I Used To Think It Was Just A Sterotype...but It's True.

Let me start by saying that moving to Nashville was a dream at one time. The dream came true and became a nightmare!!!!! My husband and I have lived in several states throughout our 25 years together--Pennsylvania, Colorado, Virginia, Arizona, and Minnesota. We also spent time in other parts of the US. We thought when we became empty-nesters that we should try to move to TN....well---he got a great job offer and so we moved. We were told by many people to move the Williamson County area oh it is the best. It is snobby and full of money so how does that help me. But I did get a decent job at a local State Farm and I had been doing that for 10 years and worked for two different agents. I also never had any problem making friends with my co-workers. It was hell going to work everyday with these tight-assed old judgemental *******. They all claim to be Christian but their treatment of me for 18 months was not very Christian-like.

I found the people from here not very intelligent or curious about life in general. They are happy to be in the box and under the same thoughts and ideas that they have always had. Not very accepting of others if it is different.

They also tend to respect their elders just because they are old---This does not work for me---If your 70 years old and a ***** i'm not going to respect you just because your old.

The traffic congestion and drivers are the worst I have ever experienced and keep in mind I have driven in huge cities. Chicago, Washington DC...even LA.....

You would think the food would be good here---I love soul food--my mom is from GA and this is what I grew up with---it is horrible---I can cook circles around any of those so-called meat and threes they got down there.

The people with money down there are tacky.....they don't know what to do with their money....look at how the ladies dress---all wild colors and most of the older ladies are trying to be skinny skinny skinny----just because your skinny doesn't make you pretty if your personality is sour and your hair doesn't move in the wind because it is "set" and your lips are all pursed up with an air of superiority.

I just found everybody to be so wrapped up in their own world they didn't even care about others or extending any care or concern towards somebody else.

The shopping sucks---

I really don't have anything good to say about it.
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fluzzer you are SPOT on about everything..... everything! Its so frustrating and depressing! I felt like I had written your post, the traffic, the shopping, the people.........everything! We really hate it here.

I definetly agree! I've lived in Tennessee for 18 years and absolutely hate it! I barely have any friends because there all backstabbing and will just stop being your friend because they found new friends. And I'm the nicest down to earth person. I'm always more interested in talking to people out of state and my husband is from California. Figures right? I couldn't deal with dating country guys anymore or anyone who was from Tennessee. And the drivers here are idiots.

Honestly I've here for 8 years and love it! This person is an overly judgmental freak

oh don't worry PinkSatinPajamas I already did....why don't you try writing your own story so you don't come across so hostile to those that actually have an opinion and aren't afraid to share it...why would you come here to taunt the people that hate TN?