Hate Living In Tennessee

My husband and I moved to Tennessee 2 years ago.  It has been one heck of a let down.   Tennesseans are the rudest people I have ever met in my life.  It's very dangerous to drive on the  highways here as these people drift all over the road and don't pay attention.  So many useless horrible wrecks here.  Real Estate is very expensive and they don't think there is a housing crisis.  They must have not got the memo.  But they do live in a world of their own.  There is nothing to do here.  What little there is, you have to pay an arm and a leg to experience it.  I would like to warn anyone thinking of moving here....DON"T!!~!!!!  Realtors will lure you here thinking it is the next best thing to heaven.  But then you'll get a rude awakening once you get here.

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Yes, it's a miserable place. I agree with every affirmative response to this thread. I've lived all over the US myself. People can be stinkers everywhere, but the people in West TN are the most uneducated I've run into -- and I'm not sure the average IQ is even within the normal range. I think the general rudeness is ignorance of what constitutes civil discourse. Here in W TN I find the people, generally, shifty and somewhat scary. I am working and praying for a way out of this hellhole. Also -- the weather --- OMG!

Tennessee is beautiful and the people are kind! The people that joined this group are in the wrong part of Tennessee!

I've lived in Tennessee for 43 years now, and to be honest, Everyone is bringing up great points. I'm taking care of my elderly parents right now, and will not leave the area at the present. Ive only been here this long because of the same reason that many are still here. No matter how hard or long we work we just cant seem to make enough to escape the area. Every time Ive gotten close to being able to move my family, something in the lousy place brakes down, or has to be replaced.
O.K , Ive traveled throughout the country and have seen more places than most ever will, and can tell you some things about Tn. that I have found out over the last four decades. The economy is BAD. Yes, there are jobs here. Problem is that the majority are no more than 30 hours a week, and will be in the $8 to $9 an hour range and you can forget insurance coverage at most places here.
The weather is BAD. In summer it hits very high temps and the humidity is horrible. I regularly see temps in late summer touching 88 deg at 3:00 am. (last summer we saw 110 deg in Knoxville.)
The drivers are BAD. ....and getting worse. How some of these idiots even FIND their cars in the morning is beyond me.
The attitude is BAD. I've spent a week at a time in Detroit Michigan and was depressed at coming back because of the fact that people here are some of the meanest, nastiest people I have ever found in all my travels.
It is very lovely, lakes and mountains, rivers and streams, but no matter how pretty it is, if you flat out despise where you live, ..................you despise where you live. I'm holding on to what little hope I have that I'll be able to see my years roll by somewhere that I'm not miserable.

Move to franklin! The people are wayyyy nicer! Yes there are rude people but cmon people

Born and raised in Tennessee. I have lived in 40 states and 4 foreign countries. I took care of my folks in Florida for over 20 years. When they passed on, I decided to return to the land they left me in Tennessee. I was going to get a part time job and just settle into my retirement. Oh.......my........God! After 30 years of being gone, I finally remember why I left in the first place. Let's start at the beginning.

1. They are ignorant. I have met so many people who were born and plan to die in the exact same block. That's OK if you're happy, but they aren't and they make dammmed sure no one else is either. Across the street is a white man in his 50's now who my Dad always said had burned down our barn. Now I believe it. I've had: my cable, telephone, and water disconnected. Ever since he moved here to freeload off his parents, things have burned down on this road. He was caught on the property 5 times by other people when I wasn't home. His response to being warned by police that it was criminal trespassing was to turn on a defunct water meter that used to supply some houses on adjoining property that are no longer there. He flooded 3 acres with city water for 30 days! They didn't charge me and finally took the water meter. Education is scorned unless it is UT. They all talk like they have a wad of cow poo in their jaw and get angry if you can't understand them. All of their knowledge of the world outside of Tennessee either involves summer vacations or what they have seen on TV. They are incredibly boring conversationalists.

2. Services suck. That is S-U-C-K! People do not want to work in East Tennessee. Everyone is on government assistance. The creature that lives across the street has not held a job since at least 1995. He blames Mexicans. Riiiiiiiiiight. He lives on government assistance like so many here do. When you call an ad in the phone book, online, or in the local paper to try and get builders or handymen, they either don't return the call or call back all friendly and then never show up. Ridiculous! Their medical services are frightening. They have all their elderly strung out on loratabs or methadone. That is because their doctors don't know what the helll they are doing! The bigger cities have good medical care, but the small towns are hideous. Their doctors are glorified pill pushers.

3. Their Christianity is all in their mouths. They don't give a flying dammm about you, your family, other people, or the homeless around them. They don't care about anything except their own friends and families and getting as fat as mud and overeating at every flimsy excuse for a worship gathering they can find.

This is just the tip of a very dirty iceberg. The air is constantly filled with the stench of burning vegetation, industrial waste, forest fires. Arson is an acceptable past time as are the thousands of meth labs. Tennessee is responsible for 75% of the meth distribution in the southeast. Nashville is responsible for an even higher percentage of the child *********** distributed in the south. Praise the Lord! The water smells like bleach when you open the tap, especially after it rains.

Yes, Tennessee sucks canal water. I will take: Florida, England, Sweden, Los Angeles, Miami, North and South Carolina, helll the moon over living in Tennessee. It is THEIR problem even though they will act like it is yours. They are rude. They know it and they work hard at being rude and getting you to apologize to them when you respond with anger. The best news I have heard about Tennessee is that there is an 18,000 square foot mosque being built in Murfreesboro. Maybe they will finally get what's coming to them. Don't get me wrong, there are good people in Tennessee. Very good people. But the average of good to bad is so skewed it isn't worth the trouble. And don't even get me started on their bad teeth, hideous fashion sense including those ridiculous Vidal Sassoon haircuts from 1972, or their body odor, complete with cigarette dangling form their mouths while hollering in that cow kerapp accent into a government phone in a cashier's line. Oh yeah, they're lovely. Just lovely. Jerry Springer could bring his show here and never have to leave the state looking for guests.

Yep, it sucks. Still. I guess they like it that way. Scenery's pretty if the redneckkks don't run you off the road or holler an obscenity at you while you're trying to take a picture of it. Uh huh. THAT is Tennessee. Leaving as soon as possible and selling it all!

Hay I tell all what get of that girls back You dump *** couldn t drive a ******* sports car on moon shine. And have of non driving son of ******* can t even see to ******* drive. Secondly civial war dead as hell, time to move the **** on this soon to be 2013 you enbreaded ******* hill billys stuck in the old days, ya I said it you like 50 yrs behind todays world. The word red neck came from indepent soildiers in civial war for slaves you dumb *****, yankess stumped your *** in the ground talking about hanging a ******. would you hang your mom for talking to a ****** half of you dump *** would , why you on that high speeed chicken feed. now what My great grand pa fought in civial war . Red necks where volunteers for the civial war. I learned that much in some retared hs in tn with education as low as some others ******* iq. what i can t stand is a female post a comment about her opions of 16 to 39 yr old drivers or the majority dui offenders 12 times repeated in some states you go to prision hell tn gives you a slap on the hand , but anyways she has that right 4 th and 14 th addimient says so feedom of speach, and you women and men with backward morals of living. and prejudgemient morals of living can suck my eduacted ******* ****. there you go Bubba Love spounge a trade mark not to be copied all rights are reservered vilators will be dismiss as retards of the old ways look that **** up in ur ******* history books. half of u people wasn t living in civial war times you speak as if you where there. you ******* don t have a ******* clue cause your eyes are clued the **** shut. Oh yeah i like you so called married ******* on cheating house wiives. com looking for niggas like me here in tn while your old man be at work cause he want give you any **** you down the street in chatt, tn ******* a mother ****** she was right 90 percent of people in tn are rude and 2 faced. You ******* are dumb as **** bye haters

And you say we're rude also read up on the laws of Tennessee the state is actually strict on dui convictions now if you have a crooked judge well yea they probably won't get convicted but hey it all about politics and covering your *** if you **** up to bad

I have lived in more than a handful of places. Not all of them in the USA.

My findings: if you hate a place and one of the reasons is the attitudes of the people who live there, one of the people responsible was yourself.

Tennessee is no different than any other. There are good and bad everywhere. To stereotype one only is a mistake.

May I also offer you one more point to the argument that Tennessee is a "Redneck" state. If you search the origin of the term "Redneck" it did not come from calling the people of Tennessee that as a derogatory term. Instead, it actually came from the coal mining industry of West Virginia (which by the way was a Union state during the Civil War) and described with great pride the men that literally fought for their own rights, lives, and a decent wage against the mine owning barons that suppressed them and treated them as dirt under their feet. The men wore red bandannas or handkerchiefs around their neck during the labor wars to identify each other from the mine industry's hired guns. "Rednecks" were the founding members of the United Mine Workers Union. Have you ever read or tried learning anything of US history or have you set and raised all kinds of Cain over something you don't like?

Thanks for knowing history. Most people I meet don't care about any research into truth. Just feed me propagada. Not they don't care about truth, just not enough to check things out.

I lived here for 27 years. I then moved to Michigan and Kentucky for a total of 5 years. I returned in 2010. In just 5 years, the state had changed DRAMATICALLY! I was shocked. It is true that when you live somewhere, it is what you make it. And if you find that it isn't a fit, you roll up your tent and move on. But I will reiterate that the changes that I've noticed are shocking. There have always been panhandlers in Nashville, but they seemed to have tripled. But what has bothered me the most, is the loss of aesthetics, and the explosion of "Cash for Gold", "Title Loans", and legalized loan-sharking "businesses".<br />
<br />
I remember a time-when Hickory Hollow Mall was still open-and it was a safe area. You didn't feel like you needed a concealed carry permit just to drive through the area. I remember families Christmas shopping in 1991, at HH. Now, you would have to have brass balls to pull into the parking lot after dark. <br />
<br />
It has changed. The land itself is very lush and beautiful. But sometimes the areas beneath the rolling hills of TN have turned into shells of their former selves. If you've met some unhappy people, that is probably part of the reason. It's kind of epidemic to the country right now. Perhaps things will turn around soon.

What you described is nationwide. I visited some areas of Kansas City area a few years ago and the changes from my childhood are pretty radical. Expansion of the city, some of the areas that were nice are not subpar and even dangerous. I am sure this is reflective of all metro areas.

I agree 150 % and then some, I went there a succesful person and left a broken shell if the person I was when I went there, non accepting of anyone from anywhere they doom you to failure, biggoted, evil people there I tell you I will never step foot there as long as I am alive I don't care if I ever sell my property there.

I agree. alid2392 has a lot of it right on. I have lived here for 3 years and I thought I just needed to give the place a chance and get passed being homesick. The people are rude and I have encountered more drama here in 3 years than I have in my entire life. A lot of closed-minded thinking and craziness. I can't wait until we move. There will certainly not be any love lost.

Thank you atleast someone agrees.

Despite the fact I have been here all my life I have to say that I don't believe it's for me. I was born in West TN, lived in Middle TN, and traveled the whole state for work as well as AR, OH, and KY.<br />
<br />
I am NOT impressed with TN or any other surrounding state after traveling the ENTIRE US. All studies show the religious and lazier portion of the US resides in the south. I have completed my Bachelor of Business, worked in Medical Sales, and spoken with many reliable sources ba<x>sed on race, income level, intelligence, and sexual orientation. ba<x>sed on these results, if you want to quit your job, be a mommy (and compare yourself to all those mommies and be forced to fit in as well as FORGET you ever had a personal life) ,TN may not be the best place to live. It is not suited for young, intelligent, educated, or traveled women or men. There are a few exceptions but mostly NO fashion, HORRIBLE drivers, THE WORST speaking individuals, alot of (do what I say, not what I do) BAD education for K-12, and people who generally are just BORN to NEVER leave or do anything different.<br />
<br />
Here's some great advice, "Move to the East Coast, MId-West, or West Coast." I would have NEVER picked living in TN if it had been a choice. I am proud to say I am moving finally and never looking back. So, for all the REDNECKS attempting to reply... DON"T. You are too ignorant to travel or even understand the reason Northerners HATE the south and why so many people move here and can't stand it. Unless you have ever traveled enough to know the difference, just keep the BAD grammer and comments to yourself.<br />
<br />
I respect everyone with manners so no offense to the South. You can'help it... You were just raised that way and that's all you know. I personally would never marry a REDNECK or live in the south again. I have NO interest in the 7-day boring week consisting of mommies, horrible grammer, religion, and fattening food. (Studies do show TN is one of the worst states to live in if you plan on being smart, the northeast the the best).

Well that's funny to say considering most northerner retire down here you know that kinda makes you think a little don't it

I'm amazed about this ranting about Tennessee. I don't live there now but I can do my own research.<br />
<br />
Real estate overpriced? You should check with the realtor dot com web site.<br />
<br />
Urban locations are as expensive as many other similar in other states. Nashville down to Franklin, especially, but that's to be expected. Outside of them, the part of the mountains that includes Gatlinburg and Sevierville is hugely overpriced, but that's no different than any other touristy destination. There is a lot of spec real estate activity there.<br />
<br />
But there are places in the state that compare closely with others. If I was looking for a house and had access to less than $150k, I could buy a home right across the southeast and it would not be a foreclosure or a run-down trailer or shack. In some parts I could go down to $50k!<br />
<br />
Check out the NW or NE and see what you come up with.

Real Estate asside, that is what interested me as well, and once I went there, I literaly nearly died in the 5 years I lived there.. it is the people not the landscape, and I am sorry to say, those horrid dark people cloud everything else... they care only about who grew up there, looked at us who moved there from out of state like leapors. You couldnt pay me to live in that god forsaken hell hole even if you offered me a mansion. I never got a second glance until I opened my non-southern accented mouth, then it was over for me there =/

there is a reason it is so cheap

I have been living in southeast TN for the past 8 years, and what the poster said is right on the money. . . i have never met such rude awful ppl!! my sweet lil 5 year old son will speak to ppl in stores and such and they will act like he's not even there!!! That is just typical of the rudeness and "tribal" attitudes in this area. Ppl are only friendly to you (somewhat) if it is their job, i.e. receptionist or check out person. . but then that is only to a point. And don't expect dinner invitations or friends to hang out with, if you aren't part of the "tribe". . it's not happening. Pretty much, if you are going to fit in around here, you'd better be dysfunctional when you move here and find the dysfunctional tribe you fit in with and go with it. . and yes, the drivers are awful, mostly because kids DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE DRIVER'S EDUCATION TO GET A LICENSE!!!! Pass the test, boom, you're in. . it's absolutely ridiculous. Ppl have no clue what to do at a two way stop, they don't know what a yield sign means, and they will turn left in front of on coming traffic at a green light!!! it's unbelievable!! We are moving this summer "Thank Goodnessssss!!!" . . to a place where it is NOT legal to marry your first cousin, and where ppl can actually hold intelligent conversation!! Ugh!!! So if you like drinking beer and watching sports all the time, or are a complete snob and stuck up, then you should do just fine. . . both of those groups seem to rule here. . . and don't worry if you can't drive, you will just fit in that much more!!!

They cannot count to 2, much less 4. I have directed traffic with hand signals many times at 4 way stops in Tennessee. It's hard to count when you are talking on your cell phone, listening to music (?) at deafening volumes,slapping your kids in the back seat with one hand, and smoking a cigarette. Besides, at any moment the front bumper and back left fender could fall off. It's just duct tape! Have a heart.

To: hatetennessee poster. When you talk abou TN, you're talking about a whole state. I have the impression you live maybe... In Memphis? If that's your case then, you are absolutely right. It's hard to find anything positive in Memphis to talk about. I would like to know specifically what city you live in. I live in the surrounding area of Nashville, TN and I LOVE it. Everything is great here! People are nice, hospitality is incredible, drivers mind each other, restaurants, shopping centers, parks, schools, churches, etc. will always give you the desire to come back. I don't think is fair that you condem a complete state ba<x>sed in your single bad experience in your own city.

As a native Tennessean, I am deeply disturbed by your comments and I only wish that you would give Tennessee another chance. If, however, you feel that your opinion on our great state will not improve then I would highly suggest that you pack your bags and move quickly to New Jersey. I think that you might find just the people that you are looking for there. Good bye and good riddance!

Why are you even here then??? Go ahead and defend your inbread moronic state, you stay there and rot, we live in the civilized world ;)

While I respect your freedom to run your own moronic mouth from your probably inbread raising that you had from your home state, I want to inform you of a few facts that you don't know about me or many other Tennesseeans.
I grew up knowing both of my parents that were married to one another until my Dad's passing and neither were first cousins as you implied. My parents insisted upon my education. An education that I recieved here in my home state. I have a college degree, I have traveled over 3/4 of the world, I have lived in many other states and countries (while in the U.S. Navy), I have found that many people in other states are what you make yourself to them. In other words, if you are a jerk you will be treated as one. While in the Navy I flew one of the most sophisticated aircraft at that time and I put my own life on the line so that you could live in a country that would allow you to live wherever you wished and speak your rubbish however you wished. I chose to return to my home state of Tennessee because I found the people to be very likeable, honest, willing to go out of their way to help one another (including rude strangers), and an overall beautiful state. You are more than welcome to leave whenever the desire strikes you and I doubt that any of your present neighbors will miss you. Should we write your new neighbors and warn them that you are coming?

I would go there as a tourist....maybe????

You would be more than welcomed and asked to stay as long as you wish. We welcome all outsiders with open and welcoming arms.

Time to take up fishing!

You will find many great fishing places in the State of Tennessee.