My Moms Boyfriend.

everything used to be perfectly fine with me and my mom and her LAST boyfriend, but when she decided to move us in with a man i didnt even know is when things started to go downhill. i used to have lots of friends and my schedule was always filled up, but now it seems like he has taken over my life. he takes all of my moms money and doesnt let me do anything and on top of that he is a total douche. i tried to live with my dad but when im with him i feel unsafe. so i was forced to move back in with my mom and her ******* boyfriend. ive had dreams plenty of nights of him raping me, he ******* creeps me out! when i tell my mom this she doesnt listen then yells at me for being crude. yeah mom, i guess ill just sit back and watch you destroy my life helplessly. her boyfriend also has these two dumb *** mother ******* kids that i HATE i want to kill myself everytime they are over his daughter steals my stuff and he does nothing about it and when i buy something for myself he gives it to her. do you know what i want to do everytime something of mine goes missing? i want to scream and hit someone because i know ill never have that again. i hate the way he talks to my mom and she says nothing about it. I HATE HIM. i dont understand how i was so happy and now with this one person here im so ******* depressed he ruined my life and my mom doesnt care. i have nowhere else to go and it feels so horrible to me to know that theres two places i hate and i have to be there. against my will. stuck. ive lost friends, memories, happiness. I CANT HAVE ****! i even made one of the worst mistakes of my life. i gave up my virginity to someone i didnt even love. i regret my life so deeply right now i feel like im never gonna get out of this black hole of utter sadness thats within me. i feel like the sadness is eating me inside out. even this mans voice sends me into rages that i have to control. when he talks to me it feels like im in a straight jacket within my own body. i want to get me and my mom out of here! i cant this **** anymore, i used to be an honors students and now im almost failing. WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!!? i. cant. do. anything. all i want is to go back to being happy, and making people around me proud. i cant take the fake smiles anymore... i have to do something.jordan_
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He sounds not nice