Help me please i wanted to ask this in a question but i can only use so many words and that's not enough. Let's just begin with that i'm a gay teen (but nobody knows that) and i love football but it's just very awkward for me because of all the nude guys and also outside the locker rooms with the spanking and kissing. You probably already know the problem although it didn't happen yet. But still i really need some help (just thinking unsexy thoughts doesn't work it only makes it worse) do you got any tips to prevent it from happening and if it does happen how to hide it. And the guys already think i act strange in the locker room so please no freaky stuff and talking to the coach will not help either i just know so he's a huge homophobe. btw sorry english is my worst subject. And i made this whole group just to ask this question because i couldn't find the right group to ask it.
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1 Response May 24, 2012

Don't sweat it, if anyone asks about it if you get a b0ner in the shower or something, just say you were thinking of a REALLY hot girl and you couldn't control yourself. I do it all the time, I'm gay too but no one knows it so they always buy it