F***k Love!

Ugh Love is the most annoying word I could ever hear from somebody's f***ng mouth,mainly bcuz, I've been screwed way more over than Lindsay Lohan's career, all of the guys that i've met are some of the most selfish, superficial, ignorant, small minded, vengeful, anorexic, delusional, cheating, lying, self obsessed and self righteous ****** that I've ever met in my whole life, these people should be banned from being in relationships period bcuz, all they do is take and i'm sorry Love but, I have nothing left to give, so ur on ur own now, you might as well pick some other poor sap to be your b***h bcuz, i've officially given up on you, i'm walking away and throwing in the towel maybe for good this time!
Alan132 Alan132
22-25, M
2 Responses Apr 4, 2011

Thank you!

i agree with this. thats all i can really say