Tired Of This Crap

i truly hate love!! end of of story...

every time i fall for a guy they f*** me over and decided to be with another girl or go back to their ex's. i always end up just being the friend with benefits or booty call.. im f***in tired of that. its like im not good enough to fall in love and it ****** me off. so i pretty much have given up on love and im negative about it. most my friends say im jealous when i say i hate seeing lovey dovey posts on FB but honestly i just think its all crap because its alway the same people that post that s*** then they get dumped and they get back with their ex like nothing happend but really they were a little girl about it crying. im incapable of having a bf and it kills me because i always end up with the wrong guy that ends up being psycho or just uses me... i honestly hate feeling this way about love but when you've been f***ed over so many times you just give up on find mr/miss right...
DeadlyFascination DeadlyFascination
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3 Responses Sep 15, 2011

That always happens to me. It's like every time you do see love, it is the same people! It makes me feel ugly, but the truth is that it's not true. Those certain people get taken advantage of.

I've had a noth all the guys that I think I'm falling for all just turn out to be complete jack*****

i have given up on luv. might as well have a fun time rideing the girls.. i mean a fun ride before i die right.