Why Are You Like This?

First of all, I don't hate my parents. But DAYUMN, they can be so annoying.

Especially my dad lately. It sucks because I feel like we used to be a lot closer, but lately we have drifted apart...

He's just.. He is so uptight. We have a dog, and he doesn't want the dog running around in the house when he is either eating/cooking/or food is around, because he feels like hair will get in it. REALLY? Really?! You believe dog hair is going to fly that far up into your plate? Holy crap. That is impossible! The hair stays on the ground, even when we "attempt" to run on the slippery wooden floor, there is something called gravity..

Also, I've recently began getting healthier! I've impored my food intake, and my exercising. I might have lost weight a little too quickly, but I am proud of myself! I feel fitter and better about myself, and the food I've been ingesting has been nothing but healthy!

But guess who comes around to rain on my parade? FREAKING SH1T! My dad!
He asks if I'm taking multivitamins. I calmly answer with a yes and show him.
He then asks if I'm eating enough.

Oh uh, no, I'm fuck1ng starving myself, WHAT DO YOU THINK. Holy CRAP! Are you kidding me, and then he goes on and asks me what I ate today... UGHHHHHHH..

He thinks I'm anorexic or something, and it ****** me to fuck1ing high heaven.. I am TWENTY ONE. 21. I am a ******* adult, and I know for damn sure how to FEED MYSELF and take care of myself! It makes me so angry that he always assumes that I'm starving myself! It makes me so fuck1ng mad.

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4 Responses Jan 23, 2013

If you had children who returned home as young adults how would it make you feel ?

.... I think you should stop commenting on my story, you are making no sense. I've been at home. I've never left.

You appear to be angry .

Well.... I was when I typed this, I'm fine now.

Who does your anger hurt ?



Instead of being passive, play the agressor. Question him on why he worries so much. Then tell him you're (some trait he hates - gay, muslim, pregnant, etc).

Haha, we are all better now, the problem has been resolved. I've thought of doing that, atleast I'm not a pregnant prostitute out shooting up hero1n in my b00bies.

Another idea, should the time come is to tell him you are thinking of getting married to a 35yo who already has 4 wives named Jacob. Tell him there is more revenu for the family that way.

Its good to see that things are going better for the moment :)