I'm Sick of It

Every week I do the same thing. I sit down and figure out hw much of my husband's paycheck will go for what and how much will we have left to live on. It's never much. I try and make sure everyone is paid but these past 3 weeks it has really been tough. I've had to let some bills go because there simply was no money. I don't know what this paycheck will hold but I have a storng feeling it's not going to be good. The bad thing about working in the trucking inustry is that your paycheck is never the same. Sometimes it might be really good. And then you have a series of bad weeks wehre you feel like you're working for nothing. Last week my husband was broke down for most of the week so I know it's going to be bad. Despite all of this there are no collection agencies hounding us. We're still hanging in there but I hope that next year I will be able to get a job to help out so we can at least get caught up a bit.

nicoleal20 nicoleal20
46-50, F
Aug 26, 2008