They Dont Get Me.

god i just want to get out of here they just dont understand me.. im not who they think i am and im not who they want me to be but i really dont care anymore... i still have 2 long years to live with them.. shoot me now.
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I totally understand what you are going through, my parents had me tested a couple of years ago and now they ba<x>se all of their expectations off of the results, is is my fault I test well? I;m not as smart as they think I am.

I am 26, they still don't get me, nor do they even want to

I can TOTALLY relate !!!!!!!! When I was 16 I just wanted to get out of this little logger town so bad that I tried to graduate early, attend a local community college for a year or so, then go to a university. My parents nor the school counselors would support me - talk about LACK of support. (I was a straight A student without any kind of behavioral problems , so "what was their problem?"<br />
I finally graduated on time (hated most every minute of those 2 years, then off to a new town and University, only to come down with mono the next summer - though I was going to die. My mother took me to the ER once, and that was all the treatment I got. I think that was somewhat inhumane. Then my boyfriend, who I met at the end of that school year, contracted it from me before I knew I was coming down with mono, and he missed the entire next year!!!!!!! We nearly died of loneliness. <br />
But now, I have had to take my son back into my home (25 yrs old) until he can make enough money to support himself. He doesn't want to be here, but we all love each other and we try to give him as much privacy as he wants. <br />
Hang in there, because when you are ill, you need your family, and it's not taking advantage of them - it's what we do (or should do) as families - support and care for each other. <br />
Celebrate the fact that youi are alive, and find something each day to celebrate - even if it's being able to do one new thing. <br />
I'm recovering from rotator cuff surgery, and the first month was hell, and I couldn't do anything with that arm. I still can't lift with it, 2 months after surgery, and my other hand is botched up from arthritis, so I drop everthing! <br />
Hang oon - listen to music you love and dream of the future and plan for tomorrow's successes ! ! ! <br />
You have to find your inner strength. This gets easier as you get older, but maybe because you adapt to the losses and pains in life, which make the good days that much more SWEET !!!!

You're not alone! =)<br />
I've never had a good relationship (emotionally-wise) with my parents; they don't know who I am.<br />
Well, I have only 1,5 years left here in Sweden, then I'm going abroad to study. However, even though I do not like my parents, I will miss them; afterall, they provide housing, cooking and laundry-ing :)

It is TRUE! Most parents DON'T GET their teenagers! lol. And we shouldn't forget, cause obviously we were there too, and prob. thought the same thing about our parents. However, they prob. DO know you, better than you give them credit for. And hopefully they do love and support you, even if you don't see it, or they don't DO IT the way you want. Hopefully this is a phase that will work itsself out with time. And some day in the future, if you have kids, you might just find out mom and dad had it just as tough in YOUR teen years as YOU did! lol

Two years is a long time. One thing I've learned in life - I can't change certain situations but I can change the way I react to them. It really helps to apply this method - just to stay on an even keel.<br />
Good luck.