Left Nashville Long Ago

Strange how I left the shithole of Tennessee and suddenly come into a higher standard of living. Problem is, igmos from Tennessee are starting to move out here so it's time to move on...again.

Tennessee is such a lovely place....to go bankrupt.  They should change the nickname to "The Low Wage State". 
elliottdoland elliottdoland
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Amen. Just enough pay to get their 10% sales tax out of people. But the boot licking middle class of pensioners and hillbilly elite, especially in local government jobs, keep it that way. When 50% of the population licks the boots of the 1% in hopes of catching some gold coins thrown their way, then feudalism soars.

What's your industry?

I hear ya. I moved from Nashville in 2011 and I am never going there to live again.