supervisors voice, as well as my ex-boyfriends voice. Him saying how the people at this company voodoo'd me, and all this back and forth non-sense. In the end, i feel my ex-boyfriend was prejudice, my ex-supervisors were prejudice..... I am a very light skin, black woman, I felt I wasn't dark enough for some of the other black females I worked with (on my old floor only) and was too dark skin for the white females on the floor. I just highly recommend anyone who maybe considering moving to Nashville Tn, PLEASE DONT GO THERE!!!!! I wish these post on this website could be spread all over the world....

They are phony,phony, phony, phony, phony, phony, phony,phony,phony, PHONY! Everything about them is phony. Their FAKE Christianity. (If Jesus was anything like them, I'd drive the nails myself). Their FAKE Southern Hospitality. The real south has hospitality and manners, not these foot stomping redneck hillbillies. It's just another ruse to get their hand into your pocket.

They have sex with their own kids. Nashville is the hub in the south for child ***********. The Southern Baptist Sunday School Board, and others, own all the chi chi (Mexican slang) bars on Printer's Alley in Nashville. FAKE! They should change the state slogan from 'the volunteer state' to the 'not one original idea so we just follow blindly' state.

The ones with an education but no travel experience, other than some 10-city in one week European tours, are the worst. They live here because underneath their FAKE civility, they are just as redneck as the rest of the state and uncomfortable around civilized people in other places. Their nesting instinct never goes beyond a 200 mile radius for a domicile. They have the new comers fooled into thinking they are different from the baby banging white trash around them, and YET................. the cities never get cleaned up, the buildings never get painted, the air pollution is blamed on Kentucky, the arson is constantly prevalent without punishment, and the political graft never stops. I call them 'Hillbilly Elite'. Yes, it is an oxymoron.

Worst state in the United States as far as the people go. The bad outnumber the good ones here. As soon as the estate settles, I'm gone so don't bother letting your redneck show by rudely telling me to leave. Can't wait! The state is chock full of liars and thieves. If they ever read the Old Testament in their Christian Bibles, they would know what God had to say about liars and thieves. It's also a welfare state and half the people are on drugs or lying about their disability courtesy of the corrupt physicians here. Horrible. Just do the rest of the planet a favor and never, EVER leave the state.

Wow Daisymae. It's a shame that you choose to mislead people with nonsense rather than facts. There is crime in every state, there are bad people in every state, there are bad areas in every state, and there are fake Christians everywhere. You throw out a lot of generalities but state no facts to back them up. For example, how do you know that all of the "chi chi" bars in Printers Alley are owned by the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board? What crime report are you citing when you say the Nashville area has a high rate of child molestation? What crime report are you citing regarding arson statistics in Nashville? Please answer these three questions to back up your nonsense, or stop lying and be quiet until you have facts to back up what you say. We have been in TN since 2010 and are glad we moved there, and my wife is Cherokee Indian. You are either a liar or you are so abrasive that no one likes you. Tennessee will be even better once you leave.

You'll fit right in. Lose you money, or job and see how many of them are really your friends. And their Christianity, like yours, is fake. Now, go rent a child sex video in Nashville. They love pushing that stuff.

It's truly a shame how you feel about the beautiful state of Tennessee. You are obviously just as rude and self-centered as the so-called "Volunteers" that you are describing. I was born in Knoxville and had to move to Indianapolis with my parents. After 18 years of being away from Knoxville I elected to move back.

Guess what? I still have a well-paying job. I have made many friends and actually found the love of my life. The folks here are kind and welcoming, even though I am a "half-breed."

I don't think it is a coincidence that EVERY SINGLE PERSON you encounter in Tennessee is horrible in some way. I think you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror at yourself, because it seems as though the 1 common denominator in this situation is you. I love living in Tennessee and given the chance to do everything over again I would have moved here sooner than I did.

P.S. Maybe people would like you more if you wore Tennessee Orange and learned the lyrics to Rocky Top. Just trying to help!...

That's a shame. I had moved there from the western us. I iived in both ja kson and Nashville and had the best time of my life. I felt the people were so nice and true they can't drive worth a ****. But I had so many friends I made there. I really have nothing bad to say about it. Sorry.

We\'re about 15 minutes south of Nashville and we like it. The drivers are the worst though, you\'re right about that. How was Jackson? I\'ve heard bad things and my cousin is looking to go there but I\'ve never been.

I loved jackson

I love what jan said about this state of Tennessee.. us tooo we moved here do to a job we even thought living in the country was good , U dont get any cell phone service or public water or even good internet or cable , but besides that .we live on the other side of the state) ( west tennessee) , every one is backwords and are prejudice fake and back stabbers. Its too bad that a good job is hard to find , ( so because of that we are stuck) but thanks to you jan beasley U made my day , Im glad im not the only one that feels the same way ... Thankyou so much .. Also your so right on they saying they go to church , and than all they care about is killing animals , if your starving sure , but dont just kill to kill, and be proud. Hope to hear more on this good old ugly state of Tennessee

How unfortunate that you feel this way about such a pleasant people who have always have been noted for "Southern Hospitality". We extend our hand to folks, not the finger, hence "the Volunteer State".
To clarify...
-Not all have piercings nor do all believe in piercing holes all over our bodies. I personally have a distaste for tattoos as well.
-The fact of whether or not our couples are married is an individual personal choice; much like your choice to relocate here. In comparison to other areas I believe it is fair to say that the majority of Tennesseans holds the bond of matrimony in high esteem.
-Other ideas of what is proper and correct have been injected into our wonderful society by "transplants" trying to "rehabilitate" us by converting our ways.
-****** is a practice that is not localized to only Tennessee and should not be portrayed as such. There are sick people all over the world, not just in Tennessee!

In short, it takes a small minded individual to stereotype an entire state based soley and completely on the select few that you have clearly pissed off.

There is a saying here, and maybe other places as well:
"To make friends, show yourself friendly."

As I wrote in my post "The Good and Bad About Tennessee", there is good and bad everywhere you choose to live. We relocated to Middle TN from southern California. But, before we moved, we did our research, and vacationed places first...then we made an educated decision. We lived in Orange County, CA, which by most standards, is a very nice place to live. But drive inland 20 minutes from where we lived, and you end up in some of the trashiest areas you could imagine. So you get good and bad areas everywhere. The point is, educate yourself first. We did and we are very happy with our move. I agree that it is silly to judge an entire state based on an area someone chose to live without learning about it first.

They will use you and take your money until you are bled dry. Stop lying. I've lived everywhere. FAKE. That's the best word to describe these artificial friendly rednecks.

I'm going to guess people took your money because you're incapable of spelling common words such as "bleed"

Just a thought though...

Jackson is no better.

I agree with all the negative--and truthful--statements here about Tennessee. I was born there and HAD to live in Crossville with my parents until I got to leave in 1992. They are surely the rudest people, and so willfully ignorant. They are cruel to animals, claim to love Jesus but can't tell you anything about him, base their lives on country music stars and hunting, think Knoxville and Nashville are sophisticated, rude rude rude and backward, my gosh. The posts about these hicks being friendly to your face and then takling about you behind your back is the most truthful thing I've ever read.
They hate black people and believe everything some lying Republican will say.
Don't don't don't let the green mountains fool you. Stay away, or you will regret it the rest of your life.
And that statement that Tennessee is a cheap place to live is a flat out lie. The taxes there are exorbitant....they tax 10% on all food. That's like taxing people to stay alive, and taxing babies and children. It's wrong. There's 10% sales tax and an income tax on investment earnings. They lie about taxes. Gov. Haslam is a pawn for the rich and hypocrite Presbyterian.
STay far away from the hell-hole of the USA aka Tennessee.

oh my gosh , and i thought i had problems living here near jackson, . I feel so much better now , we lived here since 2007 we live in the country ( not knowing what was ahead of us ) darn people drive fast on a country road , dont care who they hit and our street is a dump site for strays needing a home .. your sooo right!!! on being mean to animals. (why)? and kill what ever they can and brag about at work, they drink and say they believe in God and claim not to do any work on sunday ( what a lie) and they are the worst prejudiced people ever .. never new it was still around ( thats just not right ) Like to ring some of there necks . Keep those post coming ..

Bulldoganne: You have your facts about taxes wrong. Here is the truth: TN has no state income tax; TN has extremely low property tax if you're blessed to own your own home; TN has a 7% state sales tax plus local sales taxes which can equate to about 9.75% on things you buy, HOWEVER, groceries are taxed at 5.25% plus local taxes, which equates to about 8% total on groceries, to help out those families and kids you incorrectly say TN and mean Republicans hurt. This sales tax rate is a reduction from 5.5% that kicked in over the summer of 2012, and is expected to go down to 5%. So to say that TN taxes food at 10% is just not factually accurate. By the way, the reduction helped families in the amount of $22mil and was proposed by and signed into law by Republican Governor Bill Haslam, who you say is "a pawn for the rich and hypocrite Presbyterian (sic)." Oh, and it was passed by a Republican majority legislature.

I come from a state (CA) that has a 9% sales tax plus or minus, a 9.3% income tax on income over about 45k, and extremely high property taxes, and it's economy is failing. The fact that TN survives on a comparatively low tax burden is an amazing accomplishment and shows a well managed budget. The sales tax revenue also means that everyone pays into the system proportionally, including the people who use the system, which is fair for all. If you're wealthy enough to live off your investment income, which is taxed in TN, then you probably have enough money not to care.

Please get your facts right so you don't mislead people. Don't take my word for it, do your own research, like you should have done before you posted (and you characterized Tennesseans as willfully ignorant!). As a side note, TN was ranked as the number 1 retirement state by because of its overall tax burden and low cost of living, among other factors.

I can't wait until you end up in their hospitals.

Dear God, no! My husband is being transferred there. I join him with the toddler in a few months. I am DREADING the entire escapade! I'm a California native, but have lived and traveled all over the world. I am young and while not far left leaning, am certainly moderate. You cannot be serious about Klan meetings! I want to scream and cry now! I will give it my best shot, and will do my best to keep my mind open always but....AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!

Read my post "The Good and Bad About Tennessee." You need a perspective from a fellow former southern Californian.

Well i can say with all the truth,,Tn sucks,,rob's u good paying jobs..Right to work..with no rights..crooks in office,,out for the rich,and not the people.Land look ok..but the people have no back bone to vote the right wings out..A lot of people talk about other people.and it's not nice..Then go to church on Sunday..They put a face on about helping other people out of state..but no one in the state get's help..They take your tax's money..and who know what they do with it....It a bad place to have to live in..

Let me keep this short and sweet...
Tennessee is truly a HELL-HOLE.
There are too many reasons to list.
I have experienced other places in the USA and this is hands down the worst so far. If you are here attending college or for music and bars then you may be content here. If you live in a rich neighborhood in Brentwood or Franklin and only care about shopping while your kids are carted to and from by your hired help, you may be content here. If you're a Native and ignorance is your bliss, you may be content here.
For the average person with family/children who have experienced a normal life outside of Tennessee, you will SUFFER here. This place (middle TN) is a hell-hole. WARNING: do not raise kids here! Stay off the roads here! Prepare yourself for some weird **** here!
There is a LONG list of reasons why this place is gross, freaky, abnormal, unhealthy, and truly miserable. The list is so long in fact, that I won't be writing it out. To the natives who do not know any better: this is not "your state", if we could "pack it up and move on" we would, this is God's state and it could have a chance at normalcy if not for the native freaks who screwed this place up. The culture here is bizzare and the natives here are ignorant. That is not meant to insult but literally, they are ignorant/not knowledgable.
God forgive me for insulting anyone. Honestly, I'm trying to save anyone else who may come across this post during -decision on where to move- time.

Thanks "y'all"
(that's actually a word here ;) and one of the few they spell correctly)

We moved to Middle Tennessee (Williamson County south of Nashville) in 2010 from Southern California (Orange County) by choice after living our whole lives there. I agree with some things that have been said and disagree with other things, and I have to point out some good things too. First, what I agree with: Tennessee has the worst drivers I've ever experienced. Ask anyone who has moved here from somewhere else. I also agree that the southern hospitality is fake. Everyone waves hello as you drive by, but nobody wants to get to know you beyond that. One negative that I will add, we can't find good Mexican food.

What I disagree with: TN locals don't like outsiders, but you get that anywhere (ask Oregonians how they feel about Californians). I have not experienced an abnormal amount of alcoholics as many have suggested. Nashville is a party town with a big bar scene because of the music. You'll find drunks everywhere you serve alcohol (spend some time in Savannah GA). There are rednecks here, but visit Victorville, Adelanto, San Bernardino, Fontana, Muscoy, etc. in CA. You will find that there are just as many rednecks and uneducated people in southern California and elsewhere as there are here.

The positives: Tennessee has an extremely low cost of living. That's why many of our neighbors are ex-Californians like ourselves. Williamson County is the 17th wealthiest county in the US per Forbes and over 50% of people over 25 have a bachelors degree or higher. Per CNN-Money, Franklin, TN (where I live) is the 52nd best city to live in the US. There is no state wage tax in TN and very low property taxes. TN funds itself mostly through sales tax, which means everyone pays into the system, including those who collect welfare. Middle TN is a great place to raise kids, just research the schools before you decide where to land (as you would do anywhere). The weather is mild and the state is very beautiful with four seasons.

Overall, we are happy with the move. There's good and bad everywhere, it's what you make of it. You can land in the wrong place in any state, but don't judge a whole state on your bad choice and lack of research of where to live. That being said, if you're liberal politically, you probably won't get along well here in general as this is a very conservative state. For us, the good outweighs the bad in TN. Many people are relocating here from states that were once considered great places to live so much so that it's difficult to find someone born and raised in TN.

I liked what you said , us tooo we are also from the orange country area and moved to west side in 07 and still having a hard time with it , we have found some good mexican food places that are like or just about the same as ( Miguel's in corona and wouldnt u know it, the owner is from San Diego.. lol gotta laugh. meating all sorts of people from our neck of the woods from orange country,/Riverside area so move over Tennessee ( california people are coming in to live and stay .. still cant stand the rudeness .. Thankyou for the post, you no whats funny , alot of Californians are opening up shop ... love it

Orange county.........

I know Miguel's well! and I miss Joey's BBQ in Chino. I'm surprised that the BBQ isn't better in TN. I am not surprised about Californians opening shop. We have a small taco chain Oscar's that's also owned by Californians. It's the only decent Mexican food so far.

...and Tennessee was ranked the number 1 state to retire to. I forget who did the ranking but you can google it and it will pop up.

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You must have lived in the wrong part of TN....TN is a beautiful state with alot of wonderful caring people. Every state has it's ugly side to it including GA and PA ...I lived in GA before and I could say the very same thing as you did about TN because I have experienced it there before and I have done Mission work in PA and have experienced the same problems there too! I for one have grown up in East TN for majority of my life, and I have a Bachelors, no pierced lip or etc...just ears...and 1 tattoo that is in a discrete location where it isn't flaunted...does this make me a redneck or Hillbilly? No, those were personal decisions on my part. So, before you go slandering a state, think before you speak...WHAT YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT IS EVERYWHERE. Not just TN, and by the way TN is one of the most beautiful states you will ever see, you just surrounded yourself in an atmosphere where you were uncomfortable...go back to GA, it's a way of life in TN just like take your complaining rear back down to the DIRTY SOUTH!

You are the excuse me, that means ex amp ell of what we mean. Emphasis (that means especially) on MEAN. I grew up here. I was gone working for over 30 years. I\'ve been back 3. I remember now why I left. I have a neighbor who is a renowned (that means fam uzz) arsonist who has attempted to break into my place 6 times in one year. Restraining orders and guns are all people like him understand.

I know of 3 different families who\'s parents (deceased) were immediate family members such as brother and sister. Their grown children are federally funded and completely handicapped because of it. If they must boink their own family, they should at least use birth control.

Christians can hardly make it to the church parking lot, and sometimes inside the church itself, before the nasty gossip fest begins, praise the Lord. And pass the potatoes, starch, salt and fat because morbid obesity is a state hobby. Enough! I have lived in 4 countries and 40 states. It\'s YOU, not the rest of the world. Even North Carolina ridicules Tennessee. And blaming your air pollution on Kentucky?????? Have you ever seen that pile of coal for the steam plant in Oak Ridge? And let\'s talk radiation..... oh why bother. Stay ignorant.


Tennessee Christianity in your faces. And THAR HIT ESS. Redneck

Moved to Nashville a year ago, and two months ago we moved to Hendersonville TN. The whole point of the move was to get away from DC where it was far too busy a lifestyle to raise kids. When we first arrived we had this positive attitude about how happy we're going to be here and how much better it would be to raise a family here. 2 months into it and school started, I had to register them into metro schools. That's when the trouble began. 1st of all any metro school staff members don't have a clue!! I've never dealt with so much bull**** in public schools in my life. Too many things went wrong to explain. While Im not a racist I did however notice there werent too many white folk in the neighborhood which didnt bother me I just wondered if it bothered them? They were nicer than some snotty *** white people we've encoutered in H-ville. I miss my classier black folk neighbors. they didnt act better than anyone. they minded there business and never tried to make you feel less than if you didnt have te latest trend. Now we have a great big home, big back yard and I just hate it here. I am trying to raise my kids better than what I had growing up, how can I when all these people say they're nice wholesome church people and all they do is judge you? Southern hospitality is such Crap. That has no meaning other than fAKE!!! The roads are horrible, every night there's a new wreck on a highway and theres always a fatality! where did these people learn how to drive? i understand this all happens everywhere in the world but for some reason this place just gets under my skin! I beg my husband to move again and while money isnt a problem its the relocating again and getting our kids adjusting once again that has us in limbo. I just want out!!!

It's not the worst state however it's far from the best. My wife taught English in a public high school in TN. She was recruited from the NE USA as during this time there was a shortage of qualified secondary English teachers in TN. <br />
<br />
What we found were students not taking any subject seriously other than shop and auto. mechanics for the boys and home ec. for the girls. One serious issue in the educational lives of these high school students was the attitude of 'I know my bible and that's all that really matters'. This attitude was pervasive and their 'earned' high school diploma was a complete joke. <br />
<br />
While I did respect their religious beliefs I did not respect the parents, pastors and communities almost not permitting and for sure not encouraging these young students to learn English, mathematics, biology and history. <br />
<br />
The unemployment and underemployment rate was so very high and it was a direct result of the mindset of this community. <br />
<br />
So I have to conclude our area in which my wife taught and I worked as an accountant was very backward and moving backwards and learning anything other than bible and sc<x>ripture was almost 'evil'. <br />
<br />
Religion that is toxic to youth is toxic to all as the youth soon become parents and the cycle continues. While I don't typically like the word 'hick' I must say these students were 'hicks' and very ignorant of why they should have a solid academic high school education.

Unfortunately the posts about TN being not a great place is true. <br />
Yes, it is pretty but full of snakes in the ground and in the work places ect.<br />
Move away and don't count your loses. Let the destructive have the destructive.<br />
It is truly wonderful to see this support for those struggling living here.<br />
Move to a place where you can flourish.

You people are crazy. Of course if you're living in a huge Tennessee city such as Nashville or Memphis, it's going to be like any other city in the U.S. Not all people in Tennessee are like this. I was born and raised here, and I've never once thought about leaving because it's such a great state. On the contrary to what you're saying, there are HIGHLY intelligent people that live here, so ignorance is out of the question. Manners ARE known in the small towns because that's where the good ole people live. You're not going to find nice people in the city no matter where you go. In my very small town, if you have a piercing anywhere beside your ears, you don't get supper until you take it out because it's disrespecting yourself. As far as fathers messing with their children, THAT IS EVERYWHERE. It's unavoidable everywhere. And to sum up your old "hillbilly" reference, there are people here that are normal as can be. Country music is also not the only genre we listen to. Different people listen to different things such as pop, classic rock, rap, jazz, the blues....whatever suits their personality. We're not all alcoholics, drug addicts, and adulterers. The tax prices here are NOTHING compared to New York or California, that's for sure. You're just picking on the state because YOU chose to live in the city. Nashville, Memphis, the north east, and all the other bigger cities of Tennessee ARE how you described. But you're being a little stereotypical because in the small towns, I can assure you people DO NOT act this way in any shape or form. So next time, try doing a little research, or broaden your experiences before you criticize someone's home state. After all, you can't justify a whole state's worth just from one experience in a big city. If that's too many big words for your dim witted mind to understand, let me dumb it down for you: Tennessee is a great place to be and to raise a family, and you're just bitter because you had ONE bad experience. In my opinion Georgia is an awful state, especially for violence in Atlanta. I was afraid to even get out of my car there. As for Pennsylvania, I despise that state because unlike what you're saying, people there are very rude indeed. I once asked a man if he had a pen so I could write down a number while on vacation and he told me to shove it where it doesn't shine, if you know what I mean. That rubbed you wrong didn't it? Me saying something bad about the place you love? Well now you get why it's so upsetting that you would stereotype my entire state. No wonder people were so mean to you, you're obviously an outsider that couldn't identify a true Tennesseean if they hit you in the face. You'd have to be born and raised here to appreciate this great state's full value. Try living in Roane, Morgan, Anderson, McMinn, Rhea, or Cumberland county, and then you'll never say such awful things about this place again, and that's a guarantee. I live in Roane myself, and here recently a 6th grader passed away from spinal meningitis. The ENTIRE town came together to celebrate this girl's life even though most of them had no idea who she was. Now, that's what I call southern kindness. The point of this? You don't know anything of what you're talking about, so next time, think before you post, or don't post at all.

I live in the greater Nashville area and couldn't agree more. There are a lot of rude, dramatic, alcoholics. Many are very backward thinking and obnoxious. I can't wait to move! It was a huge mistake to move here.


They do not. Even North Carolina, which shares the Smokey Mountains National Park with them, do not like them. They are clannish, rude, and FAKE.

I have lived in Nashville for 5.5 months. I hate every minute I've spent here. <br />
The first neighbor I met in my complex was a 400 lb man with no shoes who was picking his nose as he walked up to me. I asked him why he was limping (because he indeed was.) He stated that he "done broke all the bones up in his foot.". And that he would need 75 thousand dollars for the surgery to fix it. He added that he wouldn't have the money for surgery or the money to sue the movie theater that he broke it at, until he gets his settlement from McDonalds for his slip-and-fall.<br />
I later got a job at a local warehouse. I have never met a group of adults that hated each other so much. Of the the three white people I worked with, one of them could read. And she was clearly a klan member, by what she had to say. The two black gentlemen that I worked with were sooooooo lazy. I watched them play the most hillarious games to get out of doing things. In short, the job was an analogue for my entire middle Tennessee experience. <br />
I moved here to be closer to my daughter. I am now spending each moment trying to get her to move away from here with me. <br />
This place should have a wall built around it, and then it should be set on fire. The wall is to keep any Tennesseans from escaping the fire. <br />
And to all those Tennessean responders to this post, screw you, hillbilly. I'm going to say what I want about what ever I want. As long as my daughter lives in this toothless backward state, how stupid and inbred the population is, IS my business. <br />
And to those who believe that you can be a super clean cut mega-church dweller and still call yourself a liberal suggests how little you know about the rest of the country.

I agree. People are rude even in the northeast area I am can tell someone who's lived here all their lives, and thinks its a haven. Men are rude and crude, I have lived in large cities and even in S Florida people have manners!. <br />
<br />
I cannot wait to move and will NEVER return to this boring hellhole. No culture or diversity, and the accent, omg. Don't go to Erwin or Unicoi because they still have Klan meetings there. Its unbelievable, like going back to the 1940's.

I too would have to Agree, My Experiences with Tennessee have not been good either. Southern Hospitality left this State a long time ago and reading all the above posts are so accurate!<br />
Also- Why does everyone get so offended when your opinion is expressed about this state, Is it cause Maw and Paw was raised in the Hollar here & your not supposed to get above your raisen? What Ever! Narrow minded,Two timming, back stabbing, uneducated Hillbillies!

That word they bleeped out involved Daddies messing with their younguns. The police understand it is a huge problem here.

Tennessee sucks. It's the people. They come onto sites where people are saying Tennessee is killing them just to fight. I think that sums them up exactly. The ******, the ignorance, the alcoholism, the distrust of strangers, the hideous music, that weird sense of humor that almost always involved laughing at someone other than themselves. A sneer really. I have lived all over the world. If you can be happy here, you can be happy anywhere because this place is toxic, ugly, mean-spirited, filthy environment hell hole full of people who just love to sneer and hate. The dumbest ones are just pitiable. And then there's the big fish in a tiny, septic pond that like to lord over the others. A prison

YES and Agreed. I would love to not agree but it is the truth. Mean spirited for sure.

I'm from MS,the delta,you want hot,rude people,crazy drivers,then you go there for awhile,you will be kissing the ground when you get to TN (maybe not memphis) but Nashville is good and knoxville and the mountain's are great.I have been here almost 12 years and love it.You have to give places a chance.We have plenty to do here in the mountains.(sevier county)

I have traveled to many countries around the world. I have lived in a variety of places, including Africa, England, France, Ireland, SE Asia and, of course, the the USA; I have traveled through most states and have lived in a few. For some years I lived in Tennessee (the mountains, the plateau, and the delta). <br />
<br />
My friends and acquaintances from my travels include at least two people who never went to school for more than two or three years and just one day a week. Some other friends are highly qualified in different fields. There are plenty of people in between.<br />
Some of my friends are known only in their own community, and a few of them are known to many people in many countries. There are many in between.<br />
<br />
I believe I have a wider experience of culture than many people I know, and I can say this about people in every place I have lived, or visited for more than a few weeks.<br />
<br />
The more people I meet, the more I realize they have in common than there is that separates them.<br />
<br />
What separates them is not only their geographical distance, but the distance they impose upon themselves.<br />
<br />
Many people believe that there is a group of people who are beneath them, against them, or otherwise unworthy in some way. The problem is not with the group of people, but it is between the ears of the people who think that of them.

To: janbeasly2001 poster. When you talk about TN, you're talking about a whole state. I have the impression you live maybe... In Memphis? If that's your case then, you are absolutely right. It's hard to find anything positive in Memphis to talk about. I would like to know specifically what city you live in. I live in the surrounding area of Nashville, TN and I LOVE it. Everything is great here! People are nice, hospitality is incredible, drivers mind each other, restaurants, shopping centers, parks, schools, churches, etc. will always give you the desire to come back. I don't think is fair that you condem a complete state ba<x>sed in your single bad experience in your own city.

Haha jersey....funny stuff. <br />
<br />
TN is a joke. The retirement communities are beautiful, and knoxville isn't bad I actually really like it lol but everywhere else is pretty much described to a T. And yeah, i'm one of those people that don't like speed limit drivers. You DO get at least a 5mph margin, make use, i got places to go! lol

As a native Tennessean, I am deeply disturbed by your comments and I only wish that you would give Tennessee another chance. If, however, you feel that your opinion on our great state will not improve then I would highly suggest that you pack your bags and move quickly to New Jersey. I think that you might find just the people that you are looking for there. Good bye and good riddance!

It takes a very open minded individual to leave thier familiar surroundings to relocate and move. You should try it yourself maybe New Jersey :) and then become more compassionate. Guaranteed you would be a better person. In fact maybe you should pack your bags and good riddance yourself because it sounds like you just might be prejudice against New Jersey. Smile O yeah I almost forgot "bless their heart".

Amen! I detest this place. Grew up here and left 30 years ago. Nasty, ridiculing, ignorant hillbillies who hate anything and everything they don't understand. Which is pretty much anything outside of the state of Tennessee. Can't wait to leave. Horrible, horrible people. I am so sorry I came back. Foxworth has rednecks like them pegged: make fun of them, make them pay for it, live in Los Angeles! And why is bathing optional here? These men stink!

It is true that people in Knoxville, I can't speak for other towns in Tennessee, are very bigoted. They are passive aggressive with their contempt for anything different than how they think. If you do not totally conform to how they look, sound, act, think, and if you don't kiss their *****, you will not fit in and you will not like it here.