Sympathetic System...

your sympathetic system is that which includes all your involuntary functions; audio, visual, breathing, heart rate, motility, bronchial passages, cardiovascular system, etc. ... almost all, if not all, organs and glands functioning without conscious thought are affected by it in some way or another.

anyway ... as a child i was never fond of abrupt loud noises.  even with warning an overly loud noise would make me nervous.  in feb '04 i was in an accident.  i developed a condition known as 'reflex sympathetic dystrophy.'  and as the name suggests, it affects the sympathetic nervous system.

aside from all the other symptoms, the audio is likely most bothersome for me.  there are many times i am unable to understand or hear what someone is saying just 2 feet away speaking in a normal voice with no other background noise, i.e. TV, radio, children, etc.  and just as often i find myself able to hear an alarm clock at 5:30 a.m. that's 60 feet away in another home from a dead sleep.  i can hear lightbulbs hum in another room - whatever room i'm in the lightbulbs sound like they're screaming.   it's somewhat like what i'd imagine having bionic ears would be like.  but these noises are painful and many times can cause further side affects and symptoms.

it would be so nice if my 'system' would decide whether to be deaf or bionic - one or the other.  it would be even better if it would go back to normal.  the constant shifting, the unpredictability of it is quite maddening to be blunt.

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1 Response Jun 29, 2007

that's quite a predicament you're in. one i'm sure is very frustrating (not knowing what she's saying) but in a way it might be somewhat of a blessing in that your body tunes out her incessant screams of anger. the more thought i put into it, the more frustrating it seems it would be. and i thought i had it bad?!?!? i feel for ya. perhaps some day technology and science will come up with a cure for us ... *fingers crossed*