It always elicits a bored hohum from me when I have no emails. No story comments. No....nothin'. It makes me wonder where all the people who have "proclaimed themselves my friends" have gone. Still and all, it won't kill me. I mean if your husband of 35 years can ditch you and one of your kids can turn on you, receiving no emails certainly won't kill you. So have fun epeeps and thanks for.....
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2011

I rarely get contacted by my friends on here, also. Including story comments. But I did get a few comments and rate-ups from them, and a few started chats with me.

...ahhh...bless your heart! for real... i know what you are saying and why... everyone here feels the same. but ya know... i am healing myself.... i go around...and read, comment, write for the joy of it all. it's all i can do. i am totally alone.... this is my social life but choice.... winter is here so...will be spending more time on the computer.... i hope to be able to do even more reading and all. take care.