No Rights At All

I am done with being screwed over by these evil creatures, who call themselves my parents!!!! My mom, at least, lets me have some freedom, but my dad is a total nightmare. Not only does he bug my mom 24/7 about an infatuation that she had ten effing years ago, but he thinks he has the right to treat me like ****. He constantly puts me down by ridiculing my taste in books, just because I'm not a genius and read "trash" like Agatha Christie and Alexandre Dumas instead of Dostoyevskiy and Tolstoy. He doesn't even let us read while we eat--WTF??? It's our ******* business what personal habits we have and as long as it doesn't endanger us, he has no ******* right to mess in.

Today he called me stupid, just because I started arguing for my sister when she wanted to read while she ate. I got really upset--I mean, he didn't even yell at my sister like that when she was caught shoplifting. Thank God my grandparents live nearby, so I went to live with them for the present. If it wasn't for them, I would've gone completely insane.

My dad has been making my life hell ever since I was a baby. I was very nervous then (as I still am) and he was always making me mad on purpose. Now he thinks that because I'm a legal adult, but don't make my own money, I deserve to be treated like scum. But I swear, he will pay for every insult, every time he made me cry, every time he made me feel worthless. When I become independent, I'll move far away and never ever visit. If I want to see my mom, I'll invite her over or meet up for coffee or something. And I won't ever forgive him for what he does to me. I wouldn't wish such a dad on my worst enemies.

nelsongirl nelsongirl
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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

I feel the same way about my delusional dad. He wants me to stay 12 and has an *** way of showing this delusion. I feel your hatred.

I can't believe your mom lets your dad treat you that way or your siblings. She should stand up for you. My father was horrible too, but in other ways. He's gone now thankfully and I don't ever have to see him again. Hopefully you'll never have to see him again either.