The Stress Of Living Paycheck To Paycheck Is Killing Me

Hello everyone,


I hope you are all doing well considering our similar problem. I was excited (well as excited as you know you can be when you have a problem) when I found this group. I know that I am not the only one who lives pay check to paycheck but its nice to actually be in communication with those who do so I dont feel so alone. Every morning I wake up crying and worrying about how im going to pay my bills, then after I pay my bills am I going to have enough  money for gas to get me to work for the next two weeks until I get paid, oh and tolls and food. Its getting worse and worse. My bills are rising and the money is not. I was laid off in Nov and was so l ucky i was able to get my old job back but its making less money. I also had to get a new car (well used) because my  old one died. So now i have car payments and higher insurance. I just cant afford to live. Its tearing me up as well as my relationship because im always so depressed about it and stressed. I spend my time at work online looking for part time jobs which is bad because i should be working so i dont lose this job!!! I am having no luck finding part time for some reason. I had an interview that went great last weekend but no call! I cried . I alway cry anymore because i dont know what to do at this point. Im lost. Im getting so depressed.


Anyway thats me. Fun person arent i???? Thank you all for reading.



katielee102 katielee102 31-35, F 2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

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Try posting a gratitude list and a list of recent victories plus one with a list of what makes you awesome.

Totally agree with you Katie! It's just so frustrating! God bless you and your situation!