The Stress Of Living Paycheck To Paycheck Is Killing Me

Hello everyone,


I hope you are all doing well considering our similar problem. I was excited (well as excited as you know you can be when you have a problem) when I found this group. I know that I am not the only one who lives pay check to paycheck but its nice to actually be in communication with those who do so I dont feel so alone. Every morning I wake up crying and worrying about how im going to pay my bills, then after I pay my bills am I going to have enough  money for gas to get me to work for the next two weeks until I get paid, oh and tolls and food. Its getting worse and worse. My bills are rising and the money is not. I was laid off in Nov and was so l ucky i was able to get my old job back but its making less money. I also had to get a new car (well used) because my  old one died. So now i have car payments and higher insurance. I just cant afford to live. Its tearing me up as well as my relationship because im always so depressed about it and stressed. I spend my time at work online looking for part time jobs which is bad because i should be working so i dont lose this job!!! I am having no luck finding part time for some reason. I had an interview that went great last weekend but no call! I cried . I alway cry anymore because i dont know what to do at this point. Im lost. Im getting so depressed.


Anyway thats me. Fun person arent i???? Thank you all for reading.



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Whats really interesting is the wealthy people are making more profit off of us working class people than Ever Before. It's almost like the 1920's when you had Mega Rich Millionaires like the Vanderbuilts and the Rothchild family while everyday people are so broke they are living in poverty with barely enough to put shoes on their feet.

Really something to think how America has changed...

I'll also say that Gas Prices of $3.50 per gallon have DESTROYED American Families. Whatever happened to .98 cent gas? Seriously? I remember buying regular unleaded gas in 1987 for .98 cents a gallon. I could fill up for under $20!!

Now, even if you get 30mpg your still paying $40 to fill up your damn car! This is insane. It's the SAME GAS being sold by the same companies that make BILLIONS IN PROFITS!!

Another thing, Why do so many companies make employees pay $80-160+ out of their SMALL PAYCHECKS for Health Insurance? These Billionaire companies could EASILY pay the full Health Care cost of their employees but they now MAKE the employee pay $160 per month for basic health insurance. That is a LOT OF MONEY for most people to part with, especially when companies today in 2014 Don't Pay **** for what you do.

Oh, and if you do find a JOB today in 2014, get ready to do the workload of 3 people if you expect to KEEP your job. I'm serious, these companies expect you to work 10 hours a day and do the work that 3 people would have done a few years ago. Don't like it, there's the unemployment line for you.

America is a great place, if your RICH. If you have Millions of dollars you can go out and pay cash for a Mansion that cost $2,000,000 to build and you can buy it today for $800,000 cash. Then you can pay everyone to do work for you at a fraction of the cost due to the hard economic times.

The Rich are now getting MEGA RICH while the Poor (aka former "Middle Class") are going BROKE very fast.

If you earn less than $100,000 today, you are ******.

It seems every person I know is living like this anymore. My friends are afraid to answer the phone or the door, never knowing who's on the other end getting ready to take away the little they have left. The separation between the haves and have nots grows larger every day. My wife and I are considering just packing up our car (before that's gone) and just taking off for Alaska and living off the land. Why not. It would be close to what we're doing now anyway. I really think that if things continue like this there is going to be an uprising in the good old US of A.

Totally agree with you Katie! It's just so frustrating! God bless you and your situation!